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synopses of cetaceans mission 2018

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16 Shipping to 22 June from Hyères

23 Shipping to 29 June from Hyères

Expedition of 30 to 06 July from Hyères

Expedition of 07 to 13 July from Hyères

Expedition of 14 to 20 July from Hyères

Expedition of 21 to 27 July from Hyères

28 expedition to 03 August from Hyères

04 expedition to 10 August from Hyères

11 expedition to 17 August from Hyères

18 expedition to 24 August from Hyères

25 expedition to 31 August from Hyères

Expedition of 01 to 07 September from Hyères

Expedition from 08 to 14 September from Hyères

Shipping 16 22 June 2018 from Hyères

2018carnet cyan edge 8

First start of the year and first golden team! Originally from the Alpes-Provences-Côte d'Azur and South-West regions, the sailors are ready to go to sea !!! The goal of these expeditions: to apply a scientific protocol in order to collect as much data as possible on the marine fauna of the open sea, cetaceans, rays and sharks, fish, birds, jellyfish and many others. This year the boat will sail in the Pelagos Sanctuary, between Toulon and Monaco and of course off the coast. The team quickly got to know each other and very quickly the common points emerge (fans: of cheese and cream, photography enthusiasts or sailing enthusiasts)! For this first week, ecovolunteers will have the right to two eco-guides just that, the cetacean missions can only start well !!!

Saturday June 16

10:00 am, boarding on Avocet of Ryme, a skipper, two eco-guides and five eco-volunteers. Preparation of the meal while the boat sails to the anchorage of Porquerolles, meal then topo2018carnet cyan edge 1 security and science. 20:00 p.m., meal (we like to eat on board), sleep ... lulled by the gentle way of Dany Brillant (the neighbors are partying)! repair of the meal while the boat sails to the anchorage of Porquerolles, meal then safety and scientific survey.

Sunday June 17

05h30, navigation to the islands of Port-Cros, Levant and all others. 06h30 is the beginning of the 1er quarter observation in expert mode !!!! 08h30, we continue with the 2th observer team. Short break to do two plays with the hydrophone hoping to hear sperm whales but ... it is radio hope broadcast by an underwater neighbor that the microphone picks up, then comes the sound of the waves. 15h30: We decide to return to the port of Hyères because of a bar problem on the Avocet of Ryme. Night at the port. 

Monday 18 June

2018carnet cyan edge 707:30 am, wake up for the whole crew. Dismantling of the bar for Antoine (the skipper) and Hervé (eco-volunteer mechanic). Various occupations for the rest of the crew. 10:30 am, end of dismantling, arrival of the mechanic. Waiting for any parts. The crew relaxes with a coffee, perrier and other various drinks. 14:00 p.m., end of the suspense. The parts will arrive in 48 hours, it's decided we change boats. Beginning of the move, shopping, luggage and scientific equipment, everyone is helping out.At 19h00, departure for the anchorage this time to the badine at the exit of the port and taken quarters for all the team. Aperitif then un new topo security before the first night off. 

Tuesday June 19

A new departure at 05:00 am aboard Folie Douce, which will be our new boat for the rest of the week. The 1st observation shift of the day began at 07:00 am, we are heading towards2018carnet cyan edge 6 ballast. 3rd observation watch, no cetaceans on the horizon. The shift team prepares the meal and at 12:00 a break for the Folie Douce crew.

At 13:00 p.m., the DGA (Directorate General of Armament) approaches our boat to let us know that we are near an exercise area (we cannot go either to the West or to the South) ... We continue our route east. We observe jellyfish, especially Pelagies and our first sea turtle! To end the day in style, a few dolphins visit us before dark. It left for the night shifts where the bioluminescence of the phytoplankton illuminates the water around the boat, we observe many Pelagies from the front. 

Wednesday June 20

The boat starts with sunrise at 04:30 am. The observation shifts start at 07:00 a.m. and it all begins with this group of blue and white dolphins, around thirty individuals swimming around the2018carnet cyan edge 5 boat. We are also surprised by two fin whales, a mother and her young. Followed by a sea turtle and a ray !!!! We continue the observation quarters until the meal. The good mood is always there and the meals follow one another, always so good! 

The quarters of obs. resume, a fin whale crosses our path furtively then it is a loggerhead turtle which points the tip of its nose. At 19:00 p.m. the crew finished the shifts then went to the table. The meal is spent in laughter and stories then the night shifts begin. During the night we hear the powerful breaths of fin whales around the boat, impossible to see them in this darkness, for 1h30 they circle around us !!!

Thursday June 21

2018carnet cyan edge 4Departure of the boat at 05:00 am. After a few hours of navigation and observations, a group of blue and white dolphins are heading straight for us. Time to swim in the bow and they've already left! The quarters follow one another and "Folie Douce" continues on its way back towards the coast. After a king's meal, the crew returns to their occupations, observation shifts or life on board (cleaning, meals, dishes, etc.), for the next night shifts it is a nap. 

2nd observation of the day, around fifty shearwaters come to circle around us and at the same time a dolphin points the tip of its nose in the middle of the waves. We are now close to2018carnet cyan edge 3 French lands where we keep heading 43 °, direction the port of Hyères that we will probably reach late this evening. We roam the canyons around Toulon for the last time in search of sperm whales. Moby Dick may show up next week .... Arrived at 20:00 pm at the anchorage of the badine in front of the port of Hyères, the crew enjoyed the last meal on the boat. The head is filled with memories, we are all going to bed and this time no night shift !!

Friday June 22

All the crew are up at 06:30 am and start to do their business. Folie Douce is heading towards the port. Arrived at the dock, we receive good news Avocet of Ryme is repaired. We transfer all the remaining equipment and food. After the effort, the comfort ... it's shower at the harbor master's office for everyone, luxury !!!! The day ends with the last meal of the week, all together. The crew say goodbye to each other, some return home, others get married, everyone returns to their daily lives with their heads full of images.

23 Shipping to 29 June from Hyères

2018 notebook board panorama format

Saturday June 23

A 20h50: that's it, we are there. At anchor near the island of Porquerolles. A sea of ​​oil, a sunset to fade more than one, a gull placed on its buoy and then ... a multitude of neighbors but it will pay no attention. Some are busy with the dishes while the cicadas offer us their most beautiful songs.

Let's take advantage of the moment, take advantage of this chance we have, that of simply LIVING! Tomorrow we will go in search of fins ... We end our afternoon with a good sea bath in Porquerolles. Only happiness. Antoine (skipper) then made us a safety point ... Nathan (eco-guide) explained the protocol and how to note the animals ... We keep smiling :). Tomorrow promises to be full of promise !!!2018 notebook edge format square

Tuesday 26 June or the incredible epic of the Poseidon crew

The night shift

02h45: start for the next two hours of surveillance, we start with a check of the national navy. The next two hours will pass under a nearly full moon and a sea of ​​oil. The silence is then interspersed with more or less distant breaths.

04h30: the light generously distributed by the moon leaves us without warning. We then discover a big red moon that copies our sun and its sunset.

05h00: almost black night.

05h10: the day comes up.

05h20: back in the cabin to finish the night. The sunrise may be early, shark and serene following the three meetings with the whales of the day before.

The morning of OUF

07h40: we knock on the door of the cabin: "there is a whale!" Time to put on a jacket and we find ourselves on the deck in pajamas, an open eye on both. The landscape that appears to us is then worthy of a fantastic film. Imagine: a cloudless sand color sky. A yellow horizon. A sea equivalent to a large mirror sand color too. Absolute calm. For a moment, you are not sure of waking up.

In the distance, a whale therefore, of a total plenitude too. Stingrays, moon fish galore. It is obvious that we are sailing on the pantry. A blue and white dolphin comes to greet us, it is quickly caught by two congeners. He will have fun sailing near the whale. It becomes difficult to note on the IPad, the observation shift team is overwhelmed.

08h48: when we have number one behind us and we are about to make coffee: "two whales straight ahead!". There, on the horizon straight as ever, two small bumps accompanied us with their breaths. Our approach will confirm the presence of a mother and her young who will remain on the surface for some time. A motorboat will tell us about its furtive disturbing presence. Because I did not specify it but we are alone in the world since the day before. It is at this precise moment that we will certainly live one of the strongest moments of our stay: a majestic jump of the female whale: INCREDIBLE !!! Especially when you know that a fin whale hardly ever jumps. We choose to leave the mother and her little one so as not to disturb them any longer.2018 1 square edge notebook

09h38: second attempt to set up breakfast. Gagné.

10h39: a dozen blue and white dolphins decide to deviate their way for a moment to come to meet us.

