synopses of cetaceans mission 2019

15 Shipping to 21 June from Hyères

22 shipment to 28 June from Hyères

29 June expedition to 05 July from Hyères

Expedition of 06 to 12 July from Hyères

Expedition from July 13 to 19 from Hyères

Expedition of 20 to 26 July from Hyères

Expedition of 27 July to August 02 from Hyères

03 expedition to 09 August from Hyères

10 expedition to 16 August from Hyères

17 expedition to 23 August from Hyères

24 expedition to 30 August from Hyères

August 31 expedition to 06 September from Hyères


15 Shipping to 21 June from Hyères

1 Day - Saturday 15 June 2019

The rendezvous point of the ecovolunteers was fixed at the port of Hyères at 10h. We all easily spotted the boat with the "Cybelle Planète" pennants and the busing that took place on board! We then met the whole team (we had three kisses, we were all disturbed, we southerners ...), then place the boarding and storage of our belongings. Then a brief briefing on the life on board, the overall functioning of the week, especially on the rules of living in community and the sharing of tasks (welcome to "quarters"!).

The races arrived at 12h30. The storage was perilous, but the challenge was met! The Tetris games have been profitable finally, the place on the boat is one of the black spots of the logistics ...

We ate roast chicken with salad consisting of bulgur, chickpea, corn and tomato. For dessert, cheese and tea or coffee (not to mention the chocolate square).

Before leaving, Antonio, el Capitan, gave us a safety briefing. A little stress is mounted in each of us without anyone really verbalizing it. We feel we can not go back!

Departure to 16h30 towards the anchorage of the peninsula of Giens. The story will retain "Cybelle Planete so ugly fenders" dixit Antonio. We did not cross cetaceans the 1er day, but paddles with boobs. Not easy to be a released woman in 2019.

Then the beginning of the training animated by Céline and Colin: we first introduced ourselves: Céline, Colin, Antonio, then ecovolunteers: Jean-Pierre, Françoise, Valerie, Annie, Pauline and Flavie.

Céline is the director of the association. It is she who founded Cybelle Planet 14 years ago, and a passion for the sea. His intelligence was already more to demonstrate, but we were able to discover others of its many qualities during the mission. ..

#superceline then taught us to recognize the species, the boats, the weather, the state of the sea, the wind ... and many other "details" that will be essential for our surveys.

In the evening, we ate soup of potatoes, eggplant, zucchini (note that it is very balanced!). 22h30: fire extinguishing, but not chatter ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 2

2 Day - Sunday 16 June 2019

Everyone prepares their breakfast independently. Be careful not to use bottled water! First mistake. The problem arises ... We have no jam ... fortunately we had honey! Everyone is getting ready and we are finally ready for 8h15 ... We had to be at 8H ... Second mistake ... #superceline and its legendary patience remind us to order! Tomorrow, time will be the hour!

#superceline then did us the training on the use of the OBSenMER application and the protocol to respect scrupulously: 3 observers standing around the mast observing at 180 °, a sea below 3 beauforts and a speed superior to 5 nodes. After having all the explanations and well understood why and how of the surveys, we trained in the cove. Everything went from motor boat to paddle to buoy ... The pedagogical skills of our #superceline are no longer to demonstrate ...

We ate a salad of quinoa, chicken. Francoise and Flavie then jumped on the opportunity to do a little splash before leaving.

Then at 13h30, we started the observation shifts. We saw many gulls and gray puffins. At that moment, everyone was moaning a little undergoing so much ornithology! Some velelles appeared, which was auspicious for us. At the time we docked in the bay of Cavalaire, we could see dolphins who passed by, reassuring us about their presence.

The evening is spent in a good mood, we discovered the Ti Punch. In the evening, our devoted skipper prepared us one of his specialties: spaghetti with vegetables!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 5

3 Day - Monday 17 June 2019

Departure at 6h, to start the observation shifts at 7h. No delay that day! But we have not seen cetaceans yet.

At the time of the meal break, we saw dolphins and our first whale, but not being observed, we did not follow up ... Definitely, they are attracted like us by the aperitif ... We ate a rice salad.

First nausea for a few people on board: Pauline, Annie, Jean-Pierre. Fortunately, everything is back in order quickly and no one has fed the fish! They will have to manage ...
In the afternoon we saw whales and dolphins, and everyone was moved by the encounter with these animals. In the evening, we took the Ti Punch (try it, adopt it!), Then a soup of lentils and potatoes, prepared by our #superceline whose culinary skills far exceed those of all those present on board .

Then began the night shifts. Great epic ... Everyone watches for 2h staggered with another person to always be two to watch the boats off. The first quarters began with Pauline (22H - 00H) and Flavie (23H - 1H). Antonio stayed with us for a long time to brief us on the lights on the boats at night.

A little before 23h, Pauline and Flavie had the chance to see two whales a few meters from the boat, their breaths being lit by the moon. Sequence emotion. #coeuraveclesdoigts

Since the beginning of the quarter, a cargo ship was approaching in the distance. We were not worried, since we could see the white and red lights only. Then, the red light has disappeared ... and left room for the green light! We quickly realized that the freighter had changed course, and we woke up Antonio who was able to say hello to the captain ... The freighter went to 0,6 miles from our sailboat, and was over 300 meters. It was impressive to see him so close. A marine remake of David against Goliath. No other problems to report during the night, Francoise and Colin all the same saw a blue and white dolphin during their night shift.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 1

4 Day - Tuesday 18 June 2019

Departure at 7h to start the shifts at 7h15, lack of sufficient speed before.

The first quarter of the day saw several breaths, they were whales. Everyone then retains his in the hope of observing others. In the morning, it was then the festival of the rorquals, with four observations. #superceline was able to work and make the photo-identification necessary for monitoring the species. At noon, we ate a vegetable salad and Cuisto-Colin made us an apple crumble.

In the afternoon, we did not see many cetaceans, and fatigue was beginning to be felt. Everyone started singing to give themselves courage. Fortunately, because of our vocalistic talents, the rain left us alone. We still could follow two whales and observe many velelles.

Then we reached the anchorage point where the whales had taunted us the day before at noon in the hope of recrossing them.

Again, the 'ti punch was at the rendezvous (for the last time, the bottle being finished), then after the meal prepared by Antonio (patatas i pasta), place to night quarters.

The boat rocked a lot and the night was rough for everyone.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 4

5 Day - Wednesday 19 June 2019

At daybreak, observations begin! A breath has been seen on the horizon. This is a young whale, unfortunately observed without his mother what worries us a little ... We leave him alone because he tries somehow to be discreet (not being able to make apnea).
Follow-ups continue and punctuate the morning observation shifts: no less than 4 rorquals in all, we are not far from a record!

At noon, the colorful tabouleh gave us strength, and we then take the road towards the anchorage of Cavalaire. The wind having risen, we take the opportunity to bring out the swimsuits and polish our tan! With more or less success according to people ...

Back at anchor at the end of the afternoon, swimming and snorkelling that are good (except Valerie who crossed a jellyfish), first toilet with seawater since the beginning of the mission. Evening sprinkled, laughs, pizza and tortilla are on the program ...

New quiet night, rocked by the waves, and allowing the organisms to recover.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 9

6 Day - Thursday 20 June 2019

Departure at 6h to start the first observations at 7h. Objective: Cap Sicié and the observation of pilot whales normally present on site.

During the journey, first mandatory detour through the interior of the Levant islands due to shooting from the area by the French army. We then suspect that animals will not appreciate much ...

The observations of the morning are linked, without success, resigning us after the midday meal taken off the shelf for the first time of the mission and because of the wind to abandon and to return towards the anchorage. We take this opportunity to discover the joys of sailing! #superceline shares his insightful advice from emeritus navigator ...

Arrival at anchor at 17h and swim for some while others finish the writing of the logbook, cook or simply enjoy the view ...

Last evening on board, aperitif and meals prepared by El Capitan ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 3

7 Day - Friday 21 June 2019

Back to the port of Hyères, everyone arranges his things, then it's time for the cleaning ... We gradually resume our benchmarks, then we share a last meal together for a return to reality smoothly .. .

Thank you all for this beautiful "whale mission"

 cybelle planete logbook 2019 6

22 shipment to 28 June from Hyères

D-Day: the beginning

22 June - 10H: the meeting
Meeting of Colin, our young eco guide of the stay that comes from ... it's complicated.
Meet Antonio, our skipper Italiano-Swiss, speaking English, German, Italian, French ... yeah, it announces the character.
Then meet all the team and of course BB King who will carry us against all odds!

And if not the delivery man of the races ... you shoot or you point ??? 2 joints and 6h later, at your own pace !!!
Then it's the beginning: briefing and first moments of life on our boat, on our Mediterranean. On the program: observation at sea (our ally of the stay), the life of our cetaceans and the inhabitants of the Big Blue and the organization of the stay.
22H ... come on, all to our comforters !!!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 10

2 Day - 23 June: Learning

Here we are !! Everyone has his spots, it does not laugh anymore! Discovery of EVERYTHING!
The observations begin and it is Beatrice who opens the ball with the "Breath !!! Breath !!! Breath !!! Of our first whale! Then come the blue and white dolphins. The treat begins.
I want to add a special mention on this day for the kitchen team who, after 4 h of fierce against the rebel oven, managed to sublimate the sausage of the week.
First long day, it's time to get some strength for the next day.
PS: the ti-punches did not help to watch.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 12

3 Day - 24 June - On the way to Antibes / Juan les Pins

Not a lot of life in the water but we do not loose anything! By cons, arriving at Juan Les Pins at the beginning of Cap d'Antibes, we passed near some beautiful animals ... like the Eclipse, a yacht over 100 meters. Life also on the beaches with big BBQ and boats "night club" ... the big atmosphere what! The aperitif on the boat, the best time of the day.
A good night and an early wake up scheduled the next day to go around Cap d'Antibes with going to the open sea.

While all hope left the troops, while the heat was at its height, while all cetaceans were waiting .... Colin unsheathed his secret weapon ... the moment riddles !!! What is the name of a dwarf in the toilet? What is green and what goes underwater? He saved our afternoon !!! You're the best Colin !!!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 11

4 and 5 Day - 25 and 26 June - Off to the open sea!

