The 3ème step in creating an Ethics of eco-volunteering starts. Give your opinion by answering to the public questionnaire before November 15!

Participate in civic construction of the first ethical charter of eco-volunteering.

The Collective of Francophone eco-volunteering begins the 3ème step in creating an Ethics of eco-volunteering. 2 the first steps have been very successful with eco-volunteers and professionals from the eco-volunteering and tourism.
To view or download the minutes of the 1 and 2 steps here.

Participation in 3 stage is now open, participate today in the collective debate or closure is announced for 15 November!

>> Participate in the development of the ethical charter for eco-volunteering.



At the end of step 3 number, 15 November 2014, the commitments of the Code of Ethics that have been validated will be the first ethical charter of eco-volunteering.

  • Each eco-volunteering structure signatory will undertake to the various points of the ethics charter
  • The eco-volunteers could rely on evidence to assess the ethics of eco-volunteering structure to which they are intended.


Step 1

Proposal of a definition and an ethical charter for Internet users. These were noted and commented on (duration 2 months). After analyzing the responses, a detailed report was drawn up and counter proposals were drawn up. This step is finished

Step 2

Of against-proposals were submitted again to the discretion of users. After this step, the responses were again studied for the development of a "final" version of the definition and the ethical charter of eco-volunteering (duration 2 months). This step is complete

Step 3

The final version of the definition and the ethical charter of eco-volunteering are subject to a final vote of Internet users. The points will be validated only if they obtain a majority of YES. This step is taking place until November 15

Innovative travel mode and a citizen commitment to nature

For ten years, the eco-volunteering grows widely in France and worldwide. The term eco-volunteering, directly translated from the English "ecovolunteering" possesses in France no "official" definition.

The debate launched by the Collective is considered the establishment of a common definition. The definition is submitted to a vote in this third and final stage "The eco-volunteering is an inclusive and participatory action of helping, in his spare time, a project linked to the preservation and enhancement of animal diversity, plant, environmental, and cultural. The ecovolunteer is a committed citizen and voluntary and can not, as such, receive financial compensation for his work."

An initiative in response to growing demand

Eco-volunteering is booming in Europe. This activity responds to a strong citizen need: to act concretely to preserve the diversity of cultures, landscapes, fauna and flora ... Today, thousands of people leave each year on an eco-volunteering mission and this number only increases!

Yet the eco-volunteering still has no official definition or clear ethical charter. Thus, either side of the organizing structures or ecovolunteers, disparities tend to multiply and the selection criteria are becoming blurred. The purpose of this group is to clarify the provision and practice of eco-volunteering both for the organizers and for travelers Francophone countries.

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