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synopses of cetaceans mission 2016

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Shipping of the 20 29 2016 April from Rosas

Shipping of 12 in 21 June 2016 from Hyères

Shipping of 22 June 1er July 2016 from Calvi

Shipping of the 2 11 2016 July from Hyères

Shipping of the 12 21 2016 July from Sète

Shipping of the 22 31 2016 July from Hyères

Shipping of the 01 10 2016 August from Calvi

Shipping of the 11 20 2016 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 21 30 2016 August from Sète

Shipping of 31 06 August to September 2016 from Hyères

Shipping of the 07 13 September 2016 from Hyères

Shipping of the 14 20 September 2016 from Hyères

Shipping of the 20 29 2016 April from Rosas

Gargantuas Mission !!!!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

The team is a variegated of all ages and of all lands: Paris, Picardy, Lorraine, PACA, Rhône Alpes and SWITZERLAND !!!
Mission objective: Statement maximum cetaceans, whales, whales, dolphins, Pelagie ..... In the Lion's Gulf area (line between Rosas - Spain and Sète - France).

The team with the greatest chance ended up in a small hotel in Rosas ROM. The chemistry was immediate, they are recognized from the outset ... will understand why !!! The look, a smile, a feeling ... A trio meets another trio at breakfast ... 2016 11 carnetsdebords cybelleAnd here we are with our huge bundles to our superb sailboat the Avocet of Ryme where captain Benoit and Céline Director of Cybelle and a number of pelagies are waiting for us at the boat (Rosas port - Spain).


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Last refueling few "essential" products and acknowledgment of the boat for novices. The repeat 3 3 support "alvins" (new ones).

The favorable weather allows us a first output in the early afternoon, after a brief topo safety instructions. Happiness ... a dolphin crossed our way to our first shipment of observation, jubilation aboard !!

Review of the day: Bottlenose Dolphin, Tuna, Pelagie

First night at anchor near the port of Rosas. This was hectic because Aeolus God of Wind woke up forcing us to take refuge in the port again.


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Training on marine life with beautiful slideshow, presentation of the association, its objectives ... Information for ecovolunteers on the use of various new tools made available for the mission (sheets, applying "Obsenmer").

The day ends relatively early and everyone to bed because the next day very early wake 4h30 for the start of the first observations to 7h00.

Mon Cheri Evening: Our sidekick Maurice offers a beautiful box of Mon Cheri who had time to emerge: greed compels !!!


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Sébastien Our favorite little Swiss guy gets on the job and becomes Benoit's sailor. Our handsome captain. Departure at dusk, we take the direction of the underwater canyons Lacaze-Duthiens and cap-hollow. The day allowed us to observe Mola-Molas, tuna, ...

As the days are friendships and little nicknames appear: Boubou for Sebastian, Momo for Maurice, Belle Maman for Martine, etc ... We discover the different expressions of our regions or countries ... Pee granny, paper household (Sopalin), abdominal phenomenal central ...

The new kids discover life on board rather joyful ... Everyone learns from each other as Sébastien aka Boubou who was introduced to French cuisine, and takes the opportunity to put to the girl Martine hence the nickname of stepmother.


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Mother Nature is in the game, strong winds 9 invite to travel and require us to take refuge in the port of Palamos for two days minimum. This is an opportunity to redo a refueling because the team launches challenges of gastronomy ... everyone goes to his specialty ... risotto, squid, couscous, wrap (it's trend! ...) that we also gives the opportunity to learn new games "Hello Madam, hello sir ..." (No detail, we keep the surprise for the following missions!)

This "forced" break is an opportunity to increase our knowledge on cetaceans, Celine is a bottomless well on these magnificent animals and also for everything culinary ...

Sunday night, we all gathered in the square and we share an excellent meal prepared by Benoit assisted by Céline few tips. The evening ends with a nice glass ...


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016After a last weather point, it's our last day at the port of Palamos. We take advantage of this moment to deepen our knowledge and Benoit our super Captain teaches us some notions of reading nautical charts: location in latitude and longitude, we discover the notion of the rule of CRAS ... Reading weather maps using of a specific application. The team is together and conscientious, it is also the opportunity to recall the safety rules on board, and we simulate evacuation drills. This practice allowed us to divide the tasks of each one in case of important problems (fire on board, shipwreck, ...) to record failures, ...

The evening festivity with a specialty mushroom risotto of Beatrice; musical vibe Dario Moreno "oh my boat oh oho ohoohohoooooo", the boys went for a stroll while the girls are working in the kitchen ... Cat prepares the drink, Step-mom and Evelyne collect the log, Mamy Blues turns the risotto, Céline improvises DJ ...

We look forward to when we go back to the sea to resume our different functions spotters ...


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016We take the nav. with a rough sea for a new attempt to canyons and finally see the famous Ziphus ... we believe in each and the same energy we watch the waves ... The weather is getting worse and leads to change again our road to lead us directly to Collioure via the Caps Negro, Creus, Cerberus, Bear, and the tradition of the sailors we have not failed us get tattooed by the second or a snail or Occitan cross and that to 48 hours ... . the evening ends in photo shoot ... Please visit ...


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Departure from Collioure to Cap d'Agde. The crossing will be direct because the sea is always a heavy swell and the north wind is the game. This day is still up to good effect for a few navigation courses through our great captain who is an angel of patience with these sometimes unruly students ... 11 hours of navigation and without seeing the shadow of a sperm whale tail, a breath, a tail, a short dorsal ... Ziphus company and sail to other seas.

By late evening, after an excellent meal prepared by Martine and Maurice preceded by a good drink homemade grilled toast smeared with guacamole, red radish washed down with an excellent Mojitos or a small yellow ... Debriefing by our Captain Benoit around a good little rum in a very typical bar of the port in which everyone shared comments, funny and warm these past days.


Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016This morning we leave the Cap d'Agde, to 8h00. And finally an observation day looks. Diligent, we are delighted to resume the pace of quarters, under a more clement weather. Our eyes are desperate fins, only mola molas-a lonely pélagie, tunas, some shearwaters, petrels of ... make an appearance.

The sun is in the middle part after and accompanies us three sails outside for our entry to the port of Sète. Arrival at 18H15 in Sète where Benoit moor the Avocet of Ryme at his home base with gentleness and dexterity.

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016These missions are a breath of fresh air both at the human level and at the level of complete disconnection from our daily lives .... to do as many times as you can ... It's also a meeting with nature with which you have to adapt daily and that without being sure to see cetaceans ...

Shipping of 12 in 21 June 2016 from Hyères

Sunday June 12 (Amandine)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Arrival at the port of Hyeres after a great journey following the strike of the railway. I first meet the eco-guide, Margaux welcomes me warmly and then the whole team that we will pass these 10 days at sea: Antoine skipper, Cecile, Jean-Noël and Hélène. On check in Margaux introduced us inside the boat with all its storage not suspected. All space is optimized! Then we share lunch before setting sail to bring it further because we had free port location. The afternoon was calm after the presentation of safety rules by Antoine (HLM, waterway, mutiny and other cool things), we made a recovery amount. Not possible observation unfortunately 25-30 knot winds (with tip 42). The evening quizz on recognition between marine mammals, fish, boat, bird, UFO ... Cheaters are marked! semi-rough night (wave), 1 first for me on a sailboat - but not (yet) seasickness.

Monday June 13 (Amandine)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Survey at 8h, presentation by Margaux cetaceans, fish, macro-plankton, 2h30 presentation to the computer to stall all that in our heads. That's it, in principle everyone is supposed to make the difference between a motor boat and a veil. At lunch we eat at anchor (in La Badine) and we leave immediately after. We trace to Pampelone, the state of the sea does not allow to make observations. A contest of vomit is launched with Amandine in the lead followed closely by Cécile: 3 points to 1. Jean-Noël tried to challenge us but failed. It will remain in the muddy state. The afternoon was long; we arrived at Pamplona at 19H30 and ate at 20h30. I was in charge of the dinner and tried to prepare 1kg of pasta. There came out a kind of mashed potatoes whose appearance put half of the guests off, then I washed the dishes and took the air outside to daydream a little ... That's when I saw two bright lights in the clouds in the sky. Grey. These 2 balls of light came closer as 2 magnets then moved away at a supernatural speed !!!
Sky, UFOs! It was at that moment that I interpellai Jean-Noel and Helen, who saw me as the lights became more and more before breaking up of a sudden one. Mystery!

Tuesday June 14 (Jean Noël)

Departure from Pamplona to 8h direction Cannes. On the way, the first observations of the trip. On the menu, a jump of tuna, vélelles, a moon fish, vélelles, the vélelles, vélelles of ... Night at the port of Cannes after a shower, until the weather conditions improve.

Wednesday June 15 (Jean Noël)

The day starts with good news: Weather France is no longer a niche strike and seems available to attempt the crossing to Corsica. After taking care of the last living mosquitoes boat (long live the nights in port!), We prepare meals for the crossing. Departure at 14h with rain. Hours later, conditions are improving and we can launch an observation quarter: several moon fish, vélelles thousands and ... a dozen blue and white dolphins that accompany us for ½ hour. The sea is oil and night shifts are organized.