Ahh! Here are the serious things !! In addition to being able to observe cetaceans, I confess that I waited impatiently for this night off !!
Of course, we did not have many chances with cetaceans on this day; but ending up in the middle of nowhere and lying there was just amazing !!!!
The night shift will also remain one of my fondest memories: red moon, starry sky, good swell, hot wind, then this battle of jokes with Colin ... what more could you ask for!
I take these few lines to thank Colin, this great eco-guide who taught me a lot. Not kidding, but zen attitude, knowledge, sympathy and who in my opinion, makes an excellent eco-guide. THANK YOU 
POINT MUSIQUE ... thank you for all these moments "cooking" in music, "bathing", music, "aperitif" in music! Your playlist, Colin, is worthy of a Californian DJ (and I now know what the synthwave is)
PS: we are still waiting for the so-called chocolate mousse from Colin.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 14

6 Day - 27 June - Beautiful surprises of the day

We spent our penultimate night near Cavalaire in a small bay very pretty, with the song of cicadas.
We left early to enjoy our day and the exceptional weather that was coming. The sea was oil. In the morning we met 2 dolphins who have scorned us. By cons a multitude of pelagic carpeted the sea at times .... Oops! no time to take a bath.
And then, great happiness ... a turtle passed by the boat and later 2 flying fish!
And the highlight of the afternoon: a sperm whale. At first we thought it was a whale ... but no. The breath was at an angle, a little on the side !!!! yes, a sperm whale! We were all taped !! The cameras have heated .... U.S. too. We did not want to miss the moment when he was going to start sounding again by showing his caudal ... It was a magic moment.
Last night, the games were at the appointment, and the laughter very many!
Finally, a big thank you to Captain Antonio, who feasted us on his cooking skills (long live soup dough / potatoes ) but especially his talents as sailors! The tracking of the sperm whale was particularly memorable!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 16

cybelle planete logbook 2019 13

Expedition from June 29 to July 05 from Hyères

DAY 1 - Saturday 29 / 06 / 2019

• Weather point: canicular
• Human activities: Hundreds of boats stationed at the port.
• Observation 1: three unidentified juveniles ... Would it be ecovolunteers?
• Observation 2: sick skipper entangled in a tartar.
• Observation 3: followed by a Colin from the holds of the boat to the captaincy, through the "8 to eight".
• 4 observation: observation of the marine activity through the power point and knowledge of our eco-guide Nathan.
• 5 observation: delivery of the races
• 6 observation: macro debris

DAY 2 - Sunday 30 / 06 / 2019

Our skipper being restored,
From the port of Hyères we left.
Little by little we discovered
Security and seasickness
Everyone having read the schedule
It's gone for the observation shifts!
Turtles, Véllèles, but no fin on the horizon ...
Batch of consolation: a snorkeling session!
After a nice day, anchorage in Ambiers.
We were able to discover the Marseille patois.
Pasta and ratatouille for the evening meal,
When we think about tomorrow, we are still hopeful!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 17

DAY 3 - 01 / 07 / 2019

Wake up to 7 hours, well motivated. Unfortunately the animals a lot less.
A day a little quiet but very nice all the same; and which will end in apotheosis in front of the magnificent panorama of the Calanques of Marseilles.
The icing on the cake: our eco-guide, regional of the stage, offered us a very informative guided tour.
Swimming, of course! And of course for the evening meal, a traditional dish from Marseille: the tartiflette!
In conclusion of this evening: a frenzied party belote cornered that will result in the beating defeat of Valentine and Colin.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 20

DAY 4 - Tuesday 02 / 07 / 2019

A day that will crescendo in surprises and wonder.
After a calm departure of the Calanques, we see some turtles, but little more ...
A salad of bread / tomatoes later, we watch our first dolphins of the week!
More incredible: a Mobula Ray (also called Sea Devil) made a magnificent jump before our eyes amazed just before the end of the watch!
No anchorage tonight, we sleep in the open sea. For lovers of strong sensations, swimming in the open sea by 2500 meters and 70 km of the coast.
When it's time for an aperitif, the final bouquet of this wonderful day begins: hunting of tuna leaping a few meters from the boat, followed by a show of jumps and antics of blue & white dolphins.
For the evening meal, delicious pasta alla norma cooked by our super skipper, Antonio.
Night at sea: a beautiful experience under a sky sprinkled with thousands of stars and on a sea dotted with Pelagies. Not much to report, except a big boat and a dragonfly.
We must still bring to your attention the presence of a giant oil tanker, very strange, who passed not far from our boat at 5 in the morning.

Enigma: Why do tunas jump to the surface of the water
Answer: To drive sardines! (Be careful, it's not what you think ...)

cybelle planete logbook 2019 18

DAY 5 - Wednesday 03 / 07 / 2019

"Hunting and meeting"

6h30: Difficult awakening for the first quarter. A few dolphins in the distance that give us courage for the day! Second quarter: A breath of whale appears suddenly on the horizon. The hunt begins. Our target is playing with us. A blow in front, a blow behind, we are lost ... Abandon ...
Thirty minutes later, again hope appears ... A breath! The hunt resumes. Suddenly, a wing comes out of the abyssal depths. We follow him and have the privilege to admire him from end to end, from head to caudal, through the dorsal.
We are hungry, but a nap will still be necessary. We will end the day with a good winter dish, lentils con chorizo.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 19

DAY 6 - Thursday 04 / 07 / 2019

First quarter 8h, last day, we must give everything, motivated as ever! Obviously the nature is a little less ... Even it will still offer us a turtle, a moon fish and a horde of dolphins (confused for reasons of hope with pilot whales).
Initiation sailing
Discover the quiet and elegant navigation that Eole offers us. The trade winds will bring us finally to the splendid and inaccessible beach of the Badine.
PS: Go right for access to the beach (maybe;)? )

CONCLUSION of the week:

Marie: This expedition was an exceptional experience both in nature and at the human level, despite a short time of adaptation life on board is rather pleasant. This week offers the privilege of seeing incredible animals and experiencing life in community with both interested and interesting people.
Valentine: This week was very emotional between the meeting with the dolphins and the hunting of the whales punctuated with good dishes;). Experience to redo if only for the aperitif, atmosphere and songs.
Benoît: Contract completed for Cybelle. A unique experience that has met all my expectations or more ... Promiscuity is erased in front of the good atmosphere of the boat, as for a possible seasickness, it disappears at the same time as the animals appear. Their meeting is hardly descriptible ... magic is perhaps the closest thing to it. In short, a week of dreams !!!
Colin: A beautiful week, maybe not in terms of observation, but in human heat, laugh and song! The good mood and sharing has reigned on board and I will keep an excellent memory of this team!

Cybelle thank you!


Expedition of 06 to 12 July from Hyères

Saturday, July 6

After looking for the BBKing, we meet on the Diapason. After getting wet at the Badine, a small descent for Canelle who fished the Cathie's watch (dumpling n ° 1, the list is long ...)

cybelle planete logbook 2019 21

Sunday, July 7

Departure from Hères to Saint-Tropez. On the road we crossed the path of blue and white dolphins. Boulette n ° 2: Cathie loses her glasses at 2000m bottom! The mooring swim allowed us to spend a few minutes with a torpedo line at the foot of the boat. Come the hour of the aperitif with the delicious punch of our eco-guide bartender whose recipe remains secret ... we wondered then if the sun had not hit us too much on the head seeing the theft of a pink gull! But this bird had the tagged plumage ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 22

Monday July 8

On the road to Cannes the birthday package of Canelle, Valentine and Cathie is delivered: the whales! Approaching the ribs, the pressure is released: photo of the group with the good head of our eco-guide in the foreground. 2 sc later a gray fin splits the waves, shark !!! It is actually a fish moon a little pato ... In the evening: banana chocolate cake for 3 birthdays.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 23

Tuesday July 9

Early start with engine start at 5h45, first watch at 7h. After 4h of radio silence, hydrophone pause above the Chinese hat. The good view of Antoine the super skipeper makes it possible to follow the first whale of the day. Lunch in the square or delivery on deck for the observers. In the distance, 2 puffs appear, a vertical and an oblique, which means "cacholot in the company of a whale". The sperm whale probe, so we follow his buddy whale and then listen to the clinking sperm whale, which we finally find. Photo identification successful and sensations guaranteed! Succession tracking of 4 rorquals including a mother and her cub. Visit of blue and white dolphins who come to play bow.
The Diapason began to drift off for the night and the sun began its slow descent towards the horizon. Suddenly at 50m of our sailboat, a whale makes its appearance. We call him Titi later on against scientific ethics. Titi stayed an hour close to the boat, once showed his can, once his caudal, in short a real end to this Titi. Then an idea appeared in our minds: put the gopro in the water. Then Nathan, full of bravery, lay down on the platform and plunged his arm into the water to film (the images are also magical). The dolphins a little jealous perhaps have dark on us without stopping. Titi stayed and closed her show with a rainbow breath (too girly huh ?!).

cybelle planete logbook 2019 24

Wednesday July

The night of Tuesday took place at sea without any significant trouble. The quarter turns were spread over the entire crew except our shock skipper who intervened when necessary. We met a few ferries, freighters, sailboats, indeterminate flashing buoys, beautiful lightning. All of us were on the alert in permanent radar mode. Muddy awakening to start the observation at 7h of the mat. And go for the day.
We saw very early blue and white dolphins that have just passed. In the rest of the day we saw a very sociable mobula ray for a ray, she let herself be approached 4 rorquals of which 1 a little shy unlike previous ones. When we returned to the harbor, we saw an undetermined ray that feasted our eyes with its graceful swims. We took a safe near Port Cros for the night. Before sunset, we could observe many coastal fish (castagnols, sars, saupe) as well as anemone and mother of pearl. Then comes the fatal time of the cold shower, well it depends on who ...
Then our shock skypper made us a special Antoine pizza. A delight. Extinguishing the lights at 00h30.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 25

Thursday July 11

Today, cap on the carrot or the magic potato of Nathan (music thoroughly on the boat!) !! The morning was pretty quiet with a meeting of blue and white dolphins only "you talk about a magic potato" began grumbling Antoine. But finally, after a good meal and a swim off, a breath of whale appeared. Then the afternoon followed with another 3 other whales (!!!). Sailing session to get back because the sea was level 3 (and for sensations too).
Mooring in the Badine with a raclette / fondue evening menu. A little topo on identification techniques with photos id and evolution of marine mammals. Ready to fall asleep, the atmosphere finally left with a playlist of hell where we all danced like Korrigans around the cockpit table. Lying at almost 3h all crammed or almost in the cockpit, for a beautiful night outdoors under the stars.

Friday July 12

The adventure is coming to an end, this morning it is storage program and a good shower well deserved!

Conclusion of the week:

Super week with 16 rorquals on the meter, blue and white dolphins, a mobula ray, a sperm whale, a swim at 2500 m background, a sailboat course and especially, especially, a very good atmosphere!
A huge thank you to Nathan and Antoine who knew how to support with humor and good humor our lyric flights with each observation of an animal and who responded as much as possible to all our desires and proposals.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 26


Expedition from July 13 to 19 from Hyères

Saturday July 13 2019

Thais, Thierry, Claire, Eva, Yvan, Elsa, Cecile

Ecoguide: Marie Captain: Pierre

We wet at the Badine paying attention to the posidonia. First observations: a gabian (gull), sars (black-headed?), Oblades that are ble ble ble when we throw the breadcrumbs (!). First pasta cooked in sea water: delicious ...!

Sunday, July 14

Go, I launch, I put the sails, blue sea ball pen pushed by the waves and the wind. We are in the open sea, it smells the sea, it cradles and the horizon surrounds us. The leader of the watch, Elsa writes on her notebook, Cécile is full of beauty. I finished my observation tour and we were followed by a banana eater, Eva, while Thais scours the horizon with the binoculars. Yvan is facing south; at least, I think it's the south because I spotted the sun and I learned at school that it was rising to the east and setting in the west; that's it, I manipulated the I-pad with the help of Marie.

From Australopithecus, I become Homo habilis. We saw a common dolphin who deigned to take a leap to show himself. From time to time, the radio expresses itself in the square, it adds a touch of seriousness to our adventure. Thierry, in his yellow bermuda, landed on the wooden seat in the cockpit. It's that I'm learning vocabulary ... It's 9h55 and I'm getting a little break before preparing lunch. We are a nice and supportive crew. It was my first notes of the rising sun.

Next: Around noon, Thierry and Yvan have won their title of Fisherman intruder. Mr. Minion was lying on the water, his eyes wide open. It took three times to recover but the two hard-working fishermen recovered it at the end of the blunder. Mr. Minion will not end up in the belly of a turtle or he will not join the terrible ocean of plastic. Now he is aboard the Diapason. A little poetic impulse after the midday meal: the immensity of the sea allows me to admire the proximity of the infinite. What comes to me in the face is the powerful beauty of life. We have certainly said everything about the sea. The fascination we have is a tireless song. No silence is really silent in front of her. The eyes, the heart, the blood, everything speaks and unfolds in its swaying. The sea tells the hearts of men. But she also tells everything that goes beyond it. I dream of distant lands and eternity, inhabited by a force that fills me with youth.


For my part, it will be a little less poetic. The sea is also called fortunes. In this case, they are not serious. Thais lost her sunglasses during her late morning observation. In the afternoon, the cap Cybelle Planet Mary went to join the big blue. Several recovery attempts have been unsuccessful. By the way, sorry for the writing but I write while we have a small swell face that causes movement and some spray.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 30

Monday 15 July 2019

The sheltered cove of Port-Cros allowed us a rather peaceful night; it was better when you know the rest. Marie felt that the best way to reach the island was to swim. Less than a hundred meters from the goal, a lady on a Zodiac from the national park came to tell us that it is forbidden to swim in the port and to ask us to go back on board… What we did, more or less good thanks. All that remained was to inflate the annex. In two round trips, the brave crew was in Port-Cros, except Pierre, who remained on board, a gale being announced. From Port-Cros, we went up to the fort then to the Palud beach (half an hour's walk) where there is an underwater path.

The place is nice but the pleasure was a bit marred by the presence of jellyfish. We saw a gale of storm coming from the open sea. As a result, we were happy to see Cecile and Thais, the two most adventurous. On the way back, we received two or three drops. Nothing really bad.

Two shuttle shuttles later, everyone was back on board. Marie had the shoulders of a mover after all his efforts at the paddles.

Everyone appreciated the salad that Peter had been obligingly preparing all the time. At the end of the afternoon, we left for two hours sailing (chic!) To get a nice anchorage. Pierre thought of Porquerolles. Finally, in the garden of Manu Macron, that is to say at the foot of Fort Bregançon. On the way, everyone went to prepare a gratin Dauphinois tasted in the Devil's Bay - that's his name; we understood why ... Despite a sea of ​​oil, the boat rolled all night ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 32

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Leaving Devil's Bay, we took full east towards the 2500 meter fault and the Chinese hat, which corresponds to the marine pits, where our predecessors saw several whales last week.

On the way, if we can say it like that, we crossed some Stenella dolphins, cubs, and later a loggerhead turtle. The rest of the day, cetaceans were absent, except two tursiops dolphins in the early evening. Other than that, the fishing for trash continued: a fishing float, a polystyrene box and a swan-shaped buoy whose head and neck are no longer inflated, to the despair of Thais. Oh yes, a balloon too.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 28

Wednesday 17 July 2019

The night at sea was calm. Some quarters were able to admire the lunar eclipse. In the early morning, Marie was a little pessimistic because we did not see phosphorescense so plankton that night. But the following has denied this intuition. Very soon we saw some whales that we could get close to. A moving meeting. Their observation occupied us all morning. During the lunch, as we were heading west and the bay of Saint-Trop ', there were several bands of little dolphins (stenella) that gave us a bit of conversation. The early afternoon was much quieter. And the rest of the day too.

Spending a night at sea is an extraordinary experience. Lost in this immensity, we float with the impression of going nowhere, lost, wandering who knows where ... with no other choice but to trust the elements ... We are so small and nature has still spoiled us today . It's a wonderful feeling. EM
After the night lived in the Devil's Bay, we could feed some apprehensions when Pierre announced that we would anchor in front of the beach of Hell, near the Gulf of St. Tropez. Finally, it turned out to be an anchorage ... hell!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 27

Thursday 18 July 2019

Well, there it is ! The mission is already over. At anchor Porquerolles, we enjoy a little lazing around and swimming around the boat. For this last day, no sperm whale, steriops or pilot whales. These ungrateful men snubbed us when we came on purpose for them ...

From Hell's Beach, a large southern edge was fired before turning west. We still enjoyed a great time. However, we had a swell to face, which reminded Eva what seasickness, fortunately much less than in the beginning. Once protected by the island of Porquerolles, we set sail and, successively, Eva, Claire, Thais and Yvan tried at the helm.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 29

Friday July 19 2019

Last night it was fabulous. Swimming in hot water, reverie with Thais in the annex that rocked us in the almost sunset sun. We imagined our survival after a shipwreck on an island unknown to men. What were the priorities? Where to find drinking water? What to eat? Worms, roots, shells ... How to make fire? How to make kinds of shoes? And the clothes, the wild beasts, the cold of the winter, the exploration of the island, the hunt, the various evils ... A moment of escape full of dreams and laughs.

A word on each one. Our captain, a real, wonderful guy with multiple skills (I do not count them anymore!) A dazzling young man whose parents can be proud. And we, too, are proud of our Captain! Marie, oh la la! A super-woman, strength and courage, scientist, demanding, firm and generous, efficient, rock-solid, walking barefoot on sharp pebbles ... Eva, a small woman full of courage too, able to jump over the boat, hung like Tarzan's fiancee, to a sort of rope; a smiling girl, with a temper. Yvan, a man full of humor, very sensitive, gentle and kind-hearted, helpful and able to face his fears. His pretty little wife, Elsa, a permanent dancer. His steps are a dance, just like his smile; endowed with many things and an outstanding cook. Cécile, a very pretty young woman with a sweet voice, nice as a flower that opens in the morning. And our Thaïs! with his naughty smile, playful, dreamy, courageous, joyful ... Thierry, my lover, so nice too, a real sailor, a true star fisherman. Of all, I'm the least brave but still, anyway ... I swam with three thousand feet under my feet, with sharks maybe not too far. Finally, I feel the soul of a woman-sailor. The sea is so wide, alive, moving, changing and so beautiful! Thank you all for this unique experience, filled with human and adventurous wealth. I learned a lot of things. Only left the Ipad ... this naughty ... a tough guy but good ... not serious. While I'm typing on the keyboard, it's polite on the Diapason bridge. It shines like a penny, like the nacre of a shell. We may have landed at Devil's Bay and Hell's Bay, but as far as I'm concerned I was permanently in Paradise. Kisses to all and thank you again. (Clear)

cybelle planete logbook 2019 31


Expedition of 20 to 26 July from Hyères

Saturday, July 20

10h, welcome by our ecoskipper Pit and our Ecoguide Marie at the foot of our boat the Diapason.

All volunteer schools finally gathered and settled, the scientific topo can begin. Presentation of our working tools, review of cetaceans and other seabirds. Meanwhile our super ecoskipper concocts us a great salad for our lunch, a treat!

Refueling finally arrives and everyone is hard at work for a quick and efficient storage. We attack the security topo then direction the anchorage of Porquerolles. Bathing break for the team Cybelle, while others indulge in the paddling activity. We even had the right to a photo shoot with Alizee and his great invention to not lose his glasses (a bead of glasses made from his pareo)

Then came the preparation of the dinner with a nice Boulgour salad cooled by the sea. Dangerous operation successfully conducted. Last swim during which Theo lost his ring engulfed by posidonia and searched in vain. Then first night, finally except for Pierre.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 39

Saturday 20 July of legend:

The sailors are ready to board the Karaboat
After Captain (yoyo) Pit Baccardi's topo and a very tasty meal, they decided to go out on the waves.
Head to Porquerolles for anchorage. 50% of the troops search for funds in search of buried treasures while the remaining 50% board the barquasse in the direction of the promised land that houses the land Kriken. They sent their paddles in his multiple kneecap set out winners.
One of the mosses, trelawney, mutilated his finery to save his monocle and appear swap.
We festoyames around a gueuleuton prepared to the hen in the raging swell.
The younger moss (who does not drink a drop), then lost his precieuuuuuux
A team gone apnea in the abyss, alas, the mission failed, the precious remained prisoner for ever possidonies.
Having heard of what they would expect the next day, the disciplined crew lay down at 22 UTC (except Mopheus the blue)

cybelle planete logbook 2019 38

Sunday, July 21

Everyone on the deck at 6 am to the sound of the bugle, quality and plentiful breakfast (there was even sweetened condensed milk). First topo observation: shearwaters and boats + an ice buoy recovery. 30nd topo observation: recovery of a can.
Lunch prepared with love of a Boulgour salad
Stone picking of a styrofoam bitten with woodlice and guano.
Moult hunts with tunas were observed. Beautiful photos were taken and we were shaken well.
However, no dolphins emerged from the seabed. There was ball swell, we bent a lot but we did not drift, even if in the lair of the ship Alizée took the entirety of the walls.
All sails out, our ecoskipper took us to high speed (over 8 knots) in the bay of Saint Trop in the middle of flashy yachts.
Then we had a drink and chicken washed down with white wine.
Bathing, washing, spinning, rinsing, drying.
Not: we pimped a buoy (PIMPÉ MY BOUÉE)

Sunday 21 July of legend

At dawn, all the crew are on the deck ready to eat their food, the mashed pitch invaded the horizon.
Mégaptera did a topo to the rest of the crew who were all open hatches.
The balance sheet amounted to 3 galleons, 5 galleys, 1 schooner and a half boat (surely eat by a megalodon)
Also 8 pterodactyl ash appeared.
A giant gelatinous was also fished
The munchies taking them, they took place around a feast.
After the festoierie, Captain Pit Baccardi threw himself in the water despite waves and storms to recover a piece of wreck drifting dangerously on the swell.
Later, Moprheus the Blue courageously threw himself into the boat with a spear of 12 meters in the assault of a gigantic iceberg that was recovered on board in anticipation of evening rum.
The fight was tough but the iceberg was recovered on board, but what was our surprise when once on board, scorpions darted out all over the place. The younger moss struggled and was wounded.
An unleashing, a display of hatred coming from multiple armored fish named dunkleosteus contradicted sardinosaurs.
The pterodactyls joined this fatal ballet, shredding the sardinosaurs without mercy
A storm led us to 2 fingers sinking, but Captain Pit Baccardi, using his know-how and posidonnian strength, succeed raise the bar and maintain the course despite a slope of more than 70 degrees
A race against two other galleons of bourgeois people led us into a heavenly cove UP, shining brightly
After an abyssal apnea along the anchor and searching for the surface of the eyes, the fine dissection of the giant gelatinous chainsaw began.
Tripe and guts spilled on the bridge. We collected my blood from the beast to water the poultry we were going to eat.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 34

Monday July 22

Go early for some, less for others.
The day begins with Pit who decided to sew a hook-on-toothbrush on his bob (for a smile stuck in all circumstances)
Then we picked up some garbage
We ate a divinatory salad followed by splash in the beautiful blue royal azure bluish blue and purple on the bottom
Some even jumped over the railing with the help of a stub.
While others (the same ones actually), screamed so that we could hear them in the microphone of the hydrophone.
We were then towed on the rolled olives to try to join the tuna hunt.
Morpheus the blue had a promotion and replaced Captain Pit in his spare time.
Have seen in the distance a swordfish hunting
And a devil of the seas was vaguely seen.
When SOUDAIN 'a group of about twenty white and blue dolphins appeared in the distance!
We got closer and some of them came to the bow, it was sensas
But suddenly a second group of fifty individuals appeared, here also there were newborns.
There was also a grumpy John Dauphin who was hitting the water with his caudal throat as a sign of discontent.
He really did not like funny humor. The guy was allergic to fun what.
When SOUDAIN, an 3e group of about fifty individuals also appeared!
Newborns were present, they came to play bow and jump, showing us their grace and pleasure.
We stayed for a while, when SOUDAIN, a Mola Mola appeared but we realized that he was hooked to a hook, so we retrieved the fishing buoy and Captain Pit, with the force of his arms, went up the line.
We cut a dozen hooks and we saved 2 Mola Mola and a ray.
Once the rescue ended, we had the chance to see five six devils of the seas next to the boat, it was incredible
And to finish in beauty, a solitary dolphin arrived at the setting sun and jumped completely out of the water!
To thank us for saving his cousins, Poseidon sent us a heart balloon. And we could attend a ballet of pelagies.


Monday Legend 22 July

After sewing his hook even his tricorne, the day can begin for Captain Pit Baccardi.
Once the banquet is finished, part of the party crew will cool off in the beautiful blue royal azure bluish blue and purple from the bottom
Seeing far off a hunt dunkleosteus, the party to the sea was allowed to tow by the ship with the help of olives with turtlenecks.
Suddenly a unicorn of wild sea appeared and bolossa the dunkleosteus.
Meanwhile Captain Pit Baccardi lost his arm in a fierce fight against a tuna 500 kilos (at least)
Suddenly, an army of sparkling thousand dolphins emerged from the depths, giving our amazed miracles a show like no other, jumping in triple axels over the ship against a background of instantaneous setting sun.
Had it not been for the presence of the grumpy little dolphin jeans (which is allergic to humor), the painting would have been perfect
The crew, regale of this divine spectacle, saw a fish moon 800 kilos caught in the nets of a villain poacher unscrupulous seas of marine life.
Raising the fishing line with the strength of his only remaining arm, Captain Pit Baccardi heroically rescued, with the help of Megaptera and the younger Mousse the molamola.
Megaptera rescued a scum from a certain death that she later drew up to make her Fidel Holly Walker surf.
The crew saved several creatures from the sea, thus making their freedom stolen.
Poseidon, in a burst of infinite gratitude, sent them a sea devil's ball and a divine gratin hung on a heart-shaped balloon.
The crew savored this feast with the devils of the seas, surrounded by a ballet of gelatinous 4 meters span.
To end this day rich in adventure, Neptune sent them a scintillating dolphin ricochets in the light of the setting sun.
The crew began their night watch or the benevolent glance of a blood-red moon (one is on an Alexandrine) ready to face new perils.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 33

Tuesday July 23

After a full sea, with nothing to report except for some dolphins and swordfish, the day began.
The first obs offers us mouuuult hunted tunas and some stenela who are then part in hunting tuna (#redundancy)
We even saw a dragonfly, which did not fail to impress the captain.
Two turtles are seen (too cute) and during a dive stop, where some try to jump grapefruit, Cap'tain makes us believe that a turtle had appeared at the front of the boat (very mature, beautiful spirit)
After a delicious meal, a school of tunas came under our boat.
By the way, the dragonfly became Pit's faithful sidekick and was christened Pierrot.
After, we saw nothing. We had a fantastic appetizer on the front deck of the boat.
A nice moment of fun for all the crew.
Then we settled down to eat the famous sausage lentils lit by the purple light of the setting sun.
When suddenly arises against the wind (#indochine), a group of dolphins. Last observation of the day.

Tuesday 23 July of legend

The sun rises on the gaillon for a new day of adventure.
The sailors guard the horizon when Sudden stelenosaurs arose in the thousands to hunt the dunkleosteus.
Lost in the mist, pierrot appeared and showed the voice to Captain Pit Baccardi. A great friendship was born as well.
Pierrot, like a hawk, remained on the Captain's bronzay shoulder.
Suddenly we met a donatello and a Leonardo in a swimming suit, who showed us their pecs, but these tarbas snubbed us and plunged into denigration for our poor souls.
The boat fell into the harbor, and the Captain told us that Donatello, harnessed to the boat, was pulling us through the mist. BUT IN FACT it was pierrot that pushed us.
After a hearty meal, we heard a sweet chant: are they the sirens? But no it was a bench of mussels. Yes.
They happily pecked at the front of the building, when suddenly a dolphin came begging for his beer and joined us, all against the backdrop of fuchsia orange-crimson sunset #trobo #livingmybestlife #aperofinstagram
Then the night guard started

cybelle planete logbook 2019 35

Wednesday, July 24

The sun rises in a very nice palette of pink colors. The captain wakes up and sees in the annex the poor, inert body of Pierrot. We really thought he was dead, but Pit managed to revive him thanks to the power of love.
The morning is rather calm, one crosses mostly pelagies, dolphins and devils of the seas.
Meanwhile, the kitchen team is busy, 2 quiches, salad, cake and tatziki!
After a hearty meal, it is left for the observations.
We have more 130 puffins placed in the same place on the water.
Suddenly, in the distance, we see big splash!
It was a very big devil of the seas.
Then puffs, the first of the week.
We decide to go to them.
The first big mammals observed since the beginning of the mission!
Too many emotions, ahlahlaaaaah
We joyfully resume our journey, when suddenly, new, big jumps on the horizon.
We follow them, and finally, they are sperm whales!
2e big surprise of the day, we see them dive, suddenly, TAC, we leave the hydro! We can hear them click
They stay underwater for a long time so we resume our journey
On the way, we see the breath of sperm whales, they are two, very close to the boat.
Super show! In addition, dolphins come to mingle with the dance, the icing on the cake for the end of the day :)
All sails out, we go to our anchorage point, Pierre and Pierre at the helm.

Wednesday 24 July of legend

Heuuuuuu ..... hmmmm ..... heeeeee .... In spite of the morning pink, the beauty of the glow and the chubby tainted by the sinister vision of pierrot, the two wings dangling in the annex.
Chloctopus we said: why do not you use your legendary morning breath to bring it back to life?
With a burst of affection, Pierrot was out of his poor destiny, and the holy water of the Karaboat set Pierrot back on his feet.
One in two the wind blew into the sails of pierrots.
Megaptera was captivated by 8000 dolphinators who magically appear through the mist.
The banquet hour sounded like a blue cordon, Morpheus the blue and his team had spent three days in the kitchen preparing a quiche for sardinosaurs. And Salah she was good.
The watchman spotted 350 birds of paradise and then the crew spotted the vaporous breath of the divine whale that did not fail to leave the crew stunned.
Had it not been for the putrid breath heavily dropped by a group of cachalax ready to fight. Pit Baccardi, for whom "Sky is the limit", decided to rush into hostilities. The cachalax, impressed by so much audacity, decided to return crying in the toilet in the abyss.
The dolphinators, at first allied with the cachalax, laughed at them with great condescension, and went off, hopping towards the horizon.
Pete Baccardi strained all the artimuses and stowed all port hatches in order to make his way to Pig Gros' all the way down the highway of badassitude.
They dropped anchor in a small heavenly cove (#pastaga #ondiraitlesud) where they feasted as ever. #yohoyohoetunebouteillederhum
The stars shone a thousand fires above the heads of the merry men lulling their laughter.
Not: cremax8000 decided to look at the inside of the eyelids while Pit Baccardi, faithful to his tradition, pinta all his crew that ends roasted (and some to Azkaban) and the others ended a deaf sound system dolby digital imax 4K THX inc.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 37

Thursday July 25

Wake up gently with breakfast and dive in the middle of pelagies.
Marie is up at the top of the mat, stuff of phew
During the first obs, a mini devil of the seas was located. Not shy but a little stressed
For the 2e obs, after seeing dolphins in the distance, several boats, including ours, rushed towards them. It is, after analysis, that it was a Mola Mola.
During the meal, stenela appeared in the distance and came to the bow of the ship.
Then after eating, we swam and tried to make a group photo under the water, but it was not very convincing.
So, Pit took pictures from the cockpit pulling us, Jennifer almost lost her swimsuit many times.
After this photo shoot, Chloe went beyond her limits and dived for the first time in her life, it was so moving.
Then, some decided to jump from the boat by rushing with a rope.
For some it was a jump rope baptism, everyone outdid themselves.
This crew is decidedly too brave
We took the road and the observations, and again, after noon crazy!
Heading on the sperm whales, we surely have to attend a little parade session, then we saw a sperm mum and her cub, oh oh, aaaah laaaaa!
We resume our journey, and there, apotheosis, we see sperm whales, WAOW, incredible!
And finally caudales!
The day ends in the most epic way, emotional sequence.
On the way to the anchorage, we meet dolphins one last time, and Alizee, Theo and Captain Pitza Yolol, began to make pizzas of pure madness, youhouuuu plenty of pizza
During cooking, the entire crew gathered at the front of the ship for a dantesque clip and a group photo in the light of the last rays of the sun.
They are preparing to devour pizza with great appetite
PS: Today was a great day, Captain Pit, under the afternoon sun and in the middle of the sperm whale broom, Maria the sailors Alizay and Chloay, now united forever by the sacred bonds of marriage.

