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Cybelle Planète is an association law 1901, of PARTICIPATIVE ECOLOGY. We are looking for a registrar for our eco-volunteering missions.

Cybelle Planète has been offering eco-volunteering missions since 2005. These missions are organized in partnership with specialists in biodiversity (animal, plant, cultural, etc.). The ecovolunteers will lend them a hand in their field work.

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The ecovolunteer officer will work under the responsibility of the Director of the association and in collaboration with the Communication Officer. He / she will have for main missions:

-          General reception of the association (telephone, emails mainly); information, and support for members-ecovolunteers for the stages: registration, departure, return from the eco-volunteering mission;

-          The follow-up of ecovolunteers after mission and the follow-up of members;

-          Relay between ecovolunteers and partner missions (which welcome ecovolunteers), 90% are English-speaking,

-          Administrative monitoring of ecovolunteers and donations: payments, editions of receipts, memberships, donation receipts…;

-          Maintain a close relationship with partner missions: updates of missions, registrations of ecovolunteers, monitoring of ongoing missions, etc.

-          Regularly follow up on news and the results of partner missions,

Candidate profile

-          Excellent mastery of a work schedule, sense of organization, being meticulous;

-          Comfortable with administrative management;

-          English: very good oral and written level (level C1 MINIMUM);

-          Good relationship with the public;

-          Knowing how to demonstrate calm and rationality in urgent crisis situations,

-          Good writing and spelling skills;

-          Mastery of common office tools: Outlook, Word, Excel;

-          Autonomy and mastery of the basic use of computer PC and Internet, have a good ability to understand the use of new computer tools.

-          Very high adaptability (multiple anglophone and francophone interlocutors),

-          Good responsiveness (short deadlines)

-          Good knowledge of the associative environment and great sensitivity to the protection of the environment.

-          This position is intended to be perpetuated by a CDI at the end of the contract.


35h weekly

Starts September 20, 2021

Contract: 1 year fixed-term contract

Approximate salary: 1900 € gross monthly

Recruitment methods

Send a CV and a cover letter to This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before August 22, 2021.

Benevole Announces World Oceans Day

LOGO Benevole terrain

Volunteer announcement "Terrain"

Event "World Oceans Day":


On the occasion of the World Oceans Day, Cybelle Planète will hold a booth and present a conference at the Planet Ocean World aquarium in Montpellier. We are looking for one or two volunteers to help us get on and hold the stand for Saturday 8 June.

Volunteers will be led to do:

  • Stand installation,
  • Information of the general public on the actions of Cybelle Planète,
  • Awareness on the Cybelle Mediterranean program and OBSenMER tools,
  • Uninstalling the stand.

The profile :

All profiles are welcome. Of course, one must be interested in marine biodiversity, environmental protection, or participatory science. Knowing how to communicate with people, or having already participated in events as a volunteer would be a plus. You need to know the program Cybelle Méditerranée and OBSenMER network, be able to present them in a clear manner, have a sense of organization and good contact with the general public. A short telephone presentation on Cybelle Méditerranée and OBSenMER will take place before the event to prepare the volunteers.


On Saturday 08 June 2019.

City, Country:

Montpellier Aquarium: Planet Ocean World (Odysseum square, Ulysse alley, 34000 Montpellier).

The meal will not be covered by the association, and the entrance to the event will be free.


Weekend: all day Saturday 08 June 2019 (9h - 18h).

Entry requirements:

  •    You must know the program Cybelle Méditerranée and the network OBSenMER, (possible training by phone or skype upstream)
  •     Being able to approach people and present a project clearly,
  •     Vehicle desired: not necessarily, public transport nearby, a carpool is possible from Sète.
  •     Be major and minimum level bac,
  •     To be a member of the association recommended (Membership = 20 €) => Online membership form.

=> Do you want to help us? Please send a message via the online contact form and choose "volunteerism and partnership" as an object.

The entire Cybelle Planète team thanks you warmly!

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 volunteer ambassador

LOGO Benevole jaune ambassadeurs

Volunteer announcement "Ambassador"

Become an ambassador of Cybelle Planète!

You recently completed an eco-volunteering mission through the association Cybelle Planète. You have kept a very positive memory of your solidarity trip and would like to share your experience with those around you in order to raise awareness of this type of action?

Why not start with your work environment by helping your employer develop the eco-solidarity leave internally? This will allow, on the one hand, other employees to become ecovolunteers with the financial support of their employer, and on the other hand, the employer to develop its "CSR" policy.

Put on your eco-ambassador suit and introduce your employer and colleagues to the benefits and benefits of eco-solidarity leave with the simple tools we've created for you!

Some useful tips for setting up an eco-solidarity leave in your company

Find the right interlocutor

According to the employer: private or public company, association ..., the interlocutors are not the same. Here are some ways to guide your efforts: human resources department, responsible for happiness at work, responsible for sustainable development or social responsibility (CSR), Works Council, or Corporate Foundation.

Do not hesitate to give us the details of the person in charge in your company, we will contact her (in consultation with you) to discuss the terms of partnership of eco-solidarity leave with Cybelle Planète.

Check if my employer does not already have an eco-solidarity leave partnership

If your employer has not concluded any eco-solidarity leave partnership with Cybelle Planète, you can suggest that it be set up and be the first employee to go through it.

