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Press release, June 2018:

The association Cybelle Planète engages citizens for offshore marine species.

The association Cybelle Planète has been involved since 13 years in marine species of the Mediterranean Sea. Always around the participatory ecology, our action can be described in 3 essential points:

Cybelle Planète carries a participatory science program at sea, Cybelle Méditerranée from 2009:

Cybelle Méditerranée gathers observations of animals in the Mediterranean Sea, reported by volunteer contributors: boaters, professionals of the sea, or ecovolunteers participating in the expeditions of the association ... The set of observations is directly added to the OBSenMER database, collective and freely shared.

=> Our goal: Gather as much information as possible about offshore marine species to better know them and thus better protect them!

We follow more than 35 marine species in the Mediterranean, most of them are subject to specific protection measures: marine mammals (cetaceans), sea turtles, rays and sharks, macroplankton, pelagic fish ...

En Mediterranean, IUCN counts on the red list of endangered species:

  • 67% of marine mammal species
  • 100% of sea turtle species
  • 8% of fish species
  • 41% species of stingrays and sharks

More than 6000 animal observations on the whole Mediterranean Sea (East and West) from 2007.

(* public map of Mediterranean observations)

OBSenMER map Mai2018

Cybelle Planète is also the OBSenMER network:

OBSenMER offers tools to structures (marine parks, research laboratories, associations ...) working on marine fauna, to help them collect, archive, consult and share data. Innovative and powerful, the tools developed are freely available to all: a mobile app, a web platform, and a common and freely shared database.

OBSenMER was co-created by Cybelle Planète and the GECC (Cetacean Study Group of Contentin) in 2016-2017. OBSenMER is administered by different structures depending on the geographical area: Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean, West Indies, Guyana, Indian Ocean. In the Mediterranean Sea, Cybelle Planète administers the OBSenMER Mediterranean network, which already brings together 14 Structures, which represents more than 1300 observers!

The OBSenMER database is common to all geographic areas and data collectors. It is also freely shared. Animal observations may be reported according to 3 levels, ranging from the novice observer to the expert naturalist.

=> Our objective: To make available to the scientific community a homogeneous database, on a large scale and in the long term, and to promote the free sharing of citizen data.

Cybelle Planète organizes sailing expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea:

Every year, ecovolunteer expeditions sailing are organized in the Mediterranean Sea between 3 and 6 months. Ecovolunteers can join the crew for 1 or 2 weeks. The goal is to collect expert information on offshore animals: cetaceans, turtles, rays and sharks ...
2018 expeditions: from mid-June to mid-September, from Hyères, minimum participation of 1 week.

The methods applied during the expeditions:

  1. Photo - identification of cetaceans : to identify them individually, and learn more about their behavior.
  2. Behavioral observations of cetaceanss: to understand specific behaviors: social, food ... but also to evaluate their reactions to interactions with boats.
  3. Pelagic wildlife census These estimates make it possible to observe variations year after year.
  4. Bioacoustique : to listen to the sounds emitted by odontocetes (sperm whale, dolphins, pilot whales).
  5. The "expert" application OBSenMER : allows ecovolunteers to log the data directly on a tablet and share it directly on the OBSenMER common database once arrived at the port.

=> Our goal: to contribute to the OBSenMER collective information collection effort by providing a large amount of expert data.

A positive balance, but efforts to maintain.

  • A thousand ecovolunteers have already boarded with us on our cetacean expeditions,
  • 1200 contributors registered in our program Cybelle Méditerranée,
  • More from 6000 observations of animals reported during expeditions and by contributors, for the Cybelle Mediterranean program,
  • An 15aine publications and scientific reports have used the data of Cybelle Méditerranée,
  • 14 structures have joined us in the Mediterranean OBSenMER network from 2017.

To act on our side for the protection of the Mediterranean:

  • Embark this summer with us to collect data off in the Sanctuary of Pelagos. (more info on the inscriptions)
  • Boaters can contribute by downloading our OBSenMER mobile app. (via Google Play orApple Store)
  • Donate via our crowdfunding campaign online.
  • Become a Volunteer We are looking for volunteers all year long (eg to broadcast our communication tools, participate in events, become ambassadors, etc.).

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