10h43: again whales. This time, our approach will bring us to meet three big whales. There follow several probes so one with appearance of majestic caudals. We decide to follow it after this last dive to photo-identify one last time. The crew is then on standby on the boat, three whales ... They can come out anytime and anywhere. One of them will surprise us to starboard. His breath makes us shiver a few seconds. He is right next to us, just to starboard. His two friends follow him. Good choice than to have expected. 

11h05: Another whale, we come to think that we will never be back in time. End of OBS, meal break, off of dolphin fins.

14h00: at least 25 blue and white dolphins are once again diverting to swim at the bow. This will be our last animal encounter of the day.

Wednesday June 27

The night of 26 happened at sea. A moment of magic. Not a sound, the boat following his mood and that of the sea. Moments of magic during shifts. The next day, the gods of the sea were with 2018 2 square edge notebookwe, never seen by Nathan (eco-guide) and Antoine (skipper). Sailing, stop and take the time to watch the sea which is not a toboggan, a place of passage but a place full of beauty and extraordinary life. Thank you for the sea and its inhabitants. 

Our wishes were realized, whales, dolphins, ... were at the rendezvous. Magical moments that will remain engraved in our memories. We also tasted the bath at sea ... A treat! 

Life on board (in green too)

At first, you feel clumsy, unbalanced, the impression of never being in the right place at the right time. The cabin, 6 meters away, seems inaccessible ... An obstacle course. On board, PREVOIR is the key word because each trip can trigger a queue. And then, little by little, the ballet is organized. The bodies learn to step aside to let the other pass, settle in a corner, find other improbable paths ... The traffic is organized, becomes more fluid after two days. We realize that the passage through the portholes (business and body), is practical when there is congestion in the corridor. Movements on the bridge, chaotic at the start, become safer.2018 notebook edge landscape format

Solidarity is organized, we lend the business of observation because a place in the sun can quickly go in the shade during a change of course. The reception of the other, the attention, the respect and the tolerance ... All values ​​implemented which find their apotheosis when one has the happiness to see all together a whale to leave two meters of the boat. One last thing, pay attention to the little walk just after cooking! 

30 June expedition to 06 July from Hyères

2018 notebook edge format panorama july

Saturday June 30

1th day on the boat: knowledge with the crew, waiting for the races that finally arrived at the beginning of the afternoon. Then departure to go to anchorage to spend a 2018 notebook board portrait21ere quiet night (1 / 2h navigation). Explanation of the mission, safety rules on board.

1ère swimming with a ray and a starfish: it promises for the future.

Sunday July 1

We spent the night at the anchorage of the Badine. We went to 4h00 in the morning, finally Antoine (skipper) got up first. The rest of the crew got up too early for a first sighting together as early as 6h00. Unfortunately we did not encounter any cetaceans.
We had to return to Port Cros to shelter from a gust of wind in the early afternoon. Some took the time to land on the island with the annex, others rested on the boat.

Monday July 2

2018carnet edge square formatDeparture from Port Cros to 9h30 to join the wide sail. It is a pleasure to participate in the maneuvers ... We will see our first dolphins that morning. It's a real pleasure to see them approach the boat and follow the bow.

The area that Antoine decides to join will be more conducive to beautiful encounters. We planned to stay at sea for the night, though the majority of the team was not very bothered by seasickness. Everyone will get ready for a chopped night since 2 people have to be awake on the deck for the safety of the boat, in increments of 2h00. 

2 night at 3 July

I started with the first quarter at 22h00. The light of day was still present. A big swell shakes the boat from time to time. It is quiet. The stars start to parry the sky. It's magic to find yourself off, without noise, without the artificial light. Toward 23h00, I can see a large ship going in the distance. I decide to wake Antoine because at night the distances are uncertain it is a real Christmas tree that has gone to just 2 miles, the Fantasia, a cruise ship heading to Tunisia. The rest of the shift is quietly watching the stars and taking a look around 2018 notebook board portraitboat. Midnight arrives and I will give way to Pierre-Yves. 

At morning 3h00 I got up to replace Célia (eco-guide) for night shifts. I spent a quiet hour with Anne-Isabelle, with the moon letting in a beautiful light. No boat on the horizon. During the second hour, Adeline join me. The weather covers a little but still nothing to report. At 5h00 Antoine arrives on the bridge and the last eco-volunteer leaves to finish my night.

Tuesday July 3

The waking up in the early morning, at sea, was a little rough, probably because of the vigils of the night and the slight agitation of the boat due to the swell. However the fatigue was very quickly forgotten because after hardly 20 minutes of observation, a group of blue and white dolphins approached the sailboat for the marvelous spectacle. Then continued the whole day the meetings and different marine show. Between the dozens of dolphins playing around the sailing boat, the dances of puffins and gulls and the many jellyfish (Pelagie), this day was very rich in observations and new experiences. To top it off, we observed at the end of the day several blows on the horizon, which corresponded according to our deductions to a sperm whale and a whale. After more than half an hour intense, we then had the surprise to see the rorqual resurfacing just about ten meters from the boat. We could then contemplate very closely this great cetacean, more than 20 meters long. This magnificent show was then the reward of hard work done and it was worth it.

Adeline (ecovolunteer)

Beginning of the adventure! We are ready ! We talk a little, we get to know each other and we say to ourselves: we must learn 7 other names! 

Rigor on the boat: the quarters of OBS, Crockery, Meals, in short we must all go through! There it is a discovery I do not have seasickness !! The days are linked, we have our little habitud2018 notebook edge landscape format Julyes, our favorite places on the sailboat. I love being in front with this ascent and descent or behind the feet in the water! We are more and more relaxed in our footsteps.

The dolphins are there, Antoine told us for sure there will be dolphins and moon fish, he was not wrong! Then came the day when we saw breaths, whales !! Then sperm whales !!! A breath close to the sailboat, we were looking for it, it came out right next to us just to tell us “I'm here!” MAGINICAL. We were proud and happy to have participated in this! Life !! 

2018 notebook edge 1 landscape formatSafely Antoine boat: there it scared us all, in short the fire = the death of the boat then of ourselves.

1ere night off: watch quarters, I'm from 4h00 to 6h00. The most beautiful because I start with the night and I finish with the sunrise and dolphins as a bonus. We take the opportunity to indulge a little.

The days go by but we only see birds !!! Weekend, we say it's the end of a week that is meeting, learning. In short it makes you want to do one more and we keep the same team!

So I would like to thank Cybelle Planète then Antoine because I really annoyed him! Then thank you to Anne-Isabelle, Béa, Célia, Guigui, Valentin and Pierre-Yves because I sang a lot and they supported me well. Thank you for your smiles and for this adventure that will bind us forever. 
NB: I thought I saw a shark while it was a Tuna!

Expedition of 07 to 13 July from Hyères

2018 Logbook Hellein Valrie 1

Saturday July 07

Departure from the port of Hyères for a great adventure at sea. The program today is familiar with the boat and with the objectives of the mission. We discover on board lots of interesting things (knots, scientific process) or more surprising, such as the discovery of unusual shaped edge instruments, because yes, the object hanging on the wall of the square is just a hand vacuum ... To end the day, we anchor at the Badine and dive for the first time this week in the Mediterranean before a delicious dinner.

Sunday, July 08

2018 Dashboard Dauphin1
Today big day of observation direction Calvi. The sea, the sea, the sea, nothing but the blue for landscape. The morning clouds stayed on the coast. Great blue sky, resplendent sun. Just a little breeze to not be hot. Ideal weather, but no whales on the horizon. But just after the beautiful sunset, some dolphins pass in the distance, like to wish us good night and good road!


Monday July 09

Weather at the top and observation of pelagic jellyfish, pink balloons (HIHI), but also a Moon fish after hoisting the sails to Calvi! No cetaceans on the horizon but surprised to see after sunset, 2 dolphins who furtively greet the boat in passing. Tonight on the program: night shift rocked by the motor of Avocet.

Tuesday July 10

The quarters are privileged moments with the stars and moments shared with the teammate. 2018 Synopsis Rorqual3Beautiful night…
Day at the top among whales, dolphins, turtles, rays ... We will have sweet dreams.
A devil of the seas, Celia's dream. A whale that probes and comes out at the same place. A turtle along the boat. Two whales that follow us, one with a huge white spot. The turtle dance works well. As we stop the seizure, the dolphins call us to party. Crossing started in Calvi, festival day that ends in Cannes.
2018 Synopsis Rorqual4Today is a great day aboard the Avocet of Rhyme with the first quarter watch, a warm welcome from blue and white dolphins. Shortly after, tuna break through the surface of the water in an anarchic way, probably a sign of great underwater activity. So after a morning that we thought more or less closed, were two fin whales preceded by fifty blue and white dolphins who escort our boat. In the afternoon we saw a turtle, a sea devil and a new whale. Finally to end this day already so beautiful, it is three blue and white dolphins who come to sign us just before a delicious dinner.

