Eco-solidarity leave


In a global context of environmental crisis, preservation of biodiversity is a major issue. The Cybelle Planète offers employers and their employees, a way to fulfill their commitment to the planet: the eco-volunteer leave.

The eco-volunteering

Cybelle Planet offers biodiversity protection missions during which participants (ecovolunteers) will lend support to specialists. 22 missions are proposed; so you can go track wildlife in South Africa, protect sea turtles in Benin, or help a sanctuary for elephants in Thailand. No special skill is required to ecovolunteers, length of participation is 1 week to several months.
The eco-volunteering is a concrete way to act for biodiversity and building a responsible and sustainable future, while enjoying a rewarding and original experience.

Eco-solidarity leave

This is a partnership between Cybelle Planète and a company, a foundation or a works council to allow one or more employees to participate in an eco-volunteering mission. The missions take place during employee leave; the employer finances the mission; and Cybelle Planète takes care of its organization and facilitates its implementation.

Business Benefits Partner

- By supporting a biodiversity conservation project, Cybelle Planète partner companies will mark their concrete investment in a policy of sustainable development and responsibility,
- Eco-volunteering is an innovative activity, partner companies will see the opportunity to express their social responsibility in the first place,
- Reinforcement of the employee-company link around the values ​​inherent in eco-volunteering
- Motivation and enrichment of employees….
This patronage type of partnership allows the employer to benefit from a tax reduction on the costs of the mission of its employees.

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