Press Release November 2012: The National Forum of Responsible Tourism, an appointment not to be missed for travelers and tour operators ecovolunteers!

Cybelle Planète will participate in the National Responsible Tourism Forum to be held in Montpellier from 30 November to 2 December 2012. 


Half a day will be reserved for eco-volunteering. Lectures on the subject and workshops will be offered and will consult on this issue.
This is the first event in France which opens a space eco-volunteering. This is an opportunity not to be missed to meet, share, and make yourself known!

Bodies of eco-volunteering or ecovolunteers, come many!


The eco-volunteering: in our

The eco-volunteering or participatory tourism, is a fashion environmentally responsible travel, biodiversity-friendly and offering an alternative to mass tourism.

The eco-volunteering is from a long Anglo-Saxon tradition, and the first environmental volunteer missions have been proposed to the public in 1970 years. For ten years the eco-volunteering is developing in France, there are now fifteen organizations offering of eco-volunteering missions. The number of participants, or ecovolunteers, is increasingly important, revealing a growing need for action on biodiversity and spend smart and meaningful vacation.

This new development has not resulted in a real dialogue between all stakeholders. Yet it is important to discuss, among travelers and tour operators around the table together to define the challenges and opportunities of this new mode of travel in France.

Forum Presentation

From November 30 2 2012 December will be held in Montpellier (Montpellier University 2) the second National Responsible Tourism Forum.
The FNTR is organized by Travelers Tour Operators Association and Eco-Responsible. National in scope, this event is open to both professionals and the general public associations, enterprises, institutions, researchers, and travelers will be able to learn and discuss the issues and practices of environmentally responsible tourism.

The program includes lectures, discussions, film reports and documentaries ... A display area (posters) will allow all those who wish to attend.

Themes discussed at the forum

4 the following themes will be addressed during the two-day forum:

  • eco-volunteering
  • Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation
  • Solidarity and community tourism
  • Tourism and Territories

Useful Information

Find all the information on the forum's website:

Association website Cybelle Planet: