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Synopsis of cetaceans mission 2014

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28 June expedition to 4 July 2014 from Hyères

Shipping of the 5 11 2014 July from Hyères

Shipping of the 12 18 2014 July from Hyères

Expedition of 19 July to 1er August 2014 from Hyères

Shipping of the 02 08 2014 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 02 08 2014 August from Sète

Shipping of the 09 15 2014 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 09 15 2014 August from Sète

Shipping of the 16 22 2014 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 16 22 2014 August from Sète

Shipping of the 23 29 2014 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 23 29 2014 August from Sète

28 June expedition to 4 July 2014 (From Hyères)

Saturday 28 June: The fabulous stories of a gang of ducks

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014Today, discovery day of the boat, but also of the group. We come from everywhere: Brittany, Ile de France, Franche Comté, Alsace, Languedoc Roussillon ...

We are reassured about the atmosphere of the week because at Cybelle Planète, everything starts with a good drink! (for censorship, we can replace with "a good meal")

We complete the races and finally, we are ready to go! Fortunately because our skipper Gurval or Goldilocks, has ants in the sail! Margaux, our eco-guide of competition 'explains a little what will be our role this week. She's really nice because she does not even look depressed when she sees that we do not understand anything about her stories of bearings, fishing boats that are not called fishing boats but Sowers? Senneur ?? ... Finally, we are still proud to be his first eco-volunteers (or his first prey? We speak again in a few days!)

Gurval stops us for the night at Porquerolles, Lequin beach. It's time to check the cetacean population under the boat. In short, we will swim.

We test the shampoo with seawater, my faith, it seems to work. Here we are clean and alive (yes, because some on the boat are convinced that sea monsters are waiting for one thing: you bite when you put a foot in the water), so we're ready for a little story on the asso. Margaux makes us dream with the list of cetaceans and other marine animals that we go (we believe!) To cross.

This is the moment of our first meal at sea, the discussions are going well and already, we laugh well! As said Margaux: "This week, I feel we will talk raw! "

Best sentence of the evening: Julie: "Overall, I prefer dead animals".

Now, a little exercise for everyone (yes, it's boring and it's a little job interview but must everyone participate, there is no reason!).

In short, describe yourself in three sentences.


- I like traveling, but not traveling too much.

- I often show my teeth but in a nice way.

- I get seasick? Not know.


- I was French boxing champion so do not bother me.

- I like to turn and go back.

- When I say that I'm doing porn, it's not surprising anyone.


- I have "origins" meerkat.

- Call me "Goldilocks".

- At sea, we are not dirty, we are salty.


- I like sharks.

- I can not get a job because even on board a boat, I watch the planes take off.

- I'm not (yet) in a relationship with Catherine.


- "You keep the binoculars on the neck or I'll get you stoned. "

- I'm happy with my eco-volunteers, I was afraid of having balls.

- It's useless, but I'm a master.


- I have two cats that I like a lot and a friend with whom we get along sometimes (it's complicated).

- I always ask people what astrology sign they are (if I have not guessed it yet), it's very important.

- I like animals, so I do not eat them anymore.


- I like castrating cats early in the morning, it's simple, just make knots.

- I put too suddenly I lose everything.

- Look for the whale, you will find the Man.


- The dean is me. Call me "Uncle". (It's better than Pepe)

- Yes, Bruno, he snores !!!

- The Mistral, CET'ACé!

Sunday June 29

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014The boat wakes up to 7h. The night was more or less good. Anna thought the boat was catching fire (while she was hearing shrimp), Fanny spent half the night outside, our meerkat barely closed her eyes because her burrow was too tight ... even to reassure the future eco-volunteers: Julie sleeps like a baby, Catherine also thanks to her ear plugs.

Our first mission of the day: to recover Bruno, our last eco-volunteer. Gurval and Richard are rather happy with this testosterone supplement on the Diapason, which until now seems more like a fun cruise than a story by Corto Maltese. Presentations made, we rush to sea for our first observations because the wind must force in the day. Arrived on zone, we are all at the front of the boat for our first quarter. We hesitate a little to give the twins Fanny who the day before the training measured 60 graduations where everyone saw 8 or 10. It seems that its origins Marseille ... And then, while the sky turns gray, we begin to see some eco-volunteers green a little. We are slowly witnessing the creation of a travel association: the "Team Vomito"! Elena starts the movement, and she comes back absolutely delighted! This is the first time in her life that she is vomiting, and she wants everyone to know it. Well here, I (Catherine, ed) will not be able to tell you more, since before joining the Team, I had to go take a nap. But hey, I was not the only one ...

Praised by a surge of pity, Gurval takes us back to the fold. Direction La Badine, where we will be sheltered from the wind (40 nodes planned for the evening !!). The meal is simple, no one really want to get off the boat. In the afternoon, it's rest! We try to make a quarter on the return, but decidedly, not a whale to point his hump! Note however, Elena, after an hour, saw .... A wave ! Still.

The end of the afternoon lifts the morale of the crew: the wind has chased the clouds and the boat is safe. Swimming, reading and fun are on the program. At the end of the day, the sentence falls, and like Koh Lanta, it is irrevocable: no exit to sea tomorrow, the weather announcing a wind decidedly too strong to validate observations. The evening meal team decides on a festive meal: no way we feel sorry for ourselves! After all, we're still on the Diapason, together! So it will be pancakes (without eggs AND without milk, yes, it's possible, and it's even good!), And cherry, on the cake, Margaux out a pot of salted butter caramel.

Go, it's time for the new "little" to introduce himself:


- laggard

- Whoever likes to move his car on the almost island of Giens,

- not even sick on a boat, but you have to see not to be too much inside.

- That's good, my bed-coffin comfort me in my desire to be outside.

Monday June 30

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014This morning, it is grass 'mat' !! Since we stay close to the land, let's have a look! Margaux stays on board because she has a job, she is serious our eco-guide! (yes, it's good, too, she has to freeze her purse, but that's another story ...). Richard also stays because he is entitled to only a few days of boat a year, so he benefits.

On land, it's tan for some and ride for others. We meet a shower of fresh water which appears to us as the Holy Grail. Fanny a little red bronze, Anna cross a fish enolorme that requires him to return to the beach, Elena trying to fly a deckchair, Bruno is miles on foot, because good tan "it's for the chicks". We talk about half-words, but hey, we're a little afraid of missing our cetaceans this week! Fortunately, Goldilocks and Duck Mommies sell us a great program for the next day. There will be pit galore, plankton mess, so, trophic cycle requires, there will be big fish! (and yeah, bim, trophic cycle, it's that now, we know the vocabulary! Well, I also know that a whale is not a fish ...).

The evening meal confirms that we all get along well. I think Margaux likes them, his little duckling !! We redo the world, we rejoice for the victory of the French team in the round of 16 (still others prefer to torment the gulls), Gurval and Fanny are particularly fit and make us a two-men show.

Tuesday July 01

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014This morning, Gurval wakes us up with the soft sound of the engine ... But it is a crew mo-ti-vee! who emerges. Today is the ideal day for watching cetaceans. Suddenly, the observation quarters start at 7h of the mat '. Pretty soon comes the reward: Richard exclaiming "there !! Dolphins !!! ". Everyone rushes to the front, Catherine will take the opportunity to leave a knee. They are 4, coming to play bow. It screams in all directions: "recovery! position! cap! But above all, it laughs, it smiles to the ears. We even see some tears of emotions that shine in the corner of the eyes: FINALLY, they are there ... And there! They will stay more than an hour with us, surfing the wave of bow. Great show. The groups of dolphins follow one another all morning, until 2 dolphins christened Pimprenelle and Nicolas who do not want to let us go. We throw the sponge before, because fatigue and hunger point the tip of the nose. The boat stopped, the 2 dolphins will still be around one hour to turn around. They must say to themselves: "Well then, it is broken the toy ?? It moves more! ". On the menu, cucumber, except for Bruno who does not like it and who still manages to take the color. A new member of the Team ?? No, he resists.

The alarm "puns" resonates several times during lunch. Richard wants to clarify that his cooking macaroni was "é-paste-ante"! (Mrs. Richard, if you read us, you can put it back in the kitchen !!). Otherwise, we say that fin level of whale, until then, there is "caudal"!

The afternoon will not really fulfill our hopes of "big bugs" of the sea Some still see the breath of whales on the horizon (I personally think it is a collective hallucination). Note anyway: a shark (quite a fish moon a little far), a line "on the stomach" (well, in fact a plastic bag), and one or two waves always on the side of Elena. And then too, as Julie would say, one becomes expert in puffins, it is already that! When we are not in observation, we often sleep: it tired, life off ... Since the afternoon is calm, I think it's time to do a little story on the intimacy aboard of a boat. It would be too easy to conclude that well, well, there is none, even if it's true. Here are, dear future eco-volunteers, some situations that you may be confronted with:

- Spread cream on the buttocks of someone you did not know the day before,

- Be fiddled by the skipper who tells you "But if you go see, I know points and when I'm going to press it, it will do you good.", (These points are around the eyes, I specify!)

- Sliding subtly to the girl with whom you share a booth "Are you really sure you do not want to wash today? "

- Flush the toilet for someone else. Yes, because the boat toilets must be talked about anyway. You have the impression that the guy who designed this, he did it during a test of Top Plumber on TF1. "Bernard, you have 1h to do boat toilets. At your disposal, you have: a funnel, a plastic handle and a bicycle pump. In short, I let you imagine the brothel. It is quite possible to find yourself pumping during 5 good minutes under the encouragement of comrades.

-You can also find yourself screaming "Who are these underpants?!?! Surprisingly, he is nobody.

Finally, the good side of all this, anyway, is that in just a few hours we already have the feeling to know each other well and to create very fusional links. (eh Fanny?)

We stop for the night at Cape Taillat. Gurval had told us it was a beautiful place, and he did not lie to us! It will be perfect to celebrate the 23 years of Julie. On the menu, chocolate cake / caramel and Cachaça is the fun. Julie's wish for her new year? "Put your hand in a cow to fiddle with the ovaries". Well, well ... why not. We try to send Fanny on another boat, without success. Richard becomes a poet: "Listen to the sound of the waves, there are no two like them ...". We prefer that when he tries to explain to us that a bear and a seal is the same animal.

Wednesday July 02

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014This morning, we do not really know how long we will be able to stay off because the wind must rise. It'll shake dry! But, as Elena says, "If I vomit, it suits me too! ". So let's go.

The morning of observation is very calm, so it gives me time to tell you a legend that circulates on the Diapason, but that everyone has not heard. I first say that it is a legend, so it's not me, I was not there, I was not even born. This legend explains why for some time the level of the sea goes up. Let's go back to a small scientific point that explains why it was better before. Before, the sea level remained stable despite the rivers flowing in and the rain. So we can easily conclude ... that there is a siphon somewhere. It's mathematical. Our story begins one evening, on a boat. There are two girls doing the dishes at the back (I repeat, any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental). It's late, the girls are tired, their fingers are a bit greasy. And here is the cat, one of them drops a lid in the water. There is a girl who says, "Oh! The other says "shit ...", they look at each other, turn back to the group who are arguing behind: "Uh, y'a, uh ...", but no one pays attention, so they turn back to the 'water. The first girl who did not see well think that it is a plate that fell and she said to herself: "Yes, good, plates are full, and if I jump I will be eaten by all the stuff not Catholics lying in the sea ". The second says: "We should jump in the water". But his evil double murmurs: "Well, it's dark, two of you are in a long dress, and most of all, you have clean, dry hair." So it's done: "lid / dry hair / lid / dry hair / cover ...? He is where this con! Well, I'm going to sleep dry hair tonight. " All that to tell you that the lid fell pile hair on the siphon of the oceans. It's too bad. The moral of this story is that two girls who do the dishes at sea, hello cat: it is better that the guys take care. The conclusion of this story is that I hope they sell lids at 8 eight of the port of Hyeres.

Okay, back to business. Uh no, to our dolphins. Oh no, since there is none. So we come to lunch. We do not know what stung Gurval, but suddenly, he jumps into the water! When the captain of a ship leaves him so hurriedly, it can be a little freakish. But no, our super captain wants us to discover the big blue by 2360m background. And you know what ? It is magic !!! How to describe? If God exists, he certainly lives there.

Come on, we're gone again. And here, we must admit that it becomes a little hard. When finally we see a dolphin in the distance, he snubs us completely. Our self-esteem and our morale take a hit. It's very simple, the coolest thing we'll meet that day is a scooter. Yes yes, a scooter. When after two hours of observations you have noticed 3 puffins and a piece of wood, you want to throw yourself into the water just for something to happen.

As usual, we go to shelter for the night. Here we are at the beautiful little port of Port Cros. It must be said, anchoring level that sends wood, he knows how to make our captain. To cheer us up, fortunately, we have our national Fanny. She is ready to give his body so that we can see a white whale. Richard does not believe his eyes, Bruno hallucinates.

Tonight at the test is the team Testo. Suddenly, girls take the opportunity to play a game of Time's Up. According to Gurval, the whole cove benefits, so we are, say ... enthusiastic. The meal is a success, well done guys, we will think to put that back. It's a little crazy: tonight, we go out! We approach slowly the port with the annex (you know, this boat for playmobil in which you have to return to 5!). It's like being in another world: we are approaching a pirate landmark or an island on the other side of the world, we do not know anymore but we would not want to be elsewhere. We arrive on the pontoon. Here he moves on the water !! We arrive on the island: she moves on the water !! Uh ... wait. How does it move, the island?!? My dear friends, we have just discovered earth sickness. Incredible but true, the Team Vomito will win a member that night, and not because of mojitos. It is nevertheless the proof that we were well amarinés.

Thursday July 03

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014Today, guess what? The weather forecast of the wind. As Gurval told us that there was no hanging rope on board, we are looking for something else to do. This will be the underwater trail of Port Cros. The walk to the beach of La Palud is superb, and when you walk you do not feel the pain of land anymore. The waves do not prevent us from donning fins, mask and snorkel and jump into the water. Catherine meets a grouper, Anna is passionate about the castanets, a jellyfish befriends Julie, making him little hugs a little stinging. Barely out of the water, Bruno goes around in circles. He decides to go for a walk. Richard said to himself, "Well, why not? ". The poor man, he does not know what awaits him ... A ride with Bruno consists of running two hours in the mountains. Our Tonton, who took a nice tomato color, must jump into the water to recover, but deep down, he is delighted.

Back on the Diapason for lunch. It's crazy how good it feels on our little boat, we think we'll have a hard time leaving it. Because reality is looming on the horizon: we must return to the port of Hyères, a storm will prevent us from doing it the next day. The good news is that as there is too much wind for the observations, you can sail! And here it is a pure moment of shared happiness. In front, it laughs, it sings (yes yes, we sing Titanic and we assume), it is frankly water, it screams when the sail changes side. In the back, we try to the bar: Bruno takes us to see the President in Fort Brégançon, Anna is a little impressed. We let Julie try, even if she told us: "When you drive with me and I drive, must do like me, close your eyes." Come Elena's turn to the bar. Suddenly, she says, "oh! the ! There is something !! ". Well, we, to be honest, we do not panic because we know that Elena is the specialist to spot a wave. But no ! There is something: a dolphin, and not just any, a big dolphin ladies! The Mediterranean sends us a pinball to say goodbye! We take it like that, as a gift. Even Margaux is delighted, this is the first time for her too, she explains that a big dolphin as close to the coast, it is frankly rare.