Wednesday, July 11

Days at sea are not alike. Awakening in Cannes, a city in "fury" following the qualification of the French team… We are having a Magic Day in the Living World. We had crossed this sparkling, "divine" light. And the return to earth was "rough". Agitated bi-feet, noise and visual nuisances, fierce lighting ... everything to make you want to go back to sea as soon as possible.  
While everything is soft, muted noises, Breath, "Splash" the Dolphin - the one who surprised us to come and get us to play with him !! Too much Plouf le Dauphin. A delight. A child's joy rediscovered. So at Sea, I said that curiosity is aroused, all our senses are awakened… everyone is "intoxicated" by the Sea and its inhabitants.
Today we leave Cannes after a full night's sleep. Quiet night at the port, away from human agitation.
In the morning, that day, some went to the Croisette, others reorganized the interior of the sailboat, recounted food, photos transferred ... And at noon we leave "Finally" to resume our "route to India".  
The swell is stronger, the further we go and the more the amplitude of the troughs increases. The Sea becomes restless. An observation at 13:1 pm just after lunch at sea. Careful observation… nevertheless: Nothing. A second observation follows and the swell quickly strengthens. Too strong. The keel slams forward against the bag and the waves crash. The bow of the boat rises high and strong. The elements are more pressing. Waves from 1m to 50m. The sails are hoisted: mainsail and genoa. Avoid the “Mole” area near the coast. To then anchor and drop anchor in the Bay of Pamplona.

2018 Logbook Hellein Valrie 2Evening bath ... at nightfall for some: delicious, transparent seabed, ideal temperature. Strong salinity we float in Happiness !!
Tomorrow is already announced and we are ready again for the MEETING. We are all still surfing in our sensations and emotions of the day before meeting cetaceans and other marine animals ... Magic Journey Yesterday !! Majestic Encounters. Earth and Sea united and united the time of a meeting. A wonder that filled our lives !! Thank you Marine Living World for bringing us back to the basics. To connect to the world. And thank you Crew. Human encounters that goes without saying ... too.

Thursday July 12

Today we leave for Porquerolles. On the way, during the observations, you can see gulls, puffins and many, many, many boats. The afternoon is spent at the port of Porquerolles. On the menu, visit the village and swim in a transparent turquoise water, beautiful. In the late afternoon, we go get an ice cream before making an aperitif on the boat.

Shipping 14 to 20 July 2018 from Hyères

2018Carnet Edge Crab CybellePlanete panorama1

Saturday, July 14

All expected by Anneso, the crew arrives piano piano. It is noon, we loaded the backpacks, put our hats, tidy trolley of Vero (No Vero on board, but it needed a rhyme in O!), We leave illico presto.

After playing the sailors, here we are the ink in the water, it's time for a drink. Then come the different topos, after a few minutes in the water.

How beautiful is this boat!

"Do not forget the weather point! And we cross our fingers to see big sperm whales!

We do not thank too much the chef for his dingo menu.

As Rousseau would say, by boat: "one hand on the boat and the other for his skin! »Beso!

Sunday, July 15

Departure of the boat at 4 am and the girls wake up! First observation at 6 a.m., with our first encounter with cetaceans at 9:58 a.m.! : 5 blue and white dolphins, one then two sunfish, an eagle ray, and the Aline ray (Stingray) that we found at the port of La Rague. We are delighted with all of his comments. Given the state of the sea, we had several sick on board. They then came to their senses and were valiant for the rest of the day. As the weather conditions were no longer suitable for observation, we had a great time sailing. Congratulations to Noé and to our skipper Antoine who ensured like chefs !!! Arrival in a cove in Théoulles and victory for France in World Cup football! Superb fireworks and noise noises were part of our evening.

Monday July 16

Departure from Théoulles to 9h, after a great weather lesson from Antoine to explain what was waiting for us ... And in fact, we could only do an hour of observation ... We headed directly to the port of Cannes. After the meal, visit Old Cannes and, surprised by the storm, we took refuge in a cafe. To end this day in style, we strolled on the Croisette. 

Tuesday July 17

New weather point, Antoine confirms that the observations are not possible and offers us a navigation course. And here we are all delighted to leave Cannes and find the calm and the sea ... 2018carnet board Nathalie Cosson3


Anne-Sophie gave us a great topo to recognize cetaceans, turtles and fish. We are finally ready and clipped !!!


2018carnet board Chantal Caillet2Almost everyone took the helm and performed maneuvers. It was very informative and helpful !!! It's great !!! Benjamin felt like a pirate !!! In the evening, anchorage in the Lerins Islands with a magnificent sunset. The sea being favorable to us, we were able to swim for a long time. Very constructive day despite the impossibility of observing ...

Wednesday, July 18

Antoine starts the boat, departure 4:30 am. Nathalie and Zoe get up and prepare breakfast for us. First observations at 6 a.m. and surprise visit of blue and white dolphins and, apotheosis around 8:30 a.m.: a first jet and the whale shows us its back. We follow him for 1 hour. Magical !! Apparently he doesn't want to play with us. So we leave him alone….

2018card board Maria Coelho4Two hours later, another jet. Wow !!! A second whale, even bigger, up to 25m from our boat. And in its wake, a sunfish and a ray. We are pleased. In the afternoon, a few dolphins come and say hi. The day ends after 10 hours of observation with a swim in the open sea. Antoine explains how to organize the night. Everyone has their shift. We feel a responsibility, and vigilance is required. 

But everything went well.

Thursday July 19

Wake up 6h and first observation. Dolphins come to watch us !!! And, another surprise: a tuna hunt, accompanied by many puffins that try to catch the fish in flight. the day of observation ends on the sad evidence of the presence of many wastes ...  

Last evening at anchor at the peninsula of Giens with a beautiful sunset.

Shipping 21 to 27 July 2018 from Hyères

27.07.2018 notebook board panorama format

Saturday, July 21

Nice arrival on the port of Hyères at 9h30. Carla, Julie, Zoé, Fanny are already there, and Antoine our captain, Anne-Sophie our guide, Nadine and Jean-Samuel arrive and the day begins ...27.07.2018 notebook edge format square

Explanations, distribution of tasks ... Highly tomorrow!

Sunday, July 22

First day of sailing, finally we leave for a wonderful day, our boat sets off in the cove then the bay of Canoubiers. The mainsail is gaining height, I like this pace, here we are propelled out to sea towards new observation areas. We bravely resist the swell and our eyes sharpen on the lookout for a dolphin's fin or a gray shearwater in the middle of our field of observation.

In the evening, excellent cake after swimming and the first notions of navigation in sailing are set out by the captain and a workshop on the sea knots. The team is really acquainted and the good understanding is growing. And above all, superb dive of Zoe to save the remote control, dressed! 

Monday July 23

Crew decimated by the swell after 3 hours of navigation. Fortunately Anne-Sophie, Zoe and Antoine stood up and valiantly prepared lunch. Change of course to return to the coast.27.07.2018 logbook carre.1 We still kept the observations all the time. Level 3, then level 2: the swell is so strong that even at full speed we do not reach the 4,5 nodes.

On the way back, we come across blue and white dolphins, exocets, a rhizostome, at least one barracuda and a fish hunt.

For tomorrow we ordered a basking shark, whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, rays and moons. We rely on the good weather and the calm sea announced for tomorrow. We do not see anything to continue this newspaper ... Extinction of the fires!

Tuesday July 24

Sperm Whale Day !!! (Quickly, quickly, I hide under the water!)

Wednesday, July 25

If I had been told that one day I would prepare aubergine lasagna in a sailboat 13 meters while looking for whales! We leave to sleep at sea to reach a "spot" of whales.27.07.2018 notebook board portrait Night dream and watch.

Thursday July 26

27.07.2018 notebook edge landscape formatStart at dawn and top, a dolphin bow. We patrol and there, incredible luck, a first group of pilot whales, then a second, then a third! Young people, teenagers, patrollers ... An unforgettable show !!! 
And in the afternoon, our second sperm whale. We can see his tail very well when he dives. What an exceptional day! 

Shipping of the 28 03 2018 August from Hyères

28.07.2018 notebook board panorama formatSaturday, July 28

28.07.2018 notebook edge landscape format.06As the morning progresses, the team is formed. On board the Avocet Céline écoguide and director of Cybelle Planète, JO skipper, Louis, Beatrice and Evelyne welcome the new "so beautiful" ecovolunteers.

Under the Hyèroise heat the ice is broken and the Cybelle milkshake takes over. The whole team of ecovolunteers: Françoise, Sara, Valou, Béa and Evelyne are gathered and the adventure can begin. All are already in the bath: reception of the supplies, the chain is set up and according to a "Celinesque" logistics the storage is organized and within an hour everything is in order.

First meal on board then direction Badine where we are anchored. We take advantage of the afternoon to listen attentively and informatively about the reasons for our presence and the usefulness of data collection. Then we review everything we need to observe from macro-plankton to macro-waste, including the description of odontocetes and mysticetes, from sailfish to oil tanker ...28.07.2018 notebook edge landscape format.5

Security requires, the skipper JO makes us a topo on the safety on board, travel, ... Hot, hot, hot, the desire for a swim we win ... all evacuation to the water! After having absorbed all this new knowledge, the hour of the aperitif to ring, round table each presents the little sailor, 8 years, Louis!

Sunday, July 29

Grasse mat ... breakfast 7h00 and topo 8h00 on the deck while JO take us on the waves for the first test observations full dodger and lateral swell ... Valou test the parametric binoculars and there, ouch ouch ouch, the drama! The nausea - swell tumbles. We fear the worst but it was not counting on the "safe" topo of the day before, we scrupulously apply the instructions (Sara joined the "Nausitas"), plus we sniff the heart of lavender and "coke-uline". .. it goes away, not even vomito and you can even eat after a swim by 1500 meters deep. Deep blue electric sea, ray of the sun crossing at the bottom of the big blue, we do not see the end, dizziness ... We take advantage of the present moment especially with our masks which give us a panoramic vision, ooh la la that promises !!!!

28.07.2018 notebook edge landscape format.4Afternoon observations: nothing on the horizon, beginning of depression on board and then at the moment of change of shift, Sara surprised herself and shyly whispered "I think I saw a breath there in the distance. For Céline, it's a sperm whale. We begin animal tracking. Bea counts shouting "breath" every time: 35 times !!!! The animal ends up probing and gently reveals its caudal before the long dives. The hydrophone is out and we listen to the sperm whales in chase. Great silence then after a few minutes, new breath to our greatest joy. 

The wind rises, not at night off, so direction the anchorage of Cape Camara. This evening ends with a sketch of little Louis who renamed JO: Cap'taine Super Slip (see your references BD) so JO asks Cybelle Planète to sponsor him for the Red cape and the Kangaroo brief.

Monday July 30

Lift 5 time, start observations at 7h12. At quarter shift the whales fill us with joy (3) before lunch, swimming in the open sea 2500 meters. Afternoon rather calm and scorching. Evening at the Leyrens Islands starting the logbook.

Tuesday July 31

The day of observation takes place under a blazing sun, we seek all the tricks to stay in the shade while remaining attentive to the movements of the sea. A shout sounds: turtle ... Everyone comes out of his torpor and go to the port side to observe this magnificent turtle which, one might think, poses for the photo.28.07.2018 notebook edge format square

The heat is such that we decide to take a swim break in a deep blue sea ... and surprise during this swim, we have the visit of a small "grouper", a cernier. He goes from one bather to another ... It is very strange to see this little fish approaching us without fear. It can be admired without any problem, it even goes from one to the other. A few hours later, we have the opportunity to see only the dolphin fins. These remain very discreet ...

During this day, we still have the opportunity to see 3 Rorquals common! Time passes quickly and over dinner, JO briefs us on the dangers of sailing at night, makes various recommendations and distributes the quarters for the night ahead. 

22h00: first quarter, eyes marveled at the sunset and a few hours later at moonrise. The sky is starry and we can see some shooting stars, the moon is reflected on the sea, it is magical ... the silence of the night, allows us to hear 3 blows of whales. We stay tuned to the sea while looking around us the different lights of boats that intersect, remaining vigilant to their approaches. Every two hours, a new ecovolunteer arrives, we take stock of the situation and so we let them savor these moments of fullness under a starry sky.

Wednesday August 01

28.07.2018 notebook board portraitThe last quarter ecovolunteers (4-5 in the morning) attend a magnificent sunrise. We can still see for a few moments the moon and the sun ... and guess ... passage of a group of dolphins ... there are really magical moments.

The day starts under the knuckles ... Just after a good breakfast, first observations of the day ... A shout "sooooooouffle" ... Beah full of enthusiasm does not notice the strength of his cry which makes Evelyne jump in surprise ... no time to think, record the data and follow up on our magnificent sperm whale! 

The day will be a carrier because a few hours later, we have an incredible chance to see a fin whale with a young! It's still about 22 meters to adult size, you can imagine the scene, no you have to see it !! In the evening, we anchor Porquerolles where we still enjoy this heat to swim (mask, tuba, palm ...) and so we observe the seabed and these ALL small fish.

Thursday August 02

Before last day of observations, we are all motivated we want to see Risso dolphins, pilot whales, we want to see everything! The heat persists and the hours go by without we noted anything ... For the morale of the troops we decide to take the time to refresh us. Everyone in the water by funds of 2500 meters ecstasy and guess who comes to see us again in another place ... our little cernier. Would he have followed us? 28.07.2018 notebook edge landscape format

What can happen when we swim quietly? It's just at this very moment that a fin whale makes us 4 wonderful jumps off. There are only a few privileged to see this dance: Sophie, Sara and little Louis had just realized one of their dreams.

Somehow, the last bathers come back on board and we discreetly follow this magnificent giant who made us benefit from this magnificent mixture of power and lightness ... The head still full of these images, we let him follow his way to take ours and go to Porquerolles.

Françoise resists but ended up telling us that she does not feel very well. Fortunately, we have a private doctor aboard our "Valou"! Nothing serious, phew. Francoise will rise the next day a little tired but well recovered.

It feels like returning home ... Last anchorage at the Badine. We still enjoy this sunset with shimmering colors, we share a good meal and sleep because tomorrow lifted very early to prepare the Avocet for the new team.

Friday August 03

Arrival on the port of Hyères at 07h15. We take gas and we get active! Business pickup, housekeeping and the happiness of taking a shower, a real one! This lunch is resto with the whole team. A very very beautiful week, where we had very beautiful human and animal encounters. Where moments of sharing, of complicity were numerous.28.07.2018 notebook board panorama.07 format

Shipping of the 04 10 2018 August from Hyères

04.08.2018 notebook board panorama formatSaturday 04 August: meetings

04.08.2018 notebook edge landscape formatFirst meetings of the crew of the week: Bea, Evelyne, Céline (guide), Louis, Jo (skipper), Benoît, Fred, Bérangère and Eline. As a bonus, a reunion of two friends after 33 years, Fred and Bérangère!

While waiting for the races at the port of Hyères, the overwhelming heat pushes us to take a shower to jet the neighbor very nice. The refueling done, the team is complete! We can finally start to head to the anchorage of the Badine where a water break is required. Jo and Céline bribe us on the safety and observations, very educational, we look forward to the first observations.

Sunday 05 August: parade of pilot whales

Early departure to the Gulf of Lion and already a first encounter with a fish lun (Mola mola) of 1m, some blue and white dolphins come to say hello. After a swim break off with 2 500 meters deep, welcome to a heavenly blue water and a nice lunch.04.08.2018 notebook board portrait

Having filled up with energy, we take with great enthusiasm the observations, The wait was not long because in the distance we see the fins ... Rorqual? Dolphins? We are approaching delicately and what a surprise, incredible ... GLOBICEPHALES ... HOURRA ... everyone on the bridge: photos, videos, we take full eyes, we do not know where to turn. They are everywhere around the boat, we hear them calling each other. They play with the boat, we can see a newborn still wrinkled with fetal folds. It will not stop there, the afternoon will be punctuated by encounters just as exciting: turtle, eagle ray, pelagics, common dolphins that make us a demonstration of acrobatic jumps ... WE ARE ANGELS! 

Do not stop there, it was without counting bigger mammals: WHAT the day, what a day! We finish it: Sunset dreams, a well deserved aperitif, a conditioning for the quarters of nights ...

Monday 06 August: timid fauna

04.08.2018 notebook edge format squareWhat a night, we watch the boats head in the stars. Céline exempts us from an astronomy class, it's incredible this visibility, a magical moment where everyone watches the shooting star to make a wish ... In the lead, the first quarter is at his post. Some boats in the distance in sight to watch, then around midnight, the wind rises and we wake up Jo who turns on the engine and away from the storm ahead.

Magical night where we could witness an incredible show: a dolphin jumps several times in the moonlight. It's a perfect night: a celestial vault dotted with shooting stars. In the early morning, the first quarter looks admiring the sunrise. In these early hours dolphins pass their paths, our "little" friends whales come to greet us, about fifty dolphins honor us with their presence. Some come to the bow to greet us.

We finish the morning full of new encounters (Mola mola, tuna hunt, sea devils) by a swim where we have the visit of a school of tunas under our feet. The afternoon will be on the same rhythm and the day will end with a new night off.

Tuesday 07 August: back to the coast

Our night watchman "the whale" who was present throughout our various quarters: stealthy passages along the boat, night breezes, a few jumps of dolphins. The nights off are really amazing. Who do we find in the early morning? Our friend the night watchman Mr. Rorqual followed by his friends.

Morning with rorquals, dolphins, Mola mola shelter 3 small black and white zebrafish. The sea (shades of pale blue with lavender blue that gives the blues!) Of oil allows us to observe more easily the macros waste! A tire ! How's a tire? Are you sure? We get closer and oops: A TORTUUUUE. Our cries of joy made him run away, photo-ID impossible ...

The obs of the afternoon were limited to waste and some puffins ... Return to civilization near Cavalaire, Cape Lardier where we are anchored for the night. Umbrella pines and cicadas will be our environment. Everyone sleeps with a deep sleep, the night is cooler.

Wednesday 05 August: direction Saint-Tropez (Baie des Cannebiers)

The first obs start at 07h00, we have already regained the open sea under a pleasant wind. The sea finds its swing and it is more difficult to make obs with its small wavelets. The morning will be unsuccessful but will not prevent us from making an excellent meal and our daily swim. In the afternoon we return to our obs with great enthusiasm and with a special order: a sperm whale. Unfortunately, no animal is manifested, so we distract ourselves (slightly) by interpreting the few visible clouds ... We identified a Michelin man in his bathtub, the cigarette at the corner of the beak, whose ash could have attracted the sperm whale. Nada de nada.04.08.2018 notebook board portrait 01

The wind rises, we stop the obs to sail all sails out. Benoît, our sailor, takes the lead and puts himself at the helm. The Avocet slides on the sea whose waves are getting stronger and stronger. Our valiant sailboat cottage and, of his proud appearance, doubles a catamaran handily!

The sperm whale did not cross our path. Also, we head to the bay of Cannebiers where we are anchored for the night. Evening meal: homemade olives cake, spaghetti basil / garlic sauce, homemade chocolate cake. Sunset on the trap, that's it, we feast!

Thursday 06 August: return to Earth

The blue is gray, phew, a little respite for our skin. The weather conditions are deteriorating and our return is advanced. We are suffering a storm at sea, we could see in the distance the formation of a tornado. Fortunately for us, it broke up. We are sheltering at Porquerolles for lunch and before the sea is unleashed, we return to the coast at the anchorage of the Badine. The mission ends in an atmosphere of euphoria, the week was rich in emotions and discoveries. Beautiful encounters, both animal and human. 

Good luck to the next team!04.08.2018 01 panorama logbook

Shipping of the 11 17 2018 August from Hyères11.08.2018 notebook board panorama format

Saturday August 11

Day of discovery, we get to know each other and to get to know each other. Security Briefing and Topo on11.08.2018 notebook edge 2 landscape format observations. The aperitif has very clearly created links ... Learning safety instructions on board and taking our neighborhoods (with a special mention for WC Art Deco).

Sunday August 12

Departure very motivated at 05h00 morning ... Quick aborted by seasick touching 50% of the volunteers. Attentive and compassionate, Margaux (the eco-guide) and Jo (the skipper) decide to postpone the observation to re-shelter the swell near Le Lavandou. Swimming between schools of fish and jellyfishes relax the stomachs, and allow us to go back on a sea become ideal for observation. 

11.08.2018 notebook edge landscape formatFirst shift together: Margaux was right, using the OBSenMER app is really simple and intuitive. The observation conditions are ideal (if you like to cook in the sun at the foot of a mast!) But the fauna is hardly present. Apart from a few shearwaters, only "human activities" and "macro-waste" cross our path (including some originals, such as a sculpture of 12 balloons in wedding decoration style). Everyone participates in the 2 and a half quarters, which end in the rain, except Richard, who volunteers to steer following the failure of the autopilot. Subsequently, a good part of the ecovolunteers will try it. 

As the day before, the day ends with a very nice aperitif, a good meal, and jokes of more or less good taste, the palm returning to the bottle of fresh water to "rinse the hair of the bottom of the head-board. At 21h30, everyone in bed after this busy day.

Monday 13 August

Departure at 05h00 from Cap Camarat morning. First quarter at 06h15, as soon as the sun has risen. To 07h00 from 11.08.2018 notebook board portraitmorning, 4 blue and white dolphins passed close to the boat and left as quickly as they arrived. The storm rose and the sighting stopped prematurely. We set sail to take advantage of the winds of the nascent storm, we lose a cap, we quickly lower the sails and return to the engine to return to hyères safely to 13h00. The boat sees the world parade to repair the autopilot and we expect to have a good weather. At 17h00, the repair is successful! Forward for a shower!

Tuesday 14 August

This day is written under the control of "mistress". Today is a day at the port, unfortunately time does not allow us to take off. Group breakfast before everyone chooses their program. For some (s) "human observation" which was obviously rich in stories :), others preferred the island of Porquerolles but finally this plan fell into the water :). Then hike for others ... while the chiefs stayed on board repair the boat (among others). Mission successful !!!! No more quarterbacks :( Anne-Cécile wants to know what I write so the mission becomes participatory.


- Riri tells his shower friends that the 6 is free.

- Lucile was paid a shower by the housekeeper.

- Fanny forgot her shower gel and towel.

- Bénédicte go to the shower in extremis ... the others are surely not washed ^^.

Aperitif at 19h00 and wheelbarrows. Accompanied by a great eggplant caviar made by the team Margaux, Jo and Patrick. Followed by a great meal "pasta with pesto" yum yum. Who feels good ????? Meal finished departure to the Badine. The whole team is on the bridge. A lot of boats around, it's miserable ... (but the DJ is frankly not terrible, although he offers us a small blind test). 11.08.2018 notebook board portrait 1

PS: Back on the exit of Anne-Cecile at the beach of Hyeres in a water at "12 ° C". She saw some fish after reading and researches it is: 1 red mullet, 1 syngnath, 1 lizard fish, 1 sar and Sophie saw some Bernard :).

I think I have done the tour, place reading by Mistress. Enjoy and we hope all tomorrow can observe :), after tomorrow and tutti !!!!

New PS: 

- Do you know how to do a quarter?

- The trick: weigh the eggs.

- The debate with or without shell.

- The conclusion: Jo makes a cake tomorrow.

PS bis: Do not get on deck when friends are in the bathroom.

Wednesday 15 August

Today we give with great emotion the legion of honor to the surviving 2 of today: Bénédicte and Lucile, whom we congratulate for their unwavering dedication and their flawless stomachs. We also award the Great Cetacean Medal to their 2 lieutenants Patrick and Richard who have valiantly struggled to complete their shift duties. Congratulations! We all support the other unfortunate ecovolunteers whose stomachs have not resisted. Seeing the condition of his crew, the valiant Captain Jo decided to return to the harbor before his boat was fully renamed.11.08.2018 notebook edge 1 landscape format

Bandol the haven of peace after the storm. Bénédicte won her epaulettes of rotten fruit and silver feather chefs. An 2 ° champion title in the day. Jokes aside our quest has finally reached its goal by meeting one or two or three whales and a few dolphins.

Thursday 16 August

Mooring at the Bergerie, departure 05h00. At 07H00, the first quarter, almost everyone is on the warpath. The sun is with us, the sea is calm and everyone is amariné (FINALLY!). Biodiversity Day: 1 turtle (maybe, but we'll believe our ecoguide on the word), 1 dolphin, tuna hunts, pelagies, swordfish, and ... whales players who did not want to They are annoying: it's milling, we were told ... In the middle of the day, we did the thing that we absolutely did not miss: a swim by 2500 meters! The water was good, better than the coast surprisingly.

Friday 17 August

Cleaning scene: everything shines, we are at the top! Fireworks jokes of all kinds and good mood at the departure meal at the legendary Café du Port! 

Review of the week: 

"Margaux, are you sleeping?" Jo asks, "Jo, are you sleeping?" Margaux answers, telling himself that it's the Camembert that says to Roquefort that it stinks. We ate well, ecovolunteers and our guides are inventive to take up the daily life of life on board by relatively random weather ...11.08.2018 notebook board 1 panorama format

18 expedition to 24 August from Hyères

Saturday 18 August: "Your Mission, if you accept it, will be counting cetaceans!"

After a quick and efficient refueling, we went to the anchorage of the Badine. Once a good little roast chicken (and its delicious pasta gratin-thank you Margaux) engulfed, we are fit to listen18.08.2018 notebook edge 2 landscape format Jo (topo security) and Margaux (cetacean topo)! Without forgetting also the topo "Life on board".

Our brains full, then it's time for a good bath surrounded by scallops and other oblades (fish) ... To finish the day, small salad! We can not wait for the next day to start our mission !!

Sunday August 19

This morning, wake up to the engine and / or anchor for an early start to the sea. Unfortunately a storm makes us turn back: return to the Badine for breakfast.

18.08.2018 notebook edge 1 landscape formatThen second departure ... And here is the drama. A good little swell complicated things and stirred our stomachs. We are finally rewarded (well ... at least for those who were able to stay on deck) when Pauline decides to give food to the sea: very nice observation of 2 rorquals (a mother and her young) for a few minutes. We then head for the coast to shelter ourselves from this small swell and calm our patients ... Once at anchor, well deserved lunch and afternoon free between naps, discussions "marine" and swimming.

We finish the evening around a couscous prepared by Jo, evoking the ancient cetacean missions. What motivates us for the next day! 

Monday 20 August

Morning wake-up and direction off with 7h. Twice in the morning we observe many blue and white dolphins: many jumps, little ones, everything is there! Everyone has a wide18.08.2018 notebook edge format square smile (and today everyone is valiantly on the deck, the swell has dropped) !! The afternoon was hot and unfortunately our efforts of observations were rewarded only by some puffins (birds) ...

Tuesday 21 August

Very calm morning on Tuesday ... At noon, we enjoy a swim in the deep sea (20 km of coast / 2 km deep) in deep blue water and hot! Just after lunch, we have the chance to cross the road of some Mobula rays that we observe a good time ... SUPER !!!

In the afternoon, back to the coast without any particular observations except that, while we were doing arrow-words (we are pro in Junior level, 1 and 2), we lose a fender that we recover in extremis thanks to a perilous rescue orchestrated by Jo, Margaux and Valerie. 

In the evening, arrived in St-Tropez in the middle of the yachts and pollution ... But a nice little dish of spaghetti with garlic allows us to finish the day in a positive and friendly way. 

18.08.2018 notebook board 1 panorama formatWednesday 22 August

18.08.2018 notebook edge landscape formatThis morning we had to stop the observations because of the wind. The mainsail was out, with a new driver (Margaux ecovolunteer). Then lunch at sea (and not in peace !!) because after more than 1h30 cooking, the potatoes were still not cooked ... The super team of very experienced quarterback in cooking at once concocted on the go a great salad.

For the aprem, always too many sheep off to obs, so head to the coast for a super mooring, unfortunately not completed because Jo does not joke with the security ... Finally, we savor (Badine this time) a well deserved swim where we observe starfish, large mother-of-pearl, wreaths, serrans, oblades, ... The day ends with the rhythm of an aperitif and a good meal "tapas" in the company of mosquitoes.

Thursday 23 August

This morning, dolphins and whales visited us in stealth mode as we watched them from a distance. Important note: the dolphins escaped us because of the Whale Watche (in ecovolunteer language: Weight Watcher) !!! Then lunch at sea and direction Porquerolles to take gasoline after stopping the observations. The wind picks up ! To follow, a little swim next to the port of Hyères - Oufti that feels good! We then put the beach towels to dry and take the road to the port, where we take shelter for this last night because the wind has grown.

Light meal tonight to finish the trip: pasta - crumble! And tomorrow it only remains for us to do a good job, before being entitled to the highest reward: a good shower !!!! Finally, missions accomplished: we counted the cetaceans and all that in the joy and good mood. Unanimously, this trip was extra! 

The team: Elora, Valérie, Margaux, Mélinda, Sylvie, Pierre and Pauline.18.08.2018 notebook board panorama format

Shipping of the 25 31 2018 August from Hyères

25.08.2018 notebook board 1 panorama formatSaturday August 25

25.08.2018 notebook edge landscape formatArrival at the port of Hyères. Everyone settles and takes their marks. The two couples (Laurent and Vero, Gilles and Elisa) sleep in the bunks of 2. Alexia, Sylvie and Hélène (eco-guide) in the back cabin, then Elies in the saloon.

We are told how to store provisions, use the kitchen, toilets, electricity, what rules to follow and what cetaceans we could observe. Departure from the port the next day, because the wind is power 7 today. In the evening we discover the captaincy of Hyères. 

Sunday August 2625.08.2018 notebook board portrait 1

Departure at the end of the morning and unfortunately a lot of swell so a lot of seasickness as a result. We have the chance to observe dolphins next to the boat. After an eventful day for our stomachs we take refuge in a port where we can observe fireworks from the boat. Elies decides to take a walk and returns at 2 hours after having seen 2 rays and a dolphin in the port. Hard waking up the next day ...

25.08.2018 notebook edge 1 landscape formatMonday 27 August

We learn that we will spend the night 1ère at sea. During the day Elies is always sick. Dolphins are observed in the morning, followed by tuna and some jellyfish. In the evening the quarters follow one another on a mild sea with a superb full moon.

Tuesday 28 August

25.08.2018 notebook edge format squareAwakening on a sea of ​​oil where Elies Laurent and Elisa observe the sunrise then turtles and jellyfish. Appearance of dolphins dancing under the bow of the boat then appearance of whales. We have the chance to observe it three times. Laurent films them with his drone, the result is breathtaking. In the evening we play the baccalaureate in a good collective mood. Then follow the night surveillance shifts. During the first night shift under the full moon, a whale breath is heard. Magical ! The breath lit by the moon, the beauty of the moment, the wait between each whale outing takes away our fatigue and makes us live a waking dream ...

Wednesday 29 August

Today less lucky than yesterday but we see dolphins jump off and some come to say hello still dancing under the bow of the boat. Observation impossible during25.08.2018 notebook edge 2 landscape format the afternoon because wind force 4. Superb crossing with sails until anchor where Lawrence impales on a hook of a porthole and is pulled off a piece of skin. Impressive piece that had remained on the clip! ... Some felt bad but no problem was only superficial ...

25.08.2018 notebook board portraitThursday 30 August

Elies is at the top of his form, "he surfs" on 2 fin whales at the same time with 2 separate feet. Laurent filming it with his drone, the images are even more extraordinary than the previous ones. TF1 and BBC buy the images for one billion euros. Elies buys all the yachts in St-Tropez and goes to find Jean Roc the fisherman from Cavalaire for the assault on Elies' ultimate dream, the great white shark. 


Friday 31 August

I was overcome by emotion when I saw our first dolphins as well as by the weight of the whales which probe so lightly, and by their velvet breaths. Return to Hyères with the joys of cleaning the boat before meeting around a last meal and then returning home ... full of emotions! 25.08.2018 notebook board panorama format

Shipping of the 01 07 September 2018 from Hyères

01.08.2019 notebook board panorama formatSaturday September 01

Shopping storage, chicken and vegetable meal at the harbor. By the advice of Antoine (skipper) we filled up with gasoline "without jumping". Successful operation for Lou01.09.2018 notebook edge landscape format and Elliot. We are gone to the anchorage of the badine. Hélène (eco-guide) warned us about the cetacean topo, the OBSenMER app, planning and 01.09.2018 notebook board portrait 1dense security but necessary to be an operational minimum. The wind having risen, Antoine decided to change course towards the island of Porquerolles.

Sunday September 02

After a comfortable night, we observe a big dolphin waking up, followed in the afternoon by the first fin whale in front of Bandol. Overnight at the harbor at Embiez Island, quiet with a real shower bonus before staying, we do not know how long, dirty and salty.

Monday 03 September

Shortage of bread obliges, departure after opening of the embiez bakery towards 8h00. Head to Spain now (unfortunately, our ambitions to dock at the port of Cadaques are compromised by capricious weather). Our pain is quickly faded by the appearance of 2 fin whales swimming hand in hand (well, fin you understand me), then another! Then 2 others! The morning has 5 whales a good ratio.

01.09.2018 1 square edge notebookLou and Lou at the meal (Lou 1 and Lou 2) we enjoy each other our turn requires observation. Beginning of aprèm rather calm with for only company tuna and terns in hunt and some distant dolphins. Then without realizing it the Riviera disappeared in the mist on the horizon, to leave room for a perfect continuous line at 360 ° the sea was everywhere. A first for almost everyone (sensation as pleasant as it is scary). Oh yes too! The wind has risen well, we can stop the engine and sail with the sails a real pleasure! Then nothing.