Thursday 25 July of legend

Prank turns bad, morpheus blue, during his morning bath, is surprised by a venomous kraken and loses his arm (it becomes a habit)
He could have been saved if Captain Baccardi was not wallowing in his rock during his salutation in the sun.
Megaptera, with one arm, climbed to the top of the mat (#alexandrin #poetau81212) and performed a junior-inspired angel jump to the kraken's unique eye to avenge the loss. Morpheus arm.
Then we share in the onslaught of the seas
When suddenly a gathering of galleons picking up a soft molamola caught our attention.
During the meal, the 10 000eme dolphinators appeared, making us very happy, and one of the dolphinators offered a cut of coral, to fix on his stump, at Moprheus.
The merry crew jumped into the sea in order to get the portrait shot by a molamolartist.
The crew was not able to pose and the molamola could not paint (the watercolor in the water is not phew in addition) so it was a failure.
The captain returned to the bar and wanted to punish his crew for his daily disrespect by dashing into a tract so fast that Diablifer and Dolphstine were dismembered.
Chloctopus jumped for the first time from the top of the mast by performing a quadruple back pike jump, bouncing off the sail to make it a toboggan, which sent him to other skies (#miaouss)
The crew practices boarding by jumping with one end into the raging sea.
We took off again and Morpheus and Megaptera invoked cachalax, which sprang up from the waves with great grace and candor.
This show we saw the ass
We also boasted a cachalax muff, which did not fail to inspire Chloctopus and Molamolalizée to finally realize the dream of being united by the sacred bonds of marriage.
The captain, riding one of the cachalax, reached the bow of the boat in a ray of divine light, holding in his final hand the oyster pearl rings.
All these emotions dug up the appetite of. The crew went bitter against 18 pizzas under the patronage of Pitzayolol.
The day ends then after a last banquet / party on tea Karaboat (and then under, grunts of the captain who wanted to sleep in peace)

cybelle planete logbook 2019 36

Expedition of 27 July to August 02 from Hyères

Saturday July 27 2019

Departure from the port at half-past twelve, heading to St Tropez. First meal at sea: roast chicken, chips, green salad. Can not access the sopalin located in the bathroom because the shower door blocks the entrance! After a quarter of an hour of galley and incongruous assembly of different kitchen utensils, we finally manage to open the door. The sea is a little rough but the trip is going well. Karine briefs us on the ObsenMer app and Pierre watches over the bar. Arrived at Cape Taillat, a storm sounded on the ground. We admire and we take a picture, obviously, it did not please him because a few minutes later, we find ourselves in the middle of a storm. Pierre is delighted and does not fail to tell us to put on our vests. Under a phenomenal storm of hail, he manages to keep us afloat with the help of Ludo and Emilio who watch the boats around. So we test our emotions and their compatibility. A common experience already creates cohesion in our group. It is also the occasion of a baptism for many of us, biztled by the Mediterranean. All new people are good and manage what the elements impose on our organizations. Some are impressed but the more experienced are amused by the wind, the hail, the waves. Once the storm has passed, the apprehensions dissipated, the desire is there, we hear the call, that of the adventure of tomorrow. We head for the bay of St Tropez. Along the way, we come across a tuna hunt. We drop anchor and enjoy a small aperitif admiring the view and gabians who claim crisps. In the evening we enjoyed pasta with pesto sauce-orange juice and aubergines from Karine. The night falls and a new storm is preparing ... 21h30, the storm breaks out. We fall asleep in our berths for this first night on board.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 45

Sunday 28 July 2019:

7h00: after a good night's sleep, we find ourselves on the bridge for breakfast. The sea is still a little agitated and the sky is gray: cloud cover 100%. The captain decides to wait a little before going to sea, meanwhile, everyone is preparing.
9h15: we get off the anchor for the open sea. On the road still agitated, Pierre decides to open the Genoese to enjoy the wind, three exocets decide to do the same!
12h00: we finish the pasta pasta in salad with vegetables, while continuing to browse. Pierre raises the mainsail to spin on the wind, and we begin the observations.
14h09: during the first quarter, we observed a Rhizostome.
The second quarter was lucky to observe a plastic bottle in its natural environment. At 15h22, another plastic waste. Finally dolphins, three blue and white dolphins that went under the boat before disappearing in our wake.
Along the way, Karine signals a feather floating on the surface. Without further ado, Pierre decides to recover it. Then begins a fishing with the pen, Pierre holding the rope of the annex, Karine in the appendage paddle as she can with her hands to the object of lust. The efforts will have paid: the trophy will end on the beautiful hat of Pierre.
Then return calm, we pause in the observations to refresh by 1500 meters.
During the last quarter, returning to Antibes, a group of blue and white dolphins appears in front of us. We follow them a few minutes before leaving. On the way, we see a sea devil jumping off.
We choose a creek of Antibes to spend the night. A new sea bath to explore the world from below and the sun sets softly as you draw a new horizon.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 40

Monday 29 July 2019:

Dawn and breakfast rushed aboard a Diapason slicing the waves under the steel hand of Captain Pierre!
After two rather calm first quarters, we finally received a visit from blue and white dolphins just before lunch. Pierre has concocted a delicious quinoa salad that we all enjoy together.
A little nap post prandial of ten minutes which allowed us to take strength. At the precise moment of starting the first quarter of the afternoon, beautiful pilot whales appear around the boat. We first see 4: adults with a juvenile. The frenzy seizes us: photos and videos burst, without forgetting to fill the application for this event totally new for us! They are attracted by the boat, show themselves generously to our goals until reaching a number of 18 individuals. Some swim on their backs, revealing their white and gray belly. The first quarter of the afternoon ends with this Globephalian meeting which lasted at least an hour. The other two quarters that followed were very calm, littered all the time by some blue and white dolphins. We chose to cast anchor in the harbor of Villefranche-sur-mer. Along the way, Robin is working on a beautiful camera pole using the blunderbuss, it will be very useful, thank you Robin! Small aperitif to celebrate our meeting with the globis, while sorting the many captured images. Tasting of lentils accompanied by a sausage of Toulouse, carrots, onions, garlic, bacon. We also take the opportunity to listen to the sounds taken with the hydrophone because our friends with long pectoral had things to say. It was also an opportunity to share with the harbor some music such as Garou and Celine who have been with us for several days. Finally, after seeing the ISS pass 400 km of our heads, we return to our beds after this day of dreams.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 41

Tuesday 30 July 2019:

Departure from Villefranche just after breakfast. On the way, we save a beautiful buoy Intexus pneumatica that joins the crew. Immediately after, a sea devil offers us a broom, unfortunately it was far. During the observations, we saw a very lively hunting of tunas and a group of blues and whites that are no longer present. The sea becomes oil and the macrodechets succeed one another. Some Pelagias drift quietly. In the distance, we see what seems to be a piece of wood, but when we approach it, it disappears. Our captain, from his long experience, assures us that he is a turtle. We will not have the chance to see her again ... We cross the road of another observation ship, according to Pierre, it was about the association "Participe future". Before finishing the observations for the morning, a group of blue and white with many juveniles passes near the boat, but trying to follow them, it is clear that they avoid us. We leave them and we prepare to eat: a potato salad and guacamole and watermelon. On this sea of ​​oil, a digestive swim is needed, a good opportunity to test our buoy freshly acquired. After a few minutes of dipping, it's time to leave. While the last ones come out of the water, a school of blue and white goes behind the boat. What a perfect timing! They totally ignore us and we resume our journey and observations. After a few hours of calm, we hear the group in charge of the observation shouting "Pilot whales". Everyone rushes on the bridge but nothing on the horizon. Suddenly, an immense shadow appears on the surface of the water: pilot whales were in fact 2 fin whales. Then begins a game of "cache with water" which the whales are particularly talented. Karine is in the front and grazes the whales with the camera, but they seem rather shy. Finally after long minutes to appear / disappear, they probe for good and we decide to leave them alone and continue our journey. During the second quarter of the afternoon, we meet again the duo, they seem a little more cooperative and get closer to the boat. The rest of the shift was calm, with just a dolphin who made an appearance as brief as it was impromptu!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 42

Wednesday 31 July 2019:

Wake up gently, small grace matinée pending the formation of the "bubble" that was going to trace our path of the day. She carries us with all the hopes of new encounters that we feed. A swordfish jump is offered to us, as well as a tuna hunt. The Diapason progresses on the waves, goes along and gets closer to the border of our micro-weather bubble. The wind then rises. He condemns any possibility of observation, but starts a ballad under the foam and winds. Our Diapason is happy, all happy to sail and play with the waves in the image of pilot whales. He plays and transports us, thus animating the time of our lunch. We are shaken, shaken, as much as the pan of vegetables of our delicious cream pie. This restless meal was only the omen of a quiet afternoon, under the sign of idleness, sheltered in a creek. At the time of preparing the meal, we decide to prepare a tartiflette at very low altitude, about 1m above the sea: that the "high-Savoyards" forgive us! The last challenge of the day is the youngest of the group: Robin, twenty years round is being ordered to go around the boat with an apple on his head. If the apple falls, he will have to return to the port St Pierre to swim. All of us fail, we crankily raise our glasses to signal his departure. To our surprise, Robin takes the game very seriously. Seeming frozen for eternity, he moves forward with an almost imperceptible amoebic movement. Playing with his arms to stay in perfect balance. His face relaxed and calm, he approaches each turn with caution, evade the hatch of the room of Nicole and Frederic who could swallow it faster than a shark Pelerin. To arrive at the saving tau in a Greek statue position with his apple on his head. Robin has won his challenge, he will be the next eco-guide of Cybelle planet. After these emotions, the tartiflette comes out of the oven. Karine miraculously found the loader of the computer, we were able to catch up on the storage of photos. Meanwhile, Emilio and Ludovic go on an expedition on the "Caribbean Pirate" music annex to retrieve the bag of lost compost. Finally we fall asleep in this quiet corner to be ready for the last day of observation.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 46

Thursday 1er August 2019:

During the morning observations, hunting tuna, blue and white dolphins, some flying fish. We despair of seeing a sperm whale, here is a poem dedicated to him (to repeat before each observation):
"Sperm Whale, watch us your back
Cetacea but also the tip of your nose
It seems that often you show your tail
But without you the ocean seems very pale
From dawn to pink fingers until sunset
We will offer you many proses all sweeter than honey
Will it be a sacrifice to the terrible Poseidon
So that finally your breath we heard clear sound?
And if despite our prayers you prefer the great Neptune
We will continue our journey to forget the bitterness
Hoping that the human caught in his sweet madness
Of your kind and your kidneys never meets the ire
Because such fascination will never disappear
In our imagination your aura will always live »

cybelle planete logbook 2019 44
For lunch, Nicole and Frédéric have concocted a delicious chili way Frédéric, sprinkled with lemon, a real treat! During the siesta, we had a visit from Pierrot (the captain's dragonfly) and his band. Karine managed to tame Nassim (Pierrot's cousin), which resulted in a photo shoot of dragonflies. After a poor start in the afternoon sperm whale but rich in boats, we decided to stop for a swim. The water is slightly cool but calm and limpid. Pierre throws a tip and we cling to it. He then starts the engine and we are towed over several meters. After these strong emotions, we resume the observations. Despair was beginning to invade us for these last hours at sea when suddenly to 17h, we see a catamaran that seemed to observe something. We get closer and see a black fin, then two, then three, a whole group of pilot whales came to say goodbye. We spend two hours watching them and filming them from every angle. Finally we leave for our anchorage because the sun began to set. The preparation of the pizzas could finally begin. The whole crew is boiling and all the ingredients we find are put to good use. At the same time Karine prepares a delicious cake without eggs. Once this delicious meal has been swallowed, we take advantage of this last evening spent together to discuss this incredible week ... images full head ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 47

Shipping of the 03 09 2019 August from Hyères

1 Day: Check the 03 / 08

Some know each other, others discover themselves; this trip will be the fifth expedition of Evelyne and Bea. Celine, Louis and Jo, they do not count anymore.
After a long wait, the races are finally delivered to the boat. We managed to tidy up all of them thanks to the heroic participation of Captain Superslip, our flight psychologist. So it's good, we can leave: we leave the port of Hyères.
We bring the boat to the anchorage of the almost island of Giens. Beautiful place, we take the opportunity to swim, bathing that also serves shower. This will be the case all week, but with the special soap for seawater, no problem.
The debate is back on the size of Fred's nose. The exclusively female volunteer team is delighted to learn that on a boat you do not get fat. So, we will be able to feast.
The day ends calm, before a good night's sleep to fulfill the mission.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 48

2 Day: First day of observation 04 / 08

Early departure for Jo, to 5h30. The night is a little longer for the volunteers, with a rendezvous at 7h30 on the bridge. Nevertheless the awakening was hard, considering the seasickness of some. Céline has rushed to present the operation of the application "obs" at sea, so that some begin as soon as possible observations and others go to bed quickly to overcome the seasickness. returned to shape after a good seal and a good nap. They were incidentally awakened by the cries "Breath! Breath! Before all the crew discover a superb adult whale and her cub. We get closer slowly, the small remaining on the surface, while the mother dives to hunt.
We resume our course, the week can not start better. It was then that another whale appeared just a few meters from the boat. Yes, she could start better.
The shifts started that afternoon, after a good meal and a refreshing swim off. They were punctuated by multiple hunts of tuna and dolphins, who jumped next to the boat. Bea, Céline and Evelyne were also lucky to see a swordfish and a manta ray.
The evening is marked by the 20e birthday of Léa, called "Leilé", with a good apple pie. A beautiful birthday in view of all the cetaceans of the day, but especially the superb drawing of Louis. Note the understandable jealousy of Celine, who despite his status as a mother, is never entitled to this kind of attention.
The day ends off with a splendid sunset, despite the absence of a possible green ray. This announces the beginning of a short night with his quarters, because the boat is adrift. Each of our turn we take turns, so that a duo monitors the boats nearby. It is especially the opportunity to enjoy the celestial vault without light pollution. The Milky Way is beautiful, while the shooting stars are at the rendezvous as we are early August. Fred and the other Lea, nicknamed "Dora", were in good company during their shift, having heard a breath about fifty meters from the boat. The friend remained a few minutes, before moving away quietly in the dark, the weakening of his breath.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 54

Day 3: Observations after the night shifts the 05 / 08

After a short night but with a nice quarter, the third day of mission begins. Petole and calm sea, the sun is divinely reflected in the flat expanse. During the first quarter, there are many dolphins and puffins.
The surprise, however, remains a breath preview: the breaths seen during the relief. We go out to meet cetaceans and discover two whales. The picture is beautiful, but the animals probe quickly. We decide to persevere a little, because we lack identification photo. At the same time, in the distance, we see for a fraction of a second the tail of a sperm whale diving. It is so rare that we decide to wait for the rise of the sperm whale, which can nevertheless stay close to 90 minutes under water. The hydrophone confirms the presence of the animal in the depths.
We wait ... The two whales seen in the distance have now disappeared. The minutes pass ... again and again ... but alas, no more traces of the sperm whale. We then take the road, disappointed not to have seen this whale, nor the two whales. The boat is moving forward, we remain attentive, almost certain that something will happen ... All of a sudden the sound of a breath! A powerful breath that when we raise our head, offers us an unforgettable spectacle. Around the boat a few meters away, not two, but three magnificent whales do us the honor of their presence. We do not know where to turn! The breaths succeed and the three great masters of the seas continue to encircle the boat!
It's a unique moment. Magical. We have just lived a moment out of time, moved by the grace and purity of these animals ... What luck!
The whales are moving away; it's time for us to bathe and eat with the breaths in the distance. The afternoon was calm with some puffins and tuna hunting towards Cap Camarat. We will spend the night there.
We enjoy the evening and the beautiful sunset, which comes to close this beautiful day. Everyone gets news of his relatives near the coast, while the lights illuminate one by one the coastline.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 52

4 Day: The punks of Fred the 06 / 08

An amazing and wonderful day in the company of three sperm whales, who have successively offered us the spectacle of their breath taking. After long apnea these animals need to rest on the surface, so we had the chance to observe them.
It was Louis who saw the first sperm whale when it surfaced once the boat passed. Thanks to the young sailor we were able to contemplate the majestic mammal before it dives gracefully, despite its few 50 tons. Sperm whale party and good identification photos, Celine went back to bed. The whale appeared to him in a dream with two of his companions. A good omen do not you think? Moreover, as you would explain so well Bea, as soon as Celine is rocked by the waves and sinks into sleep, an animal appears.
Thus is perceived the breath of the second sperm whale. He too offered us the indescribable emotion of his presence. And as the saying goes "never two without three", the third sperm whale appeared before our eyes amazed by its beauty and immeasurable luck. Incommensurable because today their population is estimated at 400 individuals in the Pelagos.
These rare giants of the seas, however, have a strong character, not hesitating to show their discontent and therefore their fangs to sailors too curious, or even to rush into the boats. It has already happened that a sailor screams in his radio for help, because a sperm whale did not stop hitting his skinny hull. The poor animal must have been injured earlier in the day, thus avenging himself on the first boat that came. This anecdote told the first night had earned the species the nickname "punk" and the adoration of Fred. The latter has finally been able to admire her darlings, but also discovered the particular and catching smell of their breath ...

cybelle planete logbook 2019 51
This busy day was cut, as always, by a nice swim. Bea beat us a speed record when Louis thought he could see jellyfish in the water. Fortunately she learned that it was indeed macro plankton, but another species here harmless. The fright was nevertheless beautiful and the speed of swimming up to the big boat.
During this swim, Céline was successful in fishing with the veil, presenting us with a specimen. Evelyne described this fishery as barbaric because it is not very delicate, the loss of some inhabitants on the learned construction attesting to it. The awkward but good attention will still allow us to see closely the particular and surprising vélelles. Later in the day, we also admired a small turtle, unfortunately injured who quickly fled, as well as a group of dolphins. They remained discreet when approaching the boat, probably due to the presence of a baby among them.
To finish in style, Leilé, Sophie and Jo have prepared a dinner for us: tortilla, pizza, guacamole and the famous mojito of Bea. We are at anchor in St Tropez in front of Brigitte Bardot's house. We had planned to sleep under the windows of another Brigitte, our first lady Brigitte Macron. For lack of time we will not be able to say hello to the president, to the great regret of Louis and Fred.
A little anecdote of the evening: Fred was disappointed that his sister Céline did not have his picture around suddenly in a pendant. Sophie then triggered a general laugh while explaining to her "the nose will not return unfortunately to the photo".
Everything is beautiful; we do not have the words to describe this day. Looking forward to falling asleep to start a new day off, full of surprise.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 56

5 Day: In search of the 07 / 08

The sea is agitated at the edge of this 5e day and the impossible observation quarters. We take the opportunity to sail while Fred revises his boat license at the helm. As a result, Louis will complain a blue on the back for "cause", the sudden conduct of his aunt.
We eat a quick meal punctuated by a delicious banana cake, carefully prepared by Céline. Digestion is short-lived because the sea finally offers us a good observation condition. We had set sail for the three canyons off Toulon, in the hope of seeing pilot whales. So we started a careful watch, very attentive. In order to see the hard observable pilot whales, we went to 7 ecovolunteers.
In this quest for the globi, we are joined by whale-watchers known to Cybelle Planète.
The quest for the globis resumes. She will be cut off by a refreshing swim off the water, before resuming observations. We will see a beautiful sperm whale and dolphins, before a long watch to Porquerolles punctuated with puffins and macro-waste.
The arrival and the meal are late but in good mood. Fred and Sophie are preparing their plan to approach the bars and yachts, tactical: to drift in the wind to the last yacht of the bay and to be collected as shipwrecked. Problem, if the boat is foreign it will be necessary to manage in English. So Fred gives us the honor of a review session in English, to address "the bat".

