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BANDEAU CP ecovolunteer charter

Press release, October 2018:

The association Cybelle Planète calls on citizens: "Participate in la creation of the Charter of the Ecovolontaires ".

Thousands of people have already chosen eco-volunteering as an alternative mode of travel and solidarity towards biodiversity, and the number of eco-volunteers continues to increase. Being an ecovolunteer is a strong ethical commitment, far from the fad and consumerist craze, and it must remain so!

That's why Cybelle Planète is now investing in the creation of the ethical charter of ecovolunteers. Always very involved in participatory approaches, the association wants all citizens to take part in this project and launches a large participatory consultation.

Ecovolunteers, structures eco-volunteering, tourism professionals, committed citizens, travelers, students, representatives of environmental associations etc ...,

All are invited to give their opinion in this participative consultation!

The Charter of ecovolunteers Is not the first participatory consultation of Cybelle Planète. The association has already framed in 2013 the elaboration of the first official definition and the Ethical Charter of Ecovolunteers . More than 400 people took part! After 3 months of collective work, a definition and a charter of 8 concrete ethical commitments have emerged. These documents now constitute a reference base for future ecovolunteers in the choice of their mission. => Learn more about participatory consultations.

For the charter of ecovolunteers, the association Cybelle Planète provides 3 separate steps:

  • Step 1 (In progress) / Public Consultation : 10 commitments pre-written by the team of Cybelle Planète are proposed Internet users . With the help of'un online form (deadline for participation online, the November 1er 2018), each participant can assign a score to each engagement and write a comment or a counter-proposal. => A second version of the charter will then be drawn up.

  • Step 2 / Participatory workshop : organized the Saturday 1er December on the occasion of the "International Fair of ecotourism, solidarity and participative travel" baptized "Sol & Ecotourismo" at the World Trade Center * in Grenoble. Half a day will be dedicated to eco-volunteering: "The Ecovolunteer Encounters".A workshop audience will allow participants to discuss and improve the second version of the charter. As places are limited, participation will require prior registration. => At the end of this workshop, a third version of the charter will be drawn up.

  • Step 3 / Vote online users : the third version of the ecovolunteers' charter will be put to the vote of the Internet users on line.

=> Stage 1 is launched, all citizens are invited to participate!


The charter of ecovolonataires will be published early 2019!

Eco-volunteering is a state of mind, far from the effects of fashion and respectful of nature!

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Practical information :

Online form (Phase 1):
Participatory Workshop / Saturday 1er December from 14h30 to 17h
"International Fair of Ecotourism, Solidarity and Participatory Travel" /
the 1er at 2 December 2018 at the WTC
World Trade Center *
 / 5 -7, Robert Schuman place - BP 1521 - 38025 Grenoble Cedex 1


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