16 Thursday June (Jean Noël)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Observations began to 6h30. The boat heads towards the Cap Corse and apart from a group of dolphins in the distance, we meet as vélelles again ... :-)
The comments followed until Bastia, but apart from a succession of waste, no whale to be put in the tooth. The arrival at the port of Bastia coincides with the return of the Tramontana forcing Grand Skippy (Antoine) to reveal his talent to "ask" the boat in a location "English" not greater than the latter.
To celebrate this victory duck this evening, it will be "evening pancakes." Finally it all depends on where you come in Brittany ... Margaux therefore considers that it is "cake evening". Wait for tomorrow for the result of the competition "mosquito bites".

Friday June 17 (Amandine)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

A day full of promise began, under the beautiful Corsican sun! It was around 8h when we left Bastia to join the island of Elba where Napoleon was exiled. So full of hope, we made the bet to see a mashed sperm whale, or ziphius if any. The morning was long for the group at the quarter of observation, not even a vélelle. Nothing on the horizon. For the Grand Skippy, the morning was trying. Indeed, he had to overcome a technical incident that could have been right of us all by asphyxiation. At the origin of this inconvenience, a big need that irreparably blocked the archaic pump system toilets. Someone we will not denounce, had indeed relieved and the evacuation system could not resist. After this episode, a fictitious sea rescue exercise was organized. It was actually drowning one of our cushions. Skippy then made a superb maneuver to bring him back on board. Test taken with brio. Off the coast of Corsica, the sea began to stir a little more and no longer allowed to make observations. It must be said that we were in mainsail mode in the wind (leaning to 3 degree richnou, a new unit of measure that adapts to all situations, handy when at sea you have ... no reference). It was then that Grand Skippy awoke to take the helm and overcome the loss of his crew, unable to go without falling inside to eat. He served us lunch at the table and we regained strength and courage to continue the crossing. We then had to spend the night off watching night shifts, but this option was discarded in favor of an anchorage on the shores of the "Bella Isola" and we did not regret it. We did a nice swim with fins and snorkel followed by a synchronized swimming show with sparkling evening lights. The idea was launched to join the "Ristorante" of the beach. The annex was inflated with great motivation, carried by the promise of a tasty and authentic pizza. We all climbed aboard the zodiak and we spent a most enjoyable and exotic evening since the beginning of the epic: pizza, pana cotta, vino bianco, limoncello and conto to finish. We returned satiated and tangants (the limoncello or the earth disease? ...) on a zodiac half deflated (but not wet). Buona notte!

Saturday June 18 (Jean Noël)

We left the island of Elba strong strong early morning.
With cetaceans first goal.
We have not seen them, they asked us a rabbit.
And the wind got up, it has made us sweat.

It is rotten to the Alexandrian, I go in prose. In fact we saw dolphins but far away, to party to another boat that Avocet ...
We arrived in the canyons and we decided to listen to the hydrophone. We heard irregular rattling Margaux and told us she did not know what it was! This will remain a mystery afterwards! Perhaps the Loch Ness monster. We continued the quarters to follow the canyon and take refuge in a small cove.
We arrived quite late, and we eat a great burger with tomato eggplant mozzarella spaghetti.

Sunday June 19 (Jean Noël)

6h lifted, rotten weather.
Departure. Hydrophone: zilch. Depressed.
4h drive. Hydrophone: zilch. Re blues
Vélelle capture, killing ...
Cetacean Missions completed.
2h road towards Calvi, Ti-punch Mission engaged. Failure. Re re depressed.
In short, we saw nothing!

Monday June 20 (Cecile)

Today the weather looks good, but the swell of 2,5m prevents us from doing shift observations. So it's up 10 hours, as you say it has been a sacred mat fat !!
11heure30, brunch (scrambled eggs, chipos, white beans, avocado, melon, coffee, yogurt, bread, chocolate, brie, that choice !!) and ben after the meal ..... NAP? So we're a little rested, reading, sunbathing, then we had a short course on the history of the evolution of cetaceans and their adaptations to aquatic environments, very interesting !!
We approached the port of Calvi and have inflated Annex to drink a mojito on the terrace !!! A real one this time !! Small salad on the boat, and topo of the week and our memories, this is our last night ...

Tuesday June 21 (Cecile)

Survey 7 hours brekkie quiet, this is it this is the end .... Suitcases, and cleaning of the vessel required shine brightly! After we all leave a well-deserved shower before meeting for a final restaurant! Vélelle mission and biodiversity, goodbye !! We hope to see you soon, small vélelles! ...
Ah yes a little song to know if you see Vélelles !!
"It's the dance of vélelles that out in the sea to move their tentacles tsoin tsoin tsoin tsoin !! "It will help you pass the time when whales and sperm whales have decided to hide !! ;-) To be continued ...
Have a good trip to the next ecovolunteers !!!!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Shipping of 22 June 1er July 2016 from Calvi

Mercredi juin 22 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016This morning, go to the port of Calvi 9h. Our mission begins with an expedition to the local Super U for complete provisioning; 3 caddies later, back to the boat. next test, put away the shopping in the boat with the motto "nothing is moving, everything must be rigged" finally there is plenty of room in this boat. In the afternoon, navigation to the first Revelata, small cove to the west of Calvi. We spend the night at anchor after religiously listened to the edge instructions, the different scenarios that can lead us to certain death but especially how to avoid and a presentation of the mission.
Dinner with a beautiful sunset over the citadel of Calvi. The day was full, we'll all sleep well. Above all, a refresh is needed, Margaux and Salome take a bath in the middle phosphorescent dinoflagellates, "magic is made glitter swimming! ".

Thursday June 23 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Sunrise 6h30 for breakfast whales and dolphins. Porto direction along the continental slope. Suddenly, to starboard, a spoiler appears !! To his disordered movement we quickly identify the famous sunfish (Mola Mola), it is e-norm! Our eco-guides estimated that over 1m diameter. We watch for more than a quarter of an hour in his predatory activity amid a bench Vélelles. About an hour later we spot the majestic fin and the soft back of a whale. As we change our course for the better approach, he began a circular dance around our boat, while remaining at a safe distance. It is seen on the sign swirl side he was going to eat. While we were seated, 3 Pisces Moon profilèrent on the horizon in a ballet out of sync, it was nice we laughed a lot :) It was full of emotions.
Beginning of quarter-afternoon, it starts strong: four striped dolphins come to visit us at the bow. Our first dolphins! Unfortunately they left us quickly. With these promising beginning, we link the quarters with gusto but the animals are discreet with the exception of a Cory's Shearwater came to greet us at the very end of the day. We anchor in a magnificent cove. See you tomorrow morning 6h30 for a morning bath to loosen the ropes.

Friday June 24 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016It starts with a morning swim to Laurent who heroically hand off the moorings. The first quarter begins at 7h but little to see.
A 10h fins on the horizon, DOLPHIN, a dozen come to the bow while a young remains aloof with his mom. In the afternoon we started to tour a mountain underwater in setting sail, when suddenly a helicopter appears and turns us around, it controls our route by radio and go away wishing us finally a good crossing. So we are left in the direction of Ajaccio, always looking in vain because no cetacean not deign to show. Even Vélelles are rare in this area and only a few Puffins visit us. We decided to spend the night in the beautiful Anse Saint Barbara with a beautiful beach nearby.

Saturday June 25 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016We leave the anchorage of St. Barbara in 4h30 management Propriano (Proprian - for short) in the hope of surprising our cetacean friends during their breakfast. Despite 3 very attentive observation quarters we observed a swordfish and some Vélelles. A 10h, we must interrupt us because the weather conditions are not favorable; we take the opportunity to hoist the mainsail to the Campomoro Bay for a delicious swim in the turquoise waters. We spend the night in the port of Propriano.

Sunday June 26 216

We leave the port 6h30. First quarter of obs to 7h30 but the swell quickly because of the crew must abandon flush whales and dolphins. We return to the port of Ajaccio at noon, everyone was able to enjoy the pleasure of a real shower, the afternoon ride is at the heart of Ajaccio.

Monday June 27 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

The day begins with a fat crossbred well deserved especially well appreciated except for Margaux and Salome are early parts for a morning workout.
Some quick in following races to supplement reserves before starting the cooking session forecast for the next days at sea. Then it's time for briefing on night watch shifts where we learn more about the operation Of the boat. We now know what to expect for the next few days, so we take some of the forces while trying to draw gulls.

Tuesday June 28 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

7h to start to start the crossing, the Sanguinaires Islands is expected to exceed measure to swell. No observation is possible in the conditions but we continue to scrutinize the broad profiles in quette fins. One thing is certain no one was there. Early night shifts to 20h two fins off reanimate the crew. This is Margaux and Arthur who open the ball. In a sun-setting all-pink dolphins back 3 greet us and wish us bon voyage. Night shifts are linked under a beautiful sky starred this does not lessen our vigilance. A majestic moonrise took the form of a huge red sail on the horizon "top notch". A quiet night ends with a glowing sunrise on the horizon. It's already tomorrow. A gift dolphin!

Wednesday June 29 2016

Some waves later off is freely observed Porquerolles and surprise, we saw ... NOTHING! No, plethora of birds. Listening to the hydrophone confirms suspicions. "Either there is no sperm oil, or they were all silent." Pretty anchorage in the bay of Alycastre to recover from our efforts of the night by a nap. The day ends with a splendid show of Sars-eaters-of-pasta under the leadership of Antoine. The sun is hidden in clouds and we in our bunks.

Thursday June 30 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

7h a thick and enveloping mist prevents any possible departure. While waiting for it to come up, Margaux and Salome play "Schweine-Würfeln": Score 84 / 103 - and Margaux wins! Revenge 100 / 90 - Victory for Salome and the beautiful 105 / 90 - Salome wins; remains to do the break-dance of the pig.
Finally the veil is lifted to 10h, time of departure for the wide, the sea is beautiful like silver. Puffins up of "pussoif" and Pelagie. Second listening hydrophone, a large ferry and no sperm, we leave for wetting. Suddenly Providence beckons and we send 3 coeruleoalba Stenella dolphins to reward these efforts. Great reward, we can go with confidence. Last night on board, try to enjoy every remaining moment to sway gently in the Badine.


25 Dolphins
2 Turtles
Mola Mola 4
1 whale
1 Shark

A huge thank you to our eco-guide Margaux and our skipper Antoine for a wonderful week!
<3 Cybelle Planet
Narrative of Arthur's adventures, Salome, Valerie and Laurent - ecovolunteers shock!

Shipping of the 2 11 2016 July from Hyères

Saturday, July 2

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016A new team embarks aboard the Avocet of Ryme! Steph as an eco-guide, Andy as boss aboard, Elise, Emeline, Thibaut and Bertille as over-motivated volunteers! The team settles on board and prepares for boarding. Big topo security on the part of Andy, with all the possible alternatives: same mutiny, attack of sperm whale or dolphin in the boat. Then departure to Porquerolles for anchorage, in a rough sea. A great atmosphere is already installed on board, with card games, heated debates, music and mojito. Everyone settles finally, for a first night aboard, with surely dreams of whales and dolphins ...

Sunday, July 3

Without putting the world at large, we do in mouilllage: hunting, fishing duck, Magellan, horses, photography, organic farming, cosmetics ... But to conclude: "People are not loans "(Andy)! Then first swim of eco-volunteers with masks and snorkel to meet the small fish and sea grass (which are aquatic plants and flowers not !! algae). Afternoon to digest, cetaceans and boats recognition briefing, quickly closed by the nose piercing Mamie and Thibaut. early evening music with Andy on guitar to finish in a good mood with a drink that goes well! quiet late night for Wake to 5h tomorrow!

Monday July 4

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Wake up at dawn to meet cetaceans, finally !!! 5 hours, all on the bridge! First blue and white dolphin at 7h43. Amarinage a little difficult for some, returned in order on the blows of noon with the arrival of a large group of blue and white dolphins in the bow: photo shooting session of the stars with a lot of emotions.

Frugal meal after these nauseating episodes. Reboosted block, we begin the afternoon on a sea of ​​oil. 2eme an exhilarating encounter with blue and white dolphins. Arrival at anchor, at the creek of Moutte, stars in the eyes.

Festive evening with apple pie preparation for Steph's birthday. FLASH INFO: exclusive interruption of the newspaper! Appearance of a fin whale !!! RV Wednesday for more details.

Tuesday July 5

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Direction the big blue in search of the Mediterranean giant. Aside from the puffins and the boats, flat calm on this long and hot transect. End of afternoon cut short due to a strong swell, we hoisted the mainsail towards the island of Port Cros with a peak reaching 8 nodes !!! With Bertille at the helm (wolf cub) back to 45 ° with a little stress for the skipper ...

Arrival noticed by neighbors wetting !!

Wednesday, July 6

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We leave this time in the attention of meeting the inhabitants of the embankment: globi, Risso's dolphin, sperm whales. Finally, at the end of the morning, we come across a fin whale at 20 meters from us! Mouth open, we all rush to the front of the boat, even our skipper jumping like a "Moby Dick" !!!

So we begin a very enthusiastic observation of 1h30 during which the whale let us approach gently: we could see his breath, the endless length of his back and his back flap. We shot her pictures with a boat rocking with the rhythm of her caudal strokes. After eating, we take the direction of the island of Porquerolles or we need to refuel, and at the same time, take a GOOD SHOWER, yes! And finally, we take a drink and our meal surrounded by luxury yacht, revealing our prestigious Mustang 45 ...

Thursday July 7

Today departure from Porquerolles with the hope of finally crossing our dear globis and sperm whales. According to the predictions of the draw of marine mammal special cards of the day before, we are hopeful! Unfortunately, flat calm for a good part of the day, interrupted by occasional puffins and pelagies. Finally, a group of blue and white dolphins makes its appearance, and approaches to the bow to let us dream for a few moments. Then we head to the port of La Ciotat to refuel. But an engine problem is blocking us on the pontoon for several hours. While men tinker, women play belote and talk lace! Finally, after a cry of victory from Andy, we can leave the dock to "park" in the harbor. Before going to bed, we draw the cards: globi and big dolphin (without cheating) ... we hope!

Friday July 8

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Late morning after the announcement of wind: wake up gently. Quiet morning waiting for Steph party at the doctor, some stayed on the boat and other parties to walk in the old La Ciotat.

Departure at sea, seaward direction. Quiet afternoon ... RAS! Beautiful arrival at the wide of Marseille, in an anchorage surrounded by the splendid creeks of Pomègues in the archipelago of Frioul! Evening punctuated by the disco boat nearby.

Saturday, July 9

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Starting mid morning to start the observations while the wind still allows. But the wind soon joined the party making it impossible 3 level. Preparing lunch in the sandstone of the swell: recommended faint of heart! Following the day with a west wind forcing us to tack in the endless blue desert of the Camargue.

In the evening by 15 meters deep, we abandon the idea of ​​joining the port and drop anchor in the Gulf of St. Mary of the Sea. So much for the great showers of the port of St. Mary of which we boast the Andy benefits. Evening with VHF radio with the Cross Med Babel who sought the boat while we were eating their eyes (lychees).

Sunday, July 10

Last day off, announced nautical: on the way to the Bottlenose dolphins! After a few hours of intensive sightings, we were rewarded by a group of 2 Bottlenose dolphins letting us hope for every Tuna hunt to see our finned friends again! End of a quiet day arriving at the port of Sète. Back on dry land with a good shower, a good ice cream, a good pizza and a concert in a bar indicated by Andy, our Captain!

It was the crew Cybelle for the session of the 02 11 July with Elise discreet, Emeline good living, Bertille the guy, Steph the chatterbox, the philosopher and Andy Seaman Thibaut end-to-train!

PS: "Allo allo? It's me who is the smallest! Hum, hum, people are not ready! "

Shipping of the 12 21 2016 July from Sète

Tuesday July 12

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016With their suitcases and backpack more or less heavy, a new crew boarded the Avocet of Ryme. With Nicolas, Johanna, Clemence, Estella and Bryan as eco-volunteers, Stephanie and Andy as qu'écoguide as skipper, a new session starts. The first step, a bit laborious, was loading the racing board. Then, Andy tells us that, unfortunately, we can not leave port until Thursday; This does not prevent us to spend a good evening and get to know each - other.

Wednesday, July 13

Blocked the port, the first morning is dedicated to a topo on safety on board, if one day the weather allows us to go ... In the afternoon the crew change the world by taking the sun on the deck .

Thursday July 14

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Stephanie makes us a complete overview of Cybelle Méditerranée and application "OBSenMER". In the afternoon, we learn to recognize the different species that we observe at sea during our mission. Then we go for a walk in the town of Sète.

Friday July 15

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Another day stuck at the port, we take the opportunity to improve ourselves on the data collection methodology and we do a quiz on the identification of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

One last ride into town to resupply the holds already half empty, the great departure is scheduled for the next day.

Saturday, July 16

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We leave finally Sète 11h the morning, the whole team amarine quickly and no one will be sick in the first day at sea. At lunch time, while Brie, you can see ... gray dolphins! They are numerous and come have fun at the bow a long time. Hardly the time to settle for the first quarter of observation of the afternoon we see a breath: they are two fin whales by only 42 meters deep! In the evening stop in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to enjoy the harbor and its wonderful health.

Sunday, July 17

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

busy day devoted solely to observation ... shearwaters ... Anchoring the islands of Friuli and sunset on Marseille.

Monday July 18

Departure 7h. Back 9h at anchor, the mist prevents us from taking off. Bathing for some, inflation of schedule for others. Small excursion on the island when the fog allows us to see at least where to dock ... Second aperitif at Pastis: Marseille requires!

Tuesday July 19

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Rebelote for departure at 7h. The fog dissipates quickly and we start observing shifts in the joy and good humor as usual.

The breakfast and lunch are observed twice striped dolphins with sunfish. In the afternoon, we see a sperm whale, one sees fathom. The hydrophone in the water, people listen to when is he going to go up. But unfortunately it reappears a bit too far from the boat and we lose track of him.

In the evening, night off, we must organize night shifts. We let ourselves drift quietly admiring the sunset and striped dolphins come have fun beside the boat. Night comes and quarters begin. Two people take turns on the deck, enjoying a chocolate banana pie in the light of the full moon.

Wednesday, July 20

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

The observation quarters are linked directly after the last night shift. During the day, quarters and cetaceans are linked as: striped dolphins twice, then whales including 3 suddenly, tuna ... We quietly come to Hyères in the early evening.

Shipping of the 22 31 2016 July from Hyères

Friday July 22

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016The morning is devoted to the reception of ecovolunteers gays, fueling and preparing the boat. After a warm and hearty lunch, the Avocet of Ryme cast off to Devil's Point at the foot of Fort of.

Saturday, July 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We remain at anchor all day, the sea is bad. Automatic skipper happily presents the rules of safety and life on board, the ecoguide the mission objectives.

Sunday, July 24

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

After a day of preparation, navigation starts. We double the Île du Levant, do 2 hours of observations and take our first meal in full mer.Après an afternoon devoted to the observation, we anchored at Pointe du Brouis in the Bay of Cavalaire. A refreshing swim merrily closing that day.

Monday July 25

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Surveys at dawn, we start cheerfully observations in a sunrise bright sun. In the afternoon, we'll wet Pointe Bouillabaisse.

Tuesday July 26

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Today, the beginning of the "Great Trek" to Corsica (27 hours sailing) and first contact with gays dolphins that accompany us for a moment the bow. During our trip, we also come across a beautiful sea turtle (Green Turtle) and Pelagia jellyfish. Night off and night shifts under the shooting stars.

Wednesday, July 27

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Corsica is looming on the horizon ... We double the Cap Corse and cheerfully down the eastern coast to Macinaggio, we reach in the evening. After a soothing shower for oneself and others, we spend a nice friendly moment in the restaurant.

Thursday July 28

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Departure for Capraia Island (Italy) after refueling the boat (cakes and beers) and some engine settings. During the navigation, we attend the nautical ballet of about fifty dolphins chasing gaily. A few miles further, we pass Punta de Zenobito, which marks the southern end of Capraia "The Scots". Wearing mystic clouds, her beauty stained our spirits. We anchor and share a Corsican meal.

Friday July 29

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Raised a little less at dawn than tomorrow, we headed to 180 °, towards the canyons of the Tyrrhenian Sea. After 4 hours of sterile observations, we stop at the open sea to refresh ourselves in gaiety. In the evening we anchor at Punta ai Ghiunchi.

Saturday, July 30

To Calvi, we sailed. It's over, we are still gays !!!

Shipping of the 01 10 2016 August from Calvi

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Participants: Stéphane, Gilda, Alain, Paul, Anne-Sophie, Catherine

Skipper: Patrick alias Jo

Eco-guide: Marie

1er August 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

A new team is forming. We meet again in the morning on the port of Calvi. The weather does not lend itself to a first day of navigation. Then we take the opportunity to receive all indications and safety instructions. We are therefore ready to tackle any situation at sea. A good week is expected from tomorrow. We look forward to exploring cetaceans and honoring our observer roles. In the evening, we gather to listen to Alain's first story about Mrs. Foster.

August 2 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

That's it we are hoisting the sails. The full is done and we leave the port of Calvi to 8h30. Not even an hour of navigation as we cross 5 blue and white dolphins. The approach was very smooth: heading, number, photos. All information is taken. Then the rest of the day was pretty quiet. We only crossed 3 turtles and some birds. During the night, southwest wind is expected. So we decided to anchor in the bay of Calvi for shelter. A thought for all the vomit dropped off during this day.

August 3 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

After a night spent anchoring in Calvi Bay, Captain Jo decides to join the continent because the weather will deteriorate in the night from Thursday to Friday. The anchor is raised, heading 290, observations start around 8h45. Towards the 10h30, the wind is mounted force 5. The observations are therefore interrupted. For nearly 5 hours, the washing machine is on the road. Rebelote (apart from Jo and Gilda), everyone was sick. The good news of this wind is that we were advancing to 5 nodes (neu: special dedication for Paul). Towards the 15h30 the weather being more lenient, the observations resume. We stop them at 19h. Disappointing day because except for some boats, nothing was seen.

We sail all night to the engine as little wind and above all it was full axis. The night sky was just beautiful with a well designed Milky Way. From 23h to 2h morning a meteor kept awake us and fluorescent jellyfish on the back of the boat.

August 4 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We arrived at the anchorage from Port-Cros to 9h30. Given the weather forecast, this option was chosen. We were able to enjoy swimming around the boat and incidentally also proceed in this way to a good toilet.

Breakfast on board. Then we went ashore with the annex, gallantly inflated by Anne-Sophie and Paul.

After a short walk of the harbor of Port-Cros, we threw our sights on a small creek and its small beach, at first not too busy. Then swim and lunch on the beach and return to the nearest port of the boat to taste, to taste, beer, ice and mojito (that's Paul!). Back on board with the schedule, the evening meal preparation, story (who leaded the atmosphere: Alain thank you) and drink to restore it.

Last minute info: Marie thrown into the water after male coalition made by rogue 2, after zizagage and paddle loss.

In conclusion loss of bracelet for Stéphane and in the night loss of his one and only swimsuit ...!

August 5 2016

BMS confirmed. We remain at anchor buoy on Port-Cros. Only movement attached to the captaincy to pay 2 nights spent. Animation of the day: watching sometimes successful docking attempts sometimes missed.

August 6 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Potato fishing for departure at 7h and observation at sea. Dolphins on the move enliven the day, with a sperm whale nonchalant surface that lets us approach before probing without ever reappear (biiiiiiip!). Night at the port at the foot of Brégançon port; Presidential domain unoccupied and paid by our taxes. Very beautiful sunset behind the coastal mountains of Hyères.

August 7 2016

Always up 6 morning hours. 7 hours raised from the anchor to go on observation at 15 miles from the islands of Port-Cros and Levant Island. Strip dolphins and string of pelagic jellyfish. A stray and tired traveler lands on the back of the boat. A poor, docile sparrow, exhausted and not very vigorous nicknamed BARRY. After several changes of perch, from the stove to the front room, he perished alone and in the starboard angle of the berth of Marie, gently coiled in her thong. We are still at anchor for the night, cove of the Badine.

On the menu of our evening, the story told by Alain "the return of Medea."

August 8 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We want donf this morning. Observation beginning to 7h15 and go to the "triangle of Rhorquals" off Cape Sicié. Rhorki, Cachou and Globi Globo all our cries and our eyes are only one purpose. Lured by the onion pie, Rhorki finally released: 2 rhorquals. We leave the juvenile, "teenagers" for sure. Magic, tens of minutes of ecstasy, ecstasy sisi !!

Marie made her pictures. Everyone is happy. Back enthusiasm; Globi the menu. But no, those too timid Globis. We'll go to bed one night more under the shooting stars with the common wish for a long and happy life for all our cetaceans. And as said Jo, we toast to "our intelligence because health we have" !!

Tonight is story of William and Mary.

August 9 2016

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Blocked at the port by the weather, we took the opportunity to stroll and do all photo uploads. It smells like the end ...

Shipping of the 11 20 2016 August from Hyères

Thursday August 11

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Wake 10h to the port. We 9 8 instead of more the merrier merrier. We met with Mary and Jo at first, then with our small cabins. We weighed anchor to 12h30 to get to the fountain called Badine. Some were sick.

Marie explained our role during the 10 days and Jo safety instructions. Small swim and nice aperitif on the boat with Ricard and everything that follows! We move on dinner, a few shooting stars passing then sleep!

12 Friday August Mola Mola and Stenella

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Lifted for certain 6h. Departure at 7h. 3 the islands from the south was bordered: Porquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant. We went a little further offshore to the east of the island of Levant and then we went south. On the way we saw a Sunfish just next to the boat, identified compass jellyfish and a few Cory's shearwaters. Towards 16h we saw thirty striped dolphins (stellena dolphins). We had nice colors on the face too!

It was then turned back because there was too much swell. We returned to sail to Fort Bregançon.

13 Saturday August Stenella and Mola Mola

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

We take the same way back, same way but in the other direction; Levant, Port-Cros, Porquerolles. Direction off. Swimming in the area of ​​2000 meters, diving in the blue for some, games with the little orange fish who came to greet us for others, he abandoned his shark to come to see us. Thanks to Marie who decided to take the shift chart to make it more suitable given the fact that we are new, we all wonder what are our tasks for the afternoon.

After tabbouleh, we met a mola mola much less sociable than the day before. Twenty stellena keep us company for a while. Not really players, they seem really hungry this year. Anchor Badine much less enchanting than noon swim in the blue but everyone needs to rinse. Ratatouille pasta and chipolatas had to motivate Carole: after research 24h through Enorha, she finds her cell at the bottom of bag sounds. Well it seems he needs someone by her side that she finds the lost items, now we know!

Sunday 14 August: Stenella

In the morning, while Carole was cleaning the toilet, a T-shirt fell by the porthole to land in the hold she was mopping up ... It was Laurence's, which given the freshness of the morning the re-threads without asking questions. Perfect synchronization between lunch and the end of morning observations.

All quiet in the afternoon, some stellena greet us from afar. Sailing 15h30 to 17h30. Mooring in Bandol; splash for all. duck diving courses for Chlothilda and Enhora and apnea for 2 divers, Franck and Jeanne. Definitely, this is the day of Laurence Quentin takes shots at beating two pictures: on the first, it is totally blurred, on the second Laurence red peony. Well, as Quentin who just finished the bottle of Ricard. At the end of dinner, various musical performances yogurt, Clotilde torpedo Franck gaze; he confused Queen and ABBA! The tranquility of the quiet anchorages we lack, some were bothered by bikers in their sleep.

Monday 15 August Risso dolphins and sperm whales

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

7h departure to the south. For her feast, Marie is entitled to the greetings of the puffins, so much so that Master Puffin by Marie attracted, began to sing to her "O Mary O Mary Mary dives" ... Some time later we meet twenty dolphins of Risso, for a moment we believe that they will come to play but no. They let us however follow them the time of the identification.

Quick lunch, sandwiches, everyone scours the sea. All of a sudden a breath away! First for all ecovolunteers ... We observe from a distance this whale we all expected. Too bad, it probes ... We launch the probe of the hydrophone click click. The sperm whale has been probing for more than 1h. Strange. We decided to restart the engine, new breath. The time to approach, he probes. Pity! So there was not one but two sperm whales!

Back under duress in Bandol, Carole decided to return to earth. Everyone stay all afternoon observation, stuck by heat. Frank wants to use the bucket after Quentin, he launched and we see annoyed, rope in hand without bucket at the end. Everyone counts the years of pollution ... Swimming area limited in Bandol, we are close to the channel. After dinner almost everyone chatting at the front of the boat. Tomorrow morning sleep late, inflation of the annex to allow Carole landing and refueling. Nobody volunteered to land, we would be all stayed with the whales ... We really need to be noisy, Carole comes to ask us to keep it down, Franck from the cockpit does not miss a minute of this strange request and Laurence refrains from answering. Atmosphere ... No shooting stars tonight, too much light to anchor near the station.

Tuesday August 16: Bandol

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

7h00 late breakfast in Bandol, everyone is too noisy earthly life: engines and sound systems a little too present for our taste at all. Then everyone is busy: Mary Laurence Chlothilda and "pedal" to inflate the Annex under the protective eye of our three servants knights, Franck, Quentin and Jo. Carole is helped to finish his luggage. Joan insists that the farm in the cockpit, where there is a little more room. A last effort to arrange the fins and am ready to disembark. But between the time schedule is already part with on board the garbage. Is prepared shopping list pending the return of the schedule, we almost forget the bucket ... Second travel Annex, Carole, his luggage, Mary Jo and volunteer named Laurence.

The rest of ecovolunteers tackles the "cheese box stinks," in fact Roquefort juice had sank to the bottom. Splash for some stayed on the boat. Back to our volunteers for refueling, preparation of food and a cake with yogurt and apple with the boys while the girls dive. No comments this afternoon, late too late meal, rest for everyone. Small Cetaceans training through Mary, each goes about his business and bouquine. Not really volunteers to plouffer, christening the new bucket to shower some. Jo has established and forbidden to touch the bow on the handle. While our three students bio chatter, others spin in bed tomorrow start at dawn and hopefully crossing to Sète in the night.

17 Wednesday August whales and crossing to Sète

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Wake to 5h, starting at 6h. Everyone is eager to leave, the obligatory stop in Bandol right after our encounters with whales and Risso made us hungry. Shortly after we left port we see a sailboat without sails or motor and nobody on deck. Jo and approaches and whistles. A head emerges, false alarm, we went. strange light all morning, everyone is on the observation deck. The day in Bandol seemed too boring. Franck sings after his coffee, Jeanne keeps repeating that call this light pictures, it will happen something. Everyone has shearwaters, and they are many: the lines are linked. All quiet until lunch. Everyone is so motivated by observations that unanimity is selected as menu lunch sandwiches they had brought us luck for sperm whales. Jo goes down, we took the opportunity to try to open the cheese box. Suddenly the voice of Enorha "breath! "There just next to the boat. Cheese and dessert wait! Everyone on deck: it is not one but two whales that we are crossing. At one point the boat is between these two huge cetaceans. Everyone follows the bird does not leave one two whales eye. The bird takes water from the blast but keeps coming back. It seeks to approach traces that are on the back of one of them. We're now watching the ballet both fascinated giants after 30 minutes we let them continue on their way in peace. To celebrate this meeting, cake for everyone !!

In the afternoon, we are glued to the boat. This strange light, moisture and sun with us well into the afternoon. Some stellena cross our path, but the wind forces the post ecovolunteers out polar. We go sailing after closing all the windows because of the spray. comments end from the cockpit; one tablet is idle. An eagle ray appears on the back of the boat. We do not understand too what it does on the surface. Maybe it is dead?

For dinner we thought that pasta would be pretty good for night quarters. Franck tells us that the 200grs he has counted per person are the right dose: we have doubts. No matter, blows starchy for Thursday's lunch will be ready. The ratatouille vegetables and the cheese that accompanies the pasta seem to suit everyone; only Chlothilde is on a dry diet: sacred belly. Once everyone is satiated by the pasta, Jo sets sail to begin the night crossing. Some do not feel great. Downstairs it is very hot because of the humidity and the kitchen. From now on, vests and frontal, and access only to the cockpit. Jo announces our shift hours. Marie and Jeanne arrange the boat in night crossing mode. Keeping the portholes ajar with towels, the sail lying on the deck prevents the opening of the porthole of the front chamber, for the portholes of the rear chambers system D; a bottle coticée on the shelf and attached by a pink end to Enorha, plastic bottle cap in boys. That's it, we managed to recreate a stream of air down we will be able to sleep. Last layout of the square, empty the fruit crate in the drawers under the fridge and fold the table side bench in case some would like to sleep there.

Boat fitted: everyone is in the cockpit for this beginning of crossing. We meet a factory ship that surprises us all: two lights red light make us ask questions but no, it is impossible that it is failed: so we continue our journey. As the quarter passes, the order established by Jo is a little roughened by respect for each other's sleep. Jo asks for a pillow and a banquette. He moved, we went to Sète under the light of the moon a little too present in the eyes of those who wanted to admire the stars. Some very rare boats punctuate the crossing. Few will think of looking at phosphorescent plankton in the toilet bowl. At the approach of Sète, a small boat makes us wake up Jo.

18 Thursday August: Sète

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Arrival in port. We identify a place near a yacht: Marie Clotilde and Jeanne help the establishment of visors hype. Marie quickly jumps on the pontoon, Chlothide suddenly gaining momentum, we thought she was going to get into the water on the other side of the pontoon. Breakfast in the order of clocks, each at his own pace after night shifts. Tonio happens revision for Avocet of Ryme. Jo is busy while ecovolunteers rediscover the sweetness of fresh water showers. The girls huilent and incidentally break the bottle cap. For lunch, pasta gratin with leftovers and grated cheese at the bursar. Franck recognizes that it is a little disappointed in the proportions it has confused pasta and cheese fondue.

Afternoon tourism for everyone. Franck did not manage to avoid the crowd that is pressing for the Saint Louis to go to drink his coffee. Marie and the other ecovolunteers, more courageous, decided to go up to the clear holy mount. The chosen route is defined according to the least noisy areas possible, park and places mark their progress, tags and graffiti allow us to ask. The stairs break everyone, the bottles are almost all emptied at the top. Some acrobatics will be needed to take pictures of the orientation table. Swimming at the creek at the foot of the slope. Clothilde can not stay calm enough to make the board, while Jeanne seated in the water repeats to him that it is only necessary to breathe and to use his abs. Back by the coastal path to allow Laurence to spot a creek for Saturday. At the approach of the port, a phone call to Jo to open the portal. He does not want to believe that the small group is well mounted to the panoramic. Some photos will confirm to him however that if, we made the pitons above the table of observation.

Direction showers. In return we ask how much Frank and Jo drink drank preparing couscous ... Viewpoint amount one is cetacean mode: it remains semolina for lunch tomorrow afternoon. The question is whether Franck will want to sing and Jeanne will feel if they are going to approach, and if Enorha will alert eye. The songs of the feast of Saint Louis are far away, everyone falls asleep quickly. For the record our day more or less started the day before 5h00 ...

Friday August 19: Dauphin

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Wake up at Sète 6h. 7h departure from Sète. Breakfast decorated with milk and frozen orange juice. Little surprise for gourmets: opening a cheese filled with waste that one of us had ordered by mistake in the fridge. Pause at the gas station and we are off again without a ticket at the pump! Little wind and the sun beats down from the 1er quarter started 7h50. Marie wanted to refresh the feet, but it was almost swept away by the bucket too heavy with water! Nothing on the horizon when suddenly appears a tail ... Big laugh crazy discovering a beautiful inflatable dolphin! Jeanne, motivated, spent the morning typing the ecovolunteers log while laughing past stories. Meals couscous and vegetable broth, while remaining vigilant, look towards the sea! Nothing is looming ...

Resumption of observations with many scattered tuna jumps, accompanied terns diving regularly! Beautiful tuna bathtub, says Franck! Mary is suddenly awakened by Laurence shouting: Oh, what's that black bird? ". New giggles realizing that the said bird has an engine! Aircraft in sight! shift given by Jo in "380 °". Laurence forwards Franck candidly before performing the aberration of the info! Jo is bent with laughter! Everything is quiet when a smell of Monoi came we tickle our nostrils. Jeanne bottle is fully emptied on top of the bridge and clothes Laurence! Grand leaching shots bucket of water! Jo claims the bucket of water and Clotilde tries to give him but cheerfully plunges into his binoculars without noticing! New tranche of fun! Mary ends up having the network and control 4 sétoises tial for our last evening on board. Jo impatient, unable to join the captaincy to our location in the port of Sète. Do not forget to mention the observation of a bird of prey from Sète and a sunfish off!

Tonight last dinner aboard in the joy and good humor!

Tips, the small details of a successful observation week

- Do not drip the cheese that stinks, if it unfortunately this happen, clean the far cheese box nostrils Olympics

- Always monitor the gas

- Make enough warm water in the morning for coffee Franck (served at his observation post by a girl) and the mugs of tea girls (another variant, prepare a bottle of cold tea by letting infuse overnight )

- Know some basic cake recipes to Jo that yogurt is not bad and is complemented very well potatoes

- Demonstrating inventiveness for meals; no raw vegetables for Quentin and Carole is vegetarian. Prepare a portion of the day before more can therefore serve special menus according lunch and / or snacks Jo and Franck.

- Back from the bow to the cockpit on the right side (although check the position of the sail)

- Remember to turn a pump seawater after technical minimum in the toilet to avoid unpleasant odors

- Keep windows open as often as possible even pinch with towels

- Take care when closing the fridge door; Do not stuff the chocolate door


- During the aperitif seek Quentin's legs to find the bottles.

To be sure to have a good day of observation:

- Bring his coffee to Franck and listen to him sing

- Follow the intuitions of Jeanne

- Prepare a quick and sychro meal with the comments (if possible fresh bread sandwiches)

- Let Enorha stay in observation mode during lunch

- To distinguish shearwaters adopt the method of Joan: See if it's an excited and watch his legs, if they are longer than its tail while it is indeed a Mediterranean shearwater.

Shipping of the 21 30 2016 August from Sète

Sunday August 21 2016 (Frederick)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 201610h30- port of Sète arrival of participants for the mission "CYBELLE PLANET CETACEANS" for the period from August 21 2016 30 in August 2016.

On the sailboat "AVOCET OF RYME," a crew member 8 will take off to observe and count the marine fauna of the Mediterranean, to join hopefully sanctuary "Pelagos".

Our crew consists of 6 ecovolunteers: Stephanie Frantz, Françoise Bernard, Thierry and Frederic; an eco-guide: Anne; a skipper Patrick aka "OJ".

- Presentation of each (crafts ...).

- Presentation of the boat operating conditions by Jo.

- Presentation of the mission by Anne (speciation) and the material used (twin, IPad, leaves followed).

The weather conditions are adverse, the boat remains docked for the day and night.

Monday August 22 2016 (Stephanie)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

After a detailed topo on the safety of our skipper, we were able to leave the port at 13h30 and set sail for Marseille. The weather conditions did not allow us to set sail immediately so we first sailed the engine. We started the observations at 15h00 by alternating sailing and motor sailing. The observations chained up to 19h00.

While leaving the harbor we could observe a rhizostome jellyfish, afterwards we observed gray shearwaters, colegek terns, and many other birds. On the other hand no cetaceans !! Tonight organization of night shifts for sailing at night.

Tuesday August 23 (Françoise)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

After the nav 'night allowing us to admire the sky, we are off La Ciotat when the sun rises. Ah, how beautiful the Mediterranean under the orange and pink reflections ... An undetermined dolphin passes without calculate and we all crew members wake up gradually.

The sea is calm and the wind dropped, allowing us to start early observations. Heading south. Puffins are present in numbers, some dolphins show their backs but are indifferent to the boat. The hunting tuna and bonito punctuate our morning but not the shadow of a breath. A lunch stop is organized in the middle of the vast empty blue cocktail with a splash in the giant pool and soaping for all. No luck, so we are almost all water, a plume of black smoke appeared and a Spanish military ship just get behind us, forcing an express reboarding swimmers for safety reasons.

Lunch with a taboulé-pâté menu and return to the observations. Afternoon rather calm, without particular manifestation to the dismay of all. While the boat follows her way to Embiez for the anchorage at night, preparation of the meal by Steph, Thierry and Francoise which gives rise to a more than crucial debate: we make the ratatouille with rice or potatoes, knowing that must accompany them with sausages? Jo gets involved and in the end, we will eat the ratatouille with rice but without sausage because of late arrival (21h30) at anchor. Once this vegetarian meal is taken and the dishes are done, Frantz goes in search of the lost frontal and everyone will take a well deserved rest. Tomorrow, take off at 6H30 for new adventures ...

Wednesday August 24 (Anne)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

A 6h30 while the boat was standing! A beautiful sunrise accompanied breakfast before setting sail from the Bay of Bandol. The first hours of observations were (too) quiet .. A puffin here, a puffin there ... But the big blue remained silenced ...

In the middle of the morning, a customs boat approached our boat but quickly resumed ... It is after a few minutes that he decides to return to "control" escorted by two small companions to the ship. Before the boat ... In fact, it was five blue and white dolphins that came up to the bow of our boat playing with the waves. They stayed close to 10 minutes, a perfect time to watch them very closely !! A turtle tossed by the waves of the boat came to punctuate this magnificent spectacle! Thank you customs :-)! In the afternoon, we continued to observe this species from far and near, shows like that, impossible to get bored !!

It is spruced up ... Now the whales? No ? :-)

Tonight anchor in the bay of Hyères to the fortified Brégançon with a beautiful sunset! And dinner, the famous dish with sausage Jo dream since 1 week ... Enjoy!

Thursday August 25 (Thierry)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Survey 6 hours after a quiet night in nearby Fort Brégançon. A beautiful sunrise was offered to us. A nightmare narrated by one, sweet dreams by others, breakfast was taken.

The weather conditions allowed us a somewhat dynamic sailing, which allowed us to wake up a delay-at-sea by simply dropping her berth. The sea becoming capricious, we interrupted the observations during one hour. These resumed until lunch.

We were prepared to take our meal when a team member (Frantz) saw a group of pilot whales. magical moment for the whole team for an hour. Taking many photos, short video, we have all benefited from these moments.

The decision not to spend the night off was taken, so we observed during this trip two turtles Caouannes. Head to Cavalaire Bay for a quiet night and a succulent "Chili" prepared by Jo.

Friday August 26 (Bernard)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Departure from the bay of Cavalaire early in the morning. The wind brings a swell that crashes here and there. The brave of the morning shift are already in the binoculars. The sun promises a hot day. Frantz and Stephanie enjoy quietly a gentle rise, it looks a lot like a holiday.

And animals? Jo starts smiling a new day without cigarette, and everyone is in a good mood. Yes, but the dolphins?

After the fantastic show on Thursday they have passed the word to hide and let us put our emotions, and only half a dozen puffins come to greet us. The arrival in the bay of Saint Tropez allows us refreshing baths, interspersed with the tasting of the coveted watermelon for several days.

Saturday August 27 (Frantz)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

To me the stick of speech. Since there is not much to say about mammals off I will talk about those who live on the boat.

Françoise: from the beginning she impressed me. Since the hold doing the dishes, she is able with her eye of lynx to tell us: "Attention to the left is something that jumps! "And you there keep your eye on the sea. No more talking! Impressive. So now, as we know, we are doing well.

Thierry: My bunk mate. Nickel! Here is my home, there is home. you agree you, the small window can be left like this? It's not too open here, it suits you? Ok we do like that. In fact it is not you who have stung my socks? Well I understood why I had a nightmare. Would this not result in your sordid stories?

Bernard: Grand father for the first time during this trip he will remember. Welcome to Elliot! A keen sailor, he is comfortable on the boat. Forestier, he was forced to leave his ax from the port so it does not attacks the mast. Small crisis of laughter last night in preparation of spaghetti.

Anne: our very dear eco-guide. No respite for her. From the first hour until late at night. She is with us as part of the organization, but she is also at 100% to answer all our requests: "what is the difference between a cuttlefish and a squid?" "Does it tell you a little swim to the brink?" "Go a little rosé?" She is thoroughly. Thanks to you. I understand why Cybelle recruits youngsters; must hold on.

Stephanie: the pretty blonde of our team. We Thierry Bernard and me, at the port of Sète, we tried to like her. But it did not work. It was made of and return to the boats moored at the port but it was unsuccessful. Nobody invited us for a little "evening sardinade"! The charm has power. Quickly integrated, it does not even need to say "please" that one has already made his request. I stop here otherwise it will have ankles that will swell !!

Frederic: I think he was in a previous life, Egyptian or pharaoh. A little too exposed to the sun the first day, we find him now lying on the deck half wrapped in his big beach towel. It looks like a mummy in her blue sarcophagus. Thank you for your little words of wisdom.

