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synopses of cetaceans mission 2015

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16 Shipping to 22 June 2015 from Sète

Shipping of 23 in 29 June 2015 from Hyères

30 June Expedition to 06 July 2015 from Sète

Shipping of the 07 13 2015 July from Hyères

14 Shipping to 20 July 2015 from Calvi

Expedition of 21 to 27 July 2015 from Porto Vecchio

28 July expedition to 03 August 2015 from Porto Vecchio

Shipping of the 04 10 2015 August from Calvi

Shipping of the 11 17 2015 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 18 24 2015 August from Sète

Shipping of the 25 31 2015 August from Hyères

1er Shipping to 7 September 2015 from Sète

Shipping 8 14 September 2015 from Hyères

15 Shipping to 21 September 2015 from Sète

Shipping 22 28 September 2015 from Hyères

16 Shipping to 22 June 2015 from Sète

Tuesday June 16

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015Arrival of all ecovolunteers between 10 and 11h. The Avocet is a very nice sailboat comfortable, functional, with plenty of storage and everything you need. The agreement between everyone is good, between Margaux the super eco-guide in marine biology, Celine pro, Antoine the skipper, we learn a lot of great things.

In the afternoon, school with Margaux, it does not laugh punishments rain ... No, in fact, it's clear, clean and precise. Our different roles, the various forms to fill, the binoculars pro ... not obvious, but overall we capture. Celine intervenes from time to time, completes an info or adds details.

Wednesday June 17

Departure 5h30-6h, Sète-Marseille route (with half an hour late tells us the captain). Apocalypse at the JJ's (Joëlle and Jean Louis), seasickness force 12. Solene joins the vomit group, as well as Nelly a little later. For our defense, it must be said that the weather was terrible for us, but standard for the captain. Force 7, 35 established nodes, with gusts to 40. It had to be done to be a penet all week. Successful bet, thank you Captain. The "Cruise has fun" for Pauline and Celine who were not sick !! Margaux is wicked but holds up ... The JJ's have a little lead the day until 16h, or the tap has finally closed. Late evening calm and cool, we arrive in Marseille, Port des Corbières. EARTH and SHOWER ... the foot!

Thursday June 18

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015Everyone has the smile: a whole night, complete and restorative. Breakfast in the cockpit with the sun. Departure to 10H, towards the Anse de la Badine. Everyone has a good appetite, serious things begin. Under the direction of Margaux, we polish the rules and we start the obs': Margaux and JJ's. A few shearwaters, lean booty. Followed by the second group, Solène, Pauline and Nelly.

We would like to give a special mention to the skipper and the cook for the meal.

We continued the obs' but we saw nothing except gulls and shearwaters. Celine made us a great roast with good pasta, savored in front of a great sunset ... We wet on the peninsula of Giens, where we heard the "nightclub" on the ground.

First seawater dish with our two buckets! A real moment of pleasure, we launched the challenge that we would be the first to do nothing down to the bottom of the water ... Hihi ...

Friday June 19

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20155h30 start of the mat ', first quarter of obs' to 7h20. And first burst of joy at 13h: FINALLY! Deliverance: we saw two dolphins. But really that 3 minutes ... It was Stenella, blue and white dolphins. We first saw them jump off, then got closer, played with the boat and left as quickly. A little later, a fin !! A shark ? But Margaux was not far and explained to us that it was "only" Mola mola (or moonfish), which seemed a little disoriented, whereas it is indeed like that it swims. In short, it was cool to see!

Mooring at Cape Taillat: first swim in the sea. It was super cool and the water was good!

Saturday June 20

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015Great day sailing upwind. At the level of the observations it is light. The sea was beautiful and calm, it was a pure pleasure to have this immensity for us. We thought we were the king of the world on the bow of the boat, we took our foot with beautiful waves, it was great this feeling of freedom and lightness. But nothing to see ... For the return, the boat was lying, it had to be well hung, the starboard grazed the water. We had some salt showers, but we had a good laugh. Return to the anchorage of the Badine, surrounded by a lot of other sailboats. Which of them will invite us to dance ?? This evening is the music party !

Sunday June 21

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Raised at 6h, Nelly stayed in bed until the last minute ... Beginning of the '7h obs, only puffins pffff ... The morning was long to start. Suddenly, hunt bonito on the horizon. Full of cream and cramées under the sun, we began to believe it no longer when suddenly we saw in the distance a small group of 3 dolphins, who then came to play on the bow of the boat. We were sailing over a tank of bonito that reflected their silver backs on the surface. And there: fireworks of dolphins on all sides! Groups of 2 at 7 with babies, it was magical. We stopped to eat a super good mixed rice salad, some pelagies floated around us. Hydrophone to the water: without success we just heard the engine of a ferry. After the watermelon-dessert, a new swarm of dolphins assails us. And again puffins ... to no longer see the end ... Even if they were all very useful for spotting dolphins. Nelly did not let go of the bow of the boat and her binoculars. Nelly: "OOOOH ... I saw something! Everyone: "What ?! Or ?! "BLOW !! "Scarlet red, the dream of his life, trembling emotions, Nelly could not even ensure his quarterback ... That's it, our first sperm whale, which filled us with happiness, as much as we were. We could observe 10 minutes, he caught his breath. Our presence did not seem to bother him. We were able to appreciate the delicate smell of his droppings, before the farewell of his "salute" caudal! .. The hydrophone made us discover the clicks of sperm whales. Then we returned to the Badine, after a swim quickly, very fast ... Last cocktail together on the boat, we feasted with the delicious pancakes and the pissaladière of our two Celine.

Finally, we are a close team, we had a good time, we have a lot of things about cetaceans and Mediterranean marine fauna. Crisp seawater dishes on the deck of the boat, great meals throughout the week, and beautiful obs' to conclude ...

Thank you to all the crew, Céline, Margaux and Antoine for this week!

Shipping of 23 in 29 June 2015 from Hyères

Ploivy David / Pons Burtin Maxence / Pierrat Josephine / Sdiri Khalil / Bordenave Julie / Mulon Jose / Porcherot Marine

Tuesday June 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015The first impression at the sight of the boat: astonishment on the part of Maxence and Marine who were expecting a slightly larger boat ... All in all 14m ok!

When we arrived, everyone was smiling and nice, although Marine has a little too much prejudice on the NICOIS ...

Appearances are sometimes misleading, the looper José is not the skipper as many may have thought.

Wednesday June 24

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Wednesday is a great day: the departure at sea ... The enthusiasm of 7h morning quickly faded: the distribution of bag began!

The first to fall was Josephine, followed closely by Marine, David and Khalil ... The two survivors are Julie and Maxence, well done to them;)

The whale effect managed to get everyone back on the deck, which was not long for Khalil and David while Margaux our super eco-guide took care of Marine !! The appearance of the whales with dolphins left everyone speechless which still made the day rather pleasant.

Thursday June 25

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

After a night off and night quarters ensured by a small team, the observation shifts began with the observation of 3 rorquals ...

Everyone was ready to learn how to collect data. There have been many encounters with dolphins. We sailed until we saw the Spanish coast. The climatic conditions being perfect, we were able to spend the night off the Lion golf course.

The nights off in addition to being very calm, are surprising: visits of dolphins who approach near the boat, the sky very starry and the night which ends with an extraordinary sunrise.

Friday June 26

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

The quarters of observations are distributed over the next day, from 6h in the morning until late in the day (19h).

The observations were less rich in marine mammals but provided in birds of different species. We also crossed several moon fishes.

Following an engine failure (Joséphine and Julie were not confident at all), we joined Sète thanks to the talents of Antoine the skipper.

Now a quiet night at the port looks ... On this we go to bed. Good night !!!

Saturday June 27

Day off ! The conditions do not allow to go out at sea. After a morning cleaning of the boat, we took advantage of the afternoon to rest and discover, during a small visit, the city of Sète. The heat was overwhelming, the terraces of the cafes allowed us to cool off and enjoy ice cream accompanied by the famous zezettes of Sète ...

Sunday June 28

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Due to Jose's early time difference, some were ready early, which allowed us to be present at the bridge's lift at 9h30! The first observation quarter and the following ones were not very successful. The dolphins that were our main goal were the absent subscribers all day! A fin simply made us hope and maintained our vigilance. On the other hand, terns, puffins and a gannet enhanced our quarters.

Aeole had better things to do but Petole accompanied the Avocet of Ryme to our location in the Sete marina.

All the crew wishes a happy birthday to Antoine's kitten!

30 June Expedition to 06 July 2015 from Sète

Tuesday June 30

Arriving at Sète station to join the boat, Delphine and Alex have already lost!
Margaux the eco-guide guided them to the port where Maxence came to fetch them. Some ecovolunteers including Maxence Khalil and Josephine had already participated last week and continue the adventure this week with Delphine Alex and Denise, arrived the day before on the boat.
After an installation in the cabins, storing the races of the week and the meal all together, we had the right topos life on board and safety. The boat changed location at the port of Sète and we saw the bridges rise.

Wednesday July 01

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

5h30 surveys for the departure towards Camargue port for a technical stop. First small sailing difficult for two new eco-volunteers remained in the cabin. Seasickness when you hold us! ... This little time of adaptation did not allow the whole team to make observations.

A see arrived in Port Camargue, everyone was up and ready to eat the great meal prepared by the fourth meal of the day before. Free afternoon. Extra races for a small group with Margaux eco-guide and relax at the bar for girls, followed by an afternoon beach-relaxation, girls only!
Meanwhile, Antoine and the boys stayed on the boat to finish the maintenance. After the effort the comfort, drink between men! After the return of the girls and the showers, we sit down to table. And there war is declared! Mosquitoes attack us. Alex in an outburst of bravery and solidarity, started to hit us all! In order to kill mosquitoes of course! Too many and better organized, the mosquitoes were right of us.

Thursday July 02

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

First true sailing to the open, another patient in the morning.
During the day, two jumps of rays for an appetizer. And at the cocktail hour we put the hydrophone in the water to try to hear the sperm whales, mission accomplished, and it is in the distance that we could observe the caudal of a sperm whale, except Delphine who took care of storing the hydrophone.
We prepare to spend a night off, the night shifts are divided by Antoine and Margaux. During the night, some people could observe dolphins come to greet them towards 3-4H of the morning on this beautiful night of full moon. Watch the boats around us and finally sleep well deserved for the last quarter. Beautiful color for the sunrise somewhat cloudy.

Friday July 03

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Josephine sees many dolphins come to play bow, it is a good omen for the day. It is the flat calm until the hour of the aperitif, which was preceded by a small bathing by 1000m of bottom. Nice time and play with the fender '. Sea very calm, pretty colors and small "flip" despite everything.
And then we spot 5 hawk breaths! Then came a magnificent approach of Antoine our skipper who managed to follow a group of 3 mammals. We sail, and the whales decide to accompany us during 1h15. They follow us to starboard until the fluids of the water and the air merge, and the flying whale appeared at a height of 5 to 10m coming out completely from the water at about 30m of the sailboat, followed "Oh magic" from 3 other jumps that blew us away. Khalil laughed: "It was ENORMEEEEEEE, this jump MY GOD first jump was HUGE !!! The whale, which seems so clumsy, has flown away with the ease of a dragonfly. And there a kéké, the local ferry, approached at full speed within 2 nautical miles and the whales settled at the bow on both sides of the boat (to make barrier between the ferry and us? ). They continued to follow us a few minutes and after 2h30 common road, we leave each other by mutual agreement.
It follows a second night off with a firework observed near Toulon to close this beautiful day!

Saturday July 04

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Awakening at dawn, 6h30 for Antoine having seen a group of unidentified cetaceans. Once Margaux arrived we knew it was Risso's dolphins. Reflex, we took out all the paraphernalia for taking data. We had time to record all the necessary data then it is chained a photo tracking and awakening of the rest of the team to enjoy the show, indeed the dolphins have remained a moment with us including a young and the eldest of the group. In addition to Risso's dolphins, there was a blue and white dolphin at the bow of the boat. The rest of the morning, a school of bonito followed us during 3H. For the noon aperitif we put the hydrophone back in the water to track the sperm whales, then Maxence heard a breath (again). We first thought of a sperm whale, but it was a whale that gave us 5 beautiful jumps (we are spoiled) and then left after changing course several times, so we decided to leave it quiet.

In the afternoon, a sperm whale was seen in the distance, which allowed Delphine to catch up. There followed observations of dolphins on the way towards the anchorage of the Badine to spend the night. End of the day.

Sunday July 05

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Departure early (4h30) accompanied by a magnificent sunrise to begin observations at 6h in the hope of seeing the sperm whale and pilot whales as expected. In vain, they remain elusive. 12H: return to the anchorage because the weather is gorging. Relaxing day rest for a well deserved rest. Last evening meal together, tomorrow is back to port for a return to reality ....

Shipping of the 07 13 2015 July from Hyères

Tuesday July 07 2015

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Gradual arrival of volunteers aboard the sailboat.
We are acquainted; are represented the 4 corners of France: Paris and its beautiful suburbs (Benjamin and Lætitia), the South of France (Benoît, Marie-Hélène), Alsace (Richard) and Brittany (Fred). To coach us, we are lucky to have 2 (or rather 1 and half?) Ecoguides: Celine and Caroline. It is Antoine who skippers the boat. There is also a little sea bass that is there, it's Louis.

Today, it is installation in our vast apartments, information on potential risks and safety on board, setting up quarters ... Given a strong wind off, we decide to leave for Porquerolles. First dinner at the port, all together! First night, some sleep in the cockpit.

Wednesday July 08 2015

Awakening nice to Porquerolles. Some (Fred, Richard, Benoît, Marie-Hélène and Lætitia) go on a stroll to the beach of silver. There is the choice between a beach "under the wind" (Mistral announced in the early morning by Antoine) and a beach protected from the wind but without shade. We choose the beach without wind, we will find a solution on the spot.

Arrived at the beach, we build a cabin from a rock structure: Driftwood, and for roofing, a garbage bag and our towels. We then bathe with mask and snorkel, we could observe nice fish, and we find ourselves all in our hut of fortune, very salutary. In this cabin, Fred and Benoît embarked on making two floats. The sail of Benoît's boat is made of cardboard from our box of Gerble "Vitality" cakes. The boat "Vitality" is launched, we will follow it for a long time, to the point of using the binoculars.
We come back for lunch.


Thursday July 09 2015

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Still stuck in Porquerolles because of the wind ... Maybe we can leave this afternoon? It's getting impatient on board! Heading to the residence of the President who is waiting for us, the wind has calmed down. We go downwind to the engine, the captain tests the crew and its resistance to the roll?
Everyone resists! And we are ready for a swim and a drink. And dolphins in all this? Celine finds us one ... in the sky. Night of the stars in the evening with an unbelievable mythologie Greek Benjamin. Thank you to the Knights of the Zodiac!

Friday July 10 2015

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Wake up in the cove of Fort de Brégançon. Morning swim for the volunteers. During the crossing, unique experience for all with the meeting of pilot whales! Celine had not seen since 5 / 6 years, that's saying!

We were able to observe them for a long time and very closely. On this occasion, exclusive recording of the Pilot Globicéphales Boy's Band, to find in the bins after the season 2015! Night spent in open sea and punctuated every 2 hours of shifts. Half of the crew feeding the fish all afternoon rests. It is therefore the other half who takes care of the boat: Keep the course, check if there is no collision of pirates ... everything is going very well!

Saturday July 11 2015

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Stealth pass from dolphins (Stenella) to 7 h 30. We are off, halfway between the continent and Corsica. Wake up and fight, you have to wake everyone up, and everyone is watching!
It's whales. It's not that ? Oh no, it's not like the jackal, jackals, a chapal, hats, an apéritif, apéros ... Attention exceptions, the large hold, the large holds ... It is therefore whales, we count two, then a third farther, and finally, getting closer, it is a group of 3 including a young whale (?). We observe them for a while, then, we will find the group No. 2. There are two, one of which, quite rare, probes showing its caudal fin. This one was damaged, maybe cut by a propeller? And he must be handicapped, because of this way of doing duck. QUACK QUACK !

Tonight, TOP CHEF meal with olive oil and pepper. We will remember the fries in olive oil for dessert ... But where is the valve (to prepare the ratatouille)? Everyone has seen it but nobody knows where it is ... The rest is anecdotal. Quiet night, anchorage in Revelatta Bay (next to Calvi).

Sunday July 12 2015

We understood with Céline that it was possible to write an anticipatory diary. We therefore propose a demanding observation program for thisSynopsis Cybelle Planète 2015e day:
Lætitia wishes: "to see turtles ... and little dolphins jumping ... good sperm whale. Of course! A puffin too ... Ah, and a little fish Moon! Here, I stop.
Marie-Hélène, she would like "to see chocolate muffins (yes yes, no puffins), little flippers, flying manta rays, a little sperm whale, and then, what could we ask for other: flying turtles ?? Its good ! "

Fred would like, without wanting to be very demanding, to complete the collection of observations with a whale jump at 360 ° while doing a looping ... if one or two sperm whales could get closer to the boat ... and finally, dolphins who wish us a good end of stay!
Benoît wants to see a sperm whale, why not! A leatherback turtle too, it is not very difficult, it is enough for him perfectly.
Benjamin wants to see dolphins especially (and not dau-fat!).
Caroline would like a sperm whale ridden by a manta ray with sounds of pilot whale on the hydrophone, all with rainbows and bubbles.
Celine says that after seeing Sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins and Risso's dolphins, it will be enough to see a humpback whale to do the total ... it can happen.
Richard will be fulfilled if he sees a sperm whale and two or three dolphins of Risso (who can do it the least).
Antoine wants a lazy day (he has never worked so much, even the days off, it never stops!).
This morning, denouement of the case of the valve with its discovery among the spoons. The girls were speechless, I have some doubts about their ability to distinguish a valve from a spoon ... Yesterday, we proposed to rename the association for the version "SOUPAPE Mediterranean" or "Cybelle SOUPAPE », So to see! After 2 sailing hours, we return to the same anchorage in the morning, there is indeed too much wind ... Too bad, we learn to be frustrated, so we go on swimming, aperitif, nap, the writing of this famous logbook ...

See you soon for new adventures! Signed: "THE SECRETARY OF EDGE"

14 Shipping to 20 July 2015 from Calvi

Tuesday July 14

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Presentation for Isabelle.B, Isabelle.P, Chris, Cat ', Sylvie, Celine, Antoine and Paul.
Delivery by 'Mister U' for our supplies.

Wednesday July 15

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015

Our first quarter starts at eight, after the briefing on our missions.
We saw our first dolphins in the distance this morning and then this afternoon.
More than 20 dolphins we turned around the boat.
SUPERB! And finally, an anchorage near a beach without jellyfish!

Thursday July 16

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015It was good, it was really hot.
"Breath at 9h !!! Chris shouted. It is a sperm whale. But we changed course for the approach. It was a young adult without any healing, we followed a few minutes, until he dives and we salute his caudal. In the evening we ate the recipe vegetable Curry Celine.

Friday July 17

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015At 21 hours, Chris is cried out: "There's still peanut? And about a bottle: "This one, we'll finish it last week!" ".
Since 6 thirty o'clock we were on deck. Everyone saw the Puffin, except the person of Quart !!! Nothing seen of the day ... SNIFFF '....

Saturday July 18

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015We leave the SARDES. We left, open sea and crossed sharks basking sharks, turtles (undetermined), rare Sea Devils and fifteen Stenellas who socialized with us.
In the middle of nothing, we bathed, and the drink, was lightened to be able to ensure the quarters of night.

Sunday July 19

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2015The first and second quarters were held by 'Polochon' and his 'Moman Sylvie', they saw and heard a whale, but did not identify him. Chris' and Sylvie, not able to identify the age of the captain of the Fery who grazed the boat at 7 nautical miles (13 Km).
After this restless and short night the morning began smoothly, no dolphins, whales, devils of the Mediterranean, have succeeded to wake us up.
That's it, we all know how to fill the cards.

Expedition of 21 to 27 July 2015 from Porto Vecchio

Tuesday July 21

diary cybelle planet 2015

The 3 ecovolunteers repeaters, namely Chris, Cath and Isa welcome the new 3, Sophie, Aurélie and Antoine, to complete the crew. A mechanical problem at the level of the retractor prevents us that day from leaving the port. Storage, cleaning and cooking are the 3 key words that have punctuated this afternoon; as well as pretty melodious complaints from some of us (I will not mention name: Sophie) about the nauseating smells of Gazoil coming from the port we were facing all night long.

Wednesday July 22

diary cybelle planet 2015

Along for the adventure ! Departure at dawn to approach the canyons at -2000m, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. We saw puffins, Stenella (blue and white dolphins), and large unidentified splashes. To 19h30, a small swim in the open sea and set to Cape Town during the night. Who says put Cape Town, said quarternight on the bridge to ensure safety, which also says observation of a beautiful starry sky with a beautiful milky way.

Thursday July 23

diary cybelle planet 2015

Getting started difficult for those who have not managed to sleep. Too much wind and too much swell prevents us from making observations and almost made us lose Aurélie who had to stay in bed until noon. So we reach Sardinia because the weather announces bad weather until the end of the week, for the greatest despair of all. Some very stealthy dolphins are nevertheless observed on the way. Afternoon cooking, siesta and swimming in the program!

Friday July 24

diary cybelle planet 2015

Departure from Sardinia from Tavolara Bay at dawn. Lack of observation given the swell and the wind, we return to Corsica to avoid losing Aurelie as the day before; so we proceed to anchorage in Pinarellu Bay. The bathing is followed by an aperitif (as every day besides, do not forget the famous aperitif), then a good meal at sunset. Ha ... Island of beauty when you hold us ...

Saturday July 25

diary cybelle planet 2015

We are continuing research on cetaceans along the Corsican coasts. Like the week before, Chris spotted sperm whales. We followed them for over an hour to get the best shots and videos possible. Stenella clearly snubbed us, so the sighting lasted only a few minutes. On the contrary, the puffins, which are not annoying animals, were like every day at the rendezvous.

Sunday July 26

Bad weather = day of idleness in Pinarellu: the program, except the daily chores, crepe party prepared by the care of Cath, swimming, reading, organized little getaway to the beach and swimming to some of us.

28 July expedition to 03 August 2015 from Porto Vecchio

Tuesday July 28

diary cybelle planet 2015

Arrival Porto Vecchio. After refueling, storage of food, then allocation of cabins. Presentation of each: Bea, Evelyne, Aline, Nico, Sylviane and Yann. Topo interactive safety from Antoine and presentation of life on board by Céline. Navigation impossible that day because weather, so walk and shower for the dirtiest !!!

Anecdote: we have witnessed a docking accident between two boats in the port (more brake :)

Wednesday July 29

diary cybelle planet 2015

Tranquil awakening the difficult weather allows us to do some sleep. We take advantage of this moment for the scientific topo on biodiversity and our ecovolunteer missions. Quarter distribution.

Departure of the port towards 15h for an anchorage in the gulf of Pinarellu. 1Iere bathing in a water at 28 °: the treat! And first quarter meal starts strong we set the bar high with goat cheese honey / yum!

Novice error of an ecovolunteer whose name we will not mention: Evelyne named the fateful animal with big ears dreaded by all good sailors who respect each other. Petit louis sets the penalty: it will be 7 once the turn of the mat 4 legs in the opposite direction of the clock: successful exercise (even after the drink!).

Thursday July 30

diary cybelle planet 2015

Start 5h30: serious things start! Sea of ​​oil. Beginning of observations. Calm apparent but short. Beyond the mouths of Bonifaccio we take the lifejackets, and it brews a lot, we get watered: wind 35 nodes. Sport day: That cottage! Small stomach abstain (is not Sylviane :)) We stop the observations.

Anchorage to Propriano in front of Taravo beach. Some brave in the water for a swim (others pastis). Night stormy and well deserved.

Friday July 31

diary cybelle planet 2015

Departure 10h15 after a technical revision at high altitude: very admiring of the dexterity of Antoine our captain. Very effective repair.

Big swell of 2m. Difficult observations and nothing in sight; except for the discovery by Evelyn of a new species of jellyfish: "rhizotome with cervical edema" or plastic bag inflated with helium or globy globus or whale fart. We conclude: suspicious appearance.

Caudal and dorsal horizon views but not validated by our eco-guide despite a beautiful design.

Some hunts bonito and nothing more.

Mooring at the Sagone beach: ti punch evening, Pietra style donuts and its vegetable farandole with coconut milk and ginger. Big dodo with ti punch, a full moon and some werewolves (magic night).

Saturday August 1

diary cybelle planet 2015

Departure 6h30 from the bay of Sagone. Oil sea, all conditions required for observations. It was counting without Yann's awakening under a sweet melody of Aline. It took several reminders that this one emerges from his sweet dreams. Hard awakening. Béa unleashed, sings and dances in the morning, not everyone follows the pace.

First observation: Bea asks for the first time: "Sylviane, light a cigarette to see the direction of the wind! "

Second observation: Marcel and Simone (dragonflies) accompany us. Precursor sign ... maybe ... Then finally action, a group of dolphins cross our path. Thirty blue dolphins (Stenella). Everyone is on the bridge for photos! After this magic moment, return to the coast and visit the creeks of Piana and the Gulf of Porto. Then anchor in Caspio cove. Then swim and as usual. Aperitif / meal.

Sunday August 2

diary cybelle planet 2015

Big swell. Lifting of the wetting at 6h05. The first observation starts at 7h10. RAS.

The second observation gives us the vision of breaths off. We try to go on area but the sperm whale? Had to sound. So we take the initial course.

Third observation: sea turtle visible along the boat. We follow her for a moment and then she flees. We continue the observations offshore despite a cross swell, then to Calvi where we find a beautiful anchorage in the bay of Alcajio. It looks like Lavezzi, a little paradise with swimming ... Yann checks the boat's anchorage. Then preparation of the drink and dinner that we share one last time with Nicolas and Aline to leave tomorrow.

Nice week. Some encounters we missed (whales, whales not seen) but the mysteries of nature are unfathomable. In any case very good atmosphere. And thanks to Céline and Antoine. Animals are rare, but the waves abound ...

Shipping of the 04 10 2015 August from Calvi

Tuesday 4 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Lifting troops to 7h30. Breakdown of the tasks of the morning. Refueling (Bea, Évelyne, Céline and Louis). Bakery ... great moment of misunderstanding on the order but everything works out ... Arrival of our new teammates to 10h, Marion and Véronique, very well received by Yann.

Filling the water tanks (cows with water), recovery of the linen, storage of the victuals, then departure of Calvi towards 12h30 to establish a mooring with the Revelatta. Always beautiful, sea beautiful, a little wind (3 force or 4). Topo sécu, bio-diversity, presentation of the boat with our new teammates.

Dinner preparation by Céline under a very beautiful musical background of world music.

Departure from anchorage in the afternoon for our future night shifts, seaward direction. Starry night, calm sea, superb ... shooting stars galore. And here we go for the continent! Some dolphins visit us during the night. One of them goes around the boat, then jumps into the moonbeam.

Wednesday 5 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Full water direction to 8h in the morning. Beginning of the observations and the beginning of the jackpot ... Perfect sea, very beautiful visibility .... and go! Dolphins in abundance, moon fish and then breaths, yes! Rorqual (Mom and young). We follow them or follow us. It's magic, moving. To 12h30 we stop the obs. For lunch and there, rebelote: whale in sight, abandoning bowls just filled and it's delusion. They blow us under the nose and let us have lunch in peace. Resumption of the obs in stride with return of Marcel the dragonfly, then swim break towards 16h with 2600 meters of bottom. Small imitation of various marine animals (filmed by Céline) and discovery of a great bottom squid (narcosed in apples) that we recover in a bucket. This unfortunate man will finish in the pan worse than Kolhanta. Huge school of bonito under the boat. Antoine takes out the fishing rod but remains empty-handed because it makes dive Yann to film the bench .... Resume obs. and many dolphins (Stenela).

Meal to 20h30 then distribution of night shifts and already first negotiations according to the biological rhythm of each .... Some dolphins turn around the boat around midnight 30 (small curious). Otherwise RAS, no boarding, whew!

Resumption of the quarters of obs. In the morning at 6h.

Thursday 6 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Sea mist. Stop obs. Small sound of fog horn. We are looking for ghost ships. Radar started. During this time everyone goes about his tasks. We go to the cape to stay off because we are already two hours from the coast in mashed peas. Silence on board to listen to the engines of the boats several nautical miles. Then the sky and the sea clear up. Obs. And there bingo !!! Minke whale blows us very close to the boat. It measures about 10 meters long. Begins a game of hide and seek a shot to the right a shot to the left. He observes us just as much as we do. He is "player". This small scene lasts about an hour. We have lunch and then recovery of obs. And here is our friend stayed on area during the meal. He follows us, comes back to see us and disappears. The obs. continue, still chasing dolphins but ignoring the boat. We approach the coasts (Bay of Angels and big game fishing) from where the observation of scenes of hunts to bonito. We change course to stay on the canyon. Small pose bathing in the zone of the Chinese. Always two thousand meters deep. It seems that a big white has eaten a Chinese .... hence the name. We are happy not to have slanted eyes.

After this little recreation, Yann disappears into his bunk throughout the afternoon (sunstroke).

The observations continue, too quiet ... RAS (we're not used to it anymore). Stop at 20h with a cuckoo meal, and again a night shift in perspective all night long.

Friday 7 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Somewhere off Camara, we follow the relief of the canyons. Beginning of obs. to 6h30. Very beautiful sunrise, objective Cavalaire (Gasoil) then recovery of obs. Stealth tour of two Stenela then RAS to 9h30. The wind picks up. We shut down the engine and send the GV and the Yankee. RAS up to 9h30. Aperitif, meal, dishes. Small bathing to cool off. Current, life line for bathers (security). Attempt to anchor Pointe de Cavalaire but too much boat. We change plans. Wetting towards 15h between the tip of the screed and the tip of the treasure. Swimming and rest well deserved. Marion, Evelyne and Syl. sleep under the stars. The night is sweet but Marcel and Simone (the dragonflies) really let us go.

Saturday August 8

Departure to 6h35. Beginning of obs. and there white and blue dolphins (Stenela) form a very long, scattered bank of 30 individuals during 15 minutes of cruising, then RAS. Change of course towards 10h30 always on the canyon to seek "desired" the sperm whale. He hides the rogue well. To 13h bathing in open water off the water (in the middle of nowhere). Syl. Turns into Lyonnais sausage, tied by the end of the lifeline.

Preview of a skate jump in open water. Later in navigation, the end of the life line falls into the water, quickly spotted, we turn around to recover it. Thank you Gaston (The Gaffe). Direction levant, Port-Cros and Porquerolles for anchorage. Still too many people everywhere, we leave for another site (the Badine). Strong wind. Breast wear mandatory. A lot of lodging. Then finally anchoring in front of Hyères. Everyone is crazy despite the music of the coast. The wind is very strong and we are tired.

Sunday August 9

diary cybelle planet 2015

Early morning awakening due to rain in the morning of 5h. After a good breakfast, inventory for shopping list (for our successors), start of cleaning, storage. The weather blocks us at anchor. Meal then bronzette, nap and very nice lesson on marine knots by Antoine (good pedagogue). Marion discovers a new passion for babysitting and is invited by Louis to his next birthday ... Case to follow ...

Céline tackles accounting and data transfer on USB sticks. Sale of T-shirts. We also do our bags to save time (sniff!). Exchange of contact information for eco-volunteers. Meal prepared by Antoine and aperitif by Béa. Under a constant and soothing wind (flush with the wind, Aeolette calm down!).


A huge THANK YOU to Cybelle Planet for this unforgettable experience. Thank you to Céline, Antoine and Louis and their beautiful boat that inspires respect and makes the sea even more beautiful (Sylvie).

Shipping of the 11 17 2015 August from Hyères

Tuesday 11 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

First day already amazing. . Port output to 13h45. Afternoon at anchor at the Badine with trainers at the top, a very nice crew, cool atmosphere and perfect cooks. Everything starts wonderfully well with a great sunset. But poor Caro ....

Wednesday 12 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Departure of the anchorage at 4h05. The night was short. A member of the crew is sick all morning and therefore can not observe this morning. The observations start at 7h. 2 dolphins were seen before 7h.

We see a lone dolphin and a group of dolphins this morning. The observation groups take turns so that there is no interruption between 7h and 19h. At 14h20 we see a fin whale: it came to the surface to breathe. We follow him for 20 min then leave him alone. It was magical ! He was tall, it was impressive all the more so as he was only an 50aine meters. Towards 18h, we see some dolphins very closely. It was also great. To 19h30 we eat while watching the sun go down. Splendid day, perfect!

Thursday 13 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Unique experience: we have tested for you night shifts. Surveillance, by night, boats, equipped with binoculars and a fluorescent compass. At 4h, simultaneous attack and surprise 7 boats including 2 with risk of collision, 1er awakening for Antoine! Our hero saved us. At 5h, phantom submarine attack (contrary to appearances, we were fasting). Unidentified object in a stealthy approach but quickly disappeared after a spotlight. Very cool quarters: rain of shooting stars, jumping dolphins, new rewarding experience. At 6h30, fog and wind have arrived. Our usual patient has returned to service. The storm approaching, direction the port of Sète. The port rises on our arrival. Mooring the boat. Stroll in Sète in the rain and discovery of a sea route previously unexplored, the passage of dolphins, populated by unknown creatures: the dolphin fishtail being our main discovery (we discover species that will give the job of study to researchers at 100aines of researchers). In the absence of sea water, we rediscovered the joys of the shower at the port. A good dinner in the boat drowned under the torrential rain ... of rain. Lying at 23h30 after the rescue of the boat, become slightly wet.

Friday 14 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Today the wind is not favorable to the exit at sea, it is the fat mat that we could do. Unfortunately, our announced good night was disrupted by a wake up forgotten by the person who abandoned the ship (3h40, 5h55, 6h05). Breakfast after a group therapy? Our eco guide has pampered us. She is not only animal behaviorist, but also human. We still walked 45 min to afford a great refreshing bath. The atmosphere in the group is still good. Swimming, sunbathing, shopping, the day has continued well. We even had the chance to observe a mantat ray and different outings of cetaceans not listed to the surprise of our eco guide. A new attention from Caro who was waiting for us when we arrived at the sailing boat with ice cream and zezettes (from Sète) which are specialties from here. In the evening, we had a one-hour topo about cetaceans, including their sonar: it was really exciting, she knows well finally :)

Saturday 15 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Too much wind ... so another day at the port. Our eco guide has a very good idea: birdwatching trip to the pond of Thau. We take the bus to 13h15 and arrive at Barrou. We see gulls, gulls, an egret, a kestrel. Caro explains the difference between gull and seagull. She explains us many other details about birds; exciting and rewarding day.

Sunday 16 August

Today we are going out !! Opening the bridge to 11h, we take off. We get into transect quite quickly even if the wind is up. We observe many terns, some seagulls and gulls but unfortunately no marine animals ... But it's nice to go out after 3 days at the port, especially since it is very beautiful! Back to the port to 18h30 then hooking the sailboat to the pontoon. Last meal all together on the sailboat: we spent a great week even if we were stuck 3 days at the port!

Shipping of the 18 24 2015 August from Sète

Tuesday 18 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

It is 20h 50 ... We sail towards Port-Camargue, we attend a beautiful sunset when suddenly ... A pink flamingo
2h the morning '
We are finally moored in Port Camargue.

Wednesday 19 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Rise to 9h. False joy: we stay at the port today because of the weather :-(
After a nice little drink organized by the captaincy, Caroline gave us a (big) topo about cetaceans and other species that we could cross during our stay. We were all very happy to learn new things.
Jo also told us about "just in case" safety, followed by a small course on marine knots.

Thursday 20 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Lift: very (too) early! We are heading out to sea for the day.
The god of seasickness, Vomito, hit! 5 people on 8 have fallen ... We deplore the loss of 3 vomit bags in the day.
Side observation: 1648 puffins (really!) And 1648 positions, Jo starts to crack!
Juliette started cooking like a Maroilles in the sun.
Arrival at Bandol at night.

Friday 21 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

We leave off. Juliette exclaims: "Look! Dolphins ! And Jo to reply, annoyed: "But no! They are tuna, ... "
BUT ... Later in the day, surprise! A breath: it's a sperm whale. We are barely getting ready to probe already ...
Neither one nor two, Caroline deplie the sconoscope ... stethoscope? Or stenostope? No, no! The hydrophone! in order to listen to the sperm whale diving and hunting ... when he laughs too: hihi :-). We waited a long time for its reappearance but unfortunately we never saw it again (it's sad)!
BUT ... (Yes, again) A wonderful surprise awaited us at the bend of a wave: a whole group of pilot whales appeared before us and came to swim at the bow of the boat. Magic moment for the whole team! Caroline ran everywhere insulting the camera that was not working. They were about ten with little ones and turned on the blank to watch us.
They then moved away quietly, pushed by the matriarch of the group.
An hour later, a straight breath, typical of a whale, appeared in the distance. We only saw the dorsal surface until it disappeared under the waves, certainly because of a nearby boat.
After all these emotions, we returned quietly to anchor next to Fort Brégançon. On the way, 2 fireworks were there, certainly intended to welcome us.

Saturday August 22

diary cybelle planet 2015

We left in the morning for a new day of observation. Apart from the puffins, we did not see anything. We again witnessed a fireworks (definitely they like us!) In front of a good meal.
Before that we still bathed to cool off and wash ourselves. Then sleep!

Sunday August 23

diary cybelle planet 2015

Grass mat '!!! Rising to 10h45 after a restless night, between Jo's snoring and the rain that surprised us in the middle of the night.
During a crockery session, Fred inadvertently dropped a pan at the bottom of the water by 7 meters. Thifaine and Juliette could not catch her. She was definitely lost.
We ate for the first time inside the boat!
Thifaine, Juliette and I went for a swim and explore the seabed. We saw a starfish, sea urchins and lots of beautiful fish! Well, we also saw a sea cucumber, looking like a big turd! Thifaine has also brought us very nice abalone shells! Very nice memories.
To end this beautiful day, we took inventory for next week's races and had dinner again in the square.


- Jo's Valentine's Day card: following the fireworks including rockets forming beautiful hearts reminiscent of Valentine's Day, Jo described a card he received one day, but decency forbids us to say more. ..
- Jo is actually called Patrick! What a shock !
- Juliette and her charming northern accent: "I saw a cocholot lô! "

Shipping of the 25 31 2015 August from Hyères

Tuesday 25 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

That's it is 10h the new team is coming, it's time!
At the port a tawny or bald vulture (we do not know anymore) passed over the boat. We then left the port to go to anchorage, during the trip we were well wet! First explanations by our eco-guide Stéphanie on the progress of the observations.

Wednesday 26 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

It's gone for the open sea! At the change of team, Pascale says "Dauphin! And there a big group of dolphins has arrived.
We then settled for the meal. Then Aurélie said placidly "a fin ..." nobody reacts. Then a little harder: "A fin!" ... A group of pilot whale flew very furtively.
We resumed the meal and just finished, pilot whales returned.
During the dishes, small orange flakes are passed in the water. It was believed that it was Mathieu (party in the toilet) ... but it was actually Rorqual !!!
A breath ... then 2 ... then 3 ... It was an arti-breath fire!
After this wonderful show we bathed off.

During the aperitif, we saw a back of whale in the setting sun, with only noise pollution ... his breath.

Thursday 27 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Night off on a sea of ​​oil. Juliet and Martine woke Jo because they thought they saw a cargo ship hitting us. What turned out to be accurate !! They felt the cargo ship's breath on their necks. Phew! Our nut shell has held up.
The moon lit up our shifts to 4h in the morning. Some heard breaths in the night, others saw dawn rise.
We note that Mathieu has developed a survival technique based on chocolate bars to hold up. Pity ! Pascale arrived too late, she took advantage of the empty boxes to sit dry.
2h of quarter it passes quickly.

First sighting at 8h30 (aine buttered aka Françoise insists on 8h35), we had the pleasure to see stealthy dolphins and some puffins. After the day yesterday we are almost disappointed and demanding: where is the sperm whale !! ??
Pascale does not care: she probed, 2th nap.

The passage of dolphins was too fast, we did not see them all. We sheltered in Friuli where a "parigo" cut the road to Jo to go wet and finally leave 1h later. Too much wind off, last night was tiring, tonight we're resting.
A small swim at the end of the day ... full of fish! In the absence of sperm whale and whale in the Friuli we take revenge on a chili and wine of buttock heu..messe! The frioul what a scam :)!

3ème Pascale's nap that has probed a lot today.

Full of hope for tomorrow ... Objective sperm whale. Secret defense Jo knows Huggy the sperm whale!

Friday 28 August

diary cybelle planet 2015

Wake up to Friuli: brave 2 get into the dishes even before breakfast: Mathieu and Pascale. Listening only to her audacity, Francoise dives into the washing-up water. It shines like a penny.

In rotten egg odors (we do not know where it comes from) we are ready to take off. We suspect the chili of yesterday to be at the origin of all that ^^!

The first few quarters of the morning were sensational: thousands of puffins, jellyfish flitting on both sides of the bow of the boat like a fried egg festival and when; jaded by this incredible spectacle we were preparing to finish the 3e quarter observation, here a mum whale and her cub come to titillate our curiosity, then dolphins blue and white players jump happily and approach a few moments of the boat before step away.

But how to forget that moment of emotion, when we saved Dundee the plastic crocodile that floated adrift ?!

This fantastic day ended with a swim by 2000 m background followed by a happy meal in the glow of the sunset. RDV tomorrow with the hope of seeing a sperm whale.

Sunday August 30

diary cybelle planet 2015

After a quiet day spent off (saturday) dotted with puffins and boat (no one escapes the watchful eye of Francoise) and a sperm whale that we sowed "dare dare" ... We found refuge in Port Macabre er Camargue.
alcoholics population? We make some curious encounters anyway.
Failing to find a nice bar we fold on the boat to drink a last drink under the full moon. The mosquitoes finally left us alone after eating us. Juliette wrapped in her hood with the tip of the nose that exceeded hopelessly needed to escape!

Sunday's day was very peaceful. Apart from a Pelicantus Maritimus (if it exists!).
Arrival in Sète, we wait for the bridge to open after a nice course piloted by Captain Françoise who bar like a pro. Françoise will apologize anyway for her driving that has created irregularities in our tan impeccable. Dilettante day where we enjoy the sun.

A sublime shower later we celebrate the birthday of our favorite buttered tantel around a delicious Moscatel offered by Pascale, pretty T-Shirt Cybelle Planet on the back.

At table !!!

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Monday 01 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Arrival of the volunteers at the boat in Sète. Storing races then rest with a new dish: pasta risotto with the casserole ...! Despite all the scenarios possible catastrophes envisaged during the security briefing, to ensure the motivation of the volunteers, Antoine understood that he could not go alone. The motivated security and cetacean volunteers then went to rest to prepare for a long day of sailing, about 20hours.

Tuesday 02 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Day of navigation slightly rough. The quarters of sight succeed one another without success, except for a few puffins, and a dolphin disguised as tuna. Tonight the sea goes wild, and forces some people to go to bed to be fit for night shifts.

Wednesday 03 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Arriving off Porquerolles some people have the chance to see some dolphins. Antoine believes that we will be stuck on the ground for several days. We therefore accost to Porquerolles rather than Hyères to enjoy the island. Short walk in the city, afternoon swimming and rest!

Thursday 04 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Morning walk to the Moulin du bonheur. After the meal rest then walk to the lighthouse for some, and still rest for others. Ice cream then meals inside the boat because of the icy climate.

Friday 05 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Long walk to the tip of the island, then swimming and rest. Very vaunted day. Good news of the evening: we take the sea tomorrow!

Saturday September 06

diary cybelle planet 2015

Raised early at 5h30 for the sea. Navigation and observation quarters all day, despite this we only see puffins and two dolphins. Arrived at the anchorage at 22h30 at the Badine.

Shipping 8 14 September 2015 from Hyères

Monday 08 September: Hyères - Margaret

diary cybelle planet 2015

Welcome to 10h on the boat by Céline the eco-guide and Antoine the skipper. We empty our travel bags in our cabins. After the reception of the races, first meal on board at 14h.
We are not leaving today: too much wind to "wet" in Porquerolles. Some end the races, with the car of Jean-Luc, ecovolontaire group, others wander in Hyères.
At 18h, Antoine explains the safety on board. Question: what do we do if we lose the skipper ... !!? (Antoine "hilarious"). Safety braid demonstrations. 19h, Céline enters the scene: passionate presentation of our "MISSION CETACES". Meal at 22h. Sunset at 23h.

Tuesday 09 September: Hyères - Navigation - Marisol

diary cybelle planet 2015

We left the port to 9h. We started the observations to 10h. Despite the weather and the rough sea, we saw 3 fin whales, blue and white dolphins, a swordfish, and more dolphins in the distance.
3 people were sick which did not stop them from admiring the animals close to the boat. We did night shifts of 2h alternately. There was nothing to report. Antoine slept like a "baby" What is good sign for tomorrow ...

Wednesday 10 September: Navigation - Jean

diary cybelle planet 2015

Mist more or less thick during the night, increased monitoring so as not to miss an unreported boat on the radar.
During the last quarter of 6h30 at 7h, in beautiful sunrise colors, with a sea of ​​oil, several groups of dolphins pointed the end of their dorsal in the distance, 4 dragonflies were spinning and landing regularly around us.
It is 9h, restorative breakfast of the night swallowed, isolated in the open sea in the whales zone, funds area at -2000m on the "canyons", it is the departure in observation by quarter. In the morning, some blue / white Dolphins visit us ... then battles of Tuna and Bonito.
At 14h, while the observation was to start at 14h30, "wanks down," no nap! The pilot whales arrive ... on the starboard, behind, on the port side, more and more numerous, females and their young, then the males. They are accompanied by some Stenella. For about 3h30, slow ahead on 3 miles. Stopping the engine, they move away a little, raise the engine, they come back around the boat. The games around the sailboat follow one another. Photos galore, videos from the deck and underwater videos thanks to a submersible camera hanging at the end of the blunder. The videos are closer to the animals with various staged Globi themselves (smiles on camera, demonstrations of affection, ...).
At the end of the observation, the Stenella came to the bow before being "pushed" by the Globi who want to take their place. Lucky 2 saw the "Goodbye Globi" synchronized and aligned jump of twenty individuals towards the boat. My coaches have never seen such a quantity of pilot whales as close ... the population of the species seems stable in our research areas. Towards 19h, the weather forecast forces us to retreat ... going up north to arrive tomorrow morning in Sète.

diary cybelle planet 2015

Thursday 11 September: Navigation - Port of Sète - Jean & Vanessa

diary cybelle planet 2015

Cool and wet night. The fog masks the arrival in the harbor, then in the channels, the sun comes back for our installation in the basin of the south.
In anticipation of the announced snap. Antoine ties us securely (on 8 points).
Loading data, reviewing photos and videos.
Lunch then a "quarter" of observation to visit Sète: the station for schedules, buses, the tourist office, the old port, the channels, the atmosphere of this city with a rich past and ... tourist.
Mojito aperitif on the cockpit, dinner (no light in the square), review underwater videos that show the population of Globi 3 times larger than that observed on the surface, such as the iceberg. In particular: babies, feedings, males with Ohhh admiration, games with passage under the bow, the "fight" to have the best place in the bow and in front of the camera ...

Friday 12 September: Port of Sète - Jean Luc

Today, sleep late at the port. On the program, no night shift, no observations planned, ... finally holidays ... mouais :-( Believing me woke no more than Noëlla the days before, I go to the station to change my train back (mission ended due to adverse weather) without the pass of the port!
Left with Margaret to Mont-Saint-Clair in pursuit of Noëlla and Jean, we enjoy a lull and sun. After a meal shared on our floating base, new expedition to the "sharp" neighborhood where an old lady makes us discover the original recesses (refuge of cats, local artists) ....
Back on board for aperitif and well-deserved meal, the storm arrives but aboard as laughter, long live straw cheeses ... Transfer of photos-videos, review of the observations with Celine.

Saturday 13 September: Port of Sète - Céline

diary cybelle planet 2015

Matinée big housekeeping because the weather will not allow us to go out at sea. Find the comfort of a good shower and a little bit of seasickness ...
Vanessa and Jean Luc are already leaving us; DIY on board, walks in town and storage in order to reconnect with "the land" ... The boat is slowly emptying, last moments shared with some members of the crew and goodbye with the memories of pilot whales that will remain etched in our memories.
Thanks to Cybelle and the whole team.

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Tuesday 15 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

It's been a week since I'm on the boat. Yesterday the team left and today the new ones arrive: Paul first and the others follow. This week we will be 7 ecovolunteers. Everyone takes his marks, introduces himself and discovers the boat. Stephanie our eco-guide explains the operation of life on the boat (the toilet for example !!!) and tells us our bins. And now, the first morning passed, the afternoon we have some additional explanations. Candice, Aline and Stéphanie leave for some shopping. With Julien and Carole, I go to the beach to take a good swim. Antoine tells us that we will leave only on Thursday, weather requires, which makes a bit of excitement for the entire crew. Nevertheless, a game of poker starts in the early evening in a good atmosphere. Good night, little ones!

Wednesday 16 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Big day in perspective under the clouds. Antoine gives us the topo sécu and Stephanie briefs us on the cetacean observation process. We go to bed early to be in shape the next morning for the big departure!

Thursday 17 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

9h45, impatience is felt before the bridge of Sète ready to open. 10H30, the bridge is finally rising! It left for a minimum of 20h of navigation to join Porquerolles in the hope of crossing our cetaceans friends on the way. Unfortunately, the excitement will not succeed to take over the seasickness. One by one ecovolunteers collapse, except for Noëlle and Jean-Pierre alongside Stephanie and Antoine. Gradually recovering a quarter of observation is finally organized in the afternoon. Noella, Stephanie and Candice finally catch a glimpse of 3 dolphins. Night is falling. The night shifts are set up. The navigation under the stars, a novelty for some, excited more than one. We will meet again in the morning!

Friday 18 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

Arrival on the island of Porquerolles. Everyone goes about their business: beaches, walks, visits of forts, naps. A question also occupies our minds for long hours: what is the famous job of Antoine's youth? The doubt remains, but it would probably have been Gogo Dancer ...!

Saturday 19 September

Second day on Porquerolles. Two groups formed, the first wishing to ride a bike and the second to walk. The bike group toured the island taking forbidden paths and others with a good elevation gain. In this bunch of crazy bikes a daredevil turned up climbing trees and cliffs to explore a cave called the pirate's hole. However the group split so that some can join the walkers to bathe.

Sunday 20 September

diary cybelle planet 2015

The day of the last chance for the observation of marine mammals. Nice navigation to put on the assets of our captain Antoine, but no cetacean on the horizon. This is a big disappointment. But let's end up with good news: Paul's tartiflette and a small anchorage in the Badine!

Shipping 22 28 September 2015 from Hyères

Tuesday 22 September: At the dock - Hyères.

Everyone is at the rendezvous: Danielle, the two Fred, Madeleine ... just miss Alain. Candice, meanwhile, begins his 2meme week ... hoping to have more luck than last week.
Celine and Antoine welcome us aboard Avocet Of Ryme, fortunately Céline wears the t-shirt because the hidden banner is still riquiqui ... We quickly take our quarters.
Alain we finally found. Crew in full.
Naturally, we organize for the lunch because the races are late to arrive ... they will never happen ... after a misunderstanding ... and an internet bug when ordering. We will have to fend for ourselves.
The atmosphere is good and we are slowly acquainted. Our guests inform us and train us on the safety and our function on board, the program, the various forms to fill, species of cetaceans, tools for the surveys, quarters and edged ... It takes us all the afternoon.
We all agree ... the practice will be hard work ...
After a good meal, the lights go out one by one, our heads stuffed with info .... tomorrow still at the dock because the wind continues to grow ...

Wednesday, September 23

diary cybelle planet 2015

Nice start of the day under the sun and little wind. We are still pressed for time, a refueling mission being organized early in the morning. Once the couriers have returned, a phase of storage of food is set up. Then the lunch is prepared, ready to be tasted .... But this time it is our skipper who misses the call! Several hypotheses are made as to his disappearance: gone shopping? In the shower ? Taking a drink with the neighbor? ... we'll never know, but he finally came back. The afternoon is quietly in Hyères, between complementary races, ride for some, and technical briefing on the dike by Celine to learn to master the devices. In short, a day without too many twists, but we still have a lesson: the price of showers at the captaincy fluctuates according to the age and the interlocutor ... .So the task to the girls to go recharge the cards ... We are finally going to bed early, to be frisky tomorrow morning for the big departure!

Thursday 24 September: Departure - Port Man

diary cybelle planet 2015

Great departure :
We leave after a quick breakfast. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, only the wind is cooling the temperature. The first quarter is set up. We cross several boats and military vessels, while helicopters cross above our heads. The VHF announces imminent mine fire in our navigation area. The second quarter settles but no cetacean observations until lunch. We still see gulls, puffins and 3 jellyfish fried egg.
At the end of the lunch, at the dessert (as we had ordered ... exactly), Céline and Dan report big fins in the distance but in a sea formed. Our roads are getting closer, which monopolizes all our attention. We identify when arriving on area, pilot whales! At the beginning, a small group of 4 specimens big enough, which quickly expands to 7 then progressively, we see them arise from all sides. During the first minutes, they stand at a distance of about 10 meters and quickly they come to play with the bow and rub against the boat.
From all directions other groups join them.
So much so that it is difficult for us to estimate the exact number, 50? ... 100? ... 200? ... They were of all sizes, both male and female and even babies.
Underwater video sports missions for Candice, Madeleine and Antoine.
They do us the honor of their visit for an hour and a half, and it is with regret that we leave them to anchor in Port-Cros before dark.

Friday 25 September: Port-Man anchorage - Bandol

diary cybelle planet 2015

Departure to 7h30, heading South. The first quarter starts at 8h on a sea very conducive to observation. After 30 minutes of obs, the first breath is sighted. We move towards him, the breaths succeed each other but each time in a different direction which require us to tack to get closer to the animal.
We manage to identify the fin whale, very discreet, which finally partly revealed to us around 50 m of the boat.
After a long observation of one hour, we resume our course towards the west so as not to annoy the animal. The return of the observation allows us to cross the road of three blue and white dolphins then another group of five, and several hunts of tuna. We anchor in the bay of Bandol with the sunset, and prepare the tartiflette of the dinner ... so much desired ...

Saturday 26 September: Bandol Bay - Large

diary cybelle planet 2015

Start at sunrise and watch first quarter from 8h. Very good weather conditions, where we see some blue and white dolphins. RAS until the end of the afternoon where a breath of fin whale is reported. We try to follow him in vain because he sows us in the sun. We continue our journey under a beautiful sunset while the moon is already visible in the sky. It was then that a whale decided to join us for a drink. The day ends on this satisfaction and the night shifts start from 22h.

Sunday 27 September: Large- Sète

diary cybelle planet 2015

The awakening is rather difficult this morning after 1 big night of watch and navigation quarters. The observations begin early (7h30) under a beautiful sunrise, but with a rough sea than expected. The wind is rapidly recovering while we are at the level of the canyons, but no cetaceans appearing in the middle of the sheep which they are more and more numerous ... Except a single dolphin coming to wish us a beautiful day in a very stealthy way.
Observations stop at 8h30 due to adverse conditions. Our chances of observing a sperm whale are gradually dwindling ....
While the 3 observers come inside while the skipper takes control and maneuver the sailboat in the sea which is formed quickly, the other members of the crew awake brutally by a strong smell of burned and a suspicious smoke that emerges in the rear cabins. On the order of our captain, everyone gets their safety bra and puts in place the evacuation protocol elaborated at the beginning of the week. Each pair retrieves the elements necessary for "survival" in the event that we should leave the ship due to fire.
Nobody gives in to panic while Antoine and Alain look for where the problem comes from. Finally it would be a short circuit of one of the autopilots .... Having melted the electrical cables and plastics of the box.
The crisis situation was perfectly well managed and in time !!! We have the congratulations of our skipper for the control we have shown in this particularly critical situation ... Only the stock of bananas, ready to be taken in case of evacuation will not have survived more than 5mn on the table square. It is also true that our skipper proved to be perfectly professional in the face of this event.
More fear than harm ! Life slowly resumes on the sailboat between the sick of the sea and the tired of this rather agitated morning.
As to make us happy, the wind and the sea finally calm down and we continue our route towards Sète. Few animal encounters on the way apart from some jellyfish nicknamed "flat bottom" by Alain and Frédérique who claim that it is a new species ... We see Sète draw off in the late afternoon and the meeting so hoped with the bottlenose dolphins will not have finally occurred, despite the sun, a zero wind and a sea of ​​oil, conditions now optimal for observations ...
17h30: we arrive at the port of Sète, in standby while waiting for the opening of the bridges, which occurs at 18h40. Passage in the channel.
Our boat, always skilfully maneuvered, docked safely at its location.
Rewards of a good hot shower on dry land that moves anyway ....
Last drink on board, finalization of data filling and transfer of photos-video with Céline until late at night ...
Tomorrow, suitcases and cleaning will be done, on this last day of the mission and the season of Cybelle Méditerranée, after a wonderful adventure at sea!

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