cybelle planete logbook 2019 53

6 Day: Last day at sea 08 / 08

The end of the mission is already coming. We begin the observations with an ounce of nostalgia, although some are used to it.
Fred and Dora were woken up at dolphin jumps. A little later we will see again 2 rorquals, before leaving towards Toulon always hoping to see globis. During calm observations, Sophie and Fred "tell us" about their wonderful evening in Porquerolles. Tour du grand dukes in stilettos, before a swim back at dawn.
With the wind rising, we shorten the shifts and try to observe the sea as long as possible. We manage to see a splendid skate-manta jump, before the weather conditions allow more observation.
So we decide to sail to Hyères. We meet a submarine en route, while Jo leaves the bar to the two Leaves. Fred and Bea find the speed in a downwind that is too low, so they'll throw Jo's boat upwind for some edge.
Arrived at the badine, Dora tries to anchor by sending to the bails the swimming trunks of our captain super slip.
Fortunately, Sophie dives valiantly to recover at the cost of a good burn of jellyfish. In view of the presence of macroplankton, swimming is shortened. Just a shower, we quickly go up the pool.
So we have time for a nice shopping trip, where our favorite seller presents us her great cybelle planet items. From there begins a parade of volunteers.
Currently takes place the aperitif, before a good meal and an evening in the good mood. While we are writing these last lines, we are preparing this meal and take advantage of Jo's gentle snoring. It is here that this logbook really ends but not this beautiful mission. We will leave tomorrow delighted to have made useful, while having an incredible week

cybelle planete logbook 2019 55

7 Day: Starting 09 / 08

This last day of mission is written in advance, but the emotion of the last moments remains present.
Tomorrow we will have to clean the boat and prepare it for the next mission. We will conclude the morning with a meal in the restaurant, before saying goodbye.
Each mission has an end. For ours she arrives here. But what an end and what a mission! The weather was splendid for the observations and its last were more than beautiful and numerous. In addition, the week was spent in a good mood and sharing. It must be admitted, however, that fatigue is present at the end of the race.
Thank you for reading so far. Thank you to Cybelle Planète for welcoming us on this mission and to all ecovolunteers to make these missions possible. And thank you to our planet for offering us all these marvels to admire.
During this mission we have certainly not slept, but the rest of the time we dreamed awake.
The ecovolunteers of the cetacean mission,
From 03 / 08 to 09 / 08 ....

cybelle planete logbook 2019 49

10 expedition to 16 August from Hyères

Day 1

It's a new week that begins and a new team meets. Some came together, a family and a loving young couple. For the time, everyone appropriates the reduced space of the boat. We will learn to live together for a week that promises many surprises.
The races ranged, the boat leaves the port of Hyères and goes to the anchorage of the Badine. We spend the afternoon relaxing, bathing, sunbathing and especially getting to know each other. The place is superb and the atmosphere friendly. We feel the impatience of the day tomorrow. Jo will cast anchor at 5h to allow us to be off when we wake up. While waiting for this first day of observation, we go to bed, pictures full of what we hope to see.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 62

Day 2

Hard awakening. The small rocking of the engine wakes us gently and in seasickness. The smeared crew joins on the deck for a lesson of use of Obsenmer by our écoguide Julie. In turn, the last survivors practice using the application and parametric binoculars. Indeed, seasickness has caused a lot of casualties in our ranks. Hunts of tuna and puffins succeed each other, but no cetaceans on the horizon. We will have to wait a few hours to finally observe two groups of dolphins coming to swim at the bow of the boat. We saw a jump of swordfish, important to specify, as the afternoon was quite quiet, except for the stomach of Alice.
We finish the day at the anchorage of Cape Camarat where our shower at sea was cut short by the surprise arrival of three pelagic jellyfish which alone were enough to speed up the entire crew on the bridge. A moment that made us laugh, but once safe on the boat, of course. Tonight a good meal awaits us, as well as a good night's sleep.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 60

Day 3

The day begins with a false start. Indeed, Jo left as usual at 5h, but was forced to turn back because of thunderstorms. We finally left the anchorage to 7h under a light rain. Exceptionally, the first quarter starts at 8h30, but he, like almost every other quarter of the day, will be quite empty of observation. Fortunately, the arrival of Camille for the 2eme quarter attracts some dolphins including one who comes to swim in the bow. The other dolphins are quite discreet. Is it the presence of young people that we see that pushes them to prudence and keeps them away? For the rest of the day, some flying fish keep us company until our early return to anchorage because of weather conditions. As for the meal, Jo's creativity in cooking has worked wonders: gratin of rice and vegetables at noon and pork shoulder with mustard for the evening. It is with impatience that we wait for the night to be able to admire the announced shooting stars.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 61

Day 4

A rough sea awaits us on waking. During the first quarter, the observation is made difficult by the swell and gives us an early return to anchorage. In the absence of cetaceans, tanning, bathing and siesta in the morning program. After an exotic salad, we retry our luck off and this time it's the good! The sea is calm, we see some dolphins and an unexpected Mola Mola. Jo turns off the engines and we can approach it gently. He swims around the boat for about ten minutes before our amazed eyes. He likes to pose for photos and lets himself be filmed by Julie at GoPro. Towards 18h, we arrive at the anchorage of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat where we admire magnificent villas and many yachts. On the menu tonight, a quiche and pizza in the middle of the sparkling bay. And icing on the cake, a magnificent fireworks illuminates the bay of camarat a thousand fires.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 58

Day 5

This morning from the first second of observation, dolphins arise! What motivate us for the day. To close the first quarter OBS of the morning, we have the chance to see a group of dolphins with several young and newborns. Due to heavy swell, housework has put our stomachs under severe strain. The first quarter of the afternoon brings us back to life with the arrival of new dolphins. The mystery still hovers in our heads after an unidentified jump at the end of the quarter. Was it a ray? A sperm whale? We'll never know ... Back to anchorage Cape Camarat, where we can swim without jellyfish, while Jo, Julie and Lea prepare us bruschetta, pancakes, guacamole and banana cake: a real treat.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 59

Day 6

Last day, last quarter ... the day looks windy and we expect exceptionally three quarters for the morning, only ... the alarm clock of Jo did not ring! Phew, a few more minutes of sleep! This start of the day at 6h allows us to enjoy a wonderful sunrise. Festival of dolphins and tuna hunting, but still no trace of whales and sperm whales ...
The wind and the waves interrupt quite quickly the third quarter and so we set sail towards Hyères all sails out. On a raging sea, we go through all the emotions for three hours: the opportunity to put on our rain gear to face the sheaves of salt water, the cold, the wind, and the fear for some but Jo master with the Lea's help at the helm. Once arrived, the hunger that bothered us for several hours can finally be satiated. The team jumps on the food while the dishes are busy to perform their shift. What dishes elsewhere! Vincent, our hero, threw himself into a raging sea without the least hesitation in order to rescue the unfortunate seal that had fallen into the water. The end of the afternoon ends quietly, everyone cares and rests, but the air is tinged with a slight sadness because this trip ends. The frustration is also present, because although this week was beautiful, we missed a few animal encounters to be filled.
Tonight we return to port, a taste of unfinished that does not leave us, nevertheless the conversations are joyful and light. We are happy with this experience, and happy with these meetings which will remain in our memories.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 57


17 expedition to 23 August from Hyères

"Cybelle planet takes us on a Cybelle Adventure"

By Katy, Frederic, Hugo, Lydie, Fanny, Yann and Evelyne.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 66

It is Monday and we have not had time to write our observations.

It must be said that in less than 48 hours, we have been spoiled. After a night of anchorage to the port St Louis, Jo the skipper took off at 5h: everyone slept or tried ... It takes a time to adapt to be lulled by the swell. That's why the Sunday morning awakening began with "dolphin! ".
This Sunday day ended with the meeting of Risso dolphins: adults and young people approached the boat. Magic moments! Jo had not seen it since 3 years.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 68

We spent the night from sunday to monday at sea 50 km from the coast. The full moon made it possible to carry out the surveillance watch in good conditions: two people watch the other boats at sea while the other seven sleep.

The day of Monday parades punctuated by surprises of size. A tern was home on the back of one of the two turtles floating on the surface. Two other turtles posed to be filmed, photographed. The young dolphins on Monday morning, meanwhile, were wilder, they showed the dorsal and then hid. By cons, Monday noon at bathing time we saw a "flying carpet underwater": a line "devil of the seas" came under our snorkel. It was just sensational! Toward 14 h, before starting the observation shifts, sea devil rays came to visit the boat. It was time for videos, photos ... they were huge. Thank you Fanny for your eye of lynx because after the meal, you also spotted a whale. And the appointments were chained because we saw five whales including a young.
What a day ! Sun very calm sea, that good conditions to savor all these happinesses. And Jo announces us a second night at sea ...
But it's time for an aperitif, quiche and pizza, plus a beautiful sunset.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 64

Tuesday 20 / 08:

Splendid start to the day for one of the ecovolunteers, Lydie, who had the chance to see 4-5 dolphins under her during her dive, unforgettable !!

The rest of the day was quieter despite ideal weather conditions. We have not yet observed a sperm whale and pilot whale that we hope to see before the end of our expedition. But we still had the pleasure of meeting several bands of dolphins (one of them, a white-blue went to the bow of the boat). We also saw the tail of a whale and several breaths from the same cetacean species.
As the wind increased, we went to the coast for the night at Cape Camarrat and used the sails. Julie, our sparkling eco-guide took the helm a few times, it's promising for the boat license that she wishes to spend soon!