And me: I must also reveal my weaknesses. My surprise and my wonder go to these damsels with golden bodies, resting naked on the deck of the boat while we are in the distance, in the open sea. While we are alone in the middle of nowhere, I can not be entirely in my cetacean observations when this happens. My eyes are attracted to them. Phew! Francoise did not see me. I think these little damsels are of the family Libellulidae (certainly of the genus Sympetrum sp.).

Fortunately, there is Jo, our captain, to watch over this fine team and maintain a certain righteousness, a certain seriousness. It is only when he sleeps that the captain can let himself be overflowed. "Uh, Jo, are you waking up from your nap? We would not have been a little too far there! " Luckily you're here. Because with a fine team like us, we would not have returned.

Debrief of the day: Encounters with several groups of striped dolphins (or blue and white) and a shark of about 2,5 m with a wound on his left flank. Moubling in the evening in the badine (peninsula of Giens), swimming and aperitif.

Sunday August 28 2016 - Frederick - a week already that the shipment is part!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Rise at 6 hours to our mission of observation ... waves and the puffin! Basic mathematical rule, a puffin equal two and all for one ... as an aperitif. Nathalie (finally, Anne the eco-guide) doped with rosé is worth two so a wine puffin is worth a !!!

Today, Dodo the dolphin and his friends were seen several times but despite an attempt to approach the boat, they showed no interest in us. The human race does not attract them. Too much wind ... Anchorage in the evening at the Badine, swimming and drinks, then meal to remake the world. Tomorrow is another day, it will be the last one on board before the landing.

Monday August 29 2016 Stéphanie (or Nathalie and Sophie !!)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

He returned me the delicate task of closing our log book !!! Last day on board and therefore we captured a fat mat 'deserved followed by a breakfast bar all together, which was not always the case as each quarter of obs ...

Then towards Porquerolles to refuel, then we predicting the weather a strong wind, we decided to make this last day a small introduction to sailing (OJ Thanks !!!).

After a dip in the Fort of, then a drink and meal, starting off sailing !!! We managed to achieve 7 knots, congratulations to budding buccaneers !!

After this very nice afternoon, towards the port of Hyères and the end of our stay ... it will stay that brought us so many beautiful things, a magical encounter with Globis, a moment that will remain etched in our memories for many years, we try to tell the best for our family without that unfortunately they can feel the emotion we produced these cetaceans ...

And the encounter with ourselves: we knew that we would be able to show as much patience to observe marine immensity hoping to spot a tail? Did we know that we would be able to live aboard a sailboat 14 8 meters with people and so little privacy? ... Did we pass the time quickly in the end?

I thank each and every one of you for what you have most beautiful in your singularity, for these shared moments, for solidarity and respect ...

We end our adventure together in the harbor restaurant. Tomorrow everyone will take its course, and I think everyone will remember this adventure !!

So I will end well: Good luck to all!

Shipping of 31 06 August to September 2016 from Hyères

Wednesday 31 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016A new shipment arrived today aboard the Avocet. Roasted Chicken harbor and departure for Badine. Long afternoon of topos safety, guided tour of the boat, identification of cetaceans, observation protocols.

What we retained:

- The great dangers of the sea: pirates, sperm whales, mutinies ...

- In case of problems, use the international alphabet, or ... take you on !! - Nobody skips the boat to rescue a man overboard !!

First quiet evening, good tasting dish of pasta prepared by our skipper Andy. Everyone goes to bed, Sandy first, soon followed by others.

Thursday September 1er

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Rise 6h30, coffee prepared by Andy. Everyone is ultra motivated, on deck, on the lookout with the binoculars. The day begins with a magnificent sunrise. First observation: exocets and tuna hunts with monumental "splash"! Many hopes nourished each time. In the afternoon, the animals follow one another: tuna, manta ray, turtle, moon fish and especially ... the dolphins! Full of blue and white dolphins with their babies. But a little suspicious, they remain very discreet. A busy day that ends in Port Cros with a dip in the cove for the bravest and a mojito under the stars: happiness !!

Ah the sea! Which shares the bitter with love. The sea and its bitter, love and bitter. If you do not like his words, stay ashore. If you fear its ills, flee love!

Friday, September 2

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

Symphonic awakening at anchor in front of Port Cros, at 7h, the rising sun and a big dolphin in front of the boat that shows us the road out of Portman Bay and attacking drums beating our watchtops. Calm morning, wind force 2-3, wavelets with some white peaks, which leave time for a large ray to be admired from every angle in a majestic jump at the height of the boat. We change course and head for the deep waters off Cape Sicié to give us more chances to see some big catches.

After lunch, the events are accelerating abruptly. Andy starts a nap bringing luck since we must interrupt the opening minutes for a passage at the bow of three dolphin. The observation sheet is still being drafted our port lookout, Anais, tells us, while keeping an Olympian calm, our first whale, she calls modestly "something". "Whale" shouts Bertille. At this cry, our ecologist Steph immediately opens a new page observation, thinking then that it becomes the best Spying Cybelle whales. Puffins, a stingray, jellyfish pass at that time before our eyes in the most complete anonymity and indifference which do not disturb our diligent search for a second appearance of our whale, which did not occur after more than half an hour of research. To hide our disappointment, a troop of a dozen dolphins join us and offer us for almost a quarter of an hour a beautiful aquatic ballet of course, with jumps, somersaults, and the benefits of two young dolphins who already combine freshness and virtuosity. A good 3 force wind with gusts at 4: our skipper decided to hoist all the sails. at all speeds sail maneuvers are revised for the upcoming sailings. Mooring in the cove of Fabregas. Bertille thank you and Sandy for the delicious cake.

We set off we sail, sea greenhouse its blue sheep, heading for the white sheep. What is that thing ? It's a whale, the queen of the scene, our expectation is not in vain. Sea what direction she takes us with bargains and specimens, which draws without embarrassment, she keeps us in suspense, without difficulty, we have it in our genes. It's a whale !!!

Saturday September 3

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

This morning, near the sea the glassy sea, full of promise. Some dolphins maintain hope. But the minutes pass ... Suddenly, a strange form: a spoiler, but of what? It turns out to be that of a line. Then, surprise surprise, a second line at his side! And ... a jellyfish! The journey resumes. Nothing, nothing and nothing. Finally, beautiful trip end direction the creeks of Marseille, in a bright red evening sky. We cross the path of a few dolphins and then finally drop anchor ... by hand! Indeed, the electrical system has resigned tonight. Andy struggles with electrical son while everyone takes his misfortune patiently. Tomorrow he will have to go back to the anchor arm strength. It may be hard ... It is comforting with a bottle of red wine made by Gerard.

Sunday September 4

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

A pot of yoghurt, eggs 2, 3 flour pots, less sugar pots 2, 1 baking powder, ½ sunflower oil pot. Optional: lemon zest, pears in syrup, chocolate.

Both say that has enjoyed this week !! Sea oil today off and dreams ... but we must quickly go Hyères because the wind is supposed forcir. It runs along the coast and it corrodes our brake. But know that on that day a whale was spotted in the bay of Hyères !! We learn the next day in the newspaper. What a thrill for both fishermen who saw dip in their boat! Meanwhile, our journey introduces us to a loggerhead turtle. In the evening the harbor, took a great fatigue, and under the influence of good red Gerard (he had a second bottle in her bag!), We are party to 2 hours of laughter while Andy and Gérard trying to start their night ...

Monday September 5

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016

It is 1h in the morning. We are on the bridge. Tonight, champagne, smoked salmon and botargo came to decorate the meal: thank you Gege, thank you Andy. It was good after a morning "inventory + household" and an afternoon at the beach. Thanks to the debating spirit of someone from the group who wishes to remain anonymous, we have learned that "if you can not buy a pepper at the market, it's because you're not in your head and your work ". Not very tactful all that!

Conclusion: there are too many military operations in the Mediterranean, cetaceans are fearful and furtive ... sad reality when the Pelagos sanctuary is expected to contribute to the conservation of marine mammals ...

Shipping of the 07 13 September 2016 from Hyères

Crew: Andy Celine J, Sandrine, Fred, Jean Pierre, Mary, Emmanuelle, Cristale

Wednesday, September 7

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Go to you 10h for most participants arrived a little stressed by the time "Although arrived on time to quickly explore." Meets all eco-volunteers, the eco-guide and captain Mary, Jean Pierre, Emmanuelle, Crystals, Sandrine and Fred for ecovolunteers Celine our ecoguide and Andy our captain.
Finally day discovery, learning and briefing. A lot of data to digest, practical, safe and "scientific." Later Andy tells us that there will be no departure today more windy but a lot of swell. Everyone just see much, disappointed but promised not to "mutiny"!
The team looks very nice air, everyone seems to get along well in usability and simplicity.

Thursday September 8

Departure from the port to 9h this morning towards Cap Sicié. Early observations 10h with the main actors Sandrine, Emmanuelle and Fred, although everyone was on the lookout for the slightest movement. We could see wonderful jumps of tuna, a few puffins, butterflies, dragonflies, but still no marine mammals. The wind picked up from 11h, 11h30 so we turned back towards the range of silver for wetting. We ate together after a swim around the boat where there has been some fish and jellyfish. Time does not allow us to turn off the comments do very unfortunately. However we were able to relax, read a little, swim, eat, enjoy the landscape before us.
Safety Point: Jean Pierre was the victim of a quark attack.
Point vocabulary: Marie saw "clowns" of the Mediterranean.

