Press release, October 2013:

Cybelle planet, participating in the development of a more ethical and responsible eco-volunteering

Cybelle planet is actively involved in the first Francophone Collective of eco-volunteering to promote ethical eco-volunteering. The objective of this collective is to clearly and unanimously define the Ecovolunteer and to create collectively a Code of Ethics.

Why define the eco-volunteering?

Despite the enthusiasm knows this activity, no formal definition exists. Who better than ecovolunteers and the eco-volunteering programs to propose?

Achieving a charter to better identify the ethical approaches

Today, thousands of people go each year in eco-volunteering mission and the number of participant not only increased!
Yet the eco-volunteering still has no official definition or clear ethical charter. Thus, either side of the organizing structures or ecovolunteers, disparities tend to multiply and the selection criteria are becoming increasingly blurred.
The charter will have to propose the main keys of thoughts to consider when setting up an eco-volunteering mission. These reflections are several points which, once validated by the participants included in the charter and must be respected by the signatory organizations.
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