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Press release, May 2019:

Eco-volunteering, the new trend of committed travelers for the planet!

It is possible today to travel responsibly.

A true alternative to classical tourism, eco-volunteering is a committed act, a gift of oneself for an ethical, solidarity-based and useful mode of travel for the planet. French non-profit association, Cybelle Planète works since 2005 in the field of participative travel. Nearly 3 000 ecovolunteers have already trusted us by committing to one of the 19 eco-volunteering missions we offer in 13 different countries!

The principle

Developed in partnership with wildlife protection organizations, these eco-volunteering missions provide projects with concrete field support and financial support to help them continue their work.

Ecovolunteers are citizens with no special qualifications During their free time, they join one of our missions and take part in the daily work of the project team. It is possible for example to take care of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone, to study endangered species in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, to participate in the monitoring of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea etc ...
An alternative to traditional tourism, eco-volunteering offers the opportunity to act for nature in all corners of the world.

For local eco-development: it's not just about helping to protect wildlife. Ecovolunteering is also a local economic activity involving the inhabitants of the region and contributing to their well-being.


Eco-volunteering in companies

Thanks to eco-solidarity holidays, companies can also be part of the movement and act. The company provides financial support to its employees to enable them to engage in a mission during their leave. As a real guarantee of concrete investment in a sustainable development policy, the employer will offer its employees a rewarding and rewarding experience.

Two ethical charters

Our participatory approach is aimed at clarifying the offer and practice of eco-volunteering for both organizers and travelers in French-speaking countries.
To discover online:

=> The ethical charter of eco-volunteering

=> The charter of ecovolunteers

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planète is an association of participative ecology. Its purpose is to promote citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The axes of action of the association being:

  • International eco-volunteering,
  • The study and protection of Mediterranean marine species 
  • Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
  • Consulting and expertise in the field of participatory ecology,
  • Participatory consultations for citizens.

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