Marine fauna monitoring expeditions.

For the 16th consecutive year, the association of ecology Cybelle Planète organizes from June to September 2021 eco-volunteering missions to monitor marine populations living off our Mediterranean coastsThese expeditions of a week aboard a sailboat take place in France in the Pelagos sanctuary. They are based on a participatory science program, Cybelle Méditerranée, which gathers observations of ecovolunteers and boaters thanks to the mobile application “OBSenMER".

Supervised by an ecoguide specialized in oceanology, ecovolunteers participate in behavioral observations of marine species, counting, photo-identification and computer entries. The information is collected in a database freely shared with the scientific community. This program enriches research on cetaceans and other endangered marine species. It has made it possible to highlight strategies for the protection of these animals and has already contributed to the development of some twenty scientific publications.

These expeditions are a wonderful opportunity to discover the marine world and cetaceans in their natural environment, including the bottlenose dolphin, sperm whale and fin whale, but also sharks, sea turtles, rays, pelagic fish, sea birds ...

The cetacean study expeditions are:

A scientific expedition

  • A unique mission: 7 days of navigation between June 12 and September 10, 2021 in the Pelagos sanctuary, a vast maritime space for the protection of marine mammals
  • Marine fauna to protect: more than 35 species observed, many of which are the subject of specific protection measures
  • Supervision and training on board: a naturalist eco-guide trains a team of 7 ecovolunteers to recognize marine species and collect expert data
  • Useful data: the observations collected contribute to the development of scientific studies and publications
  • Innovative collection equipment: on-board data collection on a tablet synchronized with the expert-level OBSenMER collaborative platform

A unique human adventure

  • Environmentally friendly navigation (sailing, recycling, awareness of ecology, respect for animals)
  • Day and night sailing off the coast. An opportunity to cast off. 
  • A life as a crew, rich in interaction and conviviality
  • A mission open to anyone over 16 years old wishing to act for the preservation of Mediterranean marine biodiversity.

Mission costs to participate in an expedition.

Volunteer ecovolunteers are fed and accommodated aboard the sailboat. Their participation is accompanied by the payment of a biodiversity gift* of 1400 euros and a membership to the association of 50 euros.
* The biodiversity donation and membership are tax deductible (66% for individuals and 60% on companies subject to income or corporate tax in France).


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About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planète is an association of participative ecology. Its purpose is to promote citizen participation in research programs or conservation of biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The axes of action of the association being: