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synopses of cetaceans mission 2017

Grand Tour Mediterranean

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Shipment of the 01 10 2017 April from Hyeres

Shipment of the 12 21 2017 April from Calvi

Expedition of 27 May to 10 June 2017 from Valletta

12 Expedition to 21 June 2017 from Lefkada

Expedition of 23 June to 2 July 2017 from Corfu

4 expedition to 13 July 2017 from Corfu

Shipping from 26 July to 4 August 2017 from Kalamata

07 expedition to 21 August 2017 from Catania

Shipping from 24 August to 01 September 2017 from Milazzo

04 Expedition to 13 September 2017 from Cagliari

15 expedition to 24 September 2017 from Porto-Vecchio

Shipping from 26 September to 05 October 2017 from Calvi

Shipping Pelagos

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Shipping of the 15 21 2017 July from Hyères

Shipping of the 22 28 2017 July from Hyères

Shipping of 29 04 July to August 2017 from Hyères

Shipping of the 05 11 2017 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 12 18 2017 August from Hyères

Shipping of the 19 25 2017 August from Hyères

Grand Tour Mediterranean

Shipment of the 01 10 2017 April from Hyeres

1er Day - April 1er 2017- ECO and its new fish

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 201710 hours - Eco mascot Caretta Caretta welcomes new friends: Bea, Evelyne, Aurelien, Sylvie, Mary Geraldine, led by skipper Andy and Celine Ecoguide and Head of Cybelle Planet. All the cleat, ready to board and sail, we were baffled by the bad weather. The bubbles (Champagne) began buzzing the imagination of sailors who pondirent pretty fish from April. We set out to fish 8 sailors and reached 16 ... After placing our refueling, we take our first meal together (pasta tomato basil) and make a round to get to know us. This first implementation swallowed mouth, we listen carefully to the instructions of our great skipper. Then our ecoguide made a presentation of marine mammals: toothed whales and baleen whales. After this busy day and a small dinner, we go get our cabins for the rest of the evening and hope to leave the next day. The night was wet at the port of Hyères, it is always good in the south! Rage O, O Despair Avocet Oh darling, will you beat your wings (wu wu wu youuuu) to infinity horizon?

2ème day - April 2 - Forward!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20178h. Hop hop hop, swing-low of combat! Breakfast bar for sailors before training on marine biodiversity, punctuated by a quiz to see if we listened. A few traps near, we listened! We chain on training on the new OBSenMER application.

14h already! quick lunch before the expected start! We warmly prepare for windy and (almost) rains. ECO follows us on deck and we try to go put gas. April Fool's past, but the credit card machine is not working !! We go to Port-Cros where we will fill later. The rain comes, whatever, a young sailor at the helm leads us safely Aurélien, nicknamed James West. It is moored to the buoy 20, it is already 18h. Culinary: apple pie on a bed of stewed caramelized rum ... Night digestion will sandstone waves.

3ème day - 3 April - First obs

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Eye Opening: blue sky! Hooray! Everyone in the maneuver, hearty breakfast shipped. It left for our first observations! Implementation of the various directives received the day before use of OBSenMER application, adjusted binoculars sharp criterion. It is in our collective excitement 14 eyes looking all life under the supervision of ECO. The test was successful morning: Pelagie, mola mola, vélelles were at the rendezvous. These initial observations put us balm to the heart and to start up the observations in real conditions. After a small snack in the sun on the deck, we attacked with our first serious observations. The weather is looking good and we cross a canyon potential cetaceans. Without success, we also retry our luck tomorrow! Eco, meanwhile, took a stroll on deck all day ...

4ème day - April 4 - Crossing

Departure 5h Lavandou Calvi. Some brave ecovolunteers were treated to a beautiful sunrise under a sky devoid of clouds and even starry. These are discharged as and when the progress of the day. The first quarters are set up, and all concentration, scan the sea ... the morning passed without special event and Celine is preparing a banana cake to give us the go.

Two blue and white dolphins are waiting on the clock to manifest, swindlers! In the latest quarter of the day, a small joker comes to make a nod to the bow of the Avocet. This gives us a tone blow to end the day which was especially rich in vélelles and other Pelagie. We arrived around midnight in the Bay of Calvi, guided by the enlightened citadel ...

2017 4 carnetsdebords cybelle

5ème day - April 5 - The tail of the snout (if the cetacean)

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We wake up with a superb view of the citadel of Calvi. Aurélien advantage of this setting for a refreshing splash with ECO; it was quickly followed by Evelyne and Marie in "little mermaids."

We leave Calvi bay and begin the first observations. Weather conditions are not required (swell, wind and some patients), we decided to go along the coast towards Girolata. Much of the crew spends the afternoon a refreshing rest! We get to Girolata and inflate Annex to ask foothold hoping to take a shower. It opens the showers and tell us that there is no hot water (ah aha laugh ...). Regardless few brave cool off! After a walk, we return to the ship for lunch and begin an inflamed portion of little pigs to throw like dice, polemic in good spirits on the points to be awarded.

6ème day - April 6

We leave Girolata are starting our observations. We still see that there is room for improvement on awareness of waste because the sea is still and always too many waste receptacle: plastic packs of water, food containers, buoys leftover polystyrene caps ... however, still no whales!

In the evening we moor at the port of Cargèse where we can to shower with hot water, do some shopping and walking in the hills of the village.

2017 6 carnetsdebords cybelle

7ème day - 7 April - We are taunted!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Wake Cargèse under a beautiful blue sky and a glassy sea. The conditions are ideal for a new day of observation. After a few races and various repairs, we provide the course to the north. The morning passes, not observing nothing more than vélelles few Pelagie and sea birds (Cory's shearwater and Mediterranean). Céline proposes to listening seabed with the hydrophone. We listen carefully: nothing on the horizon! Where are they ? What is going on ? A sunfish (mola mola-) will make us all the same a little interlude.

We decided to extend our quarter (347 !!!) to maximize our chances of spotting a whale: nothing works!

The weather is great, as are the Piana creeks beside which we wet. We try to stop at first creek with a rope: without success, too rocky! We spend the night in the Castagna bay not far away. We enjoy a beautiful sunset when a dolphin appeared not far from us, dolphins are decidedly nargueurs! Two bottlenose dolphins will eventually turn around the sailboat in the collective excitation, we enjoy this moment while watching the sunset. Oh surprise !!! The watchtower is adorned with all its lights! Orange, blue, red, purple ...

8ème day - April 8 - Sharks!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We leave the creeks of Piana soon 7h30, the weather is perfect; becalmed sea wind "breeze" clear horizon ... all the clues together to a perfect day ...

We get to see two blue sharks that hunt on the surface, a squid. After a long wait, we decided to listen to the funds and put the hydrophone water. No echo! ECO is setting and we end the day on a great couscous House.

We spend the night in the Bay of Calvi lulled by the music of the "Saturday night" ...

9ème day - April 9 - Plenty for the end

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 20177h30 from Calvi. Yet another day becalmed sea and sun. Hooray !! We still believe in it. day full of emotion, the festivities are finally opened: about 50 striped dolphins, mola mola, which feed vélelles lining the sea, and even the gull Haudouin is endangered. We also take take quiet meal on the boat adrift.

Arrival in Calvi full sail with Corsica pavilion that sits above the pavilion Cybelle Planet. Eco passes the baton to the next team to whom we wish rich observations. This week ends beautifully with excellent homemade pizza .... good luck to you !!!

Shipment of the 12 21 2017 April from Calvi

1er day - 12 April - Arrival and Bottlenose dolphins

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Arrival of the new crew of the expedition to Calvi Port to 10h a sunny day. A group of 4 hand picking up groceries at the local supermarket to be independent for the next 10 days. Once done and the food shopping rows, crew attacks the making of the first college meal that can get to know everyone. The geographic origins are diverse (Auvergne, Center Loire Valley, Rhone-Alpes, PACA, Occitan and even Corsica!). The stomach ensconced and make presentations, we cast off to join the Ile Rousse about 10 nautical miles along the coast. Each tells its past observations to motivate themselves for the coming days. And oh! Surprise! Several dolphins come to put the bow of the boat to the delight of all.

Then slowly we arrive at the port of Ile Rousse using the engine after trying the sails which, for lack of wind, were not enough to take off the Avocet Ryme of the waves. Once docked, each set to work to prepare the evening meal, which ends at the sound of the guitar.

2ème day - April 13 - Ile Rousse, the adventurer docking

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Even if everyone has not slept great, the crew wakes up with a smile in bright sunshine and blue skies. The skipper Andy checks the weather report, and announces that the conditions of wind and sea, relatively rough, do not allow to go fishing today. Indeed, the swell and waves to 1 2 meters will both prevent us from observing cetaceans and probably arouse seasick ... Especially since we have to pass the Cap Corse in one go, which represents a navigation around a row 8h. Therefore, we start the morning with topo "security" made by skipper Andy. We assess all possible hazards of navigation, be they human, material or environmental. Then Andy explains the operation of the ship and who is responsible for what in case of an emergency evacuation. Once done, it is time for a drink and prepare lunch: pasta and mixed salad. Some of which I will not name, linked with a nap to recover the trip to Corsica, other bouquinent. Soon after, the wind strengthens highly enough. It forces Andy to reconsider mooring to prevent the boat will slap on the quay (wharf 1,5 meter above the boat). The maneuvers begin then:

- Attempts to tame the crazy bridge,

- Jumps small monkeys ecovolunteers to multiply the hawsers,

- Inflation of Annex ICU mode

- First swim of the year for Andy propeller explorer mode to verify that the dangling there is not stuck,

- And finally the rescue ecovolunteer Geraldine, left alone on the dock during all these adventures, unable to risk the passage of mad gateway. All in a majestic leap in Annex well risen!

3ème day - April 14 - BREATH!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We wake up in Ile Rousse in good weather, we can achieve the Cap Corse in the day! After some final adjustments (fill water tanks deflate Annex that eventually serve as a gateway, scuba getaway Franscescu who had knocked lime ...), we go out and start off the comments. The sea is flat calm and vélelles are still in place. Suddenly, during the second quarter of observations ... Breath! A small whale came to take the air near us. It cuts the engine and follows his breath while retaining our own, waiting for his diving finale. We have observed his tail and even take pictures. During the observation, the striped dolphins came to play at the bow. We arrive at the port of Macinaggio after rounding Cap Corse in about 8h navigation. We celebrate our observations and the anniversary of Andy and Pascale around a good meal (flammekueche and chestnut cake) and end the evening on a part of inflamed Mikado, lulled by the bluffing made imitation of a mosquito in Francescu ...

4ème day - April 15 - Sterne

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We attack the day with a topo on cetaceans and boats that can be found at sea. Mysticeti, toothed whales, jellyfish, various boats ... anything goes! We end this presentation with a recognition quiz pictures. It's pretty good!

We took off around noon in a rather mild weather. South of the Border! We attack the comments but only a few puffins disturb our tranquility. Notably: there is more vélelles! We saw some stealth wings without being able to identify them. By late afternoon, we passed a sandwich tern (not kojak dixit William) who had found resting on a polystyrene block ...

5ème day - April 16 - Turtle

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After a night punctuated by waves of wetting in which we slept, near the beautiful beach of Pinia, we start from 7h and begin our observations 8h, the time to have enough depth. Puffins are early morning, but not much else appears on the surface. A turtle makes us joy to surface, unfortunately, we have not had time to count the scales to determine if it was a green turtle or Loggerhead. This is the first turtle that we observe and the excitement is palpable.

In the evening we reach the marina of Port Taverna sleeping at the port, sheltered from the swell!

6ème day - 17 April - sunfish

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We leave the port of Taverna for a long day of observation offshore. Except for a moon fish that we have long observed while doubting that it is alive, we have not made any noticeable observation. We arrive at the port of Salenzara at the end of the afternoon to spend the night.

7ème day - 18 April - Arrival in Porto Vecchio

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We make observations in the morning without noticing anything significant despite a rather mild weather. Mirages accumulate until a dolphin arises a jump near the boat. We will not see the most. Jean-Marie and Geraldine saw, which allows them to mutually confirm that they have not wanted! We arrive at Porto-Vecchio in the early afternoon, the wind is getting tougher and we can not observe. We moor finesse in particularly difficult wind conditions: Andy hat! We restore us on the boat and go to visit Porto Vecchio after a good shower. Franscescu, the local stage, playing guide and is known as the white wolf in different streets of the city.

We returned to the boat in the evening and celebrate the birthday of Llanara as it should be!

8ème day - April 19 - Horse riding and eco-friendly

stormy night in Porto Vecchio! The morning remains delicate in weather (wind gusts, rain) and becomes milder in the afternoon, without allowing comments. We remain ashore and Franscescu plays again the guide, taking us on a heavenly beach where we walk several hours, armed with trash bags to collect waste of all types which defile this beautiful unspoilt area of ​​Palombaggia face Cerbicales. Meanwhile, William made an expedition to the islands Lavezzi he returned just as delighted.Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

9ème day - April 20 - Bonifacio

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We decide to go sailing to Bonifacio. We're actually not that far and it seems that the beauty of the place is breathtaking. It would be a shame not! ...

After a nice browsing session, we reach the famous Straits of Bonifacio.

The end of day looks quiet, we are preparing to leave tomorrow already, the Cybelle adventure ...

Expedition of 27 May to 10 June 2017 from Valletta

1er Day - 27 May - Preparations for the Great Crossing

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017At 10h, we are all gathered at the Grand Harbor of Valletta. Solène l'écoguide and Anaïs, trainee for 7 weeks, leave to refuel. The other two eco-volunteers, Caroline, the dean, and Maelle, the benevolent, do not resist the temptation of a good little restaurant. In the afternoon, debriefing of Antoine, the skipper, safety and presentation of the program. Collective visit of the luxurious showers, class palace, of the captaincy, before a good night!

2th day - 28 May - The welcome of turtles Caouanne

2017 cymbal notebook 20After a few last formalities, we sail to 14h. Barely 2h later, we happily meet our first loggerhead turtle, then two others. We start a quarter watching. We see some Loggerheads, Mediterranean shearwaters. We see a group of dolphins too stealthy to identify them. At midnight we start the night shifts. The first hour arouses some anguish, the Avocet of Ryme neighboring with very large ships and the skipper reassures and sets sails to enjoy a little wind, he will not sleep ...

3th day - 29 May - Shaken like plum trees

2017 cymbal notebook 21The wind has forced and the waves are forming, awakening pitching and rolling! A few defections in the crew who amarin. Antoine managed to sail, before the gradual return of the crew. We watch the whale, which unfortunately will not point the end of its ridge. One comforts with a good warm ratatouille, SURPRISE, a group of blue and white dolphins, hunt in these shallows, makes a detour to play with the Avocet. The entire crew watch them play at the bow of the boat. Then we resume the night shifts.

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

4th day - 30 May - The cousins ​​of Ecô

2017 cymbal notebook 23Night of nav 'very calm off Sicily, then suitable morning for a quarter of observation.

We crossed a lot of turtles (the cousins ​​of Ecô) and follow with the eye the virtuoso flight of the puffins and some gulls hunting. In the middle of the afternoon, we moor at the port of Crotone, in Italy. We go to visit the old town and its fort, in which we almost spent the night locked up! After a little mojito to recover from the emotion and potatoes in the oven, we savor our first good night in Italy.

5th day - 31 May - Small works of all kinds

2017 cymbal notebook 24After a sleepless night, a 'vertically' breakfast and a well-deserved shower, the crew tackles the small repairs and clean-ups needed before they can catch up.

Search for leakage in the water reserves of the Avocet, point on the water and food reserves, verification of the annex, cleaning of the bridge, ... and we will be ready ready to make heading a little more In the East, direction Greece!

6th day - 01 June - Departure from Crotone

2017 cymbal notebook 25A few cool races at the market, and we leave Crotone in the morning. The loggerhead turtles, small but also very large always accompany us. We cross the road of some groups of blue and white dolphins. That night, we sleep at the cape (we cut the engines and lower the sails): ideal for a listening. The microphone barely immersed we offer a concert of sperm whales. A few clicks and some communication codas, we are sure to have heard at least two. Night shift resumption. Two blue and white dolphins make a feast, formidable fighters, for two hours, then digest while playing around the boat.

7th day - 02 Jun - A whale?

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017This morning, everyone was thrown out of bed by Maëlle, Antoine and she saw a minke whale. Still in pajamas, we gunned with photos a huge tree trunk of which a big branch made the caudal ... far. As a result, an observation session is started. Nothing, only one puffin and again, during the afternoon session.

