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BANDEAU CP Expedition cetaces 2020

Press release, Nov 2019:

Summer holidays to protect cetaceans.

2020: Cybelle Planète once again calls on citizens to participate in the study of Mediterranean threatened species.

Weeks sailing to identify and study marine species and their environment. This participatory study is conducted from 2005 thanks to the ecovolunteers who embark on a week of ecovolunteering between June and September. Under the guidance of an eco-guide, participants help collect naturalistic information that is added to a freely shared database with the scientific community.

These expeditions are based on a program of Participatory Sciences, Cybelle Méditerranée, which brings together the observations of ecovolunteers and boaters with an application "OBSenMER".


  • 7 days of navigation (between the 13 / 06 and the 11 / 06 / 2020) in the Pelagos Sanctuary, area of ​​protection of cetaceans and their environment,
  • A wildlife to protect: Many endangered species are under study,
  • Coaching and training on board: An ecoguide and a skipper supervise the crew of 7 eco-volunteers to collect expert data,
  • Observations in turn, from sunrise to sunset,
  • Innovative collection material, with app. OBSenMER,
  • Contribution to numerous studies and scientific publications.


  • Respectful navigation of the sea and its inhabitants: recycling, ecological products, respect for animals,
  • Navigation and nights off the coast,
  • A crewed life, organized but so friendly,
  • No skills are required: All adults who wish to act for marine animals can participate; vacationers, students, retirees ...


The participation of volunteer ecovolunteers is accompanied by a "biodiversity donation" from 1100 to 1400 euros which is the subject of a tax deduction (For individuals, 66% and for businesses, 60%). => Food and board accommodation included.


In 2018, we were able to realize more than 590 hours of observations at sea thanks to the volunteers. 2399 animals could be observed and reported including:

1291 cetaceans, 17 sea turtles, 478 pelagic fish, 29 rays and sharks and 2502 birds.

16 cetacean newborns were observed including 1 of pilot whales and 2 of fin whales.

63 juveniles were observed including 1 sperm whale, 3 pilot whales and 9 fin whales.

Figures for the 2019 season are being analyzed.


Two new videos:

=> Results Cybelle Méditerrannée in 2018

=> The Cybelle Mediterranean program

More information on expeditions to the Pelagos Sanctuary

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planète is an association of participative ecology. Its purpose is to promote citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The axes of action of the association being:

  • International eco-volunteering,
  • The study and protection of Mediterranean marine species
  • Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
  • Consulting and expertise in the field of participatory ecology,
  • Participatory consultations for citizens.

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