Finally, a dolphin is like love, it's when you do not look for what you find!

Back to the real world, back to square one: the port of Hyères. Gurval impresses us with his superb niche. Our new neighbors? a group of Italians, we could have hurt more.

Here comes the time of shopping, the boat shop opens! We advise on sizes, colors, we are a big family now. But unfortunately, more for a long time: Bruno and Fanny leave us. Farewells are fast because with a look, a smile, we know what we shared and what will remain.

Thanks to Anna and Julie who have negotiated well, it is general tour of hot showers at the Capitainerie, happiness. We have a ping pong shampoo.

There is a small market on the port but no, decidedly we prefer to enjoy a little Diapason.

In the program of the evening: ratatouille of vegetables that if you do not eat them you throw them, exchange photos and coordinates, races internet for the following week (yes, future ducklings, if you do not have enough chocolate, c is our fault!).

The boys will have a drink at the port (where they will close). We are left to work (well yeah, it is not written alone my logbook). Well, we still end up drinking on board too. Not bad your caipirinhas yellow lemon Anna!

To make sweet dreams come true, Margaux shows us some pictures of her trip to Kerguelen.

Last night aboard for the eco-volunteers, last night during which "your body works". And yes, on a boat, we get the abs while sleeping!

Our meerkat will keep an eye open during the night because the wind will reach 50 nodes. We are still better behind the dike.

Friday July 04

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

First breakfast inside because outside, it's the turmoil. After, we shake like small ants in the Diapason: it is necessary to make the bags, tidy up, wash ... It is also necessary to enter the data of observations in the computer. Then we leave the Diapason for a meal on Earth as is the custom with Cybelle. A nice way to drink to our beautiful human adventure. The story is not over, appointments are made: in a few hours for the quarter-finals of the World Cup, in a few days in a house, in a few months in Paris ... But all this, it is not is not the story of the actual board so we make you clear future eco-volunteers. Take care of Margaux and Gurval because they are precious. You are left with a boat full of positive energy (well, if you do not see sperm whale, it will be the fault of the girl who was born angry!). There are probably some ghosts of laughter in the cupboards. Come on, good wind.

Catherine CLEVY (the ugly duckling) and his henchmen

Bruno Bachelet (cucumber)

Anna-Fanélie Pécard

Julie Freytag

Elena Lungu

Richard Steiner (Tonton)

Fanny Peillet (white whale)

Shipping 5 11 July 2014 (From Hyères)

Saturday July 05

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We arrived this morning between 10 and 11h on the Diapason, happily greeted by Gurval, Margaux (the eco-guide) and Jo (the skipper) (Esther copiously made watered by Gurval unsuccessfully trying to clean the bridge). We all chose our cabins, our crew being 100% female (except Jo) we could settle or we seemed. Quiet installation, therefore. Pretty quickly, it gives: Myriam with Laure, Henriette and Julie 2, Jeanne and Julie 1, and Esther with Margaux. We settle on the deck to get to know each other. Some will go for a walk. Jo announces that the weather of the week is not good: a lot of wind in the program ... So, we'll be at anchor every night! We are a little disappointed, but we do with. We should normally leave after eating. Margaux bought chickens for lunch, Julie 1 helps her prepare everything. Finally, we sit down to table. Rice ratatouille chicken, not too bad for a first meal.

It is about 13h and we still do not have the shopping. Jo starts to worry, and decides to call. Apparently, it should come soon ...

At 14h, we are finally delivered! It's the war on the bridge: everyone is agitated. We are just starting to tidy that we are told: "Not the right order !! ". We pack everything, and this time, we get our races. Julie is assigned to the grocery store, Margaux in the fridge, Jo in fruits and vegetables, Esther at the bar, and the other girls are shuttled between the dock and the inside of the boat. In short! After this episode unpacking-repacking-re-packing, we are ready to go. We will buy the few things we are missing, and we are waiting for the departure. Except that Mr Eole is not with us and does not consent to let us go. Wisely, we wait, caring as we can. At 18h, meet !! The chef is ready for his topo: everyone is listening, sitting around the table. Then comes the turn of Jo who gives us a topo on the safety aboard the boat. At 19h, it's the start. The leader just needs to send a last email with the logbook and photos from last week. Last minute change: Jeanne turns claustrophobic in her cabin, and prefers to change with Julie 2. So we have Julie's cabin. At 19h30, departure to Badine, our first anchorage. Margaux shows us how binoculars work, our observation tool. Julie 1 prepares the drink while others (Esther, Henriette and Jeanne) take their first bath (and it quails). Then, meal on the bridge: pasta with pesto, prepared by Jo for Margaux who tan for several days. It is delicious. Finally, before going to bed, a small explanation of the observation sheets that we will have to fill. See you tomorrow !!!


Sunday, July 06

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014Wake up to 5h for a day of observation: we leave early, since it will probably be the only exit that we will allow the weather. Early morning breakfast under sunrise, except for Julie and Julie who hang out until 6h45. At 7h, first collective quarter on the bridge. 7h04: "DOLPHINS !! Julie 1 shouts. We all admire but, no bowl for Margaux, first technical concern and therefore no graduations for the observation sheet. Thank you, Jeanne !!

The first hours at sea make us lose two eco-volunteers: Laure and Esther discover the seasickness. They regret to have left earth, and remain in the cloakroom !! And it rhymes !! The morning continues without a single vomit, shifts continue but still no whales (it still rhymes). Some dolphins point the nose, but not wanting to have fun. We finally give up, because it's the lunch break ... (It still rhymes!)

Lunch break

After the lunch break, there is nothing more to note! In order to care, we decide to name them. We are looking for:

  • Paulo sperm whale,
  • Pascal the whale,
  • Madeleine whale,
  • Antonin, Damien, Romain, Benjamin, Sylvain or Sébastien, the dolphins,
  • Lola the Manta Ray
  • Lulu the turtle,
  • Bobby Globi.

In short, we look for all this little world, except Rolland (this bastard) the gull, and Fernand the cormorant. So we take our quarters, but there's nothing to see. Afternoon, without sign of life. 17h32: "Dolphins! Esther shouted. And while all hope, Julie puts a tone: "But no, it's just Léon le tuna ...". Well, the rhymes are galley, especially that write to the engine, it gives headaches to the reader!

So: end of the quarters and anchorage at Brégançon. Shower and shampoo on the back of the Diapason. Unfortunately for ecovolunteers, the weather will make us galleys. It was perhaps the only day you could observe. The drink finished and dinner consumed, it's time to go to bed. Everyone is preparing for sleep, rocked by Jo's snoring!

Julie R (that of Cognac, who came back empty-handed!)

Monday July 07

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20148h: Some get up and enjoy a morning bath in a seemingly calm sea. 9h30: the officer in zodiac port comes to tell us that we are too close to the swimming buoy, so we raise the anchor and go anchor closer to the Fort. We spend the morning at anchor in front of the Fort de Brégançon, former residence of the president. The mystery of Fort Brégançon: mini-buses bring the visitors we see back, but never down. Various hypotheses are formulated: they serve as food for the president's lions, or they are imprisoned, like remakes of the "Iron Mask". After lunch, nap and digestive bath in the program. We observe the yacht next door: Americans? no English ? how many children?

Then we leave for Port-Cros. We put the sails, sailing initiation for Margaux, Esther is at the helm ... but more wind. We put the engine back. We write the logbook of the day before, all rhyming, please. And there, Margaux "Lynx's eye" exclaims: "Dolphins !! ". And here, it is the jerk of battle: "Binoculars! Cap! Graduations! GPS! Etc. There is a group of 7-8 dolphins, including 2 babies. Blue and white dolphins and big dolphins together, it seems that it is rare. Two adults come to the bow to diversion so that we can leave the little ones alone. It's beautiful, dolphins on the bow! We change course to follow a little. Jo finally decides to stop the observation because of stormy weather. We arrive in Port-Cros. You have to moor at a buoy. The Julie go to the front for the maneuver. Julie 2 magnifying the buoy with the blunder twice. But Julie 1, flat on the bridge, managed to grab the ring and to make the mooring. Jo then arrives in annex to secure the whole. Stop the engine, maneuver finished! We observe the aquarium at the back of the boat: sea bream, saupes, sparaillons and crows are there to welcome us. Then we finish filling out the observation sheets by listing the squares.

Aperitif: it's Mojito workshop. So in order, it gives: Rum, cane sugar, lemon, mint. We crush all this with an improvised pillon, then, finally, Perrier! Thank you Margaux, and Health! Jo prepares us a Mousmous, a couscous of the sea. Improved recipe: zucchini, peppers, eggplant, chickpeas (for Julie 1 who is a fan!), Chipos and spicy semolina. A delight !

To finish, dishes at the front, and sleep listening to the wind force and Jo snore. See you tomorrow !

Julie S.

Tuesday July 08

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014We start the day late (9-10h), each at his own pace, vacant in a thousand and one ways. At 13h, we rush to prepare the meal, since some are eager to disembark to visit the island of Port-Cros. After the meal, Jo lands us on the ground, shaken and wet by the waves of the port. Let's go for a stroll along the coastal path, until the beach of Palud where is the underwater trail. After a short swim, some run on (or under?) The underwater trail, but the visit of the pelagic jellyfish makes them turn back. In the end, it will be tan on the pontoon. Once all dry, return to the village. Without Jeanne's shoes, who preferred to stay on the spot (but no one knows where). Before coming in :

-Discard the local grocery store of a bottle of oil and the only package of rusks, everything for Jo.

-you enjoy being a little sheltered from the wind to taste.

Return to the boat, always soaked by the crossing, to 19h. The day ends with the preparation of a good meal (ratatouille and apple crumble). Again, the dishes are done at the front. We will try in vain to see bioluminescent plankton at the back of the boat (and even in the toilet !!), but only Margaux Eye of Lynx will see ...

The stories of the day:

- The challenge of the day: In verlan and rhyme !:

"The otémé us to québlo in teauba,

And we are living in Cros Port.

Nifi for us la'tionvaserob de leineba,

Guervina in Néeraterdimé is the delbor! "

-Flashback of the day before: During the mooring maneuver in Port-Cros, we spend a first time in the back of a boat where there is a couple. Sir says hello and topless bronze lady. As the Julie miss the trunk, we make a second pass to their stern. That's when Esther takes pictures of them without discretion. Madame clumsily covers herself with her hands while Monsieur asks us kindly to stop.

- Anecdote of port: A port is a place of observation and voyeurism par excellence. In Port-Cros, we had something to occupy ourselves with ...

1: The captaincy, to anticipate the gale, decides to make a giant Tetris with the boats moored to the pontoon. During 1h, they push, pull, spin, release, rotate and reboot ... Captivating.

2: At the same time, a small mini-yacht style motor boat lands a couple at the pontoon. The skipper is left alone to maneuver. We are then witnessing his many attempts to hang a chest. He is positioned, but, the time he runs in front, the buoy is already running away ... Hard. On the fifth attempt, he managed his maneuver from behind. We applaud, and we finally get a smile ... =)!

PS: We buy oil for salad dressing ... but there's more mustard!

Myriam and Julie R.

Wednesday July 09

Weather point, no evolution.

Suddenly, everyone goes about their business.

Big fall of motivation.

We had full loaves,

So we improvise a recipe for "quiche".

Designated volunteer for the dishes, Jo wants a try,

But the method is to revise for net dishes.

To 18h, ablutions on the boat.

Everyone reinvents the rules of the Uno.

After a quick dinner,

We are all dressed

Jo told us that we had to hurry up.

It's time to leave the anchorage,

And finally to go off.

Everyone puts on his raincoat,

Except Margaux who ends soaking wet.

The boat leans on the water,

Help but where is Jo!

As soon as Julie catches the bar,

Everyone clings and prepares.

It's going to go up close,

But we will soon be soon.

Sapristi, she did rather well.

Julie finished delighted despite the roll.

As the storm drags on the golden islands,

We arrived safely,

And everyone goes to sleep ...

Key phrases to remember:

- I say that, I say nothing ... (Margaux)

- The planet of Esther (All)

- It kills the grannies (Jo)

- Cetaceans, not bidulus ... (Julie R.)

- And the Shadocks pumped, pumped ... (All)

- Do your homework ! (Margaux)


Exit at sea ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014The meal barely digested, it's time to maneuver. We take the waxed, K-way and vests. Everyone on the bridge. We work on the bow to dump the 15 trunk, we recover moorings and hawsers, we put the fenders and close the portholes. On board, everything is stalled in the equipped and the berths are cleared. Before leaving the bay, we face the wind and hoist the mainsail. We keep a laugh, regulate the listening. With the help of the winch, we roll the genoa on starboard and we take off. Here we are in the near tight in the swell. Diapason lodging, one draws edges. We go from starboard to port tack, turning regularly. Julie is a quarterback and holds the helm. She is following her course. The waves break through and sometimes the sails doyent. The port is approaching and we are slumping. The sails are closed, ready to dock. We start again to maneuver: fenders and moorings are prepared. We pass the channel. The Julie are ready to disembark. A dead tower, two keys and we are moored. We pushed a little to get into the shoehorn. We catch the dangle avoiding the keel. We are stalled, the engine is cut off: Maneuver is over. The crew is tired and runs to rest. Operation berth, far from the cry of the seagulls!

Julie R.

Thursday July 10

On land, at the dock ...

Wake up late. After breakfast, walk in town for girls. The Julie and Jeanne will make the shipchandlers and Henriette, Laura, Esther and Myriam are walking with their beautiful red T-shirt Cybelle Planet. After a late meal, the crew leaves for the beach. Julie R. stays on board to rest while Margaux and Jo take care of ordering the races for the following ones. Towards 19h, the entire crew is finally clean and rinsed and tackles preparing a tapas meal with the remains. Jo prepares us a great guacamole. At 22h, head to the bar "Le Mojito" for a last drink. Back shopping by the night market. The bags are getting ready, the phones are recharging, the time of departure is approaching ... It's the end of a week on the Diapason. The spirits are rested, the clothes are salty, the cameras are full. We will not have seen either the whale nor the sperm whale, but life on the edge has done its job. We are ready to go back to our lives, full of memories and desires ...

Cybelle thank you!

Julie R.

Friday July 11 2014

8h: The first spirits are awakening ... The wind has fallen a little, and the heat is coming gently. At noon, our Diapason must be clean. So, there's a lot of fighting going on: breakfast, crockery, storage of the things, and the shelling of the boat begins: cabins, deck, holds, toilets, kitchen, ... 11h15, everything is clean. For the time remaining and make us wait until the first starts, Margaux gives us a topo on the evolution and hydrodynamics of cetaceans. 12h, the first ecovolunteer, Myriam, leaves us. Follow Julie R., Henriette and Esther. For the last ones, it's a restaurant to enjoy until the end ... The newspaper this week is coming to an end, and in a short time, the last ecovolunteers, Julie S., Jeanne and Laure will resume their journey. We leave with memories full of the head and sensations discovered. Thank you Margaux, thank you Jo, and thank you Cybelle !!

We wish lots of Pascal and plenty of Paulo to the next ecovolunteers. Margaux, we're holding your thumbs! Nice week to you!


Shipping 12 18 July 2014 (From Hyères)

Saturday 12 July: In Search of Diapason

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Denise and Véronique are the first to engage in the adventure "Cybelle Planète". Arrivals have been made gradually: the Swiss delegation (Sarah and Como) second, the Burgundy of Picardy third (Emmanuelle and Frederic), and finally, Audrey, who lives closest but who arrives last. After a first acquaintance, begins the strategic storage of the races (delivered on time), our first work in common. Hiding places in our future living space are multiple, an art. Before departure, a good meal to take a little energy for a short but stirring trip to the Badine, to spend the night. Already, we make an inventory of the various pharmaceutical specialties that both test to control the seasickness. We meet Hugo the goëland, who tries to gather some crumbs of our meal.

Sunday 13 July: Filament Alert ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The day starts badly! ... Patrick Dubois says "Jo the Sawdust" cut wood all night (this is a Swiss expression to mean loud snoring ...). His waking did not ring (or he did not hear it ??), he is already 6h. After snoring, we are entitled to the word Cambronne ... Breakfast rhythm, fast, but complete: you must always have a full stomach! The weather is always windy, the swell leaves us no respite. The association of travelers created during the first week of the season, the "Team Vomito", has new members: Emmanuelle and Denise open the ball, while the complexion of others suggests future loyal memberships from ecovolunteers . The decision is made: we go to Porquerolles to shelter us from the fury of the sea. And there, stupor! After a first series of filaments projected from the boat by our patients, we see many in the water: the jellyfish are there, en masse! No observations, no swimming, this first day looks hard. After a recovery time, we unroll the genoa and make our way to Cap Benat. We fill the stomachs again, and take advantage of this time of rest: bathing, nap, ... Jo the Sawdust we also remake the geography by mentioning that San Remo is ... in Spain. Who says Spain, says Spanish, says Cuba, said Mojito !! Go, general tour, we enjoy and congratulate the talents of barman Margaux. The weather forecast looks promising for a great sea trip the next day. The evening ends with fireworks, but we do not know which village.

Monday 14 July: Jo's alarm clock still has not sounded ...

Cambronne is still so successful. Departure to 6h30 in search of cetaceans under a radiant sun and a sea already less agitated than the day before but sufficiently stormy to bring back two new members: Fréderic and Véronique, who are accompanied by Emmanuelle, who thus becomes one of the most faithful members of the Team. The evening ending in Saint Tropez, we already notice that the dolphins that we cross and the sperm whale that we see in the distance snub us cheerfully. We are still full of hopes: they are there, and the weather is good for tomorrow. In the evening, dinner in the Bay of Saint Tropez, under the ramps of the big yacht. To end the day, we attend 3 simultaneous fireworks, including that of "Saint Trop", particularly beautiful. Then all in bed, tomorrow, new adventures await us ...

Tuesday 15 July: FINALLY ...

Check out at 5h45, Jo's alarm clock worked. Towards the open sea, the observation towers begin. This day will be fabulous: a radiant and warm sun and many observations. Dolphins in shambles several times, a dozen fish moon, a turtle (a great moment!), Swordfish, tuna, the breath of a whale, and some shearwaters. At noon, a shampoo workshop was improvised, with 2500m of water under us ... Awesome! At the end of the day, under a blazing sun, we were able to record the "delphinidés conversations", another great moment of poetry. First night off after an Indonesian meal and a cake of Jo, the "gerbito" (gervita). We are getting ready to spend the night off with the quarters of each. Yes, spend a night at sea at the price of safety, and we will monitor our environment ... hoping to hear a breath of whale in the big blue under a starry sky. The cake having had a little delay in cooking, it will accompany the night teams very well.

Wednesday 16 July: The haze of the whales

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We have just spent our first night at sea. And what a night ... It began with a romantic moonrise, a cloud of jellyfish, then, later in the night, a sailboat approached our boat: curiosity, piracy ?? Jo's intervention helps illuminate the sails, reassure or deter the assault. But we are wrong ... but what is this light, at the end of which mast is it? We will finally understand that the dance of the planets in this starry night requires a sharp eye ...
The sunrise will give us the best present of the day ... a festival: blue and white dolphins in the pastel light of the day, and the breath of a whale close to us, we will observe during 3 breaths . We will have to settle for this for today. Nothing, nothingness, no animal on the horizon ... if not an orc! ... plastic, fished in the late afternoon. A good meal, and it's off for a night. We keep hope. A sous martin was around today, we make him responsible for this day of observations so frugal.

Thursday July 17

night shifts
First quarter: Margaux and Denise. We saw plankton, dolphins next to the boat with beautiful reflections. Margaux also showed me some stars and constellations, and made a wish following the observation of shooting stars ... case to follow. Beautiful moonrise. This is how others have lived: during his shift, Como wants to sleep and curses the balm that makes an infernal noise. Frederic: "It was boring" Emmanuelle: "conversation with Jo and beautiful sunrise". Véronique: "it passes relatively quickly, finally". Audrey also wants to destroy the balm.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Breakfast with dolphins in the bow. The first quarter started at 8h, and 9h is the reward. Magic ! breaths. Two whales accompany us for almost an hour. We take full advantage, make photos, and everyone is amazed. Great !! Then follows a rather monotonous day at the observation level. But the wind allows us to deploy the sails and allows us to enjoy the sweetness of this navigation. Small disappointment not seen sperm whale or bottlenose dolphin and nostalgia for this week that ends.
Anchorage facing the beach of Badine, swimming for a few of us and preparing a meal under the vigilance and sharp eye of Veronique looking for a little help. Emmanuelle participated in this preparation, which happens to him (according to his words) once every 4 years! It was a meal with a great Toulon specialty, mashed potatoes / melon. Homemade Swiss dessert to top it off: pears / chocolate. Finally, mega-dishes for the three chores, including Jo, our outstanding skipper. The list of pearls of the week is long ... To retain only one: "the meaning of the wind? South-North-South. Special mention for Margaux, our young and charming eco-guide with whom we learned a lot about marine mammals.

Friday 18 July: Our last day

After a good night in the Badine, we sail on a sea of ​​oil and under a sun to groom towards the port of Hyères. Croissants or not growing is our subject of reflection pending the opening of the office to refuel diesel. Our place given, we settle for our last breakfast: Another wonderful time together.
Last recommendations to clean the boat: At boarding with sopalin, dish towel, green or white sponges. Everyone is active: it's hot and we dream of our fresh water shower.
Clean boat: to us for the long awaited shower ...

Expedition of 19 July to 1er August 2014 (From Hyères)

Saturday 19 July: The meeting

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Appointment is given on the port of Hyeres, the Diapason, our sailboat is moored at the end of an alley strewn with flags floating with passion in the wind.
The traveler's virus is bubbling in each of the future members of the crew ...
The 7 moussaillons, the skipper and our organizer Céline are present: Béatrice, Evelyne, Irene, Julien, Matthieu, Michel, Sandrine, Céline (director and founder of Cybelle Planète, oceanologist by training) and our skipper for this fortnight: Gurval.

After a briefing on the scientific objective of our mission and on the essential rules to keep for a good life on board, we go out to sea at Fort Brégançon. With some introductions to basic maneuvers under a moderate wind of force 3 on the Beaufort scale (not particularly related to the cheese !!!), the Diapason rushes out all the sails supported by its engine ...
Some 30 minutes later, the heart shows up among the sailors and sailors ... (the vomitos will be for later !!!)
During a break, Céline takes stock of the various cetaceans of the Mediterranean, and in particular her personal Mobydicks the joyful "pilot whales".

The life in community is set up as postilions of dough in the eye of his neighbor, a supply of Ricard on the shorts, compulsive snorers, vegetarians convinced ... An explosive cocktail for a Diapason whose sails swell in the wind ... The art of living together ...

Sunday 20 July: Fort Brégancon and return Hyères

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The storm has risen. If Neptune is favorable to us, we will weigh anchor as soon as possible to set sail for the western part of the island of beauty. The crossing will certainly be at night with a distribution of watchtowers.
First night on board a bit difficult for some. Breakfast and meeting at the summit for a weather point which is once again not very conducive to our departure towards Corsica. In view of the conditions, the observations will not be made. The weather is getting worse.
Force winds 8 prevent us from taking off, it is with sadness that in the early afternoon decision is taken to head for the Port of Hyères. Back to square one !
Arrival at the end of the afternoon, we moor the Diapason to the platform of honor, a sweet evening is announced. Meal on the bridge, the tourists wander and watch us ... who looks at who? ... Relaxing evening on the musical background of a young artist rising ... Sandrine the gaffeuse concerned about the well being of this young musician proposes himself bring a refresh. Driven by her momentum, she jumps on the platform! Landing a little abrupt on the wire of the stand whose canvas capsizes dangerously. Great moment of solitude for Sandrine and laughs on board. The public attention of the budding artist is turning away. The evening ends in a good-natured atmosphere, a sweet night is coming.

Monday 21 July: Bay of La Badine

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We wake up smiling after this calm night without waves. A light cleaning of the boat, storage, some refreshments are on the program. Lady weather is still not good, the wind is strengthening but despite this and unanimously we decide to leave the port and head to the bay of Badine. We will learn very quickly that the activities of our days will be day by day and that depending on the weather. What is announced an hour earlier will not necessarily be applied one hour later. This is not a good plan for those who are great "timing".
The day will end with an excellent meal in the Bay of Badine. We go to bed early, tomorrow we hope to leave at dawn. We are all waiting for the clemency of the EOLE God.
Everyone's impatience to meet these marine mammals is growing ... We can not wait to get down to work. Tomorrow is another day, "as soon as the winds blow we will go away ..."

Tuesday 22 July: First observations and "vomitos"

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Awakening at 5 hours for a departure 6 hours direction Corsica, Eole heard us, weather lady is favorable to us. The departure is done in the general excitement. Phew! we leave the continent.
The swell pushes us and plays with our Diapason like a walnut shell. Waves of about 3 meters stir the stomachs of the most seasoned. We are heading towards an area where the eating of our cetaceans is supposed to be.
In the afternoon, Neptune offers us a first surprise with a very acrobatic show of two young dolphins stenella. A few miles later, a small group of rare Risso dolphins, including a young one, do us the honor of their visit. They do not play with our boat, but the adults let us admire their scarifications so specific to this species. The cetacean mission finally begins with identification photos and records of GPS positions and dolphin behavior. In a few hours, we became apprentice observers and begin to recognize and name our first mammals.
Shortly after, a big breath appears on the port! A whale of about 20 meters also travels to our destination. After some tricky approach maneuvers, we rub shoulders with the giant. This one is either chafouin or shy; he does not want the meeting. Some blue dolphins lend him a hand to sow us. We respect his choice and leave him to his journey after having carefully captured the data under the guidance of Céline who guides our first steps enumerators ...
The swell calms a little, but the crew is not at best physically. The meal does not pass for all (Vomito does not let us go !!!). Decision is taken to sail the engine overnight. The distribution of two-hour shifts per sailor is organized under the watchful eye of our skipper Gurval.
The ocean at night, the constellations, the sound of the waves ... a delight! One could almost believe ones sailors budding.
Shifts are always two (security requires!). It is necessary to observe the movements on the sea, to check that no obstacle (OFNI: Floating Object Unidentified, ship, sailboat, cargo ...) does not cross us during our sleep. Instructions are given (at the slightest doubt) to wake Gurval the Valorous who sleeps with one eye.

Wednesday July 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

In the early morning, one sees the Corsican mountains; they stand out in the distance on a cloudy background. Some boats are passing, but no companions of the seas despite our vigilance during the observation shifts.
A break at noon, we swim in the immensity of the big blue.
Towards 16 hours, we stop the observations due once again to the whims of "weather lady who makes us hers again" ... Cape is taken to the bay of Girolata to spend the evening in the shelter. This is an opportunity for our crew to dive and see the sad state of the seabed of the bay ... Beautiful landscape, a good meal and an extraordinary apple pie give us a balm to the heart. The roll of the boat, however, does not announce a peaceful night!

Thursday July 24

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The night has not been very recuperating, each of the waves twisting the boat under horrible creaks of wood. In the morning, the crew is not at best, but the idea of ​​meeting the happy inhabitants of the oceans has allowed us to regain our enthusiasm.
A weather window is offered to us for the first quarters of observation, with in the background a palette of incredible colors and the first rays of sun touching the peaks of the mountains. Nevertheless, after 6 hours to scrutinize the sea, the team does not find itself completely empty-handed, only a clumsy mola-mola, strange moon fish shows his fin before disappearing at our approach in the depths. Since the beginning of our mission the gods of the seas are playing with us, storms are rife everywhere ... the protocol of observations can not be respected, decision is made to head for Calvi, genoa in the wind.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Arrival at anchor at the port of Calvi, free area for ecovolunteers, under the guidance of Captain Céline and his navigator Gurval the Valorous.
We take possession of the majestic citadel to discover some regional specialties.
Back on our ship to share the victuals gleaned around the streets and enjoy a dish very typical, a succulent couscous "boat".
Already all dream of the next days off under a sea of ​​sea, to admire pilot whales and sperm whales ....

Friday July 25

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Departure at dawn, a veil of clouds flies over the villages not far from Calvi. the Diapason comes out of the harbor, sail in the wind and engine purring.
The day of observation looks good, the wind is calm and the sea of ​​oil.
Two small dolphins first sneak in the early morning, followed later by a group of a dozen blue dolphins, the small Stenelas.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The mood is good and everyone enjoys a show of dancing and flying tuna, even though we are fasting ...! We enjoy the calm to eat and swim.
In the late afternoon, a cohort of sixty happy Stenelas adorned with their finest adornment fluttering on the waves and playing waves.
We drift our sailboat with the mainsail to the cape. Come night shifts under the leadership of Maurice our autopilot always on the cleat. Nocturnal visits of the small stinging pelagic, cooling the possible inclinations of the bathers nocturnes in the soul ...

Saturday July 26

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Neptune, Eole are allied ... Sea of ​​oil, almost no wind ... As Michel would say: "Petrol less than a quarter! ".
First observation quarters, a blue dolphin comes alongside our bow before moving away; some jellyfish pop up, a small group of bonito jump. Then, like Batman, a Manta ray emerges out of the water. Soon many mola-molas share our cape feasting lazy pelagics.
A good meal for us, scrambled eggs (only for the happiness of Matthew), the sun, some stories of our previous lives in the shell of an oyster ... we are ready to resume our slow journey.
The heat puts the whole crew to sleep; only the three watchmen manage to stay on the watch.
After long hours to scan the horizon and the French coast ... A breath !! Certainly crooked and not very high, but that's how sperm whales do. Cape is quickly put on this giant calamari eater. As we approach, he searches the depths to hunt and feed.
Hydrophone with water, we listen to his clank-sonars serving him to locate his prey in the abyss. After 40 minutes of apnea, the odontocete resurfaces at almost 2 miles from us. We try to reach him by pushing the engine Diapason and our approach, it greets us with a beautiful lapel of his caudal, allowing us to photo-identify.
Cap on Antibes with a smile on your face and a joy in your heart. Good day for all.

Sunday July 27

Fat Sunday morning, ie 8 hours. The nostalgia of the open sea is already invading us! Fast passage to the pump, supply to the market of Antibes, and we take back the big blue.
During a quarter of observation, we attend a coordinated attack of the greedy wolverines accompanied by puffins. We also meet a splendid and deadly Portuguese (jellyfish).
During our navigation, evanescences of gasoline call us and five detonations surprised a part of the crew assuming a military underwater test.
Would the non-activity of cetaceans in our observations stem from these interventions? What are the impacts on this fragile ecosystem?
Time is once again uncertain; despite this disappointing weather, we spend another night off to drift under the heightened vigilance of the quarter sailors.
A starry sky presents itself to us, each one can only remain smug of admiration under these constellations and milky way.

Monday July 28

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

A flaming sunrise caressing the horizon salutes the members of the last night shift and welcomes the first observers watch.
A small scattered group of about twenty Stenelas perform. In a last improvised morning shift, we see a very young whale without his mother. We watch for a few minutes to identify it, but it is not easy to observe. After some questions to Celine, it sadly confirms that the chances of survival of this baby whale are minimal ...
Notice of great expense (Eole is recovering from the game!) The observations of the minke whale stop. Direction cap Taillat to take shelter.
The turquoise waters invite us to swim, calm before the storm. We will spend the night in front of Cape Camarat lighthouse.

Tuesday July 29

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We only have a few days left and the mission ends. We will have to think about the return. The weather is still not very optimistic, Gurval decides to change the anchorage and head to Le Lavandou. The boat cottage and we take great pleasure in this navigation. Finding: now the sailors have the marine foot, vomito is at bottom of hold.
Mooring in Bormes-les-mimosas, where following our joint request, Céline prepares her excellent couscous boat ... festive evening in a good mood.

Wednesday July 30

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Raised at dawn (4 hours) for some privileged insomniacs who accompany Gurval and Céline for a "nav" in the cold and favorable winds. The sun is rising. We never tire of sharing the rising of God Ra, it is each time a discovery, an emotion, a palette of warm colors spotted with a few cloudy touches. Single and ephemeral painting ...
Direction Porquerolles for a last anchorage; Eole, Neptune do not always spare us. The end of this week is also delicate for the observations. We are still on the lookout and every opportunity for observation will be seized.
We spend the day on the island, a discovery for some and the pleasure of rediscovering for others ... swimming, ballads, dives are on the program. Tomorrow will be the return to the Port of Hyères ...

Thursday 31 August: Return to the home port

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

This last day will be spent cleaning the boat, replenishing fresh water for the next crew.
After reading our water consumption, we applauded: 2,7 liters of water per person throughout our journey! and yes ! we can do it. Freshwater is an essential element for our survival. We learn very quickly to do a lot with very little while remaining clean!
Our journey took us a few miles 482 ... we faced with delight Force 8 and sometimes 9!
The morning ends with a little drink and the first starts: Sandrine greets us with her war cry "MY BABY". The day will fray with the departure of each and every one, a certain nostalgia wins us ... the adventure was beautiful.
Back to Earth - Logbook
A few more lines to complete the team's logbook.
The last days of the mission were chaotic at the weather level. We had certainly forgotten to implore the gods Eole and Neptune ...
These new observation conditions have allowed us to see a recrudescence of pleasure boats, sailboats (without any control of sailing skills), jet-skis, outboards on the coast. What is the impact of this increase in activity on the migratory routes of these mammals?
Other areas are also severely tested by military maneuvers ... what are the consequences for this fragile marine ecosystem?
This first mission of 15 days has been rich in teaching both on aquatic life and on learning to sail. It is true that for this we had two excellent passionate teachers. Céline mine of information on the aquatic world, marine mammals, oceans, the marine ecosystem ... responsible and trainer of the eco-guides. His enthusiasm, his passion are communicative. One more rope to her bow, great initiator for all her banana cakes or couscous boat.
Gurval, the inexhaustible navigator, almost indefatigable, multi-faceted, author, singer, composer, actor, handyman, skipper trainer ... always listening Diapason and members of the crew, willingly initiating all the good will to sail, at the helm, at anchor, at all the maneuvers of the sailboat.

This beautiful Diapason took us on this beautiful Mediterranean and allowed us to cross some magnificent dolphins of Risso, Sténélas, Sperm Whales, Rorquals, Manta Ray, Portuguese (deadly jellyfish), Pélagies, Mola-Molas (moon fish), Puffins, Bonites, Thons, ... very nice meetings ...
Humility forces us to face the elements of the sea, we will not fail to implore Eole and Neptune on our next trip.

Good wind to all those whose sea wins the heart ...

Personal glossary of ecovolunteers from the 19 cetacean mission July to 1er August 2014

" My baby ! "
"I prefer that (poop) to a little beast"
"Your absence is dirtying me!"
"Ah, neighbor, you have the patch over! "
"I was selling boules movies! "
"Twist is killing! "
"CANcoillotte and not CONcoillotte"
"Beast, your pasta amazes me! "
«Oral shooting star»
"A whore, to port! "

Shipping of the 02 08 2014 August (Leaving from Hyères)

Saturday August 02

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We all arrived at the Diapason at 11h. We met Vincent, the eco-guide, and Gurval, the skipper. One of the ecovolunteers was mistaken at the place of her departure and thought she was leaving Hyères as she was leaving Sète. Gurval then took her to the train station to take the train to join the Sète boat. After a coffee, we went to a few at the supermarket. We then put away the races we had received by delivery, ate, and left the port of Hyeres. We sailed for about an hour before arriving at the anchorage at Fort Brégançon. We had a swim, and had a quiet evening. It was very beautiful at sunset and in addition we saw Hyères in the distance light up at dusk. We had a nice first night even though it was a little rainy.

Sunday August 03

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

8h - Super nice alarm clock. We were not used to having 360 ° water around us when we got out of bed. It was a pleasure to wake up there. We all took the breakfast, some people bathed, on their return we started the engine and we went to the open sea. We started the observations. Offshore, we saw a tuna jumping quite close to the boat. We continued to sail before going to Port Man's anchorage on the island of Port Cros where we bathed. We ate, put on music, watched the stars by the open taut, and even witnessed fireworks miles away. 0h - We all slept.

Monday 04 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We were surprised by the beauty of the open sea when getting out of bed. Gurval had gone to 5h from the anchorage, so we were already on an offshore observation area so we started the quarters. Then we had lunch and we went to the anchorage of the Badine which we arrived at 14h30. Gurval took us to the beach not too far from the anchorage on the annex. With the size of this annex, it took two trips ... and completely soaked more. We did a few fins - mask - snorkel, we saw some small fish including sars and saupes and also hermit crabs. A little later, we called Gurval who has kindly picked us up on the beach. Back to the boat, we washed and had a good meal.

Tuesday 05 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

7h30, second alarm clock off because we had left very early in the morning. At 8h, we observed some dolphins jumping off. Shortly after other dolphins crossed our path. The lunch finished, we joined the anchorage of Cape Tahia. Maginfique decor with fine sand then we ate the famous couscous boat. Aie, the carrots are of the brand "rabbit greedy", bad omen. We spent the evening quietly at anchor.

Wednesday 06 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Early morning wake-up call for sightings with many tunas that jump regularly. We stopped off to swim 2500 meters deep. Sophie then bathed when a flapper appeared 10 m behind her, moment of panic before realizing that it was a big fish moon. We took over the sighting to spot 4 blue and white dolphins that came close and below the boat. Direction bormes the mimosas under sail with a lot of lodging. We arrived at the anchorage for the sunset.

Thursday 07 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Last trip off port cros with a big swell that amused everyone. We ate in the famous sea bowl, a meal that will not go down in history. We arrived at the anchorage where we all left with the annex with the oar, a big sports challenge to get some bread and what to make a final apero at sunset. A last good meal with the crumble of anne-claire and small bath of midnight to dig. Discussions are lively. A last Yoga session on the bridge and we went to sleep one last time in our new house which we will have a hard time separating tomorrow.

02 Expedition to 08 August (Departing from Sète)

Saturday August 02

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We, the ecovolunteers, had all RdV in Sète between 10 and 11h for the first day of our journey.
Very friendly welcome from our eco-guide Maeva and our skipper Cyril, who put us in the mood, instead of offering us an 1er appetizer, have entrusted us with a very important mission for the rest of the week: the storage of races . This little moment between us also allowed us to get to know each other: surprise: we are only women this week! To believe that men are more concerned about sirens than dolphins: a pity for singles! But oops! Bouncing last minute, one of the ecovolunteer was wrong basic and thought about shipping to Hyères. So we decide to wait for it, in any case, bad weather and thunderstorms being part of it, it was impossible for us to go to sea tonight. So we stay on Sète and take our first lunch aboard the boat. After a presentation this one and its operation, we decide to recover Caroline, our latecomer, on another platform. The first links are created during the afternoon and presage a good understanding on board: the week promises to be nice! The hours pass by and we begin the preparation of the evening meal. Suddenly, Caroline makes her appearance: our team is now complete! We decide to have a drink together, while Maeva explains our role for the coming days and observation techniques that we will have to reproduce. We then discover one of the wonders of navigation: the management of toilets on board! Anxious to use them as late as possible, we decide to go to the public toilets that are right in front of us! 1ère difficulty: we do not have the necessary currency! Never mind, we will stand the door, think us utopically! But arrived on the spot stupor, toilets are open and impratible ... Except for Sylviane who obviously, will not stop at nothing to avoid those of the boat! Big laughter for the team that sets the tone for the coming days. After all these adventures, we find the rest of the team to the boat for a biological topo on cetaceans, very interesting, before going to bed for 1re night sleep on board: the departure is scheduled for 5h the next day.

Sunday August 03

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

After a short night's sleep, we all wake up to the engine sound of the boat: we leave the harbor! Arrived at sea, it is the drama for some of us: wagged by a roll incessant, 1ers signs of seasickness make their appearance! Our first victim is Fanfan! For others, we sleep quietly while waiting 1h quarter 8h. The first observations begin with the help of Maeva. A lot of splashing on the horizon: would it be dolphins? Unfortunately, we only see tuna this morning! To believe that men were right not to want to come! We also discover the local avifauna by crossing some Mediterranean species (puffins, goeland, moon fish). Still no dolphins on the horizon but we take to observe the open sea and the marine colors that surround us. Come the time of the 1er meal at sea and then a few minutes of well-deserved rest: the tanning program on the bridge: beware, the cod are watching the tuna! Then back to the serious things, we resume our positions. Suddenly: big alert: we think we see behind the boat a large marine mammal on the surface. Time for everyone to turn around, nothing! We decided to go back to see when suddenly a ray made a jump a few tens of meters from the boat. Beautiful show but no sign of whale. Opinions diverge, would we have taken a line for a whale: the question remains unanswered: only certainty, we had not drunk!
Then comes the meeting with a young fish moon, not shy for two cents, which allowed us to take beautiful pictures. Still no cetaceans in sight, but this is only the first day. We decided to moor at Port Camargue to leave early the next morning.

Monday 04 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Departure in the rain at 5h in the morning while everyone sleeps. Sea of ​​oil, little wind, direction south east. Objective: to reach the canyons and depending on the weather stay off to spend the night. We cross all the fingers!
The quarters start and follow each other without anything happening. Always so many tunas that offer us a nice show, beautiful jumps, we mistakenly take for dolphins, our eyes are not yet informed! The weather is beautiful, we barely distinguish the sea from the horizon, it seems to be weightless, we take advantage of these unreal colors to make some pictures. Come lunch time at noon, then to 13h, overwhelmed by the heat and the lack of activity, we ecovolunteers, we decide to throw ourselves in the water: surprise! It is not nearly as cold as expected, we take advantage of this moment hung like baits to a line to our boot and our fender! Sylviane, eager to immortalize this moment, then decides to take mask, snorkel, and camera with her! Only here, maybe she hoped to see the bottom closer because she took her binoculars for her camera and within two seconds, she jumped with! In the absence of fish, a few mini films of young naiads will illustrate these moments of pleasure.
We take the road and just after we leave a new moon fish! Some photos later, we leave him alone and continue our way. Tanning program pending the resumption of shifts. The afternoon continues without anything happening, still no cetaceans on the horizon, sun creams are empty as well as beers! An unexpected mission comes to us when we cross the path of an OFNI: an unidentified floating object, which will prove to be an abandoned beach buoy. In an impetus of compassion and civility, we decide to recover it with a waste: understand here a blunder, obviously the subtleties of marine language escape us yet! Abandon the last quarter because gale: we have to go back to the coast. This one is less present near the coast so we try for the first time a mooring around Port Camargue to spend the night.

Tuesday 05 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

After this very pleasant night at anchor, cradled by soft waves, departure to 4h30, objective: the canyons! Once again, the weather plays tricks ... We go along the coast, always looking for groups of dolphins. Good visibility but still only tuna on the horizon. On the deck, the sirens begin to despair but everything is not lost, the sun is set, tanning is guaranteed! In the afternoon, return to the port of Sète because the observations at sea are impossible: the fault of too much wind. We take the opportunity to relax: some go for a drink in town, others will spot on their Friday night (since they stay 2 weeks), and some even push the vice to go to bathe in a small nearby creek. Unfortunately everything is not all rosy: we have our Cotorep legal quota on board since Maeva has nothing better to do than to catch a beautiful angina, for her, the 15 minutes relaxation will be a fast visit to the pharmacy (we are still suspicious in thinking that she wanted to whistle the bottle of rum while making groghs all night)
Evening menu: improvised ragout and simmered muscat with the sweet sound of Festisète.
Jazz galore, and big dodo.

Wednesday 06 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Wake up very early and start again at sea, we sail along the coast, always looking for the group of sedentary dolphins living in the area. Unfortunately, still no sign of them. In order to make them come, Maeva and Coralie decide then to make enjoy all the crew of their marvelous and idyllic crystalline voices (we are sirens !!! but obviously our choirmaster Anne has reservations: we do not understand why !!) and start a compilation of the best Disney songs: CD available at the end of the summer: sale price 12 euros, all the profits will be donated to the foundation of the "mojito that drinks well")
After this little moment of relaxation, towards 17h, the weather seems more lenient, we all unanimously decide to go off to the canyons hoping to reach them to 3-4 in the morning. The shifts are organized by Cyril who explains the safety instructions. For the first time, we are preparing psychologically to face the gulf of the lion with confidence, the sea being more than lenient. We prepare a delicious spicy couscous and dine very early to be able to ensure our quarters safely. Some anxieties are felt, a bit of anxiety, but the beautiful sunset that is offered to us comforts us and reminds us how lucky we are to be at sea to live such an adventure. Many photos are taken, then the quarters start around 22h. We follow our cape feeling while the wind is stronger. At 23h, the wind is force 6 and the sea force 4 caution unfortunately leads us to turn back. Fanfan is already on the bridge, quite afraid of this new experience. Cyril, maeva and anne manage the first part of the night, the jokes fuse to relax the atmosphere (but where is the box of rice ?? here includes "bumps ris" boot tending the sails). Note the beautiful waterfall Sylviane renowned schtroumf for the rest of the adventure!
Towards 3h30, Coralie takes the sequel to maeva so that she benefits a little from the show. The sea has calmed down and the spectacle of stars in this night without any light pollution is truly magical! It's in this kind of moment that you realize how impossible it is to enjoy the beauty of the sky when you live in the city! A few shooting stars join our journey, and many laughter punctuate the noise of the sea that splits against the hull of the boat.
Towards 4h, the first lights of the city make their appearance off: almost there! Or not ! Because the appreciation of the distances at sea is misleading, one has the impression to approach, but it is long, very long! We galley to locate the cardinal north (by the way, we revise our maritime code: the west cardinal flashes 9 times !!! and the North never stops ...) and at our approach of the port, we have the right to a slalom giant! We must avoid all fishermen who already go to sea and who clearly make us understand that we annoy them! Finally, finally, we arrive at the dock and can rest while the first lights of the day point the tip of their nose: it is 5h30!

Thursday 07 August

To attack the day, nothing like a good "morning sleep", given the grueling night of yesterday! We get up to 10h, attack the breakfast / lunch and decide to stay along the coast for this last day of observations. Already a small wind is rising, the observations will be short and match the rest of the week ... RAS! Heading to the port of Sete in the early evening, we all start to store our things for our departure the next day. We enjoy a last meal together on the boat, some decide to go to bed, Maeva, Cyril and Coralie decide for them to go celebrate the end of the week by offering a mojito. On their return, everyone sleeps, it's time to do the same!

Friday 08 August

It's the day of the big cleaning! Our departed passenger from the beginning of the week Caroline sets sail early to get her train back and everyone is on the alert early to give the boat a second youth. We attack the beds, Maeva taps the cushions (nice hand in passing! We feel the experience!) We wash the bathrooms, the kitchen area, and we have the joy of finding at the bottom of the fridge a few beers very cool!

That's enough to give us strength to complete the storage! Then head to the restaurant to immortalize the end of our week - poor in observations, but rich in emotions, and nice meetings!

09 Expedition to 15 August (From Hyères)

Saturday August 09

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

On the first day of the mission, the team and the ecovolunteers meet at the harbor cafe to have a coffee and some croissants before joining the boat. Everyone settles in and we store the races. After the topo security of Jo the skipper, we go directly to the anchorage at the Badine to take a first meal and a swim to refresh us. We then leave for Fort Brégançon for anchorage at night. After the evening meal, the evening of disaster begins: Sabine breaks two plates and Anne loses the bucket of dishes. Fortunately Remi plunges into the water dressed to save the bucket, but we water in passing. After all these emotions ecovolunteers go to bed.

Sunday August 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Very early departure to 5h, direction the wide to try an observation which will be able to be quickly interrupted by the deterioration of the weather conditions. At only 9h, we are forced to stop the observations and sail to the Bay of Cavalaire. When it was time to anchor, the anchor decided to rebel and Vincent and Jo had to fight to prevent it from going to the bottom, finding themselves in the passage covered with mud and grease. We then played Betty's famous Perudo, a part of which with Vincent had remained in suspense since 2 years ... Everyone then went to visit the surrounding seabed. We then took the apero in the sun and watched the Supermoon.

Monday 11 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

This morning will be perhaps the only one we will have with good weather conditions to observe, so we decide to make the most of it. After going out to sea at 5h30, we see the sunrise at the back of the boat. At 8h, the first quarters begin and we decide to extend the observations without pause until 14h30. Unfortunately, we do not observe anything significant: a turtle and a pelagic jellyfish. A false alert to the ray drives us to wake up Vincent the eco-guide and Jo the skipper, to finally discover that the animal was a simple carpet of car. The weather deteriorating, 14h30 Jo decides to take us to sail to La Badine to anchor and spend the night. He took the opportunity to introduce some ecovolunteers to the bar. The evening is calm and music, Lucie will even push the ditty until 1h morning.

Tuesday 12 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Sleep late for this windy day that will not be conducive to observations. After lunch we sail to Port Cros. All ecovolunteers take the helm in a very relaxed atmosphere but a little tense for some face weather conditions. We discover the beautiful island. A first group leaves on the ground replenishing the boat in wine. Valérie and Rémi decide to go for a swim on the beach, while Lucie and Vincent return to the boat. Meanwhile at the front of the boat Anne, Sabine and Betty are trying to perfect their tan. After the evening dishes, massage workshop for Betty who decides to untie the back of Sabine and Lucie, before joining the others in the arms of Morpheus.

Wednesday 13 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

After a chaotic early morning in the rain, all ecovolunteers descend on the island of Port Cros to spend the day. After exploring the few shops on the island, ecovolunteers find themselves at the restaurant. Vincent the eco-guide has meanwhile pretended a walk on the hill to take a nap under the pines, and joined the group for lunch. After sampling fresh fish, most ecovolunteers decide to leave for the beach of Palud by the coastal path. For his part Remi decides to take the shuttle to Hyères to shorten his stay in bad weather conditions. At the beach, Betty and Lucie enjoy the seabed while Vincent and Sabine rest and Françoise takes pictures of the landscape. On their way home, they all stop eating ice cream and then return to the boat. Provided with rum, ecovolunteers take the opportunity to have a drink. Françoise and Anne prepare a delicious gratin of pasta with parmesan cheese. The evening takes place in a festive atmosphere whose ecovolunteers prefer to silence details by modesty, especially Betty.

Thursday 14 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The boat wakes up gently for this last day which will not be conducive to observations either. The wind is very strong and Jo decides that we will sail at the end of the day. We lost a mooring that must hang up. After breakfast, most ecovolunteers leave for a nap. Françoise, always there when we need her, prepares an apple pie for lunch. Despite Vincent's incessant demands, she refuses to make French toast for tea, but still offers a dish of chorizo ​​and pepper to complete the lunch menu. Everyone returns to take a nap, and Jo wakes us up to 16h30 for the departure to the port of Hyères. There will be two and a half hours of sailing during which everyone has had the impression of playing the game of the "leaning decor" of the program "Friday all is allowed". Arrived at Hyères, we leave to eat at the restaurant "Le café du Port". Jo, Anne, Valérie, Françoise and Sabine go to bed while Lucie, Vincent and Betty have a last drink on the harbor.

09 Expedition to 15 August (Departing from Sète)

Saturday August 09

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Appointment to Sète with all the eco volunteers, discovery of the future cetacean watching crew, very welcome of Maeva and Gurval. Small aperitif where everyone presents themselves followed by a meal on board, last shower scheduled in the afternoon to cross the bridge and go to the small port of Sète.
Mooring in the small harbor, 25 minutes walk for those who want to take the last shower.
Small dinner on board where you learn the rule of 5 F (things to avoid not to get seasick): hungry, cold, tired, jitters, foif. And we discover that there are more: the fouscous and the fig, smokers must know how to get under the wind!
Small quiet evening, sleep in the cabin, departure scheduled for 5h, until then, everything is fine! Great motivation of the troops following the beautiful topo of Maeva on the odontocetes and the mysticetes, and discovery of the clouds "constipus" in true "congestus" with Gurval.

Sunday August 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Departure to 5h20 full South and already at the exit of the port, the noise of the engine wake up the crew and the roll does the same. The first signs of seasickness appear, some eco volunteers find themselves at the back of the boat to vomit their 4 hour as the other would say ... Syl blackmail me !! She dared to take a picture while I made my lunch !! Grrrr! (Anne B)
At 8h, first observations. Nothing on the horizon as far as cetaceans are concerned, the sea is agitated, it is difficult to observe anything since the wind is getting stronger, we continue the observations so that the eco-volunteers can see and understand the protocol of observation. Towards 10h in the morning, we do not see the ribs anymore: we go ahead and Gurval decides to go back and make the Cap d'Agde having pushed back the limits of the eco-volunteers to make them more endearing. We meet with incredible luck macaroons, but in fact they are puffins, not cakes, apparently quite rare in the Mediterranean as well as gray shearwaters, for lack of sperm whales, whales, and dolphins! We also saw a sort of chest, all covered with mussels that was reported to CROSS MED. On the way back, many take the opportunity to nap, and there are not many people on the bridge. At the approach of the port, everyone points the tip of his nose, except Maeva taken a big blow tired, to appreciate the docking and all the preparation of the maneuver deck. There everyone is on the bridge to give a hand to Gurval who kindly let us perform the maneuver while giving specific instructions. Everyone needs action! Unfortunately we arrive at a pontoon where is the "THON CLUB" that we take a picture, we do not wake up Maeva not to make it even more sick, poor, she saw only tuna the week before! We arrived to 13h30, Anne B will do a jog, some will shower, others walk around, Anne L concocts us good pizzas, bathing for Anne B and Justine, reading the chained duck for Catherine ... The great pizzaïolos we concoct pizzas, photos to support! It smells good !!

Monday 11 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

As the weather is not very good, we leave Cap d'Agde quite late, to 8h30. Several were napping, when they heard me screaming at 14h, (Anne B), "dolphins, dolphins" good I have no merit, they were right under my nose! What a foot !! We enjoy, there are 4 who play bow, it looks like they are watching! I film, Maeva makes pictures that will be great, it's ecstasy! They are Tursiops, bottlenose dolphin, of the same species as Flipper. They play with us for 10 minutes, according to Maeva and Gurval, these adults were perhaps trying to get away from young and females because they took a direction totally opposite to ours by leaving us. So maybe they were scouts (guards?) We were like crazy, it was magic! Unfortunately we will not see others again ...
We must return to Port Camargue, we dock in (uh no, to) couple with the Glénans. A short swim for Yann, Cédric, Justine and me, much less well than at Cap d'Agde, it's kneeling water and mud ... Everyone goes about their business, photos, discovery of the port, beautiful sunset sun followed by a moon almost full gorgeous too. The weather conditions require the next day to leave very early, so quiet evening, many go to bed early.
The pearl of the day: uh, Anne, you write how darling ...

Tuesday 12 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We go to 5h30, the goal being to return to the area where we saw the dolphins hoping they are still there. The observations are shifted by one hour, from 7h to 12h. Then the afternoon of 13h30 16h30, interspersed with a good swim, at sea, attached to one end because of a current that does not allow us to swim, Syl makes pictures, we laugh well, then we return to Sète because the wind forces, there is a notice of great expense that requires us to return to the port. On the way, a young gannet fooling school on approaching the boat. We make a small detour to spend a little bit off the water and try to find the dolphins, the boat is pushed to 8 knot and Gurval makes him lie down. I am super afraid (euphemism). On the way, everyone takes the helm to discover sensations of sailing in the wind, it is a beautiful experience, we see that we must block the feeling, we feel the wind, we feel the sails! I do not try! For lack of seeing dolphins, everyone learns to hold a boat on a specific course. No faseyement, so novice drivers, are very good !! As for me, I'm happy to learn how to make a knot! Each his own ! Due to a great charge, wind force 7, Gurval decides to bring the boat back to Sète, to the port, to the shelter and we think not to leave the next day, too sad! The evening promises to be icy, crimped, and drunk (may be in bed for me, emotions, it's tired!) To be continued ...
So, in the end, evening social cafe where Catherine offers us very nicely the tour, very cool!

Wednesday 13 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Today, the wind is much too strong to navigate: there is notice of great expense. Suddenly, fat mat allowed, straggling on the boat, and Maeva even prepares pancakes! Justine and I go on a mop, we go to the marine cemetery then see the exhibition Miro at the Paul Valéry museum. Then we take a little smoothie at the top of Sète on Mont St-Clair. There is a splendid view at 360 °! We go down stairs in the city center, I buy a good tielle (sort of pie squid, cuttlefish or octopus and spicy tomato, Sète specialty) that I eat at the edge of the water, and then you drink a drink while eating tapas at the end of the street, we highly recommend! Especially the wine "5 sots on a spree", a red that is drunk cool. Meanwhile, Maeva and Catherine are doing a yoga session on the Tonka and after all are eating tielles. In the afternoon, the quarters are used in the streets of Sète in search of dolphins, whales and other animals by doing GPS surveys (We talk about figurines and others of course, people must take them for crazy!) Then, destination MIAM: international museum of modest arts, where the group follows a guided tour "end of Fiesta in Seville" it was very nice and very interesting, then small beer on the old port = first drink before the second on the boat ! Today is the birthday of Justine, on the way, the group refines the surprises: small gifts: dolphin pen, dolphin inflatable buoy and autographed Sète poster! On the road of showers, Catherine and Maeva even invent a song on the air of "he was a small ship", special dedication for Justine! At the end of the meal, Maeva brings the cake with two candles, I bring the dolphin, which will be named "Congestus" and that we will also dedicate, we sing happy birthday to a surprised and touched Justine! We sing then "he was a little Justine" and we are entitled to a double round of kisses! I like kisses, but Gurval does not want more, pfff!

Thursday 14 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We wake up at 7 hours and enjoy a window of quiet time to go out. Direction Cap d'Agde for our last trip at sea, we go back to the place where we saw the dolphins, to try to find them, but white cabbage despite a happy quarter, Maëva, Catherine, Justine and Anne B, sang during 1h45 !! And again, not 2h, because the strong wind, forces us to stop the observation! All the repertoire of Walt Disney has passed, despite an offensive "old" Catherine and Anne B to sing something else! I do not like the song of Baloo !! Back all sails out, engine cut, boat gitted, the interior heckled to the delight of the crew! this time, not even scared, I even took the bar 2 minutes, thank you Gurval (yes I'm not good!). Back for lunch, strapping on the boat: nap, data, photos, walks, swimming, showers ... We take phones and emails, I note the titles of movies and comics we talked about ... it smells the end ...
No way to finish there tonight is fiesta! We even have Cyril the skipper who was with Maeva last week who joins us! Head for the social cafe where the tours are linked more than for others who are already going to bed. It will end with a joke contest ("is it the right direction?" "Rection!" "It's criminal!" "Mineeeel") and a night under the stars for Justine, Cédric, Yann, Catherine and Maeva on the deck, everyone finally going to bed over the night (morning) is that it is not hot with this wind!

Friday 15 August

Last day for us aboard the Tonka, everyone wakes up at his own pace and the last breakfast is shared.
Everyone starts to get on the boat while Gurval waits for us to cross the bridges and return to our mooring port.
We clean, we tidy, we laugh, the good atmosphere of this week does not weaken just like the wind elsewhere! No matter, go to the restaurant to share our last meal together, we exchanged the emails, we say goodbye (not obvious to everyone normal we had really fun this week!)
We promise to stay in touch, a big thank you to Cybelle, Gurval and Maeva for this experience, we will not have seen many cetaceans but this experience is on we will not forget soon! Good luck to all !

16 Expedition to 22 August (From Hyères)

Saturday 16 August: Philippe

Departure from Hyères today at 15 hours towards the Bay of Badine where one wets for the night. Flying over the Breitling Jet Team and the French Patrol and two 2000 mirages.

The crew met and Jo's express bath (at 14 °, captain's word), it's invigorating, long live the Provençal Brittany!

Céline presents the Cetaceans mission and the basic knowledge for observations. Fireworks planned tonight; live from the boat, it will be a first for some of us.

Sunday 17 August 2014: Emilie

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Departure from the Badine at 6 hours. At 7 hours, everyone is on the deck with a pale face: by force 3 4, the swell is already right of us! At 11h, a strong wind 5 completes the table ... the team vomito of the week is constituted!

Jo and Céline decide to head for the coast and we anchor in Bandol. Have lunch with the rest of the pasta with Jo's garlic sauce, yum!

Jo and Christel leave for the Port in search of a second bucket lost during a first attempt at rinsing at sea, they come back .... empty-handed ... Group or solo activities are set up: tanning, discussion circles, nap, reading the Diapason library ... Dinner ratatouille house / sailboat, we dream of soup and cassoulet ... and yes it is a little cool in this 2ème fortnight of August.

Monday 18 August: Melody and Christel

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Today the vomito team only counted one member, but the night is not over ...

To embellish our day, a group of blue and white and came greet us this morning on the bow of the boat. The sea was calm, we went off. We can say that, the bluefin tuna is back in abundance in the Mediterranean, so we can eat unscrupulous tuna sushi on our return ... .About fish ... it's been three days that the water is very very cold ... always No shower with seawater for the crew ... It's our first night off, to encourage us, the captain has prepared his roti "Jo way". A pure delight !!!

Tuesday 19 August: Christel and Elodie

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We spent the night off guard and took turns taking turns keeping watch on the bridge ... alone in the world or so: a lighted ferry is on the way, an insomniac dolphin has been keeping some of us together, cargo ship and a tugboat for others.

In vain observations, or most of the morning; except for some dolphins hunting, the whale or the sperm whale have not crossed our path. The wind rises during the somewhat agitated lunch; But we are all amarinés and table!

With a wind force 5, the captain decides to shelter us; we set sail for Porquerolles, and return to the anchorage at La Badine.

The opportunity finally for most of us to bathe and wash! Elodie and Jo open the ball, soon Philippe and Céline and Mélodie join them. Finally Christel decides to follow Emilie later. Hiking webbed for Elodie and Philippe who discover fauna and local flora. For others, we warm up in the sun on the deck and taking a four hours.

Once dried, pumped and coated, Melodie believe to have lost the bottom of his super swimsuit MORGANE and there ... .. it's the drama !!! Thinking that he fell into the water, with this damn clothespin that flew away, she does not hesitate, undress again, puts on mask and snorkel and goes in search of the bikini ... once in the water, we find the jersey on the boat almost dry ... him! So Melody goes hiking webbed, too!

Radio message while writing the logbook: electrical damage on a motorboat in Porquerolles with 4 passengers ... response of a joker pleasant: "still an asshole who can not use his boat" ... better than laugh and song the security channel!

Wednesday 20 August: Marie, Elodie and Aurore

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Wake up at dawn for Elodie and Marie, to admire the sunrise at 6h45. Departure from the Badine and head off; but not for a long time, because the swell catches up with us: the wind passes from strength 4 to 6 (it is the war!). We then return empty-handed from our observation shifts.

Road to Le Lavandou for shelter, this time sailing, and it was great! We took turns at the helm, but it was Philippe who took us safely to the bay of La Favière. In passing, small tourist trip between the islands of Port-Cros and Levant: the flashes have crackled ...

After the aperitif and lunch, as the sky was overcast and not knowing what to do, Marie and Elodie took over the kitchen to make their famous yoghurt cake, with the help of Jo. As soon as it came out of the oven, the gourmands of the boat rushed to this delicious cake still hot!

Tonight, pasta with chorizo, way Jo (hmm, it smells already super good). Conclusion, when we do not see cetaceans, we only eat!

Ps: Elodie bathed (Philippe and Aurore too)

Before dinner, an emotional sequence with Aurore who shared with us her experience in Mongolia last year on the mission to reintroduce the horse of Prewalski; it makes you want…

To end the day before going to bed, we observe the stars on the bridge, guided by our budding astronomers experts, Aurore and Philippe. Some shooting stars and the constellation of the dolphin watches over us ... we hope that it will bring us luck tomorrow!

Thursday 21 August: Christel and Elodie

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Departure this morning at sunrise from Cape Bena; already a lot of wind but everyone is on deck to share breakfast (to the pie for our great Eco guide Céline, and for Christel it's cold rice and cherry jam!), happiness !!!

Swell, wind, so we sail to Porquerolles and La Badine up close, the boat leans and we try to the bar ... good feelings ... the team even makes a tack like pros! Thank you captain for the tips!

We arrive at 10h at anchor at La Badine, with pullovers, windbreaks and we are accompanied by Gray Herons; these are the only animals we will observe today.

On arrival, pate and pickles for everyone, you have to warm up. Late morning, Marie puts a foot in the water and goes to bathe.

Today is the day "what do we eat? Unless we are busy with observations, we only think of eating! Otherwise, after lunch, it is reading and / or nap. The boat swept by the Mistral rocks us.

Two brave, Elodie and Jo (Patrick for the intimate) bathe and Elodie in no hurry to return to Paris, even go for a walk webbed. Late afternoon, part of Jungle speed is improvised and will last until dinner. Laughs and laughter assured.

22h15 we sail to reach the home port ... with some regrets of not having seen more cetaceans.

We shared good moments ... .the time for us to exchange data, photos and addresses until late at night

Friday 22 August: Céline

After a good night's sleep in a port that does not move and a last breakfast all together on the Diapason bridge ... there is something weird ... it does not move anymore ..., already the seasickness or can be nostalgia for the sea…

We activate to clean funds in the attic or rather wedges equipped, then find the comfort of sanitary port for a good shower and full of mirrors ;-)

Nice team, good times that we relate one last time around a good restaurant table ...

16 Expedition to 22 August (Departing from Sète)

Saturday August 16

The sun is at the rendezvous this morning on the Midi basin of the port of Sète where is moored the Tonka, a magnificent 45 feet that will carry us and will take us all this week barred by our skipper Gurval (now national, aka Boucle d ' Or, aka Suricate) and guided by Andréa our eco-guide.

But what is this noise at the northern entrance to the basin? Maëlle and Hanif, who had come down from Paris to answer the call of the sea and cetaceans, arrived "furtively" and joined Céline already on the spot, also in Paris. Greetings of use, first kisses (2 / 3 we do not know any more), fast presentation and the first ideas are stated: we could have carpool? The desire to leave is already felt: "When will we go shopping? Full ? Where are we sleeping? When are we leaving? "

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

A good motivation is already among us and will be soon joined by the good mood of Anne, the Auvergnate, that I say the Combraillotte and Delphine, the Villeneuve Maguelonnette, neighbor of the seat of Cybelle. Cabin distribution. Drive races. Complement to the supermarket. "Do you have our order for sea bread please? Bread of what? Sea bread! Order? Cybelle? Do not know ... Allo Maeva? ... Ah, no order ... "Nothing stops us, once the radius bakery robbed, we take the direction of the port. Emma, ​​our youngest of the week, Lyon, has finally joined us. Thank you SNCF! Aperitif, snack and icebreaker, that's everyone knows each other. First brief. Presentation of Cybelle, our 3 priority missions, techniques, equipment. Transect, bearing, cape, Tursiops and Grampus, Rorquals and Sperm whales, have no secrets for us. " Cast off ! what? »... still some learning to do! What happiness. To us the open sea!

Topo security pending the crossing of the two bridges that separate us from the Big Blue. A first rocking, the second turning and we are moored to the nearest sea. Aperitif (again). Showers at the Harbor Master's Office. End of aperitif. Curry of potatoes, rice, chicken with spices, our friend Gurval had ordered of "that holds to the body". Cheese. Desserts. Still a few stories and first night in the boat. Magic. Happiness. Discovery. All these mixed feelings have worn us out. A sweet night desired, all fall asleep quickly.

Some wake up in the bugle, Gurval prefers the sweet sound of the engine. Barely 6h, sunrise on the Port of Sète, turn at the pump and head south. The breakfast engulfed (remember that the air off it digs, that seasickness better apprehend the belly full and that anyway it does not matter, the "micro-contractures" constant in the boat prevent any weight gain! second tour of Nutella !!). The first observations can begin. Point-boat, bearing, a "splash! "... tuna ... terns, no, no, seagulls ... are you sure? Terns, we confirm! The weather is good. Always head south. The coast is fading. The Grand Large. Direction the Canyon of Sète. We all hope to see whales and sperm whales. After this first morning of amarinage, of adaptation to the techniques of observation, of reports of data on the way cards and observation, a stop-gap is essential. A Mola Mola invites himself to the aperitif and seems to invite us to join him. Curious and reckless, he remains on the surface, letting us admire it with its rather impressive diameter. We stop shortly after this meeting and we let win by the call of the Big Blue, swimming for everyone.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Many shivers, between fear and excitement, it is an incredible happiness to dive in the quickly dark waters at this depth of the Mediterranean. Goldilocks get a little Red Skin with the White Mask! Gurval, a new trend in fashion? We resume heading south. Nice afternoon of observations including Blues and Whites. Here we are slightly further than the tip of the Canyon. Night in the cape. We let ourselves drift. We immerse the hydrophone for the first time. Some settings and the first sounds. " The radio ? We catch the radio at more than 70 miles of the coast? "We quickly understand that we are not alone, there are submarine, French, Russian forms of life we ​​can not tell you. A little punch Guyanese to have the sea in the blood and here we are ready for this first night off. The night shifts spread, the safety instructions stated, Gurval begins with Andrea the first quarter of this starry night. The stars spin, the phytoplankton shines and the change of crew continues, each scrutinizing the 360 ° on the lookout for the falling haze, the rising wind and red lights (port), green (starboard) and white. "Alert! a red light to port! False alert, it is only the lunar moon in red mode that appears on the horizon.

1h. Point the middle of the night.

3h. The wind falls, the swell rises, new settings.

The main instruction "at the slightest doubt, wake me up! "Was taken very seriously by the crew: it is 5h, after being woken every hour, Gurval enters the last quarter" finally alone! », Royal spectator of the rising sun.

He will not stay alone for long. A shark, surely a fox shark, comes to greet us. Unfortunately, no croissants or fresh bread! The sun continues on its way and gently wakes up the crew. We are alone in the world on this calm morning of August 18. No coastline on the horizon, a calm sea on which is reflected, benevolent, a great sun. We take again our road, skirting the approaches of the slope between the probes of the 350 and 1.000m towards the Canyon of Montpellier. We are joined by some Blues and Whites, Stellena for their little Latin name, bow players, they parade and show us their "makeup" so distinctive.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

A Mola Mola will make a brief appearance too, wilder than his fellow, he continues his way without turning around. Bathing. Lunch and heading north. We return to civilization in a good escort. A group of Tursiops - we now know why we call them Grand Dolphins - accompany us. The weather, which until now has been rather mild, announces the storm. Do not drag and go to Port Camargue. With its 10.000 rings, Port Macabre as Gurval introduced us is the largest marina in Europe. We are moored right in front of the UCPA, without any particular intention ... Showers at the Harbor Master's office. Good habits begin to become reflexes.

"Do you have that pretty blonde with his beautiful beard and pectoral prominent? Hanif is in love! Dinner is served, barely finished, we return to the UCPA and its "good practices". The debate is launched on the cougars endangered in the savannah, in full multiplication in the urban jungle! None of them will have the courage to put into practice and show us their talents. Studious and focused on our mission, we listen passionately Andrea to tell us the observations 2013. What a beautiful story to fall asleep.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Hanif, motivated by a morning hunt, will not come back empty handed: croissants and fresh breads at breakfast. We take advantage of this morning announced somewhat windy off to rest, study the library, get the obs on the computer, start this log. Cape off, everyone is ready. Now warned to maneuvering out of port, some cast off the moorings and return the hawsers, the others go up the fenders and tie with beautiful knots of capstan at the stern. Take care sailors, the Tonka resumes the sea !! Fast lunch at sea because we have to move forward. Emma, ​​our groundhog, will take her head out of her cabin while she is eating a piece and will return there immediately, she says, putting her stomach horizontal, the best way to fight against seasickness. She will not join the Team Vomito.

The marine geography of the region is such that we have to go far to find the depths. We find the same group of Tursiops, but this time more numerous. As to introduce the whole family, the young and the very young are there. Some still wear their fetal folds. Gurval knows where they are and his secret to decide to show the end of their rostrums: the announcement of his nap! Whenever our dedicated skipper tries to rest, the magic works. The sailor is one with the sea. On the deck, proud of his new accessory, Tursiop's sea-blue nasal protector will be paraded, we no longer know of Flipper or the Skipper who is at the helm. We follow our dolphins, they have fun. What happiness!

We can not stay longer. The weather announces the wind ... Force 4 / 5 ... We finish the transect started. End of observations. The genoa unrolled, Maëlle takes the helm. The Tonka bed and we finally understand what Flipper, sorry the skipper, in short Gurval wanted to tell us by "tidy your business to resist 45 °". The fridge still remembers. Emma too! More fear than harm. Maybe one or two bumps.

We are approaching the port of Sète. Sails slumped. Fenders on starboard. We go back to the engine. Barely at the dock, we decide to have a drink in town. Gurval knows a corner. A few steps up and here we are at the Café Social, a charming troquet on the heights of Sète which serves tapas that make us salivate, a bowling alley and some swallows if you ever miss seasoning. "Never lick what you have on your hands! Explains Andrea. It is decided, we reserve a table for Thursday night. "What name do you want? Ziphius, miss! ".

Back to the boat, dinner and sleep.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

This Wednesday 21 August, it will be Andrea's turn to visit Sète in the cool to bring us croissants, pain au chocolat and chopsticks. The sun is already high when the time of departure sounds. 9h. We leave the port despite mixed weather forecasts. Cape to the south, then we shoot to the west to explore new areas. The forecasts are confirmed. The weather is uncertain. The changing sea and the unpredictable wind. We are at the limits of the conditions of observation but do not discourage us. Gurval is categorical, we must return to the port before wiping the grain. We arrive in sight of the port of Agde just a little before 18h. The formalities done at the Harbor Master's office, we must hasten to the shower. The weather seems to calm down tomorrow morning, an early start is envisaged, we must return the keys before 18h30! Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is agitated. Anyway, at sea we are not dirty, we are salty dixit the Captain. To recover from all these emotions and this eagerness, aperitif! Refueling is required. Vegetables, fruits, county (let's not forget!), Breads, lemons and rum. Here we are gathered in the cockpit to drink to our luck: the weather has been so far lenient than expected, we have made many observations despite this day quite short and quiet it must be said. A calm that will not last.

Attention, what is this pirate who approaches us? Finally, we ... rather Delphine! Spotted in the middle of the crew by this buccaneer of fresh water, he sinks on his prey like an eagle, precise and insightful. Laughing general. The Capitainerie d'Agde is very welcoming! Not losing our newly acquired reflexes and our seasoned senses, we begin another type of observation. The advantage of staying moored in the outer harbor. Here is the "Patchwork", a nice wooden boat but especially a beautiful crew, 5 young fellows! An invitation to the aperitif launched - which does not tempt anything, we prepare the dinner and we settle in the cockpit under the lights of the Island Leisure (funfair, bars and discotheques - a hell of hell! ). Cheese. Desserts.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

But who is it? Ugo, Alban, Thomas, Bertrand and Thibaut accompanied by what it takes for a new aperitif. Taking example of our Tursiops friends, we socialize, exchange, share the Cybelle experience, perhaps future eco-volunteers? Maëlle and Thibaut start a furious salsa on the bridge. Ile aux Loisirs just has to behave. One last rum (a last man!) And sleep.

Wake up fresh, sunrise leaving the port, this last day of observation begins on the hats of wheel and under the best auspices. Sails off, no hesitation, the observers of the first quarter are already dressed and eyes riveted to the sea. A small swell, nothing very bad for those who are now sailors. Quiet morning, the sea is beautiful but calm. Only a few trawlers and sailboats disrupt the skyline. Last swim, rather fresh and last lunch at sea. Our enthusiasm persists but already a few looks in the distance bode goodbye. Crockery at sea, the crew is ground. Washing machine, rinser, wiper, ruler, each has its place in this dishwasher offshore.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Our thoughts find the reality of the field and the happiness of the Mediterranean, our friends Tursiops, more than ever before offer us a final bouquet of thunder! Dorsals and fins surround the ship, jumps, bow games, we take their course and they welcome us willingly. The clatter of cameras promise beautiful memories, our laughter and our cries testify to our joy.

It is on these last emotions that we return all sails to the wind on the Port of Sète. A week full of life and shared desires, started by new encounters on a pontoon of the Bassin du Midi, it ends with a heart full of new friendships, the spirit full of memories and not least! Lastly, we store our belongings, close our bags, clean the cabins - last caresses Tonka, this proud ship that will have worn us all this week, under a very mild sky. Chance or magic. The sea will keep its secrets.

23 Expedition to 29 August (From Hyères)

Saturday August 23

Under a blue sky with some clouds to accentuate it, the team of the last week met.

Funny place for a 1ère meeting, a supermarket! The delivery of the races is no longer ensured by the sign, the "gang of Lyon", Chris and Cecile, arrived just in time to help the rest of the crew, Celine, Lindsay, Alain and Caroline, for to bring back to good board while Alain took charge of 3 shopping trolleys in his car transformed for the occasion as a deliveryman !!

For sure, the sky was clear !!!! The "mistral winner" was stronger than all our wills outputs, together. Even adding those of Jo, the skipper, Shoshana and Thomas arrived late, on purpose to avoid the chore of storing races ... Storage performed 2 time 3 movements.

The welcome drink and lunch were very appreciated after very early awakenings for many of us !!!!!!!!!

Céline then gave us the presentation of our mission with a practical exercise, on the pier, the use of parametric binoculars. The mistral, always him, chilled our backs! This invisible force that makes us pitch and almost fly ... was what we needed, especially when the rocks move we hang on to the binoculars !!!! But the twins who held them ??????????

Failing to lift the sails, we raised our elbows ... .. To finish in style this first day!

Sunday August 24

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

This morning the whole crew got ready to go to 8H00, heading to Levant Island. The mistral was already forcibly 3 when we left. Jo explained the safety rules on board and the use of lifejackets. Sheep, that little froth that forms at the top of the waves, began to form a strange flock! Jo proposed to the crew to take the helm. Thomas volunteered. In theory, to stay the course is to succeed in steering while sailing in a straight line! Strangely, the boat started rolling from left to right because of "zigzag". After a period of adaptation, Thomas finally manages to stay the course! As the sea became really rough with a force of 5 at 6 and a swell of 0,5 at 1M, Cécile took the helm after our skipper decided to head to Bormes les Mimosas to shelter us.

The first patients came forward! First Caroline who was kind enough to feed the fish and Cecile who was not far from doing the same. As the wind got stronger Jo decided to lower the sail with the help of Chris as a sailor, the only one to mention who had a bit of technical skill in sailing, outside our eco-guide Celine of course! ! In sailing, we do not "decide" on our route. The wind forced us, therefore, we had to diagonally to reach the coast. It was then that the waves made their first "wet victims" by surprise, Lindsay and Cecile. The swell was strong enough that the slightest descent into the square became the "obstacle course" and the windbreakers and polar fleeces were released!

Arrived at Bormes, we anchor off a beach sheltered from the wind North, North-West. Only one crazy man, Thomas, went to bathe in a water at 17 ° !!!!!!!!! Shoshana is still thinking about joining him .......... The lunch passed without a hitch. On the other hand, it was the occasion of the first dish with sea water, made by Thomas who had 2 years of domestic dishes to catch up !! Despite having reminded him 10 once to check that there is no cover at the bottom of the bucket, it took yet another reminder of Shoshana to catch up with one of the 6 teaspoons survivors of the season !!!!! Halala, these men what would they do without us ????

While many of us were going to nap, Jo was giving a special course to Chris and Thomas for Sea Route Calculation! At the same time, Marine Radio reported to the BMS (Marine Safety Bulletin) that a force wind 7 was expected at night. You must know that 10 force "sees children under 12 years fly" !!!!!!!! Promised, it's the consecrated expression! This was the 396e BMS of the year !!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we will hear the 400?

For dinner, Jo takes control of the preparation of his famous mustard pork roast and crushed potato with fluffy white wine instead of dry white wine! (error of purchase) ... As sometimes the errors can create great things, this one is to recommend !!! Result of the races: delicious !!

Monday 25 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Jerks down and fight! We leave and he is 6H30! While everyone is still sleeping ... Jo started the engine and the sleeper of the aft cabins woke with a start while in the front the ink rose with a devil's bomb that the occupants cursed !!! But surprise, the sea was oil!

We head out to sea and finally we start our observations with the 1er quarter. At 9H30, a cry! THON !! A superb tuna greet us with 3 jumps to over 50 cm from the surface and a few m from the boat !! With the sun reflected on his side: Great! An hour later, a dolphin! According to Celine, he was a "scout". Unfortunately, he stayed underwater and he went around the boat then nothing. The rest of the morning was calm. Given the swell and the weather forecast for the afternoon, Jo decided to head and dock at the port of Porquerolles. The maritime activity was quite strong. Boats, big and small, came and went constantly, through which jet ski and other noisy and motoring "tricks" made their way, not to mention the Hyères-Porquerolles shuttles that poured their floods of "all sad"! Chris's dedicated expression!

After lunch and morning data entry, Celine, Chris, Lindsay, Shoshana and Matthew set off on the island while Cécile and Thomas headed for the beach. Hikers enjoyed heavenly views from cliffs with translucent tones that went from turquoise to jade to very light blue. They visited the mill of happiness and crossed the island. There are players who bathed after. At the end of the afternoon, when they arrived at the boat, they realized that they had forgotten a towel (Lindsay's!) At the beach and the beach bag with mask and snorkel at the bar where they had been. arrested. "Ha, the dirty kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The discussion they had started when they left the water had made them forget "the rest" ...... .. Thomas and some of the crew went to the beach and the bar hoping to find everything. At the end of the day, everything was found where things had been left, while Thomas had hesitated to get away from the beach when Cecile offered to continue swimming towards the boats moored off, saying "I do my Montpelliérain ", implied" there are only thieves, I keep an eye on our bags "! The affair fed a good part of the evening, by nice mockery to the attention of Cécile and Thomas, with frank laughs !!!!!!!

For dinner, Jo still feasted with a roast pork which he has the secret and mushroom risotto and fluffy white wine (it had to finish the bottle!)

That on which we were all going to bed exhausted and satiated!

Tuesday 26 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Rise 7H, departure 8H of Porquerolles. We had scarcely sailed 1 / 2H as Jo realizes that the halyard of the main sail had got stuck in the arrows bars. Jo pissed (oops, it's better not to say anything in this case ...) decided to go wet at the ready for Celine our matelote, the smallest of us, goes to the mast to loosen the halyard! But Thomas, like Zorro arrived, and he managed to loosen the halyard "playing" with her, as he did with the words throughout the stay! We then turned and this time: direction the sea !!! The wind was strong XXX and the swell identical to that of yesterday strengthened to reach 1,5M 2M. Diapason, our dear sailboat began to pitch heavily so that Caroline and Matthew were sick. The sky was gray and the degree of humidity was increasing, so that all our clothes and our skin were sticking.

Towards 9H30, suddenly a cry: sperm whale !!!!! The whole crew rushed to the bridge and could see the animal's breath! Jo barra towards the cetacean. We could get close enough to see his back, tail, and tail when he sounded. Celine took the hydrophone and plunged it into the sea. We heard the very peculiar rattling that this mammal emits when hunting for food. During 45 minutes we were able to listen to it meaning that it was within a perimeter of 3 kms from the boat (hydrophone listening perimeter). His ability to dive without breathing again being 45 minutes and unfortunately we did not see him back, we lost track.

We continue our route offshore until about 5 to 6000 miles of coast. On the way, Cécile sees a moon fish but Jo says it was a plastic bag adrift! Celine, after seeing "the thing", confirms that it was a fish moon warming up in the sun! The boat was going too fast so that one of us could take a picture of this particular fish! A little later, Shoshana is written: dolphins! Only Matthew had the chance to see them too. We could not determine the species because they were too far and we were not on their way !!

Given the weather conditions, Jo went to the coast to anchor in Bandol.

Lunch was taken in bowls because the swell made a roll to the boat. The standing up became difficult on board !!! For proof the appearance of bruises on some of us ... During the ride, nap and tan were in place with a quarter of an hour but nothing on the horizon could be observed.

Arrived at Bandol, and despite a water well below 20 degrees, Shoshana, Caroline, Matthew and Thomas bathed. Dinner was again the occasion of a great moment with the pasta with garlic, olive oil and basil Jo! Jo, if one day you get tired of your job (s), your reconversion is all found !! The evening ended with a midnight swim by Shoshana and Thomas. Thomas who played the "blond" by putting his glasses on his head to jump into the water !!!!!! Glasses that are always by 5M background !!! Maybe the fish got in ??? The night was terrible for everyone. The boat has not stopped rolling: left-right, left-right ... You might think that this is nice because when we lie on our bed our body is very slightly raised on one side then the other, as if we were being swayed. But, we must not forget that we are on a boat and that a boat "lives"! It is made of wood, plastic, rope, fabric, metal .... so he cracks, vibrates, breathes ... more or less strongly depending on the state of the sea and the sky !!!!! The two aft cabins can attest with a crackling sound that disturbed the sleep of Caroline and Cecile. That night, it was raining too, which forced Jo and the front cabins that had opened their portholes to get up to close them and go get the things that were drying on the deck!

Wednesday 27 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Bandol, the alarm clock is difficult, for all the night was very short. The wind is still strong and any exit is canceled permanently. Shoshana, Matthew and Thomas went to bathe "for the good cause": look for Thomas's sunglasses. But the sea decided to keep them! Our minds connect after breakfast. We decide to do some complementary races, we lack wine .... Jo and Thomas put the annex to the water (small emergency zodiac). Jo goes back and forth to get everyone on the ground except, Matthew and Celine, says: "the earth is not my thing," she says with a funny "boil" !! But we, a real good espresso that tells us well ... !!!!

Once on the ground, Jo asks us to call him when we want to return because he goes back to the boat. The races done and Thomas having found a new pair of sunglasses we take a moment on the terrace of a cafe, at the port. Once our "civilized" break is over, we decide to return. But we realize then that we do not have the "06 ..." of Jo ... .. Ouch ... We are heading towards the pontoon where Jo landed us and at a distance of + of 500M from the boat, we have the ambition that our whistles be heard from the boat despite a force7 wind ... .. Thomas decided to swim to the boat but after 1 / 3 of the trip, he "moored" to a buoy, tired ... .. Céline had the good idea to look at his mobile phone and saw the "missed calls" that we had passed him !!!!!! Jo arrived immediately.

Lunch was served again in the bowls! Then everyone goes about their business: naps, tanning, reading and card game "the machiavel" !! Shoshana introduced Lindsay, Caroline, Chris and Matthew to the game. Matthew found, suddenly weird that the boat was as close to one of the buoys that bounded the circulation corridor jet skis and other "new tricks" in fashion games water. Cécile interpellated Jo who went back immediately and indeed, he found that we drift! Well done Matthew !! Jo did a maneuver that allowed us to ink in without risk of new drift!

Celine and Thomas were Jo's clerks for the "pluche" of couscous vegetables !! The dinner was taken inside because the wind was starting to tire the crew ... The sea water dishes on the deck were led by Caroline and Matthieu, before going to bed with gusts of wind that still managed to roll the boat.

Thursday 28 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Jo started the boat at 5H30. The sounds of the engine and the ink awoke some of us. The swell was still present with hollows from 1 to 2M. Our chronic patients have not escaped yet again ... Despite everything, this day being the last, we "force" destiny by heading towards the open sea, up to 10000 miles from the coast. Our morning observations have unfortunately given nothing. It must be said that the hollows of the swell and the "transhumance of sheep" dixit Celine, it was difficult to see anything !!! Although the swell was important, the wind had weakened since the day before and the sun at the appointment! Jo explained to us that the Azores anticyclone, instead of having settled on France, sent us only a "dorsal" which triggered the winds since the beginning of the summer.

The tabouleh of noon was served in the bowls, we will now understand why ... Jo changed course slightly so that our patients can rest a little! The roll actually became less important as the wind slowly began to fall until "Ho miracle!", The sea became "oil"! But above all: DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!!

First, dad, mom and dolphino ;-)) who stayed away from the boat: they wanted to stay quiet, family, according to Celine. Then, and always thanks to ideal climatic conditions, we saw a group of dolphins coming to socialize with us. Some of them went under the boat and one of them even almost touched Celine's feet sitting at the edge of the rail with her tail !! Others then swam beside the bow: SUPERB !! A few minutes later, another group greeted us by jumping out of the water and making a "candle" !! This afternoon has caught up with the rest of the week. After these intense moments of excitement we headed to Porquerolles to refuel then we went wet at the Badines next to the port of Hyères.

The dinner was preceded by transfers and exchanges of photos of all, with in pole position, Cécile who transferred 93 photos and films! Celine realized the complete seizure of the data of the week and the aperitif was prolonged by the evocation of the still recent memories and the two "dirty kids" of the week always in the process of "bickering" ... But what do the parents do? ????? And who knows? Was not this pretty moment a reflection of a slight nostalgia with the prospect of a future separation! This sweet and bitter feeling that one feels when one has lived a strong emotional moment with others of our peers .......

The dishes with sea water was again the opportunity for Thomas to play the "return of the blond" by throwing with the water of dishes a few spoons and forks !!!! In short, another very good laugh even if Thomas was really bored by his new insanity! He wanted to dive to 23H to get them back ... The sky was starry but the water was too dark to see anything.

Bedtime had sounded.

Friday 29 August

This is our last day and Cybelle's observation season ...

He is 7H. Jo and Thomas are already on the bridge ... Jo found the forks and spoons of the day at the bottom of the water thanks to a beautiful sun that made them shine from the surface !!!! After breakfast, Jo takes us back to the port of Hyères where he explains how to clean the end of season boat. Everyone goes there: the head in the toilet bowl, in the cooler and fridge (if you do at least 1M80 this task will be for you because it takes large arms to clean the bottom !!!!) where in the oven…. The heat begins to be felt strongly ... All leftover food, household products etc ... must be unloaded, garbage cans discarded and sorted recycling. Too bad, not to have kept the lids of cans of tea or ashtrays (code between Chris and Thomas to designate a beer can !!!) for Cecile! She would have had "spare parts" for her wallet made by Dalaléo and operculum recycled and crocheted together !!!! The crew takes care of the interior, Jo from outside the boat. As he cleaned the back of the boat, Thomas and Cecile, packed the bags and stocks in Thomas's car. The "dirty kids" could not help but "waking up" the port by heckling with water on the platform, while their classmates were locked in the square (sauna guaranteed !!) until Jo was finished cleaning the bridge !!!! But where are the parents ??????

The cleaning done and the cars loaded, we take the direction of the showers (the happiness!) Of the captaincy while Céline and Jo continue their efforts at the end of the season. We all meet at the restaurant, it's the custom of the last day! Then comes the moment of departure, fateful .... Hot hugs are exchanged, promises to keep in touch are exchanged with Facebook addresses !!!

And that's it, the heart is tight and the head filled with new beautiful and good times, we all take the road and our road, maybe they will cross again for some?

Quotes collectors!

Jo: We're not here to be here! and "dixit Coluche: sex, drugs and rock'n roll and too bad if there is no rock'n roll"!

Chris: you have to give the gougoutte to Thomas! or: the sperm whale, what is its course?

Celine: it's the nick-ruler! (migration of the baboons of the abyss going back to night: nychtémérale) Tip: never express this word by catching your breath after the 1ère syllable ......... Good fun part in perspective !!!!

Rap couplet of Thomas, Jo and Shoshana: One is the Pelagos, one is not kids and the night there are the nychtémérales nychtémérales ... nychtémérales nych ...

23 Expedition to 29 August (Departing from Sète)

Saturday August 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Presentations ... ..

Everyone has in mind the image (many resumed in the American series) of these meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous where everyone presents to the group. Well here it is us: the EVA EcoVolunteers Anonymous, Saturday noon, in the port of Sète, sitting around the small wooden table on the deck of our Salona 45 (responding to the exotic name of Tonka):

" Hello ! My name is Gurval. I am your skipper.

The group, in chorus: GOOD ... DAY ... GURVAL !! "

The tone is given, it will be that of humor and that's how everyone goes about their presentation.

Andréa our Ecoguide tells us that it is rare to have so many men in a group of Ecovolunteers, how lucky are the girls!

During the collective preparation of the lunch we discover in more detail the life course of each, all more interesting than the other and having one thing in common: the same taste for ecology, sailing, cetaceans and .... the aperitif! It's a good sign and eventually the AAA may not be so far away eventually, the rest will tell us ....

After Andréa's briefing on the mission of Cybelle Planète who is waiting for us, and that of our Captain Gurval (mix of Irish, Breton, Flemish and Italian ... I let you imagine the result ...) on the safety on board, the latter we cross the famous bridges of Sète (those who block the city time of the crossing of the boats) and it is in the second port that we spend the evening and the night under the festive rumors of the city which celebrates the famous festival St. Louis.

Come the bedtime so rich in teaching (on oneself and others): it distinguishes the experience of backpackers and sailors from that of the novices: to wear his headlamp with naturalness and elegance without experiencing any inconvenience, sleep with Quiès balls that, we must hope, have not traveled as much as their owners who generously offer to share ... .. another pair, know how to expressly wrap in his down and no longer move an iota until the early morning ... for snoring, it's like on the ground and for everyone: we push the snorcher and he turns around ... or not!

Sunday 24 August: Observations ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The awakening is morning (6h30) and the night very unfairly lived by the crew but we are here to study dolphins and not humans, at least for now ... After a quick and succinct breakfast departure is at 7h10 direction : the wide. Everyone is wrapped up, we are in "onion" mode: life on a boat is also knowing how to manage the different layers of clothing from the swimsuit to the waxed / hat / hood in the morning and vice Upside down in the afternoon. Gathered around this same little wooden table on the deck, we listen carefully Andréa our Ecoguide which explains us how to make the observation records that we can not wait to start: surveys of the boats every half hour, surveys of birds and cetaceans if luck is with. But today the sea is rough (wind force 4-5) and therefore not conducive to the location of marine mammals ... on the other hand these are very very favorable conditions for human subjects sensitive to seasickness ...

Therefore, the rest of the morning will be narrated only from the story of other Ecovolunteers, having for my part split my time between the bridge for fresh air, the outside of the edge to return to the sea all what the earth gave me at breakfast and my cabin to sleep. This is also life aboard a sailboat ... So, according to my teammates, it was during the lunch break that eight big dolphins showed themselves around the boat and that the first surveys were able to take place. to do in the excitement and euphoria of the show. Aware of this chance that has given us, the afternoon takes place in the feverish expectation of other observations ... in vain. To boost the morale of the troops we take a swim in the open sea (finally the bravest of us since the temperature of the water undeniably benefits the Vendeans group rather than the Languedoc). And here too his technique: jump into the water immediately or, like our ecovolunteer "noisy" piece by piece and punctuated with small cries that we suspect of pleasure despite the circumstances ... We then return to the front of the boat to continue the sightings in groups of three and gently return to Port Camargue. At the approach of the coast we decide to stop the observations: "We will not see anything anyway, except boats returning to port. After 55 navigation miles (about 100 kms) this makes sense.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

Today is the birthday of one of the Ecovolunteers and the bottlenose dolphins, make him the surprise to show: eleven of them come to make splashes and swim not far from the boat or at the bow ... magic moment which we enjoy as long as possible before returning to port.

Review of the day: 2 beautiful observations, 19 dolphins, 10 hours of navigation, 1 chocolate cake (made with love), 35 candles ... Happy Birthday Martin!

Monday 25 August: Conditions ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

The days pass and are not alike. Today the conditions of navigation and observations are ideal: sun, sea of ​​oil!

We leave Port Camargue to 7h00 and we sail off the Saintes-Maries of the sea. The first quarter trio is already on the bridge as of 8h00, which with the GPS, which with the binoculars, which with data sheets around of the mast. At the back, the others are talking, one eye on the sea anyway. The second quarter takes over at 10h00 ... motivated that we are by the big dolphins seen the day before. As for the onion, we are all at the finest layer: the swimsuit so it's nice. Finally, to be really precise, there is a thinner underlay: the 50 index sunscreen, easy to spot: it makes you all white skin.

At noon, no dolphins spotted. We take the lunch break and to whet our appetite nothing like a refreshing swim in the open sea ... oh and then after the meal too, you have to know how to enjoy the moment! So after a long stop, we resume the observations. With the sun in the game, those in the back this time took possession of the front to sunbathe, lying on the deck. We see many birds: terns, gulls, puffins ... but no cetaceans. We still extend the navigation to 20h00 but we go back empty handed to the port ... too bad, tomorrow is another day and after 11 hours of navigation in the most ideal conditions, we moor under a beautiful sunset in Port Camargue. The photographers of the group throw themselves on their apparatus, the others help with the maneuvers of the boat.

It is already late and everything is organized very quickly now: some cook, others go to shower, others set the table ... however remains at the beginning of each meal a constant, an immutable landmark in this environment where the adaptation is the key word: the aperitif! And to Gurval's question: "What would a Cybelle Planet mission be without an aperitif?

The youngest of the group to answer: A mission Cymoche Planète! You see how one adapts quickly on a sailboat!

Tuesday 26 August: Immobilization

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We may be in the Mediterranean, the time we wake up more like a morning on the coasts of Brittany (cold less, must not exaggerate either ...): it dries and mist covers the port. So this is the first breakfast we all take together around the wooden table ... .in the square. But our morale is not reached: the forecasts for the end of the morning are good, so we will not stay in port too long. Some take the opportunity to go for a walk on the beach, in the harbor or do some shopping. This is one of the advantages of the mission from Sète: the nights are generally spent in a port (or at the CAP if the weather permits) while the other mission from Hyères is more conducive to moorings in the creeks. To 11h30 we leave, towards Espiguette Point. The observations resume, the naps, the chatter at the back, the snack .... but no cetaceans. Never mind, the entrance to the port of Sète we reserve a surprise of the most unexpected: two pilots of aircraft provide a show aerobatics just above our heads ... we are in the front row to admire their feats: reversals, dive descents, descents in dead leaves, loops ... finally a little like the dolphins ... the sky!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

He is 20h30, and delighted with this interlude, we finish our arrival and we settle for the night in the harbor. It's the last day of the Saint-Louis festivities, the animation in the streets is in full swing, so we eat music. Towards 22h we start the fireworks of the city pulled from the port and again, we are in the square (not the boat but VIP) to attend under our "Ha! , ho! Of wonder. We are once again taking full eyes and it is the joy of this day which will have begun under a hazy sky and will be finished under a sky with thousand fires ... that we will go to bed.

Wednesday 27 August: Illusion

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

In some ports, like that of Sète during the Saint-Louis, earplugs are de rigueur, and it will surely be the case for the next night since it is planned to spend in Cap d'Agde. For those of us who did not know, we explain to them that Cap d'Agde is famous for its naturist camp, its local star Clara Morgan who graduated in 7eme art (mention X), her nightlife and his Savants Mixes of all kinds ... Surprised to have been stung by a mosquito through my T-shirt the night before, our captain answered: "Here, the mosquito is like some vacationers in Cap d'Agde: that you are naked or dressed, it stings you anyway! The tone of the day is therefore given ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

We are sailing and at 8h00 we are already sailing, always hoping to see cetaceans. The weather is ideal although the wind is the party and we take off to Narbonne. Then the wind gets bigger and for the first time the two sails are hoisted, we sail at the speed of 10 knots, and we continue beyond Narbonne, along the Eastern Pyrenees. At this speed no observations possible but the landscape is superb, the mountains are outlined on the horizon to Spain that we see. Gurval tells us that we will make a small stop in the cove of Pauline between Banyuls and Collioure before reaching the Cap d'Agde. It is perfect, it is 17h, the wind has fallen, it is very hot and a swim is needed.

As a break, it's an anchorage waiting for us. And yes ! The prospect of a night at Cap d'Agde was only a lure, an illusion ... .a joke! But we win totally to change or to use a Cap-Agathois term, to the exchange ... .with the nature that surrounds us, the beauty of the cove, the tranquility of the place, the vineyards and the surrounding mountains, the evening light, the sweetness of the water in which we throw ourselves and we luxuriate. The effect is successful, we appreciate more our first and only anchorage. We did not observe bottlenose dolphins, blue dolphins or zyphi, but we all smile to find ourselves there. It's a real moment of happiness. The laughter and the laughter are going around the meal, we take a last night swim and we end the evening with a presentation of the balance of the mission of 2013 ... .we are here to study cetaceans after all, otherwise we would be gone on an anthropological mission ... to Cap d'Agde!

Thursday 28 August: Horizon

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

No earplugs so for this night at anchor as the cove is quiet and it is at 5h30 that the crew awakes: no one here would miss the sunrise. We leave our haven of peace at 6h00 on a sea of ​​oil, we are all on the bridge and watch the star on the horizon, full east. It finally appears, the show is beautiful, everyone feeds and fully enjoy the beginning of this last day at sea. Then, from the first sighting of 8h, it is under the broom of 10 big dolphins that she keep on going. The magic of the sunrise and then the presence of the dolphins that we will see throughout the morning continues ... During the lunch break, at sea as always, some rays and mola-mola are invited (by far ) to our bathing aperitif ... under our feet happy and refreshed: 100 meters of bottom.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2014

On a boat shared by 9 people all save themselves: water (question of survival, so we do as often as possible the dishes either with sea water on the boat or the port at night while going to shower: made of a bucket two washes), electricity (goodbye laptops, tablets ... you chose to cut the world for a week so too bad for your live Facebook photos, your friends will watch, like some old games of football, offline ... and hello the front), the space (we take the bare necessities, we become a storage pro and we share a cabin of 4m2 with a / a perfect (e) unknown) and finally the time (it is organized formally or informally in team quarters of three people but completely dependent on weather conditions ... we pray Rah before leaving and rhythms of each as to the duration of naps). You will understand, the EVA (EcoVolunteers Anonymous) that we were the first day, have quickly become EVI (EcoVolunteers Intimes).

After 14 hours of navigation (our longest day) we arrive at Sète at 20h. After the meal, we buy the t-shirts of the mission, souvenir (textile) of the adventure, we share our photos (some may regret to have given their consent for the dissemination of their image: answer on the website Cybelle Planet ...). And it is in a small harbor bar that we extend the pleasure of being together again for a few hours before tomorrow's departure.

Friday 30 August: We will come back ...

Last day ? Already? We did not see the week pass. The last breakfast is made with fresh croissants, chocolate breads and golden baguettes ... little earthly happiness. But we must recognize that even on the boat we did not die, the cooking or pastry skills of some of us, allowed us to feast. We have also developed a very efficient bowl service strategy in terms of time, space, travel and crockery ...

After breakfast, the morning will be devoted to the balance sheet of the observations and the seizure of the statements on the computer, then the storage of our business (we will record only a loss: that of a swimsuit unhooked from the sector and failed in the port of Sète ...), and the complete cleaning of the boat.

A last lunch at the restaurant will close this wonderful week. Then everyone will return to his region, his house, his job and especially ... his bed! The traveling spirit that characterizes us all will allow Catherine, Christine, Florence, Thierry, Julien, Carole, Martin, Andréa, or Gurval to meet again, at the bend of some escapades in France or during a future mission Cybelle Planète ...

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