8th day - 03 June - Welcome to Greece!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After a second night of quarters, we see the Greek land and choose a port offering the possibility of refueling. The choice is limited and we are heading towards Gouvia Marina, large port of 1200 squares on the east coast of the island of Corfu. To travel in the Greek seas we have to declare our presence before the authorities, but we are in the middle of the weekend and Monday is a holiday. So we are looking for a small cove for a relaxing afternoon. Five miles further north, Kalami Bay offers ideal conditions. In the program ; Sunbathing and diving to discover the fin-dwellers of the region. The hunger is felt and we decide to inflate the annex to reach one of the small "tavernas" of the waterfront, typical of the Greek coasts. We are a little disappointed with the lack of authenticity of the dishes, in this place too touristy. Morality; Nothing beats the five-star cuisine of the Avocet, notably the pesto magistral d'Antoine!

9th day - 04 June - Stop surprise

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Large canyons More than a thousand meters deep run along the west coast of Corfu. Knowing that cetaceans love the various planktons that are concentrated in them, we decide to put the sails at dawn in order to be at the top of the canyons At the moment when the current will be conducive to the rising of the plankton.

However, a difficult startup of the engine alters this program. So we decided to go back to Gouvia Marina to make the necessary repairs and checks before we could safely re-open the water.

A great opportunity to practice once again our maneuver of taking of quay with pendille!

Despite this holiday weekend, we manage to find the mechanics and make us a small address book useful for this port. The repairs take a bit of time, we take the opportunity to take a city break and go through the narrow streets of the old town of Corfu and especially find tomatoes and pine nuts for the famous pesto 'bis' dinner!

10th day - 05 June - Extensions

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After a good night without quarters, continuation of repairs, a few races, readings, relaxation and a small excursion to a nearby beach for some. We are eager to leave, hopefully it will be tomorrow!

11th day - 06 June - Grands Canyons

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We are happy to leave the marina of Corfu, canyons Along the west coast.

12th day - 07 June - Meeting with a group of white and blue dolphins

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Six o'clock, sunrise off the Greek coasts, we are, as expected, prepared to begin a quarter watch along the great canyon submarine. The sea is oil, beautiful visibility, the conditions are ideal. The results are not waiting, here is a group of blue and white dolphins crossing our route!

Second observation quarter a little later, and joy! Undoubtedly, it is a couple of Ziphius that we see diving!

We arrive in Gaia late in the afternoon in a charming little anchorage to shelter the next gusts announced.

13 and 14th days - 08 and 09 June - End of holidays, arrival in Lefkas

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The time of the end is near, and we make last this vacation air lasting until the last moments in our anchorage Gaios sheltered from gusts. Diving around the boat, cooking, relaxing and preparing for the last departure.

We will set sail at midnight in order to arrive in time to the port of Lefkada for the departures of the ecovolunteers.

12 Expedition to 21 June 2017 from Lefkada

12 June - Arrival on board

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

Arrival in the morning at 10h. Meeting with the eco-guide Margaux, the skipper Antoine and the other ecovolunteers. Margaux divided us the tasks: first the races, then the lunch. Then Margaux gave us the presentation of Cybelle, OBSenMER, protocols. A busy day in new knowledge! In the evening we met Ecô, our mascot. Then eat outside in the cockpit and first night on board.

13 June - The big start! Ithaca

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

The time to finish the last races and the last administrative formalities, we left from the port of Lefkada to 11h. When we left, we could see pelicans! Margaux showed us how the OBSenMER application works, we are ready to make unforgettable encounters. The sea being a little agitated, the visibility did not allow to make quarter of OBS. We tried to see Mediterranean monk seals on an island or the locals told us to have seen them, but without success. Another boat docked on the island probably frightened them.

So we sailed to the anchorage at night, a very charming little cove, in which we were 3 to dive. We made small videos with the waterproof camera on which we see our observations, a large variety of fish, sea urchins and starfish.

14 June - Navigation

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

Led to 5h in the morning, we headed for an underwater canyon hoping to see cetaceans. Still nothing. The waters are empty but the air filled with birds, like the shearwater. The sea being good, we made the topo safety with Antoine, then we were able to make our first quarter of OBS in autonomy.

To reach the anchorage we climbed a cove. We all bathed to wash (except Antoine :)) Finally, meal in the cockpit. Now we are waiting for weather forecasts to know what to do tomorrow.

15 June - First dolphins

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We left for 6h of the morning of the anchorage to start a crossing. This allowed us to cross blue and white dolphins including newborns. Another team was able to spot whale blows. We sailed all day and also at night, which allowed us to do night shifts. This night was very short for everyone. Nevertheless we were all at the cleat to start a new day.

16 Jun - Birds and boats

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Early and in good spirits, the first quarter of OBS began at 7h. RAS except for shearwaters and rain ... We have embarked on a road with high traffic (cargo, steamer, etc ...) and deep bottom. We saw nothing but the shearwaters. We were directly at the anchor in the evening, which took us the day. Beautiful place even though there were a lot of people. Swimming to end the day, followed by a good meal (penne to the captain's pesto!). Tomorrow, direction Corfu, because the weather forecast of the storm.

17 June - Arrival in Corfu!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We made 2h navigation to reach another anchorage not far from Corfu, as the weather looks very bad. Once we arrived we were all activated in order to clean the boat. Then some went ashore with the dinghy to do some shopping, all this despite the earthquake! Margaux had the excellent idea of ​​making us pitas as a midday meal, a treat. For the afternoon, swimming and lazing on the boat. Margaux and Anaïs took 2h to talk about his internship, Cybelle, etc. Margaux took the opportunity to tell us a lot of anecdote. Then the evening meal, done by Marie-Françoise, aubergines way moussaka! It seems that food, in addition to cetaceans, is one of our common points!

18 Jun- City walk

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After an awakening to the cool, we all had breakfast on the cockpit except Antoine snoring quietly in the boat. Today we go to Corfu, after daily housekeeping.

Antoine, via the annex dropped us off at the port, then took the bus to Corfu town. Thanks to the green guide we found a small restaurant. A treat of Greek specialties. Then walk, purchase postcards, etc. We returned in the late afternoon. For the return via the annex, it was folkloric because there was a lot of wind and the sea was very restless, so to say we all took a shower! Back on the boat for a well deserved aperitif. Then after the meal and the traditional mosquito hunt in the evening, we went to bed.

19 Jun - A very nice awakening

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Okay, tonight, it may be that I too have a little snoring (Marine). We are still at the same anchorage, not far from the port of Gouvia in Corfu. During the preparation of the breakfast, Antoine stopped us ... Big dolphins came quietly to fish among the boats. Four in all, very characteristic with their fin. Among the four, we could see a baby who was sticking his mom closely. A magical spectacle that has delighted us all.

After breakfast, cleaning and storage on the boat. Some went ashore. Then we looked at our photos of the dolphins. In view of the heat, we will bathe. In the late afternoon, Antoine made us the weather point. We have the opportunity to set out again at sea, starting tonight at midnight. So we set up the night shifts, and prepared the meals for 2 days. Night short and raised to 6h in the morning for the first quarter of OBS!

20 June - Fifth-chance quarters

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The awakening stings a bit but these are the last quarters of the mission obs. We saw a moon fish, exocets, at least one swordfish that jumped, colonial salps but mostly dolphins! First a group of 4 with a young, then a large group of about fifteen individuals. They let us approach them and even played the bow, which allowed us to observe them well and enjoy this great show. Towards noon we returned to the anchorage. Not with the engine, but with the sail! Tonight we are tired but happy this day that closed the mission as it should (with pasta again with Antoine pesto)!

21 Jun - All good things have an end!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We leave our anchorage to go to the port, where we do all the complete cleaning of the boat. We also discussed with our neighbor, who is also French, to whom we presented our OBSenMER application. He promised us to use it, the concept pleases him enormously! After all this was finished, we went to take a real shower with fresh water, well deserved! To end this mission as it should be, we went to the restaurant, having a last common meal.

Expedition of 23 June to 02 July 2017 from Corfu

23 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017First day, meeting at the Marina of Gouvia. It is 10h30, and the presentations made we all go shopping. All of them? No ! Still no traces of Julie who got lost in the city (maybe to subtly dodge the supermarket chore?). So, during 2h (at least half of which to find the concentrated milk of Antoine, our captain, who seems to be transformed into a wild beast if he does not put in his coffee in the morning). We are all glad to have finished, we are heading towards the exit. Drama, in the hurry we forget Anouk, cowardly abandoned to the deli meats department. Back to the boat followed by a business tetris / storage rewarded by a roast chicken / chips and direction the mooring! We then swim before the safety brief and the life on board. Aperitif → dodo!

24 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Start the engine at 5h in the morning, direction the Adriatic Sea. Explanation of the method of observation and the application OBSenMER by our ecoguide, Stéphanie. In the afternoon the observation shifts begin but nothing ... except some puffins, ash or Mediterranean?

First day without shower and First night shift. We go to the engine full north, crossing a few boats and skirting a forbidden military zone (oulala).

25 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017In the morning we arrive on the 1000 meters depth where we hope to see sperm whales. The sea is of oil: First observation quarter at 6h. Then at the end of the morning we take a break to make a point of listening, still nothing, except the sound of a boat in the distance. We decide to bathe, wash ourselves and to experience swimming at over 1000m depth. After we start the 3th quarter ... DAUPHINS !!! Blue and white dolphins come to play at the bow attracted by classical music. Everyone rushes to admire the show! Other dolphins arrive in a tight jump to participate in the animation. Bonito follow the boat, we put in the water the trail to hope a small carpaccio of tuna ... In vain! Despite 3 types of different lures (including a bionic octopus) no bonito can be caught. They go back and forth under the line as if to taunt us.

In the afternoon, we meet other dolphins attracted by Christophe's appetite for aperitif. We put on the cape to spend the night. The first quarter starts at 22h and shortly after we hear breaths close to the boat: they are ZIPHIUS! 2 small groups pass very close to the boat to make their curious. The rest of the night goes on without worry.

26 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017At the first watch, in the early morning, a few blue and white dolphins came to greet us at the stem. There is more and more wind and the sea is agitated. We stop the observations at the end of the morning. The majority of us spend the afternoon lying in the cabins, best way to avoid seasickness.

We arrive in the late afternoon at the marina of Brindisi. There is no more beer, so we need to refuel! Everyone also enjoys the shower in fresh water. We then go to the restaurant not far from the marina, pasta and pizzas, the 2 for some: Molto bonissimo! Then dodo.

27 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Departure from Brindisi marina to 8h surrounded by some cargo ships. The sea is of oil, which contrasts with the swell we had the day before. Quiet motor descent along the Italian coast. Nothing to report at the sightings, the animals hide in the water, ... In the early afternoon the wind rises. Arrived at the tip of the Italian boot we change course towards Corfu. We hoist the sail for a look at near, we will pass about 24h leaned. We no longer count the toes / corner of furniture, nor the blues. During a maneuver, the glasses of Anaïs leave to join the seabed. The night shifts are set up with an organization a little turned upside down as a freighter plays the chase-cross from 23h to 2h obliging Antoine and Christophe to multiply the maneuvers. The rest of the night shifts take place without worry.

28 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Wake up a bit hard for everyone. Not easy to sleep between quarters and the boat that lodges. The observation shifts follow but nothing. At the end of the morning, the coast of Corfu is in sight, the anchorage envisaged on the small island of Paxos can not be done, because the sea is a little too agitated. We set sail on Corfu and the anchorage of Gouvia. Arrived at the anchorage to 17h. Bathing, showering with sea water, Antoine takes the weather, time does not allow to go out, we will spend the day the next day at anchor. Meals, dodo.

29 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After a good housework session, some go ashore to explore the town of Corfu Town, others stay at the boat for a day lazing (and draining the engine for Antoine). The evening Greek aperitif, Ouzo, feta, olives. Musical evening, everyone chose their favorite music (the neighbors must have been glad to see us leave the next day, the anchorage has regained its composure). Lying quite late.

Ps: During our visit to the old town, inspired by the creations of an artist installed in a small street, Stephanie found a new vocation: she will be Picasso on pebble.

30 June

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Departure of the mooring planned at 5h ... Departure effective to 8h! The awakening was difficult ... Head south from Corfu, until reaching the island of Paxos. First quarter of unproductive observation: a single gull seen in 2h. Luckily the sequel was more interesting with a beautiful collection of puffins, three different kinds of dolphins, common, blue and white and finally the big dolphins. It was then time to recover from our emotions by taking advantage of the transparent waters of the Paxos anchorage. The happy owners of masks and snorkels could see giraffes peacocks, barnacles, sea urchins, starfish, Julie cuttlefish and a submarine hunter with his harpoon that created some cold sweats. We finish our day with delicious pesto paste, specialty of the chef.

July 1

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Last day of observation, we take off from the anchorage to 6h, beginning of the observation quarter at 6h30. During the first and second quarter we observe a new group of blue and white dolphins as well as 2 ziphius in the distance. In the direction of the Gouvia anchorage, we nearly cooked at least 40 ° in the shade, without the slightest wind to cool us. Arrived at the anchorage at 17h, we rush to the water. After a small photo shoot where Aude taught us the push backpedalage, we have fun with an empty can of beer that serves as a ball. Then aperitif dinning then dodo quite late.

July 2

Departure of the anchorage for 8h, in order to arrive at the Marina of Gouvia where we will do the complete cleaning of the boat. It must shine from floor to ceiling! Then, well-deserved shower and a good meal at the restaurant to end the mission!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

4 expedition to 13 July 2017 from Corfu

Mission of Corfu to Kalamata, 4 July

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The new group has arrived! The dream team consists of Jeanne, Odile, Anaïs, Kin and Aurélien led by our guide Marie and skipper Benoît. The Avocet of Ryme leaves the arms of Nausicaa and wanders towards Ariane. Between storage and injury with a piece of penne in the foot, we bathe in a swimming pool filled with toddlers. After a safety briefing, Marie launches a presentation of the observation equipment on the bridge.

July 5

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017At eight in the morning we eat breakfast together. After a little splash we leave at ten o'clock. During the watch, we see many boats, shearwaters and a stealth ridge, which we did not find despite a half turn. We watched the blue sea carefully five and a half hours, to see the splendid leap of a tuna. After several hours of sailing, some have bathed to refresh themselves after a clew. Others wanted to join them but were stopped in their tracks. We turn around to rest the sick. Marie and Benoît watch the boat all night to anchor in a quiet cove of Paxos.

July 6

Start 10h. The sea is as smooth as a mirror. A small wind, great sun, flat sea: ideal conditions to observe in the shadow of the mainsail. Those on the other side, on the other hand, are hot. Observations of the day: some shearwaters, a fishing net, a strange military building. 16h: Catastrophe! The iPad only does its head and decides to remove all observations of the day. The shearwaters and morning yachts were lost. We clenched our teeth and resumed the observations assiduously. Suddenly, a splash attracts our attention. Who is it ? A swordfish! It makes one, then two, then three jumps so that we can observe it and it sails towards new horizons. We go back to Lefkas in one of the ten favorite spots of windsurfers in the world.

July 7

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We wake up at dawn to go to other observations. The first shift at 6h in the morning turns out to be nice as the air is cool. The objective of the day is different: it is the seals that appear to be on the island of the seals. The island of the seals is a cute little islet surmounted by a pretty white lighthouse, surrounded by clipped rocks and pierced by marine caves. We go around but no trace of the seals. We bathe, the water is beautiful and full of colorful fish. We are not the only ones to enjoy the place and we soon find ourselves surrounded by five or six boats and their crew in the water. For lunch, we will anchor at Port Leone from Kalamos Island.

In the afternoon, we drive to the marina of Bathi to refuel and some races. We leave quickly to have the time to enjoy the coolness of the evening to redo the island's seals and maximize our chances of observing them. Unfortunately we remain empty-handed. We return to Port Leone for the night. The maneuvers of the anchorage are complicated.

July 8

New alarm clock at dawn, new island tour to the seals, but again no seals. We are beginning to get to know all the pebbles that flourish around the island and to wonder if its reputation does not come from their resemblance to seal heads. After a rapid crossing, the Avocet of Ryme anchors at Ithaca, the charming port of Vathi, in the heart of Ulysses. We take a well deserved rest while admiring the scenery to replenish energy in preparation for night navigation. We leave along the beaches of Kefalonia, one of the coastal villages launches fireworks in our honor! And we are in the front row to admire the show. By the way, a drone flies over the boat, probably also in search of cetaceans.

July 9

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017After a rather calm night sailing, where the wind is sorely lacking at Benoît, we begin a new day of observation. Today, as every day of the week, it makes a sublime weather, the sea is calm, ideal time for observations. The only minor flaw is that the sun is hot and it is hot. Suddenly, a bird approaches the boat. Would it still be a puffin? No ! It is a falcon, a kestrel: it flies over the Avocet, twirls, and then lands on the mast. He stays there for about 20 minutes, time to rest and get a picture, then we leave to leave for new adventures. We continue our journey towards the island of Zakynthos. Upon arriving, we are impressed by the cliffs of the island, pierced by caves and adorned with arches. Benoît reveals that the island is a marine reserve known for its population of loggerhead turtles: they become our main objective of the day. Ecô wriggles with impatience at the idea of ​​finally finding his fellows. We anchor at the port: Odile reads the description of the place in the guide of Benedict. Apparently this one would be filled with YACKS (Odile does not know how to read the word "yacht"). After showing our protruding muscles during the inflation of the annex, we decided to comfort ourselves by a short stroll in town. After a few cold sweats during the transport, we arrive at the village. Aurélien and Kin then search for information on turtles, but despite their incredible speed worthy of Usain Bolt, they return empty-handed. However, the girls manage to learn from a local hirer that the turtles sometimes come to the harbor. We end up with a small restaurant not piqued with cockchafers (the Taverna Nicolas).

July 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We begin observations as soon as 6h to hope to see turtles before the tourists wake up. To do this, we embark on board the annex, swollen by block by Benoît, to walk along the cliffs of the protected area (forbidden at anchor). Nevertheless, the turtles, which we thought to be observed, turned out to be mere buoys. Disappointed, we returned to the boat. Marie and Jeanne decide to swim to the coast to learn about the fauna of the park (considered by Kin as a "parcounnet"), when suddenly Jeanne finds face to face with a majestic tortoise straight out of the depths. Marie takes off her camera and immortalizes the moment. They return to the boat and content their vicissitudes to others, greens of jealousy. We all decided to plunge in the hope of seeing her again, raking the anchorage area, but without success: the only one to have picked up a plastic bag. Dismantled, we used the locals to find out where the turtles were. We took a boat to observe these remarkable animals, along the coast and a little further on a tourist beach, a head came out of the water: it is a TURTLE !!! A good meter long, a green carapace, the imposing loggerhead turtle looks at us, imperturbable despite the other tourist boat that throws a slice of watermelon. Marie and Jeanne go to the diving center to collect more information. They learn that monk seals inhabit caves on the side of "Keri Caves" and leave with the number of the local researcher (but without having the precise location). We continue on our journey and we leave to explore the caves in annex, led by Kin. We are approaching the high cliffs, disturbing a few bats, passing under a very beautiful arch but shortening our visit because night falls. Night sailing offshore towards the islands of Megalo Stofadi.

July 11

Benoît brought us between these islands where we wet at 4h in the morning. On the program: swimming, tour of the island in annex. These islands are much more wild than the previous anchorage, but there is not a single cliff or cave where seals could find shelter. Jeanne and Odile, professional swimmers, squared the area in search of turtles. There are pretty colored fishes, spirographs as well as quite particular stone rings. Kin and Aurélien embarked on a mission to clean up the oceans. They find a piece of sopalin next to the boat of the Belgians on which is a dog. His owner, irritated by the incessant barking of the latter, decides to throw him into the water. So we end up swimming with a dog. Kin and Aurélien then decide to dive to recover the piece of sopalin, but only Aurélien manages to touch it. The mission is a failure. A little later, we are flown over by two menacing airplanes. After the airliners, the helicopters, the Zakynthos and the drone, we finished our collection of flying machines. Decidedly, we are well watched! The Avocet of Ryme sets sail in the afternoon, heading towards the coast and the final destination: Kalamata (snif snif snif). We arrive towards 23h in Methoni in the Peloponnese, our first stop on the mainland.

July 12

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Odile reads the description of the place on the guide of Benedict. There are two constructions RE-MAR-QUABLES: the tower, unforgettable, and the castle, remarkable. We leave for a visit of the castle, decidedly remarkable. These are thick ramparts that dominate the sea and the interior is beautifully ornate with violet and yellow flowers. After a good tabouleh we leave for Kalamata. For this last day of observation, we hoped to finally see dolphins. Some hunts of tuna gave us glimmers of hope, but no fins appeared before our eyes. We finally get wet near Kalamata and enjoy a last meal together on the boat.

Shipping from 26 July to 4 August 2017 from Kalamata

26 July 2017 - Arrival in Kalamata

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Arrival in Kalamata, discover the ship Avocet of Ryme and the crew (Friends !!!) with whom we will spend 10 days of sightings and navigation. A change of program planned before our arrival on board will allow us to make a crossing of the Ionian Sea to Sicily. After a first safety briefing by skipper Benoît around a few ice-cold sweets, everyone puts a hand to prepare a hearty salad ... and our first aperitif with friends. The sun is barely lying, our first night begins on the sailboat at the port of Kalamata, meaning first sea baptism for some.

27 July 2017 - Released, issued ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We took advantage of the morning to carry out the refueling of the sailboat for an offshore navy of more than three days. Early in the afternoon, the engine was switched on for the harbor maneuvers, and we quickly set sail. We leave the reliefs of Kalamata behind us, the formed sea undermines the stomachs still unmilled. The ordeal of the few patients ends at the anchorage of Koroni. The most courageous threw themselves into the water to enjoy a nice view, the pleasure of swimming and a little freshness. The night promises restorative for small equipment, especially after our first Greek adventure.

28 July - At Sea

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The objective of the day is to go up the Peloponnese coast as far north as possible to prepare for the crossing to Sicily. The sea is too agitated to make observations. We do simulations to prepare for our next obs quarters. We stop at Methoni because the sea remains too rough to continue our navigation. We dock in a magical place in front of fortifications and a turkish tower of all beauty. It was the occasion for a bathing and a verification of the submerged part of the Avocet of Ryme. The last briefs and topo will fill the end of the afternoon until the meal, followed by the aperitif as it should be and an unforgettable sunset. The dragonfly that accompanied us during the crossing left us on this shore, happy to find a new land.

29 July 2017 - En route moussaillon !!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 20175h00 in the morning, I have chills, I chatter my teeth, and I mount the sound ... everyone does what he likes ??? The weather does not wait, heading for Sicily. The early crossing remains hectic forcing some to travel lying down. A poorly closed porthole put animation: floods of water have largely wet sleeping, occupants, cameras, clothes ... Sailing, the sailboat lodges and complicates well the daily tasks. Evening meal, setting up of the night shifts where some will have the chance to see a first dolphin near the boat. This starry night will have given us all an exceptional show throughout our vigils. What a heavenly vault !!!

30 July 2017 - Adventure is adventure ....

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 20177h30, it is time to wake up the ecovolunteers because the sea is finally conducive to observations. After a first quarter, a meager harvest: a few jellyfish, an ashy shearwater and a few jumps of flying fish. Finally, the first animation of the day, the boat of the coast guards observes us from afar, and after a few minutes we send two "exocets" to encircle our sailboat and thus proceed to the verification of our identity. Military teams armed to the teeth, this encourages each of us to stay wisely in our place. Some unexpected photos will mark this adventure ... The rest of the observations was rather "meager" and ... ah yes! Our first Carette turtles ... the magical moment of the day was undoubtedly the collective swimming, in the midst of this immensity and by 3510 meters of background. The sea of ​​oil allowed the rays of the sun to penetrate into the blue, poetic table and ode to the sea ...

31 July 2017 - Last day of July

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017This last day of July in the middle of the Ionian Sea began with a difficult survey for the first quarter of observations. All our eyes are lost in this vastness surrounded by a circle of horizon without any other human activity. The sea is deserted this morning. 2h00 without any animal ... In the late morning, hurricane turtles unfold. A total of twenty loggerheads crossed us and we scanned them until the early afternoon. After leaving them, we lived long monotonous hours under a sun of lead. Earth, Earth ... the coasts of Sicily stand out on the horizon. While our hopes of crossing even the smallest cetaceans are dwindling today, a cry pierces our silence "DAUPHINS" !!!! A group of twenty or so dolphins welcomed our arrival in Sicilian soil. We do not miss in the day of changing the Greek flag and hoisting the Italian flag (not without happiness)! First Sicilian anchorage "north of the balata" near the ponds where our last reserves of rum will enliven the feelings of each after this crossing of 600 km (that is 320 nautical miles). A shy plunge due to the rhizostomous jellyfish and a sunset will end the day, decorated with a spectacle of a dozen birds in flight (ducks, egrets, and pretty squadron formation ...). A gentle starry night without a quarter is waiting for us and a half moon illuminates our dreams.

1er August 2017 - Hello August!

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Almost all on deck, early morning to admire the sun. The first quarter of obs. Is ready to 6h45. After a good hour of observation we cross the path of our friends dolphins common the day before. The day begins well and to not disturb them we continue our journey. A few minutes later, we cross 3 blue and white dolphins. Arrived on the canyon zone at 2700 meters, the oceanologist Céline puts the hydrophone in the water ... nothing, no click. So no sperm whale to hope for that day. At the end of the listening, we meet again a group of white and blue dolphins who come to play the bow. Immense joy of the whole team for this new meeting. Our arrival on land was lulled by the song of Henri Salvadore: I will go to see Syracuse again ....

2 August 2017 - Syracuse ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Day off for all (off skipper) in a mythical place. Ortygia tour, sumptuous island tour, where we stroll along the streets and where we savor some local sweets, do shopping, restaurant, temple of Appolo, etc ... We think our skipper , Which under a heat of lead proceeds to the emptying of the engine and to some checks .... We meet all the evening for a cocktail aperitif at the anchorage facing Syracuse ....

3 August 2017 - Heading towards Catania

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017In the early morning we leave Syracuse under a magnificent sunrise: head towards Catania. A crossing that will be done in the hope of seeing a breath ... All on the lookout we look desperately at the horizon to see this long-awaited breath. The day passes and only a few dolphins will sneak up our route. We arrive at the end of the afternoon in this immense port of Catania. Our last evening on board is happening in good humor and in the sadness of a mission already completed. The whole night was lulled by the musical and convivial Sicilian festivities which took place a few meters from our wharf. Feast and good mood on board are de rigueur !!

4 August 2017 - Narewayé, baléyé, astiké ....

2017 cymbal notebook 87The machine zouk starts .... Ohé of the boat, it's time to put the boat back in its best light. The crew always well organized runs with good humor, efficiency and laughter ... it's perfect. Quality control is passed and approved.

We share a last meal at the Trattoria "La Canonica" (excellent place) .... we separate to better meet us at the airport a few days later ... the chance sometimes does things well.

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017

Shipping from 07 to 21 August 2017 from Catania

Day 1

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Gradual arrival at the port of Catania. The crew is complete: there are Benoît the skipper, Juliette l'écoguide, and four eco-volunteers, Alexa, Fred, Philippe and Sylvie. Lunch on the legendary Avocet of Ryme, the sailboat that will lead us, we all hope, to meet many magical cetaceans. Once the races (finally) are delivered, we leave the port. It was not planned but the first observations began ... We could not have dreamed better to start this mission: Stenella, perhaps dolphins of Risso ... We make an anchorage face Taormina. Go, place to the meal: Juliette prepares us crafted canelloni (fork handle) with fresh spinach and mozzarella.

Day 2

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Wake up to 9 h (6 hours according to Juliette), facing Taormina, which was prettier by night than by day. The topos, which had not taken place the day before, was performed by our duo of shock Benoît our captain and Juliette our "hostess" and guide. The departure in the late morning for Scilla, whose route was not rich in observations (a few exocets and a single dolphin ... and white butterflies, which are not listed, alas, in the protocol of observation. That next year the butterflies will integrate the order of cetaceans. Anchorage in the port of Scilla, sweet and savory dinner in front of the houses of fishermen and torrid night in the vapors of the oven.

Day 3

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Head towards the Aeolian Islands after breakfast and ritual bathing. Our captain takes us proudly and we see ourselves already making beautiful and numerous encounters ... It is a flop: we have nevertheless seen two turtles, some exocets, egg-poached jellyfish, calves, mirrors ... customer request. And we change our ideas in the evening by bathing and cards. We stop in Vulcano, famous for its mud baths, but by dint of tourist visits, it would be rather to scrape the bottom of the pool to try to harvest a few small pebbles! The site however remains very pleasant.

Day 4

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Quiet day question marine observations. And yet, we are on deck to observe ... the Aeolian Islands and all the boats of the tourists. We specialize in the most common pelagic observation here: the jellyfish egg dish "cotylorhiza tuberculata".

Day 5

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Today, rise around 5h30 and direct direction to the shoals (> to 1000m). Unfortunately, we do not encounter the soul of a cetacean and the weather forces us to shorten our observations. Juliette begins to despair by looking at the publications of the expedition that takes place at the same time as we in the very rich sanctuary Pelagos ... We try to reassure her but she hesitates to reconvert in the tracking of boats - much simpler and rich in Observations ... Lunch around Lipari. The wind rises, we look for an anchorage, after a small lax windlass fright and near a freighter, we opt for the most expensive port we know. In fact, the only one free ... Tonight is fiesta. Aperitif, coktail, pizza with Sicilian wine and granita! Long live the president !!!

Day 6

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017The weather is not with us. Strong wind and strong swell in the northern sector. Granita tracking in perspective ... Great sequence thorough cleaning of the boat: maybe our hygiene plays a role on the presence of cetaceans around the Avocet ??? Shower, laundry, brushing with excellent clay toothpaste ... this last one has made a lot of emulators, the clay tooth rays of our expensive supermarkets may soon find themselves out of stock at our Back !!! Free afternoon: siesta, swimming, climbing the Vulcano for the most courageous. We enjoy being down to eat at the restaurant and enjoy a last ice cream ... (It's not that the kitchen team is not the odds!).

Day 7

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Let's go !!! Farewell Vulcano ... A crossing in the nearest ... and closer to the waves, to the calm of the black beaches of the fascinating and always menacing Stromboli. The most vigorous of the crew will swim the ash beach and will have discovered the charming and quiet little village at the foot of the steaming volcano. Meals rhythmed by the music of the beach bar (one would believe), to sleep early to ensure a great crossing towards the islands of Naples.

Day 8

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Let's go !!! Farewell stromboli (this formula reminds me of something). Indeed, our crossing happens quietly. Radio cachalot does not provide much. Today, we will test the night shifts, follow the instructions of the captain Benoît carefully. Our night made of sweet dreams of cetaceans, will be interrupted every 4 hours ... It is the opportunity for us to see shooting stars, fireworks from the Italian coast, a wonderful moon rise, But also to cross boats and thus to wake Benoît every time ... It is the night that express the real personalities and Juliet believes she hears a lot of suspicious noises ...

Day 9

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017The last quarter of 6 to 8h allows us to see several hunts of tuna, it gives rest to the heart! We arrive in the Bay of Naples, dominated by Vesuvius. Observations under sail towards the very pretty island of Procida, where we spend the night.

Day 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017We go off by following a canyon that leads us straight back to Stromboli. On the way we hear dolphins on the hydrophone and finally see them! Fréderic advises us to abandon because the camera obviously does not pick up nostalgic radio ... We take advantage of this stealthy moment but that re-motivates us, before resuming night navigation.

Day 11

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017We arrive in Cefalu, a charming typical city with its narrow streets whose windows are full of clean linen (unlike the Avocet ...). Go on the steps of the cathedral square (classified UNESCO) to eat pasta with sardines!

Day 12

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017During the afternoon, we have the joyous surprise to make a long way with a dozen blue and white dolphins very demonstrative to the stem. The opportunity for Alexa to fall back in childhood by making jumps on the bridge so much emotion is strong. Fred loses his means in front of the many boxes that OBSenMER asks him to fill for this first follow-up of the stay. Indeed the ecoguide leaves it loose to take photos :( Benoit describes large circles with the Avocet to prolong the pleasure of this observation ...

Day to 13 15

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017We find the Aeolian Islands to anchor in front of an island we had not yet seen: Alicudi, inhabited by a hundred inhabitants and a cock in madness ... but nevertheless very wild and relaxing. Alexa thinks of buying a cabana. We make a dashboard to disembark as soon as possible for installation. But he will have to come back later, because we have not managed to reach the sufficient sum, and the iliens did not accept the proposed food swap, namely the 10 limps of red beans left by the previous crew ... We must resolve to leave the island below the waterline with our preserves. And especially to keep Alexa ... We land in Milazzo, stopover that marks the end of this beautiful cruise rich in emotions.

Shipping from 24 August to 01 September 2017 from Milazzo

23 August 2017 - Wild encounter

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017First day, first meeting! Yes, we do not hesitate on the Avocet of Ryme! The observations did not start but Mother Nature is generous. Thus, at the anchorage, during the first bath, outside the few species of small fish, a savage encounter took place. Species listed in the list of observations, Damoiselle Pélagie, surreptitiously, while Daniel was swimming around the boat, touched it, then invited to approach her, all against. But the effect was a repulsion and a sharp pain in the arm which earned him the attentions of the crew and the skipper (Merci Benoît!) Who coated it with a creamy cream. If Dame Pélagie wanted to crunch it, it was eventually Master Benoît who caressed it. Morality, the most piqued of the three is not the one we believe ...

24 August 2017 - Insolation in Capo Orlando

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Second day, first day of observation and transit from Milazzo to Cape Orlando. An American-style (wild) outfit that ended with the anchorage. Bains, evening sightseeing, sunset, a late and long aperitif ... and for good reason: the Big Mac & Hamburgers menu required by the intractable Admiral Guru (Khan) warmly replaced the vegetables and cook until pasta is of a tian (who as everyone knows is better than two you will have) wanted by the modest Daniel. The latter used, in the high temperature of the evening, all the elements at his disposal to "heat the evening": pan frying for onions, toaster for grilling, oven for burgers, water cooking for potatoes. Two hours later, helped by Célia, the hamburgers emerged from the kitchen became a luciferian hell. The night that followed gave birth to a dried cook, subscribed to the bottles of water (4 liters in one morning!) In order to recover an essential valor for the next adventures. A cooked eco-friend remains eco-voluntary, who would have believed it?

25 August 2017 - Nothing of Egg

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Third day, second day of observations, heading towards Cefalu. Sweet alarm clock to 8h for the first quarter of observations, eggs to the plate for the others. After a few hunts of tuna, the team cooks the eggs and puts the tuna apart. The Guru (Khan) is also needed to launch the fishing line. The opportunity is there for Jane Doe to get rid of the broken egg (rotten ...?) Waiting for her time on top of the fridge. Alas, the result is without appeal: the tunas: 1, the Experts Milazzo: 0. The afternoon observations resume. Nothing new on the horizon, not even jellyfish eggs in the morning dish. Decidedly, in the west, nothing new: these are the Mysteries of the West.

26 August 2017 - Bottlenose dolphins

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Departure from Cefalu at dawn. Sunrise, beautiful sea, shearwaters after breakfast ... but especially Dolphins hunting, arriving head-on. The crew is on deck, the photos and videos at the bow immortalize this instant expected of all. Great reward for this dolphin festival, gathered in subgroups. And no one at their disappearance said, "That's enough! ". An upcoming encounter ... Arrival at the port of San Vito so that you can fill up on races and diesel for the great crossing. After good showers with clear water at the harbor (despite storm earthquake), small night tour of the city.

27 August 2017 - The Great Crossing

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Departure of San Vito to 13h for the sea with a fairly lenient sea that allows us to make the 8 sailing nodes. But despite our assiduous looks towards the horizon, no cetacean comes to say hello ... Side gustative pleasure, the tour was concluded by a tian of various vegetables and cheese because finally a tian is better than two you will have! Who says night at sea, says night-shift, which was illuminated by a magnificent starry sky. It was like stealing. Captain's log, stellar date the second binomial is the biggest winner of the contest of the greatest number of shooting stars observed.

28 August 2017 - It gites, and it is agitated

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Long navigation. At dawn to the last quarter, passing two turtles to port. Too bad for those who sleep ... Group of dolphins also close to the horizon who will not visit us. We continue the road until the evening with good wind, lodging the boat to land in a sheltered cove, the Cala Piera, which will prove to be a haven of peace. A birra had to be opened: Birra who rolls does not gather foam! Do not throw us away!

29 August 2017 - "Jiminy Criquette"

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Wake up in the sun, morning bathtub at the Cala Pira, where we meet two sting rays and a parasitic sole. Strong wind in exit not allowing the observations, return on another creek: the Cala Piratzo. Exit at the end of the afternoon for all the observations.

30 August 2017 - Life sometimes done Plouf

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Raised at dawn for the most motivated of the troupe, motor in the ears for some, last sighs for others. After some cargo ships and plastic bottles drifting, demotivation takes hold. But the musical repertoire is still growing, the voices are now singing in unison. The (delicious) chopped parmentier at the pomodora is enough to motivate the crew for the afternoon. Well-deserved arrival at the anchorage of a pretty creek in the hills chique inhabited. Aperitivo time ...

31 August 2017 - Good wind!

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Morning observation of the last hope, we thank the little egg jellyfish for its participation. After a morning swimming and snorkeling in a reserve, arrived at the gray water port of Cagliari: no showers and no toilets on the ground! After a good meal in the restaurant, the crew sat down in anticipation of the big cleaning ...

04 Expedition to 13 September 2017 from Cagliari

Monday September 04

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle planete 137Welcome to 10h of all the eco-volunteers (Laetitia, Anaïs, Julien, Alain) by Amandine our ecoguide and Antoine our Skipper, in the port of Cagliari.
Departure to the races with Amandine, Laetitia, Anaïs and Julien while Alain and Antoine change the bilge pumps. First meal aboard the Avocet of Ryme very nice.
General opinion about the city of Cagliari: No Comment '. After research it proved difficult to find engine oil, gas and mint!
Reception of the races and shower of the crew at the port. Dinner with everyone on board with lasagna made with love by Julien ;-) before the captain's brief on topo safety: discovery of our brassieres who will follow us for the whole stay.
Midnight: all equipped with our braces we take off under a moon almost full for the destination of Ponza. Night shifts with a duration of 3h were distributed to the binomials.

Tuesday, September 05

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle planete 138Anaïs and Alain take the first quarter backed by Captain Antoine. A 3h, change of quarter with Amandine and Julien always assisted by Antoine. A 6h Laetitia and Antoine take over until 9h with Julien. Topo observation at 9h done by Amandine, we all hate to start!
First breakfast taken on board after a short night "cradled" by the sound of the engine.
First quarter of observation between girls, despite all our good will the cetaceans are not at the rendezvous, only a few exocets appear as well as waste.
A table for the first meal taken at sea accompanied by turtles caouanes (4 in all) who came to eat with us.
Second observation of Amandine with Alain and Julien: very calm sea and not at all agitated. It is towards the end of the quarter that the dolphins arrived under the sunset on one side and the rise of the moon on the other: a magical moment! Before nightfall, we all washed in warm water and clear from deep blue to deep 2800m. Establishment of a second night with watchdogs during the meal. Under a full moon and starry night, the quarters were chained. At midnight, five dolphins illuminated by the reflection of the moon were the happiness of Antoine and Laetitia.

Wednesday, September 06

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 139Quiet night stands always accompanied by full moon and stars.
7h30: first watch on a sea of ​​oil but only a turtle and 6 fast birds have appeared.
9h30: college breakfast followed by a small nap for the most tired.
The sky is gradually filling with clouds as our final destination is in sight: the island of Ponza. The day continued with another observation in the afternoon but no cetaceans or turtles.
We arrived at the end of the afternoon on the island of Ponza, anchorage for the night. Small bath for the whole team: palm snorkel for some, nice fish, mother-of-pearl and lots of rubbish. Meals then to 23h all to the dodo.

Thursday September 07

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 1407h: the sky is clogged: it is raining.
8h: We leave for the Italian coast. A quarter of observation becomes more and more hectic: there is no wind but waves of 80 cm, it is already moving. In the late morning, a minke whale is finally observed by Antoine with the presence of Laetitia. We arrive at the port of Nettuno. Towards the end of the afternoon, full of diesel, cleaning the boat and shower in port for all. It does good even if on the ground it is a little strange: it pitch. In the evening: party meal: DES FRITES! The captain has studied the weather and this is not going to be arranged. It is necessary to join Porto Vecchio as soon as possible otherwise it will do very badly. Departure tomorrow at 4h.

Friday, September 08

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 141Depart to 4h15 with a sea of ​​1 swell meter that cradles the crew. We follow Nettuno for almost an hour and then head towards Porto Vecchio. We have towards 17h a sighting of furtive dolphins. We go to the table and start the night shifts.
During the night, we cross a ghost sailboat without light: the Dutch flying! Despite the trumpeting and the torch, no one moves on board. Antoine passes his waistcoat (disturbing) and the sea is dismantled.
We arrive at Porto Vecchio at 8h on the bay and we all benefit from this moment of calm.

Saturday, September 09

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 142A day at anchor, rest, meals and good pancakes made with love by Mother Laetitia followed by our eco-guide Amandine who prepared her famous guacamole.
19h30: hour of the aperitif in music and evening quizz: the «bolites» against the «Corsican puffins». The puffins won 27 at 22 points. A good night's sleep in perspective.

Sunday, September 10

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 143Breakfast pancakes with Nutella banana bread for our eco-friendly. The wind rises, we change the mooring and we approach the port. 11h: Julien and Alain cook two cakes: olives, feta and mushrooms.
Noon: time of the aperitif. A good bath of Laetitia and Alain refreshing and sporting (scissors and abs are of the part). Evening aperitif with rest of cake, charcuterie ... Pasta courgettes tomatoes and garlic cooked by Antoine are our meal. Everyone has eaten well and is ready for the revenge of the quiz. Conclusion: there are still things to review (jellyfish and boats are not sufficient answers).

Monday September 11

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 144Escapade in annex for Porto Vecchio to 8h: the expedition !!! A 10h return on the boat and preparation of quiche peppers, onions, tomatoes prepared by our ecoguide Amangdine: Miam !! Waiting for a lull to be docked at the port. After slippage, more or less controlled, we left for the port.
Preparation of the inventory for the next session as well as cleaning. Here we are at the port of Porto-Vecchio and on land. Small walk in the heights of the city and shopping for some and tasting of rum for others. Preparation of the wraps for the evening and first meal inside the boat, Super surprise with a birthday dessert for Anaïs in music and choreography endiablée: super evening.

Tuesday, September 12

2017 carnetdebord Cybelle 145Expedition to Bonifacio for the entire team in Kangoo. That changes the boat! Discover the beautiful city: its harbor, its cliffs and its historical center for the morning. Meals in a Corsican specialty restaurant, a treat! Long digestive hike on the stony paths by the seaside towards the beach of Fazzio advised by our captain. This is the Glénan base (sailing school). Arrival in this paradise relaxing and beautiful! Julien bathes while others discover the surroundings. Once the fine team rested back to the car for Porto-Vecchio. Laetitia prepares her business for her imminent departure. We accompany him to the ferry: first goodbyes ... Express and tired meal in the boat. After writing the log, everyone will go to bed to rest in preparation for the last day of this great Mediterranean tour.

15 expedition to 24 September 2017 from Porto Vecchio

Friday, September 15

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 20173 was there when 8 and 9 arrived. The rendezvous was at 10 h at the port of Porto Vecchio. At 15 h, 4, 5, 6, and 7 pointed. 1 and 2 were on site. At 11h and 13 minutes, 2 took us to the casino. Three caddies later, the Avocet of Ryme was loaded! First recommendation: 3 pompettes per giclette!

Saturday 16 September 2017 (Poem)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

Today, full of data

We showed how everything worked;

Our desire to go and survey cetaceans

Is growing every day;

Looking far ahead,

At every moment we scrutinize the behavior of the wind;

The weather leaves us no niche,

Nailing the sailboat in the bay of Porto Vecchio;

With Cybele Planet,

Nothing is foreseen as in his head;

But the group is united,

And we know that there is still more to be done;

So let's live from day to day,

And we will bring back memories forever ...

Sunday, September 17

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Given the unfavorable conditions of the day, our excellent Captain Antoine allowed us to use the annex to go to the port. Small excursion to the market, the Casino and the shower in Porto Vecchio. 7 minutes of happiness for the modest sum of 2 euros: what a pleasure! Back without hindrance and now at 22 h, we are preparing to take off. A first.

Monday September 18

2017 cymbal notebook 149We leave from Porto Vecchio towards Elba: departure midnight with 2 organized hours. We were all exhausted. But the dolphins awakened our attention in the middle of the course. The first contact made this moment majestic. We look forward to the next meetings. Meanwhile the island of Elba offers us its evening storm.

Tuesday, September 19

2017 cymbal notebook 150A coffee, a banana and all to swim! A real treat. 400 m swim and we had cravings. Visit the alleys in an icy cold, then a good Italian coffee has done us good. The annex joined us. On board the Captain to save us from the cold thanks to our pullovers brought back. N ° 9 refused to put his hand to the pocket, which created a debt of No. 8 to No. 7, which led to a common debt to No. 7. Being beneficiary, the latter passes these rounds of schedules. What a great deal!

Wednesday 20 September (Poem)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017No doubt about the suspicions of the day before

In view of the Captain's morning awakening

The day is scarcely rising,

Already the eco-volunteers are watching.

Looking ahead,

They cherish the hope of seeing one of these great.

These large cetaceans,

Every minute so much hoped for.

Then suddenly, not far away

There are beautiful magnificent dolphins,

Accompanied by their babies.

It remains for us to contemplate them.

These beautiful animals

We offer what is most beautiful.

As a song of music,

They send us fantastic images.

We return a little later near the land

Thinking again of what they have just done.

Good night dear cetaceans

Tomorrow in the wake of our sailboat.

Thursday 21 September (Poem)

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Today, the sailboat starts very early

Sail in the most beautiful hollows of this water.

What a beauty in the distance this line of horizon

But for now no one has seen a fish.

When suddenly a turtle and a dolphin

A drop of hope in this endless surveillance

The whole team is mobilizing with determination

In what we call this mission

Monitor the presence of cetaceans

Every minute, every moment of the day

Our hope is nourished by the love we share for our friends

These sacred animals that offer each meeting a true paradise

The tearful eyes of not having seen them

We returned to Ile Rousse a little disappointed

But hopeful to hope to see them tomorrow.

Friday, September 22

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017A ----------------------> B

Nothing in sight, so a little disappointed.

Saturday, September 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017A tired ending in the middle of a last great meal aboard the Avocet of Ryme, followed by a whispered cetacean quiz.

Signed 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9

Shipping from 26 September to 05 October 2017 from Calvi

Tuesday 26 September 2017 - Gilles

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

This morning, very dark sky. The weather is in the rain. At 10h, appointment of the crew to the port of Calvi. Some are already at the Super U of the corner, for shopping. So we find ourselves successively there to help the former. 4 caddys super filled, fortunately the delivery man brings us near the boat.

At noon, a cloud, a great sun with wind. Everyone is there, we will make the presentations by drinking the aperitif. Evelyne, Sandra, Françoise, and Céline the eco-guide, for the girls. Gilles, Claude, Arnaud, Gérard and Antoine the skipper, for the boys. Then it was time for rest, quietly, a coffee; then security meeting by the Captain: we study all the cases, it is serious.

Before, we had taken the time to take possession of our cabins, we will have to get used to a cramped space. Moment of discussion, then evening rest with Corsican songs from the neighboring bar, more dodo. Tomorrow morning we go offshore ...

Wednesday 27 September 2017 - Evelyne

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

Departure this morning towards 8h direction the continent. After Céline's briefing on cetaceans and other marine creatures, a blue and white dolphin came to say hello. This moment allowed us to put into practice what we have just learned, namely the collection of information.

A good meal at noon gave all the stomachs en route for the rest of the day. After a few hours of observation, we see a fin whale! He stayed with us for a few minutes, then went off to sound. Arnaud had the time to take a picture: beautiful pictures in perspective! We also saw some tuna hunt and jump! In short, a superb first day that sets the bar high for days to follow ,,,

Night of Wednesday and Thursday 28 September 2017 - Françoise

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

After the succulent dinner (salty revisited way Antoine), we continue the crossing: the night shifts have been set up by pair. Compulsory monitoring and lifting to ensure the safety of the crew. The weather conditions allow us to sail a good part of the night, then it is to the motor that we approach the coasts of the Var. Towards 8h, Céline sees Stenella and a moon fish, but the majority of the crew are still in Morpheus' arms, but few of us will see them. After breakfast, taken over the alarm clocks, the quarters of observations take place.

