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Press release, January 2019:

Employers and employees in the service of biodiversity

For 24% * of French citizens, the erosion of biodiversity is one of the most worrying environmental problems. What about businesses?

Employers and their employees can now realize their commitment to endangered species and habitats, the Cybelle Planète association puts at their disposal the eco-solidarity leave.

The principle:

Employees participate during their holidays in an ecovolunteer mission: they join a local NGO or association and help it to continue its actions in the field for one to several weeks. A real wildlife humanitarian mission, employees can, for example, participate in monitoring species on reserves, caring for animals in animal shelters, or environmental education with local populations ...

Cybelle Planète offers about twenty international ecovolunteer missions. It is possible to take care of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone, to study endangered species in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, or to participate in the monitoring of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea!

The employer, meanwhile, will make a donation that helps the project to continue its actions over the long term. The implementation of the eco-solidarity leave is a sponsorship partnership between the employer and Cybelle Planète.

Both a practical help in the field and a financial donation, eco-solidarity leave is an invaluable support for biodiversity protection projects.

Salaried ambassador in his company:

The employee can take the initiative and present the eco-solidarity leave to his employer. For this purpose, Cybelle Planète provides employees with ambassador kits specially designed to help them communicate within their professional environment.

A + for companies:

=> Strengthening the employer-employee relationship around the protection of the environment;

=> Motivation of employees who bring their skills and goodwill to a local project;

=> Team Cohesion: the field teaches employees to work better together in all circumstances;

=> Enrichment of employees who develop new skills, practice a foreign language etc ...;

=> Tax deduction: the employer will be able to deduct 60% from the gift of patronage of its tax.

* National Observatory of Biodiversity, 2018

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