Friday, September 9

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20167h takeoff this morning, everyone was still awake, during breakfast was done on. Soon, everyone ended up on deck for the first quarter of observation with great motivation. A sunfish made his show and came to rub the bow of the boat. We had to wait and watch at length to finally have the chance to meet with striped dolphins. We could see three groups of a dozen dolphins As the day. For cons, the swell grew as the hours and a good half of the team found itself in "bulk nauseous" lying on the deck. The swell is subsided by late afternoon and return to anchorage was more serene. The little swimming in the evening was excellent and showed big smiles on all faces.
Safety Point: Cristale learned today that some small words are banned on a boat because they bring bad luck, but after having said loudly several times ... This episode stuck in some jitters and provided an excuse or a "guilty" has other .. All small inconveniences can now be attributed to his statements.
other: Emmanuelle is half reconciled Sicié cap, place with which she was a bit angry but where we spend very pleasant moments tonight at anchor.

Saturday, September 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20167h30 to start this morning in a magical atmosphere. The beautiful colors of the sunrise with us and we slip on a silver oil sea. Everything is wonderful, even magical for some ... We had the great pleasure to see many groups of dolphins during the day including some who came to the bow of the boat. No sick today, the sea was nice with a very slight swell late in the day. We had lunch at sea amidst the silence and were able to swim in the blue immensity. Many of us could see the back of a whale, one, then two times before it disappears. We hoped for several minutes, peering around the boat but we did not review ... wait for tomorrow !! Hope to have the great honor to meet a rest in us all. That evening we anchored in the Cove of the galley to Porquerolles and we dine under the stars.
Point observation: Celine and her keen eye had the chance to see a large turtle and later a shark. We, after 11h observation, had the chance to see a beautiful bird with blue and white wings, which turned out to be ... a flag!

Sunday September 11

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20167h30 to start this morning with a beautiful sunrise and a very calm sea. We were lucky, mostly to see a leatherback very close to the boat pointed his nose to greet us before diving back into the depths. Later, we met the group stenellas but less curious than the day before. The presence of several vessels stopped off stoked our curiosity, so we changed course to see what was happening. Indeed, we quickly saw off the fins that do not resemble those of striped dolphins ... It was actually Risso's dolphins, Gg species ... it is quite rare to meet and that is more discrete usual. We were fortunate to enjoy it for over an hour and a half before landing to eat ... Then a huge line appeared just behind the boat and made us his show throughout the breakfast was wonderful ... The afternoon was less sensational: we met some dolphins few players even stealth, many tuna and swordfish. Finally, we came back after trying experience for both of us to go up the mast to observe the sea from the spreaders ... magical experience that will be remembered long (Sandrine and Cristale). It was against a very risky to swim at anchor because of Pelagie surrounded ... Some have therefore freshen bucket before enjoying a meal very "gourmet".

Monday September 12

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016We left at 7h30; yet this morning, everyone was very motivated for this last day off but the wind was also at the appointment and has not allowed us to see much, except a few petrels and fish jumping in the waves . Got off, Celine spotted a strange ship that suddenly disappeared: it was in fact a large sperm whale on the horizon that Fred had the chance to see the tail through his binoculars at its probe. .. so we plunged hydrophone which confirmed that there was indeed this large marine mammal in the surrounding ... who likes to hide in the water and even a second! They hunted because we heard very well "cloks" that accelerated when approaching prey. At times, we even got to dance to the rhythm of their slamming of waves, so the rate was sustained, "DJ Pm (Physeter Macrocephalus) track": a magical moment ... Unfortunately, we did not see them resurface in our field of vision. We finally returned to port without seeing marine animals ... But where were they placed? Could this be the resumption of military operations that made them flee? Or just us who were somewhat tired? We'll never know. Arrived at the port, we all have the blues and evil land but we still stars in their eyes by all the beautiful things that we have seen throughout our journey.
Point humor: After a few times enjoy the movements around the mat to embrace these gentlemen, (to avoid falling during the relève) ... Mary finally went straight to the goal by spanning Andy who said himself not to be a "Easy man" ... to get to the other side :-).
Tomorrow big household, last meal around a friendly table and fog in eyewear for departures from each other ....
Special mention for Sandrine and delicious desserts ...

Shipping of the 14 20 September 2016 from Hyères

Crew: Andy Celine J, Colin, Helen, Denise, Geraldine, Beatrice and Marco.

Wednesday 14 September - Hyères

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016We discovered the Avocet Ryme of our yacht skippered by Andy at the port of Hyères. After our first meal on board, and a "security" training, our eco-guide Celine gave us the keys to identify each species of whale, jellyfish, turtle or bird that we cross our path.
The weather conditions of the week are delicate. The Mauritian team, Geraldine, has not planted a knife in the sand to beg the sun to be with us, as the tradition of his island would require. Nevertheless this will not prevent us from casting off tomorrow 7h, to enjoy a lull.
Around a punch with pineapple as an aperitif, it caused BlaBlaCar, airbnb and how good (or bad) meeting in the carpool. Meanwhile a good smell rises: Dinner is ready! There's the atmosphere on board with a friendly crew, before tasting with pleasure the smell of a chicken-turkey ... colombo "Go gives me his plate ... you tell me if you want in many , not a lot ! " Enjoy your meal everybody.
After a day of rain and wind, wet to the port, we will spend a quiet last night before facing the sea tomorrow. We all hope to make the observation during this week of sailing, but the weather conditions will be difficult.

Thursday 15 September - Hyères> Islands Friuli

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016The glassy sea of ​​the Bay of Hyères did not last long. It has allowed 2h observations empty-handed before facing the double swell. Ensue endless hours, everyone except Andy having suffered seasickness. The passages Sicié Cape Bec eagle, Cape Canaille and navigation near Marseille islands still offer a beautiful show...

Friday 16 September - Islands Friuli> Port Camargue

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016The Warrior team prepares to face a new day of swell. To start the day, Beatrice sits on his coffee and Celine takes the "soup" of vegetables!
Then swell again soon about her and shakes quite crowded. A little rain, swell, yet swell, always swell. Then for lunch is a picnic!
The weather is calm gradually, the sea becomes more enjoyable and can even resume observations. Our watchful eyes scan the slightest movement. Pareidolias are observed, ie cetaceans and other fish ... but in the clouds. It is passionate about birds, terns, gulls but a young fool of Bashan and puffins. No whale in sight, but hunting in tuna that are making impressive leaps!
The approach to the harbor becomes critical with a sacred wind and swell, but a beautiful sunset illuminating the city an almost unreal light. We finally dock at the port, not obvious, but it comes after more than ten hours by boat. So, we deserved a drink mojitos with Beatrice perfectly measured.

Saturday 17 September - Port Camargue> Sète

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Five hours of sailing with wind strength 5. We were watered many times! The sea was more "comfortable" than the day before. And suddenly, with Andy, we could see a group of 3 or 4 dolphins (Tursiops?) Good stealth, alas. The morning was punctuated many snacks (sweet and savory cakes, bananas) and after a flawless docking performed by Andy, we went to the table to eat omelet made collectively on an idea of ​​Bea.
Pontoon dancing, city walk for late afternoon cocktails before, it's time! After a good hearty appetizer, meal zucchini pie (with baking paper). Then a small nocturnal drink at the bar After the street, where the street is lively.

Sunday 18 September - Sète - A very special day

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016Sunrise and difficult ... More Coffee! closet emptying recovering fumbles pickles. shoes catch in the harbor water, blown by the wind. Then watering by disconnecting the water supply with the joint jumping as him in the water. Colin catches in extremis!
Géraldine off again in Montpellier. Raccompagnons us to the bus stop. The buses passing by every hour, Andy proposes to fetch his car. Thus began "watching Andy" in search of the old Mercedes. Everyone is watching. Celine sees the car ... a recent Audi, not good. A phone call from Andy: his car will not start! It is left to 1 hour wait. Finally, Geraldine takes the train and end up for lunch the boat: pasta sauce, made in Beatrice, delicious.
Meanwhile, Colin catches the canopy of the nearby boat collapsing is our hero of the day!
Afternoon Culture: we go to the museum for an exhibition MIAM on Shadocks, then stroll along the coast where we picked some prickly pears. The weather is cloudy, the wind picks up. We meet for a drink, with the inevitable mojito Bea! Dinner is prepared by Andy: mafé the chicken, a treat! But as we spend a very special day, the sauce for chicken dishes later clog the sink of Avocet ...

Monday 18 September - Always in Sète

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2016We took a drink (still!) To the halls of Sète. The sun came back strongly but the storm rages off, all output is still impossible for our last day. We just have to move the boat to the 47 75 location, its usual place.
In the afternoon we reached a beach where we could finally take our first swim of the stay in a water well refreshed by the Tramontana.
Tomorrow is the start for everyone, happy human encounters and a great group atmosphere but disappointed with the weather conditions did not allow us to do more 3h observations in total.