Late afternoon, wind force 0 sea force 0, a sea of ​​oil as they say. We take a swim with 2000 meters below, it's funny! Then without waiting and to the great surprise of Helen the beautiful and rather rare dolphin Risso shows the end of his long dorsal very dark. We follow him for some time before resuming our way. The night is getting closer slowly.

Antoine's instructions for the night at sea are stated to us: 2 people always in quarter turn of 2h00 each. The calm was supposed to reign, it was not counting the magnificent storm which, in spite of its beautiful spectacle, forces us to flee for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 04 September

After this long night of flight, we take the 7h00 obs in the rain that fades to give way to a nice sunrise. In the morning,01.09.2018 notebook edge format square pretty dolphins appear on the horizon, Antoine agrees to follow them (probably arrived thanks to the nice whale song emitted by Lou and Elliot). These are playful blue and white dolphins who accompany us to the bow of the boat for a few minutes to the delight of the whole crew. Special mention to the young dolphin, the rostrum in the air and the almost successful stretched jump.

It is midday and the pasta of Céline and Audrey with pesto are regenerative. All the warmed crew is back on deck for the obs but the cetaceans are not ready to meet us and only the sun is rendezvous. Antoine proposes to anchor the creeks. Despite 2 pelagies, the clear water and the bottom of posidonia fishy decide us to leave to the expedition of the world under the hull. And tonight, it's aperitif then lentils by the girls Audrey and Céline.

Wednesday 05 September

01.09.2018 notebook board portraitDeparture of the coves of Sormiou towards 7h00, obs of ten dolphins blue and white. As usual, they come to surf the wave of the boat for the pleasure of all. Preparation of the meal by Helen and Elliot. They managed to make us eat lentils again, with the corn cake prepared by Antoine. We feast. A side salad, perfect for digesting everything. 

The afternoon passed calmly in a vain waiting to see cetaceans. Ready to observe the slightest movement, we put ourselves in "expert" mode without relying on the shock team of the last quarter. Only macro-waste have been observed well adorned by puffins and laughter endlessly.

Arrival to 18h00 in Porquerolles. Antoine proposes either the anchorage or the port, the vote will make that it will be the anchorage. For those who want to shower and stretch their legs, we take the annex. Elliot is happy to prepare this stopover. We ended the evening in a jovial atmosphere at the harbor, beer in hand with a view of Mediterranean colors and sublime sunset. Any adventure for the return in annex in the middle of the night! 

Thursday 06 September

After an optimistic start with the last outing at sea hope to see again whales, dolphins and may even be sperm whale, the first quarter is approached with01.09.2018 notebook edge 1 landscape format the impatience of the first young people in discovering this fascinating marine fauna.

After 1h sailing from Porquerolles to the sea, we were stopped by the Coastal Gie. Indeed, the area we were crossing was circumcised for military maneuvers. It is a little disappointed that we took the course south of Porquerolles after a morning of particularly quiet observation.

After a Cretan meal but sublimated by a succulent apple pie, we have taken again the observations with always this enthusiasm to see again cetaceans. As we waited impatiently, a blue and white dolphin made a furtive appearance.

For the second time this week, the changing weather has once again honored us with a distant storm. As a precaution, Antoine decided to return to the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros. A light rain, and a few thunderclaps accompanied us for a short time before arriving near the coast. Still without the appearance of our "dear" cetaceans, we returned to the anchorage of Port-Cros. Evening aperitif and pasta with carbonara to finish this week rich in emotions.01.08.2019 notebook board 1 panorama format

Shipping of the 08 14 September 2018 from Hyères08.09.2018 notebook board 3 panorama format

Saturday September 08

Making contact and effective preparation of the boat, according to Margaux (eco-guide). Sailing to Porquerolles, in good eco-responsible volunteers! And in order to spare posidonia, we searched for sand to anchor. We then had 3 briefings: life in common on board (explanation of the concept of "clear messages" to avoid any mutinies), safety on board explained by Antoine (skipper), and 08.09.2018 notebook edge 5 landscape formatfinally explanations on the association Cybelle Planet and the species that we hope (that we will !!!) to observe.

Taste 15h30 - apparently you have to eat as soon as you feel like it on board. We then made our first splash: joy of the scale to master, and test of the "clean" soap to wash us in the sea water. We had a beautiful sunset at anchor, coupled with a lift of toilets ... double amarinages! ^^

Aperitif while the pasta was cooking (meal Antoine and Margaux), and we finished the meal under the stars. Anecdote of the evening: Célyne realized her forgetfulness of a toothbrush at the couchsurfing of the day before -_- '- Fortunately Christine places herself in savior with her atypical toothbrush (stick of siwak - a tree which grows in a distant country) that it hastens to divide in two.

Sunday September 09

Awakened at 6h00 by the raising of the anchor and the ignition of the engine of the boat, we all find ourselves gradually on the deck to admire the sunrise (about to 7h00). The sky is cloudy, pink purple pastel white, direction Port-Cros.

After breakfast, the initiation to the observation quarters begins with our eco-guide (Margaux). 1er group: Nico, Béa, Bernard and Célyne. We did not observe anything except some plastic waste, as well as08.09.2018 notebook edge landscape format only puffins in flight. 2st group: Christine, Morgane and Gérard. Observation of jellyfish and also of gray shearwaters. Anecdote of the day: Nicolas felt an intense freedom by the simple fact of peeing in the back of the boat directly in the Mediterranean with the horizon of the sea. Will a girl try the experiment during the week? ^^

We had pizza for our lunch (Antoine and Celyne in the kitchen) while the boat was going around in circles. No one sick! We feasted then by our 1ages observation sequences: 1er quarter discovery of the moon fish staggering, then we followed the trail of two whales. Hardly the 2st quarter started, we receive the visit of 5-6 blue and white dolphins for twenty minutes at the bow of the boat, as well as a large jellyfish "egg on the dish" and several gray shearwaters. Our skipper (Antoine) watched the jump of a swordfish ... not us.

Here we are at sea, a brief briefing on the conduct of night shifts and safety conditions, is needed to prepare our 1ages night off. We ate very well thanks to Antoine and Christine, with this sausage revisited called "rougatouille", the obvious mix of rougail and ratatouille. The 1ages night looks calm, however we still hear a few ploufs around us.

Monday 10 September

There you go ! 1ages night spent off. A festival of stars, dolphins, fluorescent plankton, jellyfish and boats to watch (trajectory to follow if possible to avoid a collision). The courageous last quarter (Morgane and Nicolas) were able to observe the sunrise and enjoyed an idyllic "shower" bath in a sea of ​​oil. Margaux and Antoine, of course, were also in the game. 

Start of today's observations: we are very lucky today! Dolphins from 8:20 am, then moon fish (5 in total), tuna hunts, “fried egg” jellyfish, a shark and again and again around fifty dolphins. We are getting ready to eat, but the (probable) breaths of sperm whales send us back to the deck. We resume our journey in order to pursue the "ghost" sperm whale. Nicolas, super agile, even has the authorization to climb to the top of the mast (with the help of Antoine of course! Someone must be down to pull on the end) but despite this lookout, we will only find a turtle and a leftover octopus (whose meal?).

A special afternoon turtles (4) and dolphins (again!) That make unbridled choreography of jumps: jumps stretched tendrils, dishes on the side, jumping back, ... They are everywhere around several breaths. Globis? All on the bridge, we leave in the direction of the breath to finally meet 4 young dolphins. We stay off again for the night. We are finally ready to pose for the meal. At the dinner tonight is Béatrice and Célyne, on the menu: crumble of goat cheese bacon. Nico always reckless, bathes while being attached to the boat, which drifts to less than a node.08.09.2018 notebook board 1 panorama format

Tuesday 11 September

We spent our 2st night at sea. Again, magical night: an anthology of shooting stars, the Milky Way evident in the beautiful sky. Some dolphins came to see us, we hear them but do not see them (except Nico perhaps). The ferries to Corsica were very present, and impressive - real floating cities. Towards morning 4h20, our captain Antoine had to light the engine because the wind was no longer sufficient to keep the boat stable and hold a course. The morning will be quite calm in observation. The 1er quarter starts at 7h30 with some dolphins, then nothing: more wind, more waves, more fish. 

