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Useful holiday to protect whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea

Since 2005 the Cybelle Planète association organizes every summer sailing missions to collect information on cetaceans and biodiversity off the Mediterranean coast. More 350 ecovolunteers have already participated in a mission, supervised by an eco-guide and skipper. The eco-volunteers are holidaymakers, no particular qualification, but whose contribution is crucial to the continuation of research programs.

The missions of eco-volunteering 2012

From July to August, one week sessions follow one another, from the Var or the Pyrenees Orientales. A crew consisting of 7 ecovolunteers, an eco-guide and skipper will sail the open waters in search of whales, sperm whales or dolphins. Anyone can participate, ecovolunteers have over 18 years and a great desire to concretely help preserve the biological wealth of the Mediterranean Sea. Supervised by an eco-guides and skipper, they will conduct behavioral observations and assist in the collection of data (GPS, weather, animals). All the crew lives together on a sailboat 13 meters and also participates as well to research daily tasks. A rich and warm experience.

Information collected

Observations are used by several research programs, boat trips are too expensive to not optimize to the fullest! For example, citizen science program in the Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean Cybelle, carried by Cybelle Planète. This project brings together several researchers and aims to track the impact of global change (eg climate change) on Mediterranean marine biodiversity. The information will also be shared with other programs, including one worn by EcoOcéan Institute, IMPACT-CET®, which aims to assess the impact of marine traffic on cetaceans.
After several years of joint work, the first results appear, eg on areas with high risk of collisions between whales and sperm whales and ships, or more precise estimates of the geographical distribution of cetacean populations in the Mediterranean Sea.
Field research need to be conducted over the long term to be able to issue reliable forecasting. Also still missing a lot of information, particularly on populations of bottlenose dolphins or geographic areas not well investigated as the Gulf of Lions.

The association

Cybelle Planète is a participatory ecology Association for biodiversity. Our businesses are divided along two axes: 1) The eco-volunteering: A green travel mode and solidarity, and 2) Participatory Science: A network divers and eco-citizen boaters.

Dates and prices

Dates: July and August 2012

Individuals :

7 days: € 950 *

* This participation entitles you to a tax deduction of 66% (for an individual). So this project really cost you only € 323.

Eco-Solidarity leave :

7 days: 1093 €

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