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Press release, March 2019:

Participatory holidays are on the rise!

This summer, Cybelle Planète calls for the participation of citizens to study the threatened species of the Mediterranean.

Weeks sailing to identify and study marine species and their environment. This participatory study is conducted from 2005 thanks to citizens embarking for a week of ecovolunteering, from June to September. Ecovolunteers, led by a eco-guide, help to collect naturalistic information that is added to a freely shared database with the scientific community.

These expeditions are based on a participatory science program, Cybelle Méditerranée, which brings together the observations of ecovolunteers and boaters with an application OBSenMER.

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  • Navigation in the Pelagos Sanctuary, area of ​​protection of cetaceans and their environment,
  • A fauna to protect: many endangered species are under study,
  • Training on board to collect expert data,
  • Observations in turn, from sunrise to sunset,
  • Innovative collection material, with the app. OBSenMER,
  • Contribution to numerous studies and scientific publications.


  • Respectful navigation of the sea and its inhabitants: recycling, ecological products, respect for animals,
  • Navigation and nights off the coast,
  • A crewed life, organized but so friendly,
  • No skill is needed.


Cybelle Planète also offers eco-solidarity holidays companies that help their employees become ecovolunteers during their holidays by financing their mission.


subject: Study cetaceans aboard a sailboat, collect data
Who : The association Cybelle Planète
Where: In the Mediterranean Sea in the Pelagos Sanctuary
when: Between the 15 / 06 and the 13 / 09 / 2019
For who : Any major person wishing to act for marine animals.
Goal : Participate in marine wildlife monitoring - collect data for science
Comment: Aboard a sailboat with an eco-guide and a chef-de-bord to supervise the eco-friendly 7 crew
Duration : 7 days. Navigation from sunrise to sunset with one or more nights off (depending on the weather)
Mission expenses: From 1400 €, the expenses of missions include the lodging on the sailboat in full board: (Tax deduction: For the individuals, the participation gives right to a tax deduction of 66% and for the companies, 60%).

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planète is an association of participative ecology. Its purpose is to promote citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The axes of action of the association being:

  • International eco-volunteering,
  • The study and protection of Mediterranean marine species
  • Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
  • Consulting and expertise in the field of participatory ecology,
  • Participatory consultations for citizens.

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