End of observation: some dolphins who sleep. It's time to get in the water. It's our turn to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Ploufs do you want, here it is! We even saw the "flying drone":08.09.2018 notebook edge 4 landscape format "Be careful my kids, for the bumblebee, go have a shiver in the backbone" Chantonne Christine, who - I quote - is not a little mickey. Beautiful improvised figures. Fortunately Gerard and Antoine are on the boat to photograph all this. Antoine teaches us the figure of survival to realize in case of ... because it is visible from the sky. We almost drowned during the hahaha lesson! The sea soap is lathered, being careful not to drift too far and away from the boat.

At table ! After eating a good salad of potatoes, tuna and egg, prepared today by Christine and Morgane, we resume our observations. Girls watch a verse? A long plankton species? A transparent tube-shaped thing with red balls inside. RAS for a long time. Here we go, the 2st quarter we observe again 08.09.2018 notebook edge 2 landscape formatDolphins. Then Christine writes "SOUFFFLE" just at the time of his relief. The entire new quarter is dedicated to watching the whales around us. Everyone scans its horizon at 360 °, but we are fooled several times. We move slowly, they go out behind. Antoine manages the maneuvers. We understand that there are full, it is a group of whales (3 + 3 + 2)! One of the whales had the fin cut (probably because of a boat propeller ...). Finally, we observe one very closely around the boat on the starboard side, then under the boat and reappear on the port side. Perfect to shoot his right profile! AWESOME! Sun setting, whales, they finally guided us to our point of destination, desired by our captain to pass the 3st night off (exceptional and everyone holds the shock)!

And in all that we eat what and when? Christine and Morgane have a little (a lot) galley for cooking their evening dish: pilaf style rice, onions, peppers and merguez. The pot cooked under the fire on, off, on, off, turned on, off ... it is not easy to cook during a whale watching, but a very good moment of laughter that will stay in the heads. Results after tasting, very good, perfect cooking. Everyone gets to know his upcoming night shift. Some stay at tea / coffee / chocolate (yes, there are big fat gourmands aboard) and others at bedtime to ensure the night.

Wednesday 12 September

If I believe the diary, Wednesday's story begins with Antoine's explanation of the challenge for the coming night - from Tuesday to Wednesday. Would the sea air make us lose our chronological landmarks?08.09.2018 notebook board portrait ? Is ! Here is the story...

Cbegan with a night off - the 3st - we start to be in focus. Antoine met us (so last night) to announce the new challenge, since we were all OK (and cheerful) for the night. Challenge: spend the night drifting between the 2 trade routes. It is obvious that we would get closer, but "no panic" until we see the green light AND the red light at the same time.

During Bea and Christine's quarter, there are breaths around the boat. Then, a period of big waves pass because of a freighter. Then comes a ghost ship lights red and green on: too much is too much, cracking! They wake Antoine. The fire was actually a myriad of white lights, which were actually at the back of the boat. Oops ... That same night, we had great Gerard! Gérard the rebel who does not want to put on his safety bra. Gerard dissipated it that does not attach itself to the line of life to relieve itself on the bridge. Gerard the indomitable who supports that costs to Morgane, then to Margaux, that a light of the coast is a boat to watch ^^. In short, another magical night!

08.09.2018 notebook edge 1 landscape formatIn the early morning, 7h30, observations resume. Sea of ​​oil. It starts with dolphins, a classic now. Then we see in the distance (far away) on the skyline, an animal. Suddenly Margaux writes that the latter has dived, but especially that we saw the tail. So ... CACHALOT !!!!!! The luck continues. All crazy, we go with an undisguised excitement. Antoine and Nico thanks to the cosine calculate the exit point (like what, it finally serves our maths classes). We approach them: there is 2! They dive. We put the hydrophone, we hear them. We are now just waiting for them to come out. We are very close. They blow, they sound, they reward us with magnificent dives. Applause and "waaaaaaou" general. We leave happy.

At the moment of resuming our route, a line performs for us, just next to the boat, an impressive double salto - probably to console us in fact that we will then see only garbage (or it was a line hyper jealous of our interest in sperm whales, she gave everything to get into our memories, even Antoine had never seen that ... only Margaux did not see it, too bad for the ray, she could not sell from the dream to our eco-guide).

We continue our observations until a helicopter turns around us. The VHS dialogue is required - verdict - we must leave the place because of "shooting zone" and especially change our route. Our route will become a little empty, without observation of interest ... fortunately the wind helping, we end up with a beautiful sailing trip. Many people are tempted by the learning of navigation. Our teacher Antoine leaves the bar to Nico, Bernard, Gérard and Béa (future great navigator). We meet a kite surf in the water for a while, which seems in distress. The general interest is inflating, we think we are rescuers! 

Here we are at anchorage in Port-Cros for a Breton meal. Obviously a little rain is invited to our evening. Margaux and Nicolas make pancakes! After several nights off, we enjoy as it should be at anchor ... Music and aperitif, the atmosphere is very friendly in the image of our week. It is a thousand degrees in the boat all the same after the meal, but we are satisfied and delighted of this new magnificent evening.

Thursday 13 September

08.09.2018 notebook edge 3 landscape formatA night at anchor means a night without a quarter. Small rain in the morning that stops quickly. During breakfast, a small zodiac goes round the boats around to warn us to go and pay for our "hotel night". Quick preparation, berthing at the port, and we put down to pay to the captaincy (except Bea who does not want to leave the boat and stays on board). Christine discovers a slight earth ache when going to the bathroom. "The toilets are stable, but you're not." Small collective cafe at Doudou, an atypical character who is happy to meet. We do not go to sleep anyway, back to the boat, our house of the week. Observations are not possible today because of wind. Antoine and Margaux propose us 2 choice: Plan A, sailing day, we made circles in the water history to enjoy the navigation. Plan B, we come back and we bubble at the anchorage of the Badine. But as to choose is to give up, we propose unanimously a plan C: day sail AND bubbling at anchor.

Navigation is a treat for everyone, but above all a big KIF for Christine installed on the deck, propped up on the cushions and well attached with her bra. Some try their hand at the helm again, while others grapple with the raging elements in the kitchen. Others still take a hell of a foot (and that's saying a little ^^) and sprays of water on the deck (if you remember who was attached to the deck, you will recognize it. quote his name.

Celyne cooks us in extreme conditions, a chocolate zucchini cake. But? Celyne is still a quarter "kitchen" ??? No. Today it's Bernard and Gérard's chore! The more the days of the week passed, the more the cupboards were emptied by increasing the anxiety of the duo to find a menu for the crew. They finally prepare a red bean rice salad while Antoine trains Bea to the differences of cottage. Slight sordid detail: we forgot to close the toilet before leaving ... sorry Margaux.

Meal leaning, but meal savored. Everyone has the smile, it's nice to see (ok it's my judgment that speaks - dixit Morgane). Gerard very involved in his shift attacks the dishes and receives the contents of the closet on the head ... Celyne also gave of his person with the two lions in the kitchen, leaving his arm (burn). Congratulations solidarity! 

Arrival at the anchorage of the Badine, among the sailboards among others. We throw ourselves into the water to finally wash, except Gerard who pushes back the moment since the beginning of the holidays. We bubble as expected: words08.09.2018 notebook edge 6 landscape format arrows, bronzette, small cafe blah ... in all this, Morgane loses his shirt on drying! Long live the pollution of the oceans :( like what, his dive during the swim (by losing half the underpants and the top) was a harbinger of the future loss.Gerard will decide (well!) At the time of his shift to take his 1er bath of the week. Another moment "memory"! The calm comes back on board, the time to sort the pictures: 50 GO. We did not stop this week rich in images and films. Our captain leaves us alone just a time. Gerard tries to seize immediately the post of second, and there laughter and spicy moments begin again.

The evening, ATTENTION big file, everything will not be told. Do not we often say: "Everything that happens on the boat will stay on the boat!" Last drink, for short the atmosphere is incredible without dead time. Our abs work! The mayonnaise rises more than the beach opposite, yet illuminated and on which were delivered vestal boats all dressed in white (finally dressed, it is said quickly ^^ yes, this was a judgment on my part).

I will not go into the details of this evening. There are too many shocks, cults, laughter etc ... Margaux still manages to divide our roles for tomorrow. Indeed, we arrive at the end of the holidays: cleaning, preparation of bags, cleaning - it must shine a minimum. Nicholas will be drudging bathroom (to politely say the toilet) COURAGE By the time he's here right now, I (Morgane) do not know anymore the task assigned to Bernard. On the other hand, I can say that he gave us an imitation of a memorable breath. Collector - it's in the box! Antoine very discreetly filmed everything. It is high time to sleep, it will snore in the bunks, and even despite the nightclub on the beach (it is allowed to spend the Ricky Martin?).08.09.2018 notebook board panorama format