Press release, February 2014: A holiday in the Mediterranean that change

This summer I participate in a scientific program!

Since 2005, Cybelle Planète organizes eco-volunteering missions in France and abroad. His goal : contribute to the preservation of biodiversity
through citizen participation

With an increasing number of participants since its inception, the association works every day democratic participatory ecology, in particular providing field missions, mostly in protected natural areas or sanctuaries from wild animals that have found refuge there.

Every year since 9 years, the association sets up a summer in the Mediterranean Sea Project: Cetaceans mission and biodiversity. The latter takes place aboard a yacht during 7 days, and consists in studying marine mammals in the Mediterranean. The ecovolunteers Cybelle Planète then record their observations about the animals and their environment. This information is then used by different research programs, including the programs of Cybelle Méditerranée and EcoOcéan Institute.

Thanks to the contribution of eco-volunteers, many publications have already taken place.

Better known preserves better. Thus each shipment is another step is taken towards a better protection of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea

Who can participate?

The eco-volunteering is a form of participatory tourism. The principle is to take part, during his leave, a preservation action biodiversity.
The activities are varied and require no special qualification.

As part of the mission cetaceans, eco-volunteers are required to identify animals sighted at sea. So that the observations are performed in the best possible conditions, ecovolunteers have knowledge of an eco-guide, available on the boat throughout crossing.

In 2014, a novelty: 5 exceptional days between Corsica and Sardinia

In 2014, Cybelle Planète offers a unique mission: 15 days to observe cetaceans, in a dream landscape, between Corsica and Sardinia. The opportunity to follow and discover new spaces in which marine life abounds with wealth. By leaving longer, the association allows more complete observations, over a wider area.

exceptional mission in Corsica: the 19 1er July to August.

To go :

Just register on www.cybelle-planete.orgChoose the date of departure and the port of departure: Hyères (Var) for the months of July and August, or Sète (Hérault) for the month of August only.

The dates :

28 29 from June to August 2014, one departure per week in July and 2 departures per week in August, exceptional mission in Corsica: the 19 1er July to August.

Mission expenses:

Mission expenses include accommodation on full board yacht and vary according to the season (low or high).
From the € 1000 7 days, and up to € 2200 15 the days * between Corsica and Sardinia.
Those wishing this mission in couples or in groups of at least 3 people can benefit from 5 10% reduction%.
* All participants can benefit from a tax deduction of 66% paid on mission expenses.

How to finance his mission by his company:

As part of écosolidaires leave, employees can go on a mission with their business. Employee Mission costs are paid in part or in full by the company, which has, through this commitment to biodiversity, reduction of 60% of taxes (subject to 5% o its sales Affairs).

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