We ended the day with a good meal, consisting of a spicy main course prepared by Jo, our chef, and an apple cake.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 63

Wednesday 21 / 8:

Today, we leave the anchorage from Cape Camarat to 7H, direction: open sea! Unfortunately, after 30 min, Jo our CDB (Head of Edge) announces that the weather conditions force us to turn back ... Direction to another anchorage to spend the morning. We arrive at Cape Lardier. A new observation starts then that of the jet set, yachts with design of "suppository" and shades of turquoise blue-green (pantone to be defined for Yann our illustrator on board). Discussions are going well during lunch, the mood is a joke! We are not in our place among all these big boats, we are trying a new exit ... Let's sail! But we still can not go at sea because of the wind. We go along the coast and switch to observation mode 2 but ... RAS! We are consoling ourselves by eating the good apple-carrot cake made this morning by our CBD. We reach the presidential residence, tonight we are at anchor at Fort Brégançon ... It's time for a drink and bruschetta! Tomorrow is another day…

cybelle planete logbook 2019 67

Thursday 22 / 09 / 2019

Here we are on the last day of observation. We wake up with the hope of seeing sperm whales and pilot whales, the only species to have foiled us so far. If they will remain invisible all day long, we will nevertheless be able to appreciate the sight of an unkind whale, a turtle old enough to be accompanied by shells and dolphins, still players. After these meetings, we will redirect, hearts a little heavy but memories full our heads, towards the port of Hyères, where we will put back for the first time for a week our feet on the mainland.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 65


24 expedition to 30 August from Hyères


Pierre in eco-skipper, Aurélia in eco-guide, and the dream team: only girls, Audrey, Léa, Chloé, Cécile, Gaylor and Francine.
After some cordial exchanges with the other boats and an impromptu and furious regatta, we made our way to the Chinese wall, but ... we changed our mood in Porquerolles: toad, princesses, but no cetaceans today.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 71


First observations in navigation:
1: tuna hunting
2: blue and white dolphins
3: moon fish
4: line
We were spoiled but we did not see sperm whale. Tomorrow, we hope.
We wet in a creek a little before St Tropez, Cape Taillat, which unfortunately we deprived of sunset, but we could swim, the water is excellent. It was not our only swim since we were able to swim just before lunch with the moonfish!
A heart adrift, swollen to the block, was saved from a certain drowning, or an end in the plate of a turtle ... Francine offered it tenderly to Pit ... who tenderly offered it to Cécile ... who savagely lacerated this little heart of 10 claws.
We were quietly enjoying our lunch when Aurelia jumped up, "Oh Oh oh! She had just seen the devil!
The sea devil gave us a ballet, a swim shared with the crew and then left.
We spend the evening in a heavenly cove, welcomed by a ballet of stars, with a small glass of rum well deserved.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 73


After the stress of the busy schedule, we had lunch at sunrise. A first quarter without seeing anything except for a few sheep, the mola-mola and the velelles were at noon. A nap in the arms of Pi't from which we were drawn to continue the observations under a blazing sun and a sea of ​​oil. We followed the nests in polystyrene, carried by a stream carrying hope until the object of our quest: turtles, dolphins, and .... Sperm whale! Unfortunately it was the object of the meal of two magnificent blue sharks.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 70



First night surveillance, while we fight against fatigue, Josephine the sperm whale offers us a breath of hope. The emotion then gives way to the fear of a collision with the beast. Only the words of the skipper awakened with a start of a red headlamp manage to calm the fears of eco volunteers. As a sailor in Nemo, our ship sailed on a stream of turtles to a sperm mum and her cub. We stay several minutes with this family before resuming our way.
Listening only to our heart of voluntary eco, we took the time to remove some garbage from the sea. Assuming his position as the only member of the male, Pit volunteered for this task. After pouring gallons of sweat for this effort, he goes to refresh himself in the water with his famous red slip, in the company of a follower fish and a loggerhead turtle. In short, a day rich in discovery and surprise, karma is with us!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 72


Beginning of observations: wind, rain, clouds, cold .... Too much wind, too many sheep, we go sailing ... when we are likely to catch up with a storm. Shudders of battle, Pit only listening to his courage, begins by taking reefs, then the thunderstorm approaching again we watch the sail ... All engine out and ACDC thoroughly ... we escape!
No cetaceans but a helm contest ... to finish in the Jurassic Park cove, heavenly but stuffed with jellyfish. A new night under the stars.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 74


August 31 expedition to 06 September from Hyères

31 August 

Hello everyone, 1er day of our week at sea. 10 hours: Meet at the port. Session races, meals and vamos!
Porquerolles direction, we made acquaintance, we discover the boat, the Diapason, in which we will cohabit a week.
Team 100% female: our eco-guide, Aurelia, Isabelle, Danièle, Lucie, Emma, ​​Bouchra, Gaylor and Anne-Laure, to the delight of our Skippy: Pierre.
Small bathing session, snorkeling. We can see fish: oblades, dorades ...
Small shower with sea water, aperitif, meal and quiet evening!

cybelle planete logbook 2019 75

1er September

Wake up to 7 hours with the engine noise. We slowly open our eyes to the beautiful day ahead.
Everyone is motivated to observe cetaceans.
1er quarter, 2e quarter, 3e quarter ... Nothing, not even a little flying fish! However the good atmosphere reigns on the sailboat.
Our eco-guide and our captain are TOP!
The weather is bad, direction Saint-Tropez to protect from the storm, big open sail!
We are now ready to count the yachts, failing to count the cetaceans.
Once settled in the bay of Saint-Tropez, we could see a beautiful 3-masts, perhaps that of the Queen of England?

Short swim before dinner and hop, all in bed!

2 September

We sailed all morning, not even a tuna hunt on the horizon! As the weather becomes threatening, Pit decides to take shelter in the Bay of Antibes.
Lunch on board, followed by the sport session with the inflation of the annex under the heat of the sun.
Free area for the crew!
Emma prefers to stay on board, because a week on a sailboat means not a foot on the gravels!
Skippy, as the captain responsible for his boat, decides to monitor him to avoid any attempt to invade pirates.
Lucie, meanwhile, decides to stay on the boat to lend a hand, after braving the sea on his makeshift schedule.
Danielle and Aurélia went on a race mission to supply the cheese crew, not to mention the captain's famous olives.
Gaylor went on a postcard mission!
Isabelle, Bouchra and Anne-laure went to explore the seabed of Antibes! They could see: ories, viper of sea, castagnoles ...
Back on the boat for the traditional aperitif before the small film session. Indeed, we watched Cousteau's film The World of Silence! We have seen that fishing and animal viewing practices have evolved since the 60 years.

3 September

Leaving the bay of Antibes to 6 h 30, Pit wants to take us off as soon as possible. It does not take us long to watch our first dolphins. We saw them in the distance, they approached the boat to accompany us a few moments. Everyone was thrilled!
First observation: the emotion is palpable.
We take the course, we see tuna hunts and other dolphins playing hide and seek under the boat from left to right and vice versa.
Lunch break during which we exchange on the morning observations.
Resumption of course and, thirty minutes later, Anne-Laure sees a wing in the distance. It is an animal bigger than a dolphin. We decide to get closer to the animal and indeed, once arrived we see that it is a beautiful whale. A magic moment! 22 meters long, according to Pit! Larger than our sailboat that measures 13 meters. We are all amazed by such splendor, the clatter of cameras are incessant. The animal is blowing majestically right next to us. The opportunity is rare, almost unexpected. The whale does not seem bothered by our presence, he continues his way quietly waving. We spot a mark on his backbone, maybe an accident?
We stay there until it disappears under the deep waters. We waited five minutes, hoping to see him back up.
Heading again, the afternoon is full of dolphins watching, the whale that we crossed five times without doing it on purpose. We also saw a baby among the dolphins, his jumping awkward us all amused and moved.
After all these beautiful emotions Pit offers us to spend the night at sea. He explains the safety instructions and lists the two-hour shifts we will take each. The night will be long.

cybelle planete logbook 2019 78

4 September

Wake up in the open sea, filled with hope!
1re fishing of the day: a balloon named Edo, who becomes the new friend of the captain, as well as a mattress comfort.
To 9 h 15, nice surprise! We saw 3 dolphins. Our mermaids Lucie and Bouchra, and our national Skippy, have caught the eye of a dolphin who looked them right in the eyes! A magic moment!
We saw dolphins a little later in the day, they have fun at the front of the boat and pass under to go far.
In the afternoon we had the visit of a turtle, she left as quickly as she arrived! Gaylor, hungry, almost confused her with a giant lawyer.
The rest of the day was calm, we will land in Port-Cros, in the east cove, and try a swim among the jellyfish, which we managed to avoid. We have seen chickens and oblasts in the fields of posidonia that console us for our hot encounters!
We had dinner and had the chance to taste Gaylor's apple cake, a recipe handed down from generation to generation. The secret: half a can of beer!
Skippy and the crew tame Edo from hand to hand until his fatal fall into the sea. Fortunately we managed to get him back.
Aparté on life on board
Pit has a hot stroke, he sings by inverting the words and the melody, it seems that it is a love song. Bouchra and Lucie cut vegetables to make a tian.
Isabelle is impatient to swim, Aurélia works in the square. Emma, ​​Gaylor and Anne-Laure are at the front for their watch.
There are plenty of gnats and Pit explains that it's due to the change of tides. In all this is what Danièle understood.
We are at the 3e quarter and we saw dolphins, we nibble nuts, we talk; we all hope to see a great cetacean, like Marcel the whale.
Danièle says how happy she is to make this expedition, it allows her to disconnect from everyday life and live totally the present moment. Life on board is spartan but it's okay, we wash with sea water, it's funny.
We spent last night at sea and everyone did their shifts.
Pit makes guacamole and empties avocados with a fork, sacred Pit!

5 September

We went to 5 h 30 to observe the cetaceans ... Well that's what we thought ... This trip at sea has rocked into "hang on well to stay on the boat". Indeed, the wind rose and we found ourselves in the middle of a raging sea! Pit goes off to take the waves, the crew tries to keep the balance. We have Isa, Emma and Aurelia who managed to put away all the stuff to avoid the cat in the boat.
Meanwhile, Anne-Laure, who has painfully finished her little curdled breakfast, started to have her stomach a little loose. Pit invites people who are seasick to wear their lifejackets, you never know! Given the swell of almost 3 meters, everyone was eager to put on!
Anne-Laure, who was more than confident thanks to his patch, still decided to put an 2e given the circumstances! The problem is that it was too late. The patch showed its limits and the blue bucket became its best friend from 8 h 30 to 11 hours. She has been sick all along!
Pit announces a "We'll be here by 20 minutes" which turned into an hour and a half. She managed to hold on thanks to the support of the crew. Big dedication to Aurelia and Isa!
We admired the talent of our 2 bosses, Aurélia and Pit, who ensured like chefs.
11 hours: arrival in the cove of Badine, we are safe. We have trouble imagining that five minutes before we were in a storm. We laugh softly as we see boats sailing out to sea. We land in a nice cove, the wind blows stronger and stronger, but we found a stability, to the delight of Anne-Laure, who is recovering quietly this morning a little shaken.
Afternoon at the cool. Napping for some, chatting for others and swimming for the brave ones who will join the little beach next door.
Aurélia gets the photos of everyone, sorts them and suddenly has a craving for pancakes! His fellow Breton can not decline this proposal, and go for pancake attitude!
Pizza and pancakes for our last dinner, royal!

An evening cradled by the lightning that leaves the earth and not the sky ... a little weird! The wind is still blowing, we are going to bed to be in shape for our last morning.

6 September

Arrival in Hyères, breakfast of madness with croissants and crepes, what more! At the same time, it was necessary to gain strength for the cleaning session that awaited us.
To you dear readers, we wish you a very beautiful mission! ;)
Hasta the vista!

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