If your employer already has a partnership of this type with another association, you can propose to develop one with Cybelle Planète. This convention is not exclusive and will have no impact on others!

Present Eco-solidarity holidays to your interlocutors

To help you in this process, we have developed simple tools to argue your eco-volunteering project and inform your employer of the benefits and advantages of eco-solidarity leave.


environmental mecenate1

download brochure

download slideshow

If the employer congratulates your approach and adheres to your project, what to do next?

Our eco-volunteering service is here to welcome you and provide you with the best information on eco-solidarity leave. To obtain more information and set up a sponsorship partnership agreement with your employer, simply contact Cybelle Planète either via our online contact form, or by phone at 04 67 64 25 60. 


=> Do you want to help us? Please send a message via the online contact form and choose "volunteerism and partnership" as an object.

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Civic Service Mission Offer: "Cetacean Monitoring and Participatory Sciences at Sea" M / F

Context of the mission:

Cybelle Méditerranée is a participatory science program at sea, created by the association in 2007, which aims to improve knowledge of marine life in the open sea (cetaceans, rays and sharks, turtles, etc.).
• A community of nearly 2000 volunteer observers (boaters) reports their observations to us at sea.
• The Expeditions in the Pelagos Sanctuary organized each year between June and September allow volunteers to participate in the collection of data at sea following a scientific protocol, and under the supervision of an eco-guide, aboard a sailboat.

As part of the participatory science program, our main objectives for 2021 are to:
• Organize the 2021 sailing expeditions: training of eco-guides, general organization of the 3-month sea trips, supervision of volunteers… The objective of these expeditions is to collect information at sea on the marine fauna of the open sea. This information is compiled in a database, OBSenMER, and freely shared with the scientific community.
• Review the information collected by contributors and update the cetacean photo-identification catalog.

Description of the mission entrusted to the volunteer:

The volunteer will have for missions, under the responsibility of the director of the association:

  • Help us in organizing sea expeditions: the volunteer will help organize sea expeditions that start on June 12, 2020.
  • Co-supervise sea expeditions: The volunteer will have the opportunity to embark for several weeks at sea. He / she will co-supervise the volunteer volunteers on board: educational monitoring, data collection, life on board ...
  • Help us update our photographic databases: On land, help sort photographs of identifiable cetaceans, and help identify animals with the OBSenMER photo-ID tool (observe animal photographs and pre - sort similar brands…). (computer work).

Areas of interest / skills desired in the context of the assignment:

  • Interest in the protection of the marine environment and offshore marine fauna in general,
  • Interest in associative work and within a team,
  • Good motivation and sense of initiative,
  • Listening, open-mindedness and force of proposal,
  • Relational skills and taste for communication with the public,
  • Sense of organization and thoroughness.
  • Previous experience at sea and / or observing marine fauna is a plus.
  • Good naturalistic knowledge on marine fauna is also an additional asset.

Further information : 

Where: Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (34 - Hérault - Languedoc-Roussilon), and on a sailboat from Hyères (83)

When: From May 17, 2021 (6 months, 30h / week),

How many positions are available: 1,

The mission is accessible to minors from 16 years old: No.

Application (CV and cover letter) to be sent to Madame Arnal, Director of the Cybelle Planète association, at the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Online offer on the civic service site.

Benevole Announces OBSenMER Mediterranee

LOGO Benevole terrain

Volunteer announcement "Terrain"

Mediterranean Cybelle and OBSenMER Mediterranean:


In the program Cybelle Méditerranée and network OBSenMER in the Mediterranean Sea area, we need volunteers to help us to diffuse the various communication tools (posters, leaflets, flyers ...) with the structures related to the nautism (ex: harbourmasts, deck shops, rentals boats ...) present on the Mediterranean coast.
Do you live in this area (Occitanie Midi Pyrénées, PACA, Corsica)? Or you just have the opportunity to go there? Help us by meeting the captaincy, specialized shops, boat rental companies, etc., in order to clearly present the Cybelle Mediterranean program and the OBSenMER network and offer them:

volunteers Tools comm OBSenMer t2018

  • display posters and posters,
  • leaflets and flyers to distribute.

The profile :

All profiles are welcome. It is necessary to be motivated, to be able to move easily, to know the Cybelle Mediterranean program and the OBSenMER network, to be able to present them in a clear and engaging way to the structures so that they then accept to post the tools of communication and to spread the 'information.
Living near the coast would be a plus. We are looking for volunteers in the regions, Occitania, Midi Pyrenees, PACA and Corsica.

All year following your availability.

Places :

Along the Mediterranean coast: Corsica, PACA, Occitania and Midi Pyrenees.


The volunteer must free time to distribute posters and stickers on site during the day during the opening hours of the structures concerned (week or weekend).
We will send the tools by mail.

Entry requirements:

  •    You must know the projects and know how to present them. A document explaining the Cybelle Mediterranean program and the OBSenMER network will be sent to you. Subsequently a small telephone interview will be organized to complete the document.
  •     Be able to approach people and present a clear project.
  •     Desired vehicle: to go to the various structures that dot the coast near you.
  •     A list of places where the display has been made will have to be retransmitted to us, on an excel file to be completed.
  •     To be of age.
  •     Be a member of the association (Recommended membership = 10 €) => Online membership form

=> Do you want to help us? Please send a message via the online contact form and choose "volunteerism and partnership" as an object.

The entire Cybelle Planète team thanks you warmly!


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