It will be the dolphin day! Festival of Stenella throughout the observations, even if Céline and Françoise see off the breath. But false hopes, whales will not come to us. So it was with joy that several groups of Stenella were seen, adults, young people, some coming to the bow. We count on Arnaud for the pictures taken with super gear! Off the Canyon du Grand Rhône, we set out to prepare the meal: courgette tart and mixed salad made by Céline, Arnaud and Claude. Then the fateful announcement fell like a cleaver: water cows are almost dry!

Patatras, stupor and trembling, ... Leaks on board? Mystery and gumdrop. It was on this news that we took advantage of the sunset and the fish hunt around the boat.

Ecô was immortalized for the last time in a situation on the boat, with a setting sun in the most beautiful effect, then, go and find out how ... She found herself overboard ... Goodbye EcÔ!

What a day !!! Go, we'll get ready for the night shifts ...

Friday 29 September 2017 -CLAUDE and GERARD

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

After the premature disappearance of Ecô 1, we spent a night at the cape, serene until the appearance of an oil tanker that was rushing at us and seeing the determination of the crew, is diverted at the last moment into the rail leading to Fos. From daybreak, we set off in the wake of 2 dolphins. Then a whale festival began, blows on all sides, powerful and sonorous. At noon again of the Stenella, then again of the fin whales. Just before Bandol we also met a big Turtle Caouanne.

We are currently at anchor, and we count: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 common whales were observed during the day, ...

Saturday 30 September 2017 - Arnaud

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

Anchorage at Bandol, one fills the water bottles that have "leaked". A few races at the market, and we went back to Hyères, without Francoise, who went to the emergency room, to diagnose her eye care. But for Cybelle it is known that 1 finger 1 eye is enough ... It will be found in the evening at the port of Hyères. The next day when the day begins, the conditions are optimal for observation = sea of ​​oil. We sailed to the canyon, the mist surrounds us but the visibility remains good. We spot off the dolphins. Big ones ? Of the Globicephals ??? ...

We find only Stenella who come to play the bow, several dozen are in transits. An ideal time. Everyone on deck, watching for possible Sperm whales and especially Globicephales. We also cruised rafts of Ash and White Puffins. Groups from 20 to 30. We think that ... it's a good sign! The wind rises a little, the sea remains favorable, but we already arrive at Cape Sicié without having observed other marine mammals. Favorable conditions are necessary but not enough ... More 4 days of discoveries!

Sunday 1er October 2017 - Sandra

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

There was once 8 eco-friendly accompanied by a skipper named Antoine, on a sailboat registered where ?? But where and so or neither! There we go well !!! Well, then ... I was saying that we left the anchorage of Hyères early in the direction of Porquerolles. The weather conditions are not favorable for the observation of cetaceans. After a delicious lunch, we set out for a hike, heading for "Oustaou de Diou", the house of God; swimming in the shelter of the glances. In short, a day lazing around, cocooning to recover from all our past and future observations ...

Monday 2 October 2017 - Evelyne

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

Today we were able to go back to sea and make observations; but unfortunately without Françoise, left to Toulon to check his eye. A calm and gray morning with 3 Stenella conducive to the writing of songs:

"This sperm whale is hiding in the water; every day, every day. This sperm whale is hiding in the water and it's balot ... Les Globi ...... is wrong !! ". Or: "The Globi is for noon, the sperm whale at the aperitif, the Risso is coming soon !! ". In short, only "happiness" for the ears !!!! At midday, a whale briefly made an appearance. The afternoon was just as calm with other Stenella. Then return to Porquerolles where we recover Françoise and we will spend the night at the port. Tomorrow we will surely spend the day here ...

Tuesday 3 October 2017 - Gilles

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017

After a night in Porquerolles due to the wind, the alarm clock is smooth and breakfast is prepared ... Quickly made, we stop at the bakery for fresh bread, oh yeah !!!

As it is quite good, we decide to go to the silver beach where we find the team of filming who already made his the night before in the village and others ... Twenty times we will hear: "make me my suitcase ... "with bonusing bonus. The sun makes its appearance and we take advantage of it to bathe. Finally not all: Evelyne stays dry on the sand, the water not being at 26 ° regulations !! Then after the solar drying, return to the boat to prepare the meal; but Antoine has us all ahead, with pasta with vegetables and garlic, Top Chef! To finish the meal, a good homemade fruit salad. A small cafe, storage of card games for some and small naps for others. After Gerard leaves alone to make a big round on the island, Francoise and Antoine stays on the boat and the others leave in a great adventure in search of a hidden object (geosearching). The first indications lead us to Fort d'Alycastre. We go round it, we go up to the summit where we have a superb view of the sea and the few boats that have dared to brave the great wind blowing. We will see on the descent that this visit was forbidden, too bad, and we regret nothing but still nothing concerning our treasure. We look on the internet to get clues, some photos are welcome but we still need a long time before finding the object of our lust. All content, we take the way back. A small shower is welcome. Then all in the square, some prepare the meal, others take care of transferring the pictures. A team is responsible for filling the empty water cows. It seems that I did not use water with Parsimony when I was doing the dishes, indeed it is with Claude that I carried out this mission .... A small error in the handling of the pipe will cause the shoe to fall from Gerard to the sea, fortunately it will be recovered.

Now it's the aperitif with as always cocktails, beers, juices. We worry, Gerard does not come back from the showers (it's been an hour). Here he comes back and explains that he has dried his shoes and socks with the hair dryer. Very good salad on the menu, followed by another salad for dessert, one with fruit; I'm not talking about the salads that some of my teammates give to us. 22H30, it's time for the dodo, there is wind in the sails and we will be rocked by the soft song of shrouds and other equipment.

PS: I had forgotten to say that the previous evening, 2 music lovers in this group more focused on singing sirens than instrumental music had been at the harbor bar only listen to a concert of music served by 3 girls. Great atmosphere!

Tuesday 4 October - The Last Cybelle Team

Last day on Porquerolles, return tonight with the mini weather window towards the port of Hyères.

Exchanges of photos-videos; a last bathe for some in the crystalline waters of the Park.

Preparation of Françoise's birthday with a cinnamon apple pie, enough to delight our taste buds ... And now it smells the end ... already we have to prepare our bags to make room clean and have space for clean our Cy-Beau Vessel ...

See you soon for new adventures! ....



PS: .... ¼ hour after the writing of this newspaper, and after our sailing, we learn that the port of Hyères is requisitioned by the army for exercises ... so return to our pontoon of Porquerolles ... What a surprise!

So we spend a lovely birthday party with DJ Antoine, Champagne Cake-Candle.

And to close this beautiful mission, a song specially dedicated to our crew from Gilles:

It is a very sympathetic group;

And always very dynamic;

On his sailboat, one can meet him, in search of cetaceans;

They are all volunteers, seasoned like sea-wolves;

Full of good intentions, and always cheerful;

This is the Cybelle group of the summer ...

Shipping Pelagos

Shipping of the 15 21 2017 July from Hyères

Saturday July 15

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Arrival of the ecovolunteers. Alice, the eco-guide, accompanied by Antoine, the skipper, was waiting for us. Margaux of the association was also present. We met the 100% women crew: Alice (bis), Beatrice, Alexandra, Julie, Raphaëlle, Amandine and I (Françoise). Despite the appointment time set at 10h, the boat was unfortunately not ready due to a day after 14 July. We therefore waited for 11h45 to take possession of the "Florenzo" and install all the bunkering for one week. Then the distribution by cabin was made and we prepared our first meal in common. After breakfast, topo "Observation and use of the equipment" provided by Alice the ecoguide then topo "Safety and life on board" provided by Antoine the skipper. Although the decision to leave on the day was postponed until the next day, for reasons of comfort, the day was full! We got to know and familiarize ourselves with the boat and the manipulations to be done during the week. After having spent a lot of time on the deck to do the installations, safety trainings and OBSenMER and finally a few races, we went to shower at the captaincy, before rewarding our efforts by a stroll to the night market of Hyères as well as 'Good fresh ice at the end of the day.

Sunday July 16

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 20176h morning: everyone is still asleep! Well, no, two early risers are already on the bridge: Françoise and Beatrice. We go to look for fresh bread and brioches (phew, the bakery is already open potron twink!). The sleepy ones will be awakened to music. After a good breakfast on the cockpit in the sun, we think of our first day of observation and are eager to go to sea. But before we have a meeting with our eco-guide Alice on the OBSenMER application and all that We need to know to be as operational as possible. We took the sea to 10h30. The sea was quite agitated, which destabilized some of the crew. The first observation and familiarization with the application on the iPad lasted only one hour. Alas, no animal pointed the tip of his nose. Some were lucky enough to see cetaceans from afar (four whales of fin whales and then probably a few dolphin fins). We all have hope for the next few days! 17h30: Back on the coast in Bandol (where we dropped anchor) and first bathing of all the ecovolunteers, followed by our first shower in sea water with special blue soap (which makes everything sweet!). We then made a royal aperitif (biscuits appetizers, sausage / chorizo, tapenade sandwiches, juice / sodas, wine and of course pastaga (pastis!) Followed by a meal just as royal (ratatouille with sausages) for us and also For animals (feeding gulls and sea bream).

Monday July 17

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017We got up at 6h30 (morning!) After we landed one of the eco-volunteers who unfortunately had to leave us for personal reasons. We set the course off. This morning the sea was still agitated. Antoine had the idea to change type of navigation, so the engine was switched off once the sail was out. Towards 9h he asked us to put on our braces and tie the straps to the lifelines on the sides of the boat while we were doing our shifts (to avoid passing overboard!). The morning was rich in encounters: blue and white dolphins came to see us twice and we even saw our first fin whale. Great joy on board! At 10h, we had gathered on the cockpit to take out the hydrophone after a suspicion of distant breath. At the moment of launching, the imposing cetacean appears and we realize that the hydrophone was finally not necessary since it was not a sperm whale (the device does not detect the Ultrasound of rorquals). So we switched the engine back on to follow it. At noon, we tasted zucchini pasta by a rough sea, fortunately the pasta was glued so that we could pick them up easily after they had fallen into the trunk (opened to take the buckets used for The dishes at sea)! We took stock of the morning's observations and then left. No noticeable except for the shearwaters, then, as we approached Port-Cros in the late afternoon, we saw blue and white dolphins jumping on their backs. We anchored to the port of Brégancon. Swimming for some and preparation of the meal: gloubi boulga of rice and lentils with vegetables and goat then apple pie with 4 corner (g) s! The sea having been agitated, everyone was tired by this day, full of emotions and beautiful observations.

Tuesday July 18

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Departure after sunrise, towards 6h15. What a pleasant surprise when you wake up to discover a slightly wrinkled sea! This calm sea will last two days, we hope this will increase our chances of seeing animals! We leave the beautiful scenery and our quiet anchorage for new adventures, ready to observe everything that presents itself. Direction the famous "Chinois" (zone baptized thus by Cybele Planet). Three times we see blue and white dolphins, little curious and too busy with their lives without humans. By the way, we do a "surface cleaning" with the gaffe to rid the sea of: orange horse shoe buoy and several balloon balloons a little deflated. All thanks to our super "gaffeuse" Raphaëlle! The sea and its inhabitants say thank you!

For the lunch break, we made heading dry in the open sea. Only the silhouette of the ribs was visible, and not a single boat. Francoise, without any hesitation, announces the bath. It was with much more apprehension that we followed her one by one in the immensity of the sea to more than 2000 meters deep. This bath was one of the most impressive you can live! We spent 1h30 playing with the rays of the sun getting lost in the depths, strolling between the hot and cold currents and photographing us (even under water!). Despite the repeated warnings of the skipper Antoine concerning the presence of white sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, everyone has bathed! When we finally decided to start lunch with the remains of the day before 14h, a curious fish moon came to meet us! He showed himself under all its seams and even allowed himself to float on the side to catch the sun. It was perfectly visible by this clear water! After a few minutes of mutual observation, he left, nonchalantly, the ridge going and coming quietly to the surface.

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017During the afternoon we saw several groups of blue and white dolphins, some of which came to the stem. Towards 18h30, we had the chance to admire a splendid parade between sea devils (three individuals) of which one about 2 meters of scale! We were able to observe them around the boat for over half an hour. Soon after, following a group of blue and white dolphins, something among them seemed to float on the surface: it was a loggerhead turtle! Finally, to finish the day in beauty during the last quarter, we were able to follow the rectilinear trajectory of a fin whale which probed several times under a magnificent sunset over the mountainous terrain. After the day went down well towards 22h, this one resurfaced when we set the table for the evening meal and probed one last time about 15 meters from the boat towards us!

With this exceptional weather, it was the ideal night to stay off. After eating a roast of pork cooked by Antoine in a nocturnal silence and with only lighting our frontal lamps, we divided into quarters of nights by midnight binomial to 6h to ensure the surveillance of the maritime traffic. To be autonomous, Antoine had trained us during the day to use the autopilot and the AIS (Automatic Identification System). What an incredible day with a record of at least seven species (moon fish, blue and white dolphins, sea devils, loggerhead turtle, fin whale, shearwater puffin, pelagic) of which rarely observed, all in just one afternoon! We are not ready to forget this exceptional day of observations!

night shifts

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 20170h-2h (Alice and Amandine): This first quarter was quite lively but still passed quickly. We were surrounded by lots of cargo ships. We had to go back and forth between the bridge and the AIS to watch their trajectories. We also heard the movement of a dolphin.2h-4h (Julie and Raphaëlle): Taking difficult quarter with eyes full of sleep. Then, once we got into the cockpit with our lifejackets on, a compass in hand and the binoculars in the other, magic began to operate ... The first sailboat that we see as sailing away to port turns out to be The moon rising! A red moon at sunrise! Visit of several dolphins who remain around the boat for twenty minutes to jump ... followed by a whale that we hear quietly blowing several times, not far from the boat.4h-6h (Alexandra and Françoise): We started our quarter under a Beautiful starry sky and with a beautiful crescent moon reflected in the water. We have, at times, heard the breathing and the dolphin jumps around the boat. We witnessed the rise of the day as the setting up of an impressionist painting. Francoise had thought she saw a small boat in front of ours at dawn, but after checking it did not appear on the AIS. And for good reason, when we observed it to the binoculars, it was actually a minke whale!

Wednesday July 19

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Towards 5h45, a whale appeared and we followed it later. The rorquals then occupied us a good part of the morning but, being a little players, a part of hide-and-seek has started ... So, to resume this morning morning already rich in observations, our whale of 5h45 ended up Weary of us after three apparitions noted by Antoine and Françoise, the rest of the crew having opted for a recharge of the batteries after the night shifts. Towards 6h45, a new minke whale, which awakens Alice the ecoguide, Julie and Alice, then the rest of the troop will follow little by little. Two groups of Stenella dolphins were sighted and some came to the bow to see if we were interesting enough for them ... Lack of bowl, they left after a few minutes, but Alice Eco-Collected took care to film their many Tight jumps. We can keep these great memories in our head but also in video. Thanks Alice! At 7H24, a devil of the sea passed under the boat. He has actually taken refuge there to escape the enormous yacht that has passed 100 meters of us at full speed in a totally empty sea (the place was missing!). At the end of the morning, we had the chance to follow two fin whales on the way to Cannes, after seeing them on the horizon by a sea of ​​oil (that is to say about 10 km from US !). At the nearest distance, the two whales had separated and were on both sides of the boat, and we could not decide where to head or follow. Back on the coast, the Côte d'Azur looks like a motorway for yachts! We did not manage to get wet at this place (queue at the entrance to the creek). So we continued our journey along the coast (on which stood the magnificent Massif de l'Estérel in red colors) and finally we wet in front of Brigitte (Bardot!) At Madrague next to Saint-Tropez. In the evening, after a swim bathed by the waves of the boats, we finally had the pleasure of tasting the wonderful pasta with fresh basil from our skipper that we had expected since the beginning of our stay! The night view was great with the coast and boats at anchor well lit.

Thursday July 20

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Several of us woke up at 6h in the morning to enjoy our last day at sea. This morning, after leaving the creek, the "obs" begin at 7h. The weather is cloudy and we sometimes have showers, including one that forced us to stop prospecting to shelter us the time it passes. We do not see anything of the morning but we can notice the presence of a turtle and a moon fish, seen furtively. Then we do not watch anything for a while and when we get ready for lunch, Julie sees dolphins. Finally ! It is a fairly supplied group of dozens of individuals with young people. Antoine goes to meet them so that we can better observe them and there, the festival begins: some come to the bow (despite our slow speed) to observe us, show us their belly, make a spin and hop back into position. A feast for the eyes ! We even see social interactions during which they rub themselves by their backs, their bellies or touch by the end of the rostrum. The group splits into several subgroups, the "sentinels" return to the boat to allow the rest of the group to continue their journey. We see young people and even newborns near their mother after the lucky ones who spotted them. The cameras crackle (and their already weak batteries are emptied ...), the notes are taken and then feed the observation data. They come back to us, re-scatter and then let them go. All this lasted 35 minutes which make this day will be engraved in our memory for a long time. The crew then resumed lunch and the skipper his course. Our vegetarian chili is cold but no matter, the dolphins have warmed our hearts!

The afternoon of obs continues with two last quarters as we slowly take over the direction of the port of Hyères. The hopes are still great to see a minke or the "stars" of the missions, namely the pilot whales, but nothing, nada, will have to be resolved. What a hectic afternoon to literally cook in front and "emboss" our hindquarters on the boat's honeycomb (think of the life-saving cushions for your next missions ... believe me!)! Indeed, after a week at sea, we are several to agree that we have the posterior on fire because of the pitching of the boat and to be sitting on the hard bridge during our shifts (hoping not to peel like we Francoise confided ...)! At 16h30, Antoine gives us a last swim in front of the village of La Capte, which delights the teammates who will be away from the Big Blue as of Friday. Now, for sure, we go back to port 17h30 for the last night together. A good shower (fresh water) awaits us, but without counting on a phenomenon of mysterious disappearance: where has passed the access card to the showers of the captaincy? Suspense ... After having returned (almost) the whole boat, the problem is solved, the first showers taken, the stowed business and the prepared dinner: tonight, tortillas de patatas, olé!

The week was rich in animal and human encounters, it passed so fast that everyone enjoys these last moments together, stars full of eyes and memories to boost us until next summer. Hey, we go back to 2018? Chiche ...

Shipping of the 22 28 2017 July from Hyères

Saturday July 22

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Here we all arrived at 10h at the port of Hyères for embarkation. There are therefore: Nicolas, Gwenola, Mélanie, Maxime, Sylvie, Sandrine and Marine. Alice the Ecoguide and Antoine the skipper were waiting for us. The first arrivals were able to see the sailboat "Florenzo" come out of the fairing area and get back to the water after a night of repair of the propeller. We settled in our cabins and waited for the arrival of the races, delivered directly to the boat. While we were finishing unloading the shopping bags and getting familiar with the organization and storage of the boat, Alice went to fetch bread and a roast chicken for lunch. Then we left the harbor to anchor a little further, in front of the beach of the Badine, in order to enjoy a first swim before taking an aperitif and lunch together. We were then confronted with our first team decision: since the weather is not sufficiently clement to sail tomorrow, we choose to dock on the island of Porquerolles in the afternoon (to be sure of having a Place at the port) and to wait there rather than Hyères that time allows us to begin our observations. During the voyage, Antoine made us our first sailing training course. Once settled in port to 16h, we had free neighborhood to visit the village, stroll or enjoy a small beach. At 18h, we had a rendezvous with the boat for the training "Mission Pelagos and marine fauna" of Alice as well as a point on life on board. For now, the weather forces us to stay at the dock at least two nights.

Sunday July 23

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The crew, stuck on the island of Porquerolles, split into two groups. Gwenola and Nicolas left alone, as it was their first wedding anniversary. They offered for the occasion a rental of electric bicycles, ideal way to visit the island. From 10h to 14h30, the others were at the Notre Dame beach, one of the most beautiful on the island, where they picnic. Posidonia meadows and rocks have been the subject of numerous submarine observations: fish (sauces, red mullets, gobies, mules, black-headed sarrels, common girades, sea bream and marbled giltheads), sea urchins, Sea anemones, crabs, orange-red encrusting sponges, seaweed (acetabular, padine ...), starfish, sea cucumbers, large Mediterranean mother-of-pearl ... At the end of the morning, as expected, the wind began To blow. On the way back, it is the innumerable cicadas (as well as their moults) easily observable on the trees that have delayed the amateur photographers! Their singing, sometimes deafening by their large number, made us even forget that of the gulls to which we are more accustomed! At the end of the day, several of us went to visit the Garden of the Botanical Conservatory. Meanwhile, Antoine had stayed at the boat all day to run the engine a few hours in order to keep a suitable battery level. He also took the opportunity to prepare his famous pasta with basil sauce ... a treat scarcely disturbed by the increasingly violent wind squalls. We had, however, toast at the return of the sun, but it was the rain which arrived at the beginning of the night and which continued throughout the latter.

Monday July 24

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Luckily, when we woke up, although the wind still prevented us from taking off, the sun was back. As the strong wind has not yet calmed down, we have undertaken to visit the rest of the island for the next few days. After preparing a large picnic (salad, sandwiches and fruit), we set out. All except Antoine stayed on the boat. Our exploration of the island began with Fort Saint-Agathe, followed by the Moulin du Bonheur. Due to a high risk of wind fires, we were somewhat thwarted in our projects because many sites were banned from public access. Our hike took us past fields of vineyards, olive trees, mulberry trees and laurels. We even visited a cemetery where some tombs were represented by boats and where we could see our first gecko. We then joined the dangerous cliffs to the south of the island where the waves hit the large blocks of rock. After picnicking at the foot of the lighthouse, we took a path to reach the magnificent Calanque de l'Indienne. Finally, we finished our walk on the beach of La Courtade that some had explored yesterday. It is a very beautiful beach where you can observe several species on the sandy bottom, especially fish. The wind prevented us from taking full advantage of the beach (between the violent waves and the sand that whipped us while flying), we returned early to the boat. Antoine had again cooked: dish of meat and vegetables for tonight and a beautiful tortilla for the next day noon. At the end of the day, while everyone was busy with their own activities (running, showering, reading, siesta, ice cream in the village ...), some of us started inventorying reserves Food, which allowed us to discover tidy little treats that gave us recipe ideas to achieve. In the evening, after an aperitif and a good dinner inside the boat (the cockpit being too exposed to wind and spray), we played the werewolf game while Sandrine and Alice were sorting the photos taken during our excursion . They then took a night stroll in the village in search of small animals and crossed a tiny gecko on a wall as well as a hedgehog hidden in a hedge.

Tuesday July 25

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Still no possibility on the horizon to leave the island of Porquerolles ... Alice went to the captaincy to reserve two more nights at the port. That morning, there was no special program for the crew, each one went about his business. There were several individual departures in short walks, running and the bakery. Maxime has gone to run early, although the wind still does not allow the paths going on the wildest beaches of the island. He was able to pass near the Semaphore and climb up to the Mont des Salins which, with its clear view, offered a beautiful panorama (creek and military observatory). Others took advantage of the on-board library to enrich their knowledge of marine fauna and some even brought back copies of the newspaper from the Port-Cros National Park. Seeking strategies for accessing sites that are not yet visited and often closed because of the risk of fire, we decided to reserve a table for the following day at a bistronomic restaurant located on the west side of the island in an area Only accessible by shuttle. It was the best way to visit one of the beaches of the Langoustier, globally prohibited from access and in an ideal setting because with the least possible attendance. We had lunch on the cockpit. For this lunch, Antoine had prepared us last night a superb tortilla and Melanie had the good idea to make us a pineapple cake (as she likes to make cakes when she does not know what to do).

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017During the meal, we had the surprise visit of Léa David, a researcher from the EcoOcean Institute who works on the data collected in the Mediterranean Sea by the eco-volunteers of Cybelle Planète. She offered us a conference tonight for several eco-boats stuck on the island, so we were not alone! This gave us a second conference scheduled for the end of the day, in addition to that of the National Park House on the bats. Due to the risk of fire due to high winds, many trails on the island were still closed to traffic. We decided to have a swim at the Silver Beach, one of the ones we had not tested yet since the beginning of our stay. The winds of day and night had rendered the waters turbid. Sandrine was able to observe a starfish and encrusting sponges. For their part, Alice and Antoine stayed in the boat all day. Alice took care of sorting our photos and giving news of our mission on the social networks. 18h, we were invited on the boat of Léa David, ketology researcher, for a conference on the usefulness and the future of Data collected by the ecovolunteers. Passing over the island, she did us the honor to interrupt her holidays to give this conference filled with information and encouragement to the eco-volunteers of three associations together. This allowed us to see the results achieved through the field efforts. After a brief dinner, we planned to go to another 21h30 conference on bats, but unfortunately it was canceled due to weather conditions ... "It's really bad week! Exclaimed Melanie. We took the opportunity to climb to Fort Saint-Agathe in order to try to meet nocturnal animals there. We crossed the path of two hedgehogs, geckos and heard unidentified night-time raptors. Instead of going up to the fort, the most lazy of the group made a small stop at the bar L'Escale (which bears his name!) Where their cocktails were delicious.

Wednesday July 26

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017The good news of the morning was to be able to finally take the sea the next morning very early until around noon! We woke up under an opaque sun, hidden by the smoke from the fires visible on the Côte d'Azur. Firefighters from the island were seen taking a boat to help their colleagues. The drought and the strong winds favor fires difficult to control this summer ... For lunch, we had booked a restaurant called "Le Mas du Langoustier". The shuttle picked us up at the port to 11h20 to take us there. Antoine joined us by the following shuttle to share a succulent seafood meal brought by chic waiters. The latter told us that we had missed the passage of the actor Kad Merad who often comes to eat in this restaurant. After lunch in the beautiful setting of the landscaped garden, we were able to enjoy the privileged access to an exceptionally beautiful and uncrowded beach: the Black Beach of the Langoustier. This beach of black sand was sublimated by a coastline with multicolored strata. Alice took a lot of pictures from the edge while several of us explored the seabed. Besides the beautiful green sea anemones and sea urchins, we discovered and learned the existence of a ball-shaped alga: the codium. In front of a strong rose was a sailboat stranded on the rocky shore because of bad weather. We also saw a young cormorant in the water and watched the big waves hitting the rocks. A few hours after taking advantage of this unique beach, we returned to the village by the shuttle. Some took advantage of a last ice cream and after dinner, it was the safety point of Antoine before returning to the sea! For this last night on the ground, the two athletes of the crew Maxime and Mélanie went to run at night to the lighthouse. They could cross a hedgehog, bats and spiders with bright green eyes and once they reached the lighthouse, they could enjoy a magnificent view of the starry sky with the Milky Way.

Thursday July 27

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017


6h: This morning, early riser as early bird, everyone is on deck. After five days of waiting, it is finally the highlight, the one that everyone expected: we go to sea! We dolphins, whales and sperm whales ... We are more than ready !! The sea is calm at the port of Porquerolles, the pendants are detached, the engine is running, we leave the island under a splendid sunrise,

6h30: The first watch shift takes place. Instead of being three, we're seven scrutinizing the water! The captain surpasses the islands of Or (of Hyères) and ... finally the wide.

7h - 7h30 - 8h - 8h30 ...: The minutes and the hours are crumbling and still no cetaceans in sight. In the meantime, the wind had grown and the waves had grown. We had to put on our bra and attach ourselves to the line of life. Seasickness has begun to invade some.

8h38: Something caught the attention of Sandrine and Alice a few tens of meters in front of the boat. Looking better, it was actually a dolphin who had jumped and continued on his way. They are there, they are two! Just the time to alert the other crew members ... We see the dolphins spinning underwater. They approach the boat and we hang our breath hoping they jump again or stay close to us. But it's already over, we will not see them again! Short moment but at least we will not return empty-handed !! We continue on our way a few minutes but soon it is time to turn around.

In all, our observations resulted in: two blue and white dolphins, birds (shearwater and cormorant as well as gulls), a flying fish (observed by Nicolas) and boats. Alice let us take advantage of our brief observations by taking care of the equipment (tablet and binoculars) to collect the necessary data. I went to sleep in my cabin while the sailboat, sail of the genoa outside, was running at full speed towards Hyères by crossing on the right of the island of Porquerolles. At noon, we anchor at the beach of la Badine, next to the port of Hyères. It's almost the end of the adventure ...

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017


For my part, I was more than happy to get up at the same time as the sun. The view was magnificent ! I was ready to finally take off with the hope of seeing my favorite creature: a whale! ... Unfortunately, when I donned my life jacket, sea sickness took over for me. There were many waves, wind, their powers were 4 beauforts. I ended up vomiting my breakfast and left to lie on a bunk ... I did not see anything ... Now I know ... I love the sea, but the sea does not love me Not ... Sad fate ...


It is our last day at sea and we take off. All hopes are allowed, I am sure that our patience will pay and that we will see dolphins. The sea grows fast enough, the wind is forced, a feast of hollow waves. It's time to go down and get the lifejacket, which for me also begins to cause seasickness. At all costs, I stay on deck, starting to get colder and colder, but I do not want Not miss the dolphins. The miracle takes place: two blue and white dolphins make their appearance, furtive but magical and moving. Our perseverance paid off. I am sick but happy, I can calmly lie down in my cabin and recover.

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017


This mission, with the airs of seaside stay, ends. Everyone has, in his way, succeeded in transforming his frustration into various pleasant moments. Naturalistic ambition was thus expressed during immersions in the aquatic life of the sublime handles of Porquerolles, or, more simply, in the discovery of serpents between two tombs, geckos in the walls, spiders and bats, Mouse in the night, etc ... The thirst for navigation was watered during the first and especially this penultimate day. The "Florenzo" split the swell, constantly obliging to maintain its balance which I still feel like a condensed life, where at every moment we must compensate the reality of the world to stay the course of our convictions and our dreams ... We have Well done to keep the course despite the swell, for the vision, even furtive of these two, maybe three, dolphins will remain anchored in our minds. I had the selfish opportunity to admire the silver and elegant flight of an exocet. In the swell, so small a creature mastering his art and his grace so perfectly is so little and so much. In short, this magical morning, from a glowing sunrise over clouds of continental fires until the discovery of the southern coasts of the island of Porquerolles, somewhat compensate our seclusion at the dock.

What about life on board? Gwenola and I, as usual, have played comedies and idiots of service ... our way of getting around conflicts when they come up to us or feel them arrive. But hey, we were much more in the preventive than in the healing. Each personality, even the most timid, was able to express itself and give something of its inner beauty. I will keep the ingenuous humor of Melanie, Sandrine's benevolent honesty, Sylvie's naturalist and sailing passions, Alice's determined curiosity, and the jovial sensitivity of Marine, good memories. As for Maxime and Antoine, they both have the secret and frank charm of men made of the best wood.

A gentle week in spite of the warmth and wind that we will deliver tomorrow to join the world. We will never see each other again together, but we made some beautiful moments of eternity.

Well, all of us,



A very early morning awakening to finally take to the sea as a favorable weather niche allows! A very good time off, shortened for me because of fatigue. We then had a very good day on the boat in front of the beach of Hyères to finish with a midnight bath against a backdrop of music endiablée for Nicolas and me. Tomorrow, it will be time to clean the boat and return to port. Very pleased with this week and these wonderful encounters. I hope we will have an opportunity to recross.

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Marine :

Superb ballad at sea for our last day. I was fortunate to be able to see the two dolphins who made us the honor of their presence. I am very happy to have already attended this nice show.

After this morning full of sensations for everyone, we settled at the anchorage of the Badine near the port of Hyères for a well deserved lunch. Everyone then left to go about his business (big nap for almost everyone and reading). To celebrate our last evening on the "Florenzo", we prepared a series of Mojitos for all, followed by a dinner well sheltered from the wind in the boat. During our aperitif, we could see the passage of Canadair aircraft recovering seawater to extinguish fires ravaging the coast for several days. The evening ended on a little night swimming (at 23h) in music for Nicolas and Maxime, the courageous ones. This euphoric moment looked like a tribal challenge where girls encouraged boys to throw themselves in cold water and in total darkness! The high and rhythmic sound of the music, the dances, the screams and the dives were the joy of the crew. Antoine had nevertheless equipped Nicolas with a flashing light fixed to his wrist, to spot him if he ever got carried away by the currents! Before going to bed, we made the last groupings and exchanges of photos and chose the best of the day for our logbook. Antoine was able to take advantage of it to try his hand at the photo by immortalizing this moment.

Saturday July 28

Synopsis Cybelle Planete 2017Here we are back to the port of Hyères towards 8h. After a brief breakfast, we attacked the complete housekeeping of the boat. Everyone got into it! We were very efficient! The "Florenzo" was ready to welcome the next crew the next day. We then booked for lunch a long table at the Cafe du Port for a final meal together before returning to our respective lives. We separated after lunch to join our transports. It was a great experience with a good team, thanks to all!

Shipping of 29 04 July to August 2017 from Hyères

29 July

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017A new week begins. A new team embarks with Antoine the skipper: the ecologist Hélène and 7 new ecovolunteers: Christine, Fabrice, Angélique, Geoffrey, Sonia, Sandrine and Anne.
10h, everyone is there. Everyone takes his quarters, they receive the races and then some people are sent to look for some fresh products before embarking. The topo is animated by Antoine the skipper, everyone is prepared in case of evacuation. The whole team takes the meal together and then we leave very quickly to take advantage of the weather window.
We sail long hours between Porquerolles and the Levant islands to wide while being trained in scientific observation protocols with the use of telemetry OBSenMER application and binoculars. The first quarter is made by Hélène, Sonia, Sandrine and Anne from 16h to 18h. Some obs spot dolphins (Blue and White) are made during the first quarter. Towards 18h30, some dolphins play near a sailboat to port. To 19h, Aperitif for the most valiant: indeed half of the crew is in perdition.
The first night shift starts at 22h and alternates all 2h. The sea gradually calms down, all goes well under this beautiful starry sky where play a beautiful red moon and a few shooting stars.

July 30

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017The last night shift from 4h to 6h follows the first quarter of Obs. The crew wakes up gradually. A turtle is observed furtively then some OBS of blue and white dolphins are made by Sonia, Christine and Helen. 8h-10h, Second Quarter (Sandrine, Anne, Geoffrey). The breath of a whale galvanizes the troops on the bridge of Florenzo. The tracking will last 45 min. The whale resurfaces at the end of 25 min after the first breath. In parallel, we observe some dolphins who enjoy jumping. The whale reappears again at the end of 25 min and after a few breaths, probe again and then disappears. We stop the follow-up after a new wait, we do not see it resurface. The quarter from 10h to 12h did nothing and led to a well deserved break.
12h30: A group of dolphins is invited to table also. The time to fix the plates we start a follow-up during 20 min, about fifty dolphins pass around the boat. They are blue and white dolphins with their young. Some females strike the caudal fin on the water to gather the young. A little does the "proud" and makes some jumps in front of the adults who follow it at medium pace.
Some adults came to the stem of the boat. A diversion maneuver can be? Meanwhile a group passes with the young people in the back of the boat. 15 min later, a new group of blue and white dolphins made an appearance. We follow them for a quarter of an hour. The group seems less organized, and disperses quickly.
The quarters of observation resume at 14h. Nothing to report until the second quarter of the afternoon. A few gray shearwaters are observed along the way. 16h20: A small moon fish is identified by Anne near the port of Porquerolles on the return. We shelter from the strong sea that is coming. It is 18h, it is the end of the observations. Tonight we stop at the anchorage facing Porquerolles for one night at least.
We enjoy a drink and then a quiet dinner near the beach with a beautiful sunset. Towards 21h, the wind begins to rise.

July 31

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Day off, impossible to go to sea: too much swell announced! We remain at the anchorage for the day near the beach of Porquerolles. In the afternoon Anne, Sonia, and Christine cross the boat to the beach in PMT. While Geoffrey inflates the annex, Antoine realizes that it is forbidden to disembark as an annex on the beaches of Porquerolles. We will then bathe from the boat, we meet small pelagies. The rest of the afternoon is going on the boat, with a little history on the presentation of the animated Association Hélène our eco-guide and free time we spend refine our tan and some swimming.
The evening after the aperitif the girls ask for the famous tortilla of Antoine for the dinner. Neither one nor two, Fabrice, Hélène Sandrine and Geoffrey prepare the ingredients essential to the recipe of Antoine. A real treat, Thank you Antoine for your talents of Cuistot. The night arrives quickly, the sunsets succeed each other, all different but all magnificent. The nights are starry.

1er August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Second day off. Still too much swell off, we remain at the anchorage near the beach of Porquerolles. In the morning, the trio of girls the day before, goes on a snorkeling expedition, near the rocks while Geoffrey stays by the boat.
At noon, Antoine helped Helene Angelica and Fabrice prepare a chicken with vegetables, a treat. In the afternoon we head towards the port to land there. We visit the city quickly with a stop for a drink on the terrace, but especially take a real shower ... a treat.
In the evening, Anne and Sonia, helped by Antoine, prepare pasta sauce bolo 'home. It was worth waiting for: the preparation was long but the result delicious. Meanwhile, Geoffrey, a confectioner, prepares in parallel a brownie with the raisin that will be tasted the next morning. The night falls fast and some go for a walk digestive walk before going to bed. We must rest, we will leave with certainty tomorrow morning, and the sea may be agitated.

2 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017All the crew wake up early to be ready for departure. We sail in direction of Bandol taking very wide to go along the canyons. The first quarter of obs. Starts with Fabrice, Hélène, Anne and Christine.
A day rich in obs. ! It all starts with a moon fish observed at noon pile. We continue offshore and observe our first sperm whale. Blue and white dolphins do us the honor of their visit very furtively. 13h, a new sperm whale is in sight! What luck! We will only see it 10 minutes before it probes it too. An impressive dive of his whole body until the caudal fin that eventually disappear. 13h45, a first whale is seen. Follow-ups follow: this area is rich in species. End of the follow-up to 14h18 then we resume a new follow-up a few minutes later with a new minke whale. The whole crew is on the alert as a group of dolphins makes its appearance. They approach the boat to the stem. The group is composed of parents and babies, a magnificent show. We end the whale tracking to 15h. As soon as we finish, we take another observation of whale with a new breath located on the horizon then a new group of dolphins appears. It is an anthology of observations!
The crew is in awe and asks for more. It is 15h30 when a sperm whale blows its breath at 45 degrees on the horizon. Our wish is fulfilled. The latter calls for calm the whole crew. Magic moment. 10 minutes of intense fullness before the sperm whale probe. The follow-up ends 10 minutes later and we continue towards the coast towards Bandol at the anchorage.
On the road, some furtive observations of ash-shearwater and fish. We arrive at the anchorage after this extraordinary day. We enjoy a swim and shower with sea soap, and finish the day with images full head.

3 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017It is 5h, we leave the anchorage. Head to 200 ° direction the point "427" and its canyons to 2030m depth. (An underwater summit that seems to attract large cetaceans)
The first dolphins of the day appear ... More from 50 blue and white dolphins. The group is quite curious: the dolphins approach the bow and have fun making a few jumps around the boat before disappearing into the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea. The hours pass, no observation except some adventurous dragonflies and a hornet. During the meal break, we stop the engine to enjoy the calm and activate the hydrophone to try to hear the sperm whales hunting. But in the absence of sperm whales in the area, we eat at the sound of the amplified lapping. I'm back for observation and with luck we meet a new group of striped dolphins which offers a real festival: jumps, spins, espionage, swimming at the bow, on the back, underwater dance for two ... We continue on the canyons towards Hyères to close this observation day. A little disappointed not to have observed again of cachalot for this last day, we remain dreamers and marvels of this week in the company of all these cetaceans.

4 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017The expedition ends. The crew wakes up ready to land. We arrive at the port of Hyères to clean the Florenzo. Everybody is dealing with the crew.
A week full of emotions, proud to have been able to participate in this unique experience. Thanks to Cybelle, Hélène our ecoguide, and Antoine our skipper for sharing their passion for the sea and nature in general. A week full of joy and laughter, discoveries and some individual misadventures (sea sickness). 9 volunteers, a yacht of 13 meters, a week, living together, this is the teaser of this expedition in the sanctuary Pelagos. We will end with a quotation that we love very much: "If our indifference is complicit in the extinction of the animals, never the will to protect them has been so great".

Shipping of 05 11 July to August 2017 from Hyères

Saturday, August 5

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Arrival of the ecovolunteers at 10h in front of FLORENZO: Aziz, Lucile, Marine, Fred, Sophie, Vincent, Christine. Presentation with our ecologist Hélène and our Skipper Antoine. Topo security by Antoine and presentation of the week by Hélène. A little advice from Antoine to avoid seasickness the rule of "5 F": Avoid Fatigue, Cold, Hunger, Frost, Foif (because cocculine type remedies, bracelet ... do not work, Expert of Antoine). After the lunch break on the boat, departure at sea to take advantage of the weather and hope for some observations with Hélène who explains us how the equipment works. Then we take our positions for the first observation. Cap on the pass :) between Port Cros and the island of Levant. We are all at the front: first observation: 2 underwater hunters and after wallouh ;-) Some time after observation of a fish above ground (an exocet) we then prepared the meal and the aperitif and there at the moment Timely 2 peanuts blue and white dolphins were invited. Following these first encounters and the handling of the appliance OBS EN MER and the parametric binoculars, the night binomes are built to ensure the shifts. 2 monitoring hours only illuminated by the moon and its reflection on the water to observe the trajectory of other boats. In the cockpit, lifejackets and waterproof bulbs are mandatory! The calm and the darkness are soothing ... a binomial thinks even to see a tortoise. Thus ends the first night of Florenzo .... Finally ... continues ....

Sunday, August 6

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Wake up to 6h for the first observation (of the trinome concerned) and no boat on the horizon. The calm of the water and the absence of wind make this morning an ideal moment of observation ... A first blue and white dolphin comes to swim at the level of the bow. Then we see the presence of a furtive (and fierce) whale in the distance. Antoine tries to approach us to the maximum and then with the binoculars we see him sounding. It is then necessary to wait 20 minutes to hope to see it rise to the surface. During this waiting time, 3 pairs of blue and white dolphins attracted by the sound of the engine (maybe) came to take a picture. After this show, there are still no minke whales on the horizon. Antoine then informs us that the wind begins to rise and that it is better to put the lifejackets if one wants to stay outside, or to stay in the cockpit! The choice is made we decide to sit in the cockpit .... In the distance a flood of dolphins jumping, playing at full speed. Impossible to count them at this distance, but the only thing that we can affirm: it is magnificent and they are numerous :-) The wind blows more and more, and the waves that go with ... We abandon the beautiful dolphins to recover Our waistcoats. The water flows in the boat ... And it slips! We find ourselves piled on the door happily closed next to the toilet! Difficult to go directly to our rooms ... It's the struggle. Vests in hand we are ready to leave but in fact it moves much too much ... Meanwhile Antoine with the support of Fred manage FLORENZO !!! Going back to what's going on inside ... eventually changing the program everyone gets white and stays inside. Hélène knows how it will end ... and anticipates and distributes plastic bags. Immediately distributed as soon as filled ... This is the beginning of minutes for most of us! Aziz does not go well ... and Marine tries to limit the damage (no Aziz) of the leak of water :) Meanwhile Sophie continues to sleep ... and wonders what happens But Helene instructs not to move and stay lying :) The radio announces distress calls, a kayaker in perdition, a boat adrift ... In short it is the effect 40 knots "as they say it beats" !! Deafening noises, pitching and tapping in the front ... From time to time Antoine goes down to make a good harvest of sacks full vomit !! It regales :) But Vincent does not want to let go of his !! In short a real experience that we will all remember :) a good anecdote (after the fact)! Calm comes back gradually we go up one after another to surface more or less colorful ... (Anyway, adds Antoine, when we are all in the process of tracing this day, we all had colors Greenish from beginning to end) and gently rejoin the anchorage for the night. We anchor 40 meters of chains so that the anchor can be fixed. While some prepare the aperitif (once again) others take their first sea water bath with our biodegradable soap. With it the salt does not stay !! First try of sweet / savory cuisine with our tomato and chicken sauce (cooked by a vegetarian) Miam Miam ... We take advantage of this anchorage to rest well without being disturbed by the noise of the engine or the swell.

Monday August 7

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Weather does not allow us to make observations. So we joined Porquerolles very early in the morning in order to have a place at the port. Antoine stays on the Florenzo to rest while we go exploring the island. On the advice of Fred, we join the beach of Langoustiers. This one is one of the furthest from the port, so there will be fewer tourists. After 1h30 hiking passing through the peaks and a few sweats we arrive at the beach. Christine is the first to water, then we follow her with masks and snorkels to observe the funds. We cross several banks of fish in the middle of the posidonia as well as a large mother-of-pearl, protected species. Once out of the water, compulsory sunscreen: impossible to find a bit of shade. We lunch our sandwiches taking care of the sunburn. Once the meal is over, we return to the port to have a glass or a beer, both well deserved. Part of the group decides to stay at the port to rest and enjoy the showers while the others leave to explore the second part of the island. We find on our way a small peaceful cove. Boats at anchorages start to go on our arrival so we enjoy this refreshing and restful moment before returning to the port. This evening Antoine cooked a delicious tomato / basil / garlic sauce and other secret ingredients to accompany our pasta. Meanwhile, everyone puts a lot of effort into the work: cleaning, cooking, preparation of the aperitif ... We savor this meal together before going to bed. The weather on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, not allowing us to stand out we rely heavily on the next day to observe other species. To be continued !!!

Tuesday August 8

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017It is 3h15 the awakening of Antoine sounds the big start. Aided by Fred, Florenzo dropped the moorings for a new day of sightings. Lucile joins them to enjoy the very early morning calm, the full moon and simply enjoy these unique moments. First watch for Lucile, Aziz and Marine. The sea is calm and suggests that the fish are still asleep. When suddenly we hear LA LA LA ... but where? It exclaims !!! Vincent with a wise eye noticed a breath in the distance. Yeah !! A whale points its nose. Stealthy we see his loooonnnngggg back. Then he gives way to a magnificent spectacle. 1,2,3,4,5 cetaceans arrive ... These are pilot whales. Wow. Majestic. They arrive ... More than a dozen, curious, little fierce, they let themselves approach and come around the sailboat. Some are very big, a pitchoun is part of the party with his little round head and his nice smile :-) We are all on a cloud, happy to have the chance to witness this wonderful show offered by Mother Nature. It will be learned later that these cetaceans live in groups around a leader "la mama". A well-established organization and functioning where the female is a leader !! Globi globules have all understood ... Difficult to leave this spot to globis. There are some everywhere present scars not surprising when we know that they can live up to 70 years. A word comes to me because no one can describe this moment THANKS for these precious moments ... Life is beautiful. Break in ½ group: rice salad prepared the day before, we take turns to scrutinize the open sea. Be sure to check the stability of the plates! A new group is approaching the boat. 14 globis with 2 babies well stuck between 2 females. Slow movements, babies pass over moms. In the distance two males secure the passage. Thank you for this beautiful presence. The observation continues on the front of the boat. It's very hot, some have had the chance to see a sperm whale. Breath, apparition, probe ... Moment of well deserved rest for the most early eco-volunteers. Cap on Hyères. Aperitif punch and preparation of the meal lentil cut to the quarter to which Antoine adds the touch of the chef to know carrots, garlic in shirt (white and beer) must not skimp! Not really light but excellent dessert at the level of the dish of resistance (the apple pie of Hélène). That's fine, we did not suffer from hunger or Foif (beer or small wine when they do not pass to the pan). Coffee and quart vestrouille (dishes) and dodo waiting for new adventures.

Wednesday August 9

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Today we remain in port. The awakening is accordingly, each rising according to his envy. Hélène and Lucile the most early morning went to fetch fresh bread. :) Big sun, calm sea, one can hardly believe that the sea is impracticable. Indeed, if we are assured of leaving the port we are not to return. Already the first boaters set out on the adventure, their joy reading on their faces and we, remain at the quay. Our morning is organized around the breakfast, the shower and the preparation of the meal. The wind has been a little bit harder since then but nothing to worry about. After the meal, the crew splits into 2 groups. Beach group and boat group; The latter taking charge of the inventory of the food and the cleaning of the broken watermelon (and forgotten) during the gale of Sunday ... Meanwhile the force of the wind has increased again. Several boats have difficulty docking, including a sailboat that has wrapped a pendulum around its saffron. Big bustle for the captaincy. We take a little rest on the bridge. The wind is blowing strong now, generating a kind of aquatic chaos that lasted all afternoon, a real open-air cinema. The boats, returning to the port, do not cease to pack up. Freshwater sailors are no longer in difficulty to "park" because of this wind. The zodiacs of the captaincy do not cease to intervene. The collisions are numerous, at least three, between sailboats but especially a zodiac against ours. But no damage to be deplored not even a scratch By cons, one of the children of the boat next door missed the walk and ended up drinking broth miam a good disinfecting shower in anticipation. It is the end of the afternoon and the wind is unleashed now we have done well to stay in the port .... If no observation at sea, a team is on the bridge observing boat arrivals and Watch the boats at the gas station! Spectacle assured! Among them, the NUMBER ONE :) The Italian ... which sails at full speed ... with its accelerator at the foot ... Gloups a boat arrives in front just as quickly. We are in the front row and hold our breath ... The collision promises. Antoine is the first fan of Italian. Who finally takes the road to the exit! Place too small for his maneuver? Vexed of his failure? Too bad it amused us well. Pause. The typist leaves to eat. Ratatouille meal on the menu. It smells of cumin until then !!! Miam Miam ... To be continued! Tonight fireworks :)

Thursday August 10

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Upon awakening the clouds welcome us despite the subsidence that protects us from the wind. Antoine took the opportunity to put the GV (mainsail) in his awning. At breakfast, the program of the day begins to take shape: it will be an excursion on the peninsula of Giens .... and by the land. We embarked in the cars of Christine and Sophie. Once on the spot, the hike can start with sublime scenery and a sea unleashed by the wind finally lifted. The latter prevents us from continuing our journey because of the risk of fire. We therefore decide to eat with fresh bread, cheese and ham. A discussion on marriage and married life is under way. Although the conversation was very interesting we decided to turn back to enjoy the majestic landscapes one last time. Back to the "steamboat", everyone goes about his business: siesta, shopping (snorkel) ... The evening begins with the preparation by Lucile, Aziz and Sophie of the last meal and aperitif. On the menu, eggplant caviar, carrots with the excellent Aziz sauce: Yoghurt, shallots, basil, salt and pepper, zucchini flan ... And champagne Sophie cuvée. We are disappointed as we did not have a show of bumper boats at the gas pump to entertain the evening that quietly ends .... Tomorrow is waiting for us with a long morning cleaning Florenzo.

Friday August 11

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017We wake up to 7h to be attacked at 8h00 and begin the hostilities of the big cleaning. Once finished, we have lunch together for the last time at the restaurant of the port, before resuming the course of our lives. This mission was a beautiful parenthesis ...

Shipping of the 12 18 2017 August from Hyères

Saturday, August 12

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017First meeting at the port of Hyères for the crew of the week (Anaïs, Colombe, Laura, Maïlys, Pascale, Pietro, Stéphanie), under a beautiful sun. Everyone arranges his business, discovers the boat, takes his marks. After having refueled in food (and drinks!) And after a few adventures in the supermarket, we all gather around an enticing roast chicken. Beginning of the big topo by Captain Antoine: we have to think about all the possible risks on the boat (super reassuring!); Then big topo animals from our Camille ecoguide. It's hard to find one among all the species (especially Maïlys learns that the minke whale is not the baby of the whale but another species ... We too, but shh!). We also learn to use the binoculars (by training with the observation of the boats neighboring the port!) And the OBSenMER application on the iPad. Then we take a well deserved aperitif to digest all this information and eat a taboule before attacking the night ignited by the bar music dancing next door!

Sunday, August 13

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017After a good night's sleep, all our little team woke up rested and happy to go to sea. Everything had started so well: delightful breakfast in 7h of the mat, departure on a calm sea, magnificent landscape .... Colombe, Anaïs and Maïlys embarked on the first two hours of obs, full of hope and enthusiasm. A few dolphins later and one or two songs invented with great talent, the three beautiful girls turn to ask for the next generation. Surprised to find no one in the back of the boat, they descend inside, and there .... While two hours earlier their little faces shone like a summer sun, the three graceful discover the rest of the Crew in a horizontal position (or PLS as they say!) In a state close to despair ... And yes I [Maïlys] will name names! Our favorite ecoguide was so pale that no porcelain could beat it (good at the time I write, nothing has changed ...), Pascale and Pietro had closed the door of their room not to Show their weakness while Stephanie was trying to find a cure for seasickness. Laura, she, has delighted us all the morning with her charming back-to-heart ... Well, I stop! The three survivors therefore continued the observation to let their friends recover. Here the boat, that pitch! After a little mercalm and a good breakfast prepared by an excellent cook (I quote no one), the next generation could be taken. We were lucky enough to see dolphins, see a flying fish, many birds and a tuna that would have beaten any of us in the high jump. While we thought we were at the end of our surprises, we had the visit of moon fish just before an extra dinner of our skipper of hell Antoine (it has Italian origins, it is sure [Eh not missed, it is We are ready to begin our night shifts, lost in the middle of the sea. This is a first for many of us, so let ' Evacuation will not be for tonight (we had said at least 48 hours before sinking, guys!). And I counted, we are nine tonight, let's hope that nobody has fallen into the water and that the stomachs of some (s) have re-arnachés correctly in their little bidou. Tomorrow, for more adventures on the Floreeeenzo !!

Bonus song: "Camille she's going to vomit, Camille she'll vomit,

If we see a dolphin, we will give him a drawing

If we see a sperm whale, we will take a picture

And if it's a jellyfish, we'll have fun! "

PS: we did not have an aperitif tonight, there are really things that get lost ...

Monday August 14

2017 cymbal notebook 105Where to start ? This day was so strong in emotions and observations that the logbook will be dense!

For starters: night shifts. Little fear after the appearance of the fire of a boat, in the middle of collision ... Ah but not oh, it was a star! The lucky Colombe and Laura were also able to watch a moonrise blazing on the water, confused at first with a freighter ... Ah but not it is not on the AIS! First watch at 6h in the morning, with the hope injected by two dolphins, but too stealthy. The whole morning will have been poor in observations despite a little rough sea and our presence offshore. It is lunch time to restore courage: a quiche Lorraine and a Provençal tart made by Maïlys and Laura enhance our meal by their exquisite flavors. Afternoon: resumption of observations. Tuna hunts in large quantities, then a group of dolphins (about sixty) cross our road, all mothers with their young. During the rest of the afternoon, dolphins still and always, more or less stealthy but we will see some jumps, we also cross a tortoise lounging in the sun, not to mention a baby shark who came to visit us, and Exocets better known as flying fish!

And there when the afternoon is in its midst, a breath! And a "leaning" breath in addition. Cap on this big tree trunk that "floats" to the surface. It is, of course, a sperm whale !!! We approach when he chooses to sound, revealing his caudal. Engine cut: if we wait 45 minutes, it will return to the surface in the perimeter. It is time to prepare the evening meal (gloubi boulga of vegetables and chicken, prepared by Antoine: a delight / and a tart with apples and apricots, recipe of Pascale) and the aperitif (houmous way Maïlys). Then, at the appointed time, the breath is again visible: we rush to see our friend the sperm whale more closely. As if he had read in our thoughts, he shows us his back and lifts his caudal, so that Camille can take all the necessary identification photos! After these emotions, it is the time of the meal, while drifting to the wide cut motor, and receiving the distant visits of many dolphins. Wonderful sunset, and it will soon be the hour of the night shifts ...

Magical night, dream night! The sky is starry with an astonishing Milky Way and we fall under the spell of the shooting stars. It is an oversized night: with the sound of a ferry in the distance, we are so afraid that it comes to brush against us because the distances are so difficult to evaluate in the dark. And then suddenly we hear the breath of sperm whales lost in this immensity, and the dolphins come to play furtively near the boat, it's surreal! We could never have imagined such a spectacle!

Tuesday August 15

2017 cymbal notebook 106What emotions! Leave 6h in the morning for the first quarter. We get up stunned by the night and watch the sun rise. Fantastic with the backdrop, the island of Beauty well cut out. Then we continue our journey, and there a breath, two breaths, three breaths, a ballet of sperm whales and we fall under their charm! Their breaths will remain forever engraved in our memories. We approached them so near 7h in the morning. Then we leave and leave the Gulf of St Tropez. We continue the navigation when suddenly we discover three breaths in the distance. These are minke whales this time, and the approach is easy, we can then admire a few meters from them their impressive dimensions. Then, reward with a little swim under the lead sun (and with 2000 depth meters!) And with the whales in the distance. Goodbye our friends! We then have a great appetite and enjoy a delicious cold meal of raw vegetables and melon prepared carefully by Colombe and Anaïs. We continue our observations but sail this time. What magic, this silence!

We then reach the islands of Porquerolles where we feel like Martians fallen in another world more cruel, with boats arriving at full speed like on a highway. We then make a beautiful anchorage at the Badine with an excellent meal of home made sausage and chocolate cake. And then surprise, the 15 August fireworks unleash our hearts with music coming from a coastal restaurant.

Wednesday August 16

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Hop hop hop 5h45 standing on the harbor, at the cleat for the sunrise! Cape to the west, the day begins well with a beautiful sea. The quarters of obs are linked, and towards 9h30 appears a beautiful tuna hunt followed by a moon fish. Soon everything comes together, dolphins arise, and a whale! In the meantime, Pietro cooks pasta with bacon and tomato sauce that will delight our little stomachs. But hardly the meal started a whale re-emerges! He will be named Bob and we will do the show throughout the break lunch. The quarterbacks of obs continue while Laura, Maïlys, Anaïs and Coco inventory on a groovy sound! They will pause to observe a tuna hunt overflown with gray shearwater. The afternoon flows slowly and the wind rises. Hop continues the obs to sail in a force wind 4. Pascale shows us his prowess at the helm and we go up north to get anchor at Bandol. On the way you will cross another moon fish and a multitude of shearwaters. Arrived at 18h at the tip of the Cride to quietly anchor: it is time for swimming with imitations of marine animals of quality! The whole crew then puts their hands to the paste to prepare the ratatouille following the orders of Pascale! We meet on the bridge for the traditional aperitif, in music and admiring the beautiful light of the sunset! We follow the meal prepared with love which ends with an apple crumble and a banana (with Nutella of course!). A beautiful evening in prospect for our crew whose noisy bursts of laughter sometimes make Antoine regret the silence of the sea.

Thursday August 17

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Being at anchor, it was a cool night and without quarters of nights so restful! Colombe and Anaïs awaken first to watch the sunrise, then join Camille, Pietro and Pascale for the 1er observation quarter of the morning. But, on the blows of 8h, a collision with a freighter was avoided! (This one does not stop to deviate its trajectory ...). Although we have optimal weather conditions, meeting with our cetacean friends is rare. Finally, towards 10h, blue and white dolphins make their appearance followed by a tuna hunt! The surprise of the day came during the meal with a jump of a ray, the devil of the sea! (Pleasure limited to Pascale, Stéphanie and Anaïs who were the only ones in the right axis). The passage of the skate will not prevent us from taking a bath! In the afternoon, Stephanie had the good feeling with the dolphins because she saw them from afar. The latter came to give us a show at the bow of the boat which restored morale to the crew. This last observation closes our expedition at sea. Road to Hyères with an anchorage at the Badine where we were able to take our last bath in greenish waters but without devils of sea this time. Last dinner together on the Florenzo by telling us our stories of skiing falls of all kinds! Tomorrow, it will be great cleaning of the boat to leave room for the next ...

Shipping of the 19 25 2017 August from Hyères

Saturday August 19

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Arrival of eco-volunteers Angèle, Cath, Geoffrey, Henri, Patrick, Siham, Virginie to 10h00 - STOP. Discovery of the boat and all its "equipped" - STOP. Home by Camille Ecoguide and Antoine the skipper. STOP. Assembly of the arbor, 'feathering' beds, 'arranging' business. STOP. 'Splitting' into 2 groups: 1 group: 'chicken' course, eggs (not organic :(), 6 chopsticks and lots of other stuffs (except the tea ball! And 'watching' of the weather, then long 'waiting' of the races delivered so 'apperotage' STOP '' Stressage 'of Camille for the stops.' Storing 'of the races,' shielding 'of the equipped, Too much wind so no exit today STOP Topo safety = it does not laugh, we lost Cath who wants to become "potato peeler." Topo shells and crustaceans = inflamed discussion on the cardinal points: where is the north , The small traits and how to measure the distance cachalot-chamois.Open for the evening: music of 'djeuns'!

Sunday August 20

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Given the weather, quiet morning at the port of Hyères! Breakfast with croissants, chocolate breads, nutella brioche and two-confit toasts (strawberries / apricots). After a good breakfast, intensive courses in the binoculars then, use of the app on IPad (some geeks become but not all!). Once everything is understood and mastered, races for spectacle cord. The lunch is composed of a ratatouille and still chicken !!! Departure for an anchorage at the Badine after storage of the boat. At the badine: bathing fins masks and shower to the sea and preparation of an apple pie. Tonight we tasted the chicken that ended up spilled and pasta with tomato. This evening sudoku or twins, herbal tea possible ... We have lost the notion of time and we still have not gone out to sea. PS: do not forget to congratulate Angèle for the overturned chicken and toilet closing valve. Some would like to change boat for the yacht three blue light bridges of Kim Kardashian.

Monday 21 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Today is the big start. At 6h30 we raise the anchor, everyone is on deck to see the sun rise (finally almost all ...). The first quarter is set up (Angèle, Cath and Camille). Taking over the observation tools. After the cargo, moon fish. Meanwhile, others learn to identify the collision routes and the use of the bearing compass. The first dolphins appear in the distance. Change of watch (Geoffrey, Henri and Patrick). And suddenly a flock of whales (2) is seen through their breaths. During 2h the whales were everywhere and we did not know where to head. Then lunch accompanied by a small bird survived. "Gus" has adopted the shoulders and heads of several members of the crew. After a butterfly and a little water he resumed his way (let us pray all for it arrived at good port). The globis have awakened Camille in fanfare. They were 4 and did not care about us. Then new quarter (Cath, Siham, Virginia). More globes: 7 including 2 young and a baby. Beautiful show, and the baby jumping! Stopping watching shearwaters, one falls on a moon fish. A few dolphins in the distance. Henri is at the end of the roll, we have not seen a chamois !!!!! We set off at anchor in front of Bandol. Small sea bath and blue soap shower. Great dinner done by Antoine, a lamb stew, MIAM !!! Ps: Antoine is also disappointed, no seasickness on the horizon. We hope we will not be disappointed tomorrow! :)

Tuesday 22 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017This morning the captain starts the engine at 5h30, direction 2 days and one night off. For the bravest, magnificent sunrise over a milky sea with pearly colors. One would think sailing on the pack ice. Flight of flamingoes then moon fish. Blue and white dolphins declare their flame. Rocky the pierced whale made an appearance at 15 nautical miles of the day before. Then a band of pilot whales wants to play with us. In the afternoon, several hunts of tuna appear. By following blue and white dolphins, we see far more imposing ridges: they are dolphins of Risso! Moms accompanied by their baby! Over the shearwaters, the hours pass. Suddenly we see the breath of the whales. So we play hide-and-seek with Charlie and Fantomas (like as!) For an hour ... and still no chamois! We then stop for the night. Antoine, exhausted, collapses before he even eats. The night shifts are organized after a hearty meal: gratins and chocolate cake. Patrick and Henri how the day before. Camille is forced to lie down. In the half-light, music-whales and nocturnal whales pass from one side to the other. Cargo ships pass at less than 2 nautical miles from us, cetaceans blow not far away. Cath and Siham take over, everything is calm, the sky is beautiful, a dolphin is heard. Then it is the turn of Angele and Geoffrey: we look at the milky way to the sound of cetaceans. Camille and Virginie arrive: it rolls, and there is a risk of collision: Camille takes the helm and engages in an avoidance maneuver. We are safe. A 6h00, the obs' begin again.

Wednesday 23 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017This morning, no novelty: some blue and white dolphins and a large group of globes with babies ... At noon, Rocky interrupts our lunch, then blue and white dolphins (a puree). And the obs' must start again with urgency at the sight of the scarified ridges of the Risso! With babies and old patriarchs. Finally Angelo the Sperm Whale blows on the horizon and lets us approach before probing into the depths. On the return to the coast, we brush 3 moon fish that disappear immediately and we slalom between the cargo ships. Mooring in Bandol. Still no chamois ...

Thursday 24 August

Synopsis Cybelle Planète 2017Last day: anchorage in Bandol at 5h. Departure at night therefore some stars and the lights of Bandol gradually become small. The day will be punctuated by a few furtive encounters: blue and white dolphins, fin whale, a back, a fin, a breath, a hope then nothing! A few hunts of tuna and their companions the birds ... Nothing to do with the previous days and it's fun like this: we have dreams !! Let each one feed on these few days in his own way, bearing in mind the infinite generosity of the sea and its inhabitants. Thanks to them for these even furtive appointments where humans do not decide anything.