synopses of cetaceans mission 2021

Shipping of 12 in 18 June 2021 from Hyères

Expedition from June 19 to 25, 2021 from Hyères

Expedition from June 26 to July 02, 2021 from Hyères

Expedition from 03 to 09 July from Hyères

Expedition of 10 to 16 July from Hyères

Expedition of 17 to 23 July from Hyères

Expedition of 24 to 30 July from Hyères

Expedition of 31 July to August 06 from Hyères

07 expedition to 13 August from Hyères

14 expedition to 20 August from Hyères

21 expedition to 27 August from Hyères

August 28 expedition to 03 September from Hyères

Shipping of 12 in 18 June 2021 from Hyères

Saturday June 12 2021


10: 00 Meeting with the members of the crew at Saint Pierre port to embark on the DIAPASON, a magnificent 12 m sailboat.

11: 00 After arranging everyone's belongings, departure and mooring in a small cove not far from Lavandou, at Cap BENAT

11: 30 Briefing by Pierre (our Skipper) on safety on the Boat

12: 30 Lunch, proposed by our blue cordons Evelyne and Béatrice

14:00 p.m. Briefing on the mission, the challenges, and the multitude of species to observe, by our eco-guide Céline

16: 15 Swimming break for Emilie and Evelyne

17:15 Briefing on the use of the iPad, and the Obsenmer application on which all our observations will be listed.

18: 00 Aperitif and some swimming

19:30 Dinner, followed by multiple discussions on the bridge.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 5

Sunday June 13

A rich day !!
Departure from our cove at 5 am, we start our observations around 7:30 am, then we are forced to change course following a VHF radio problem, which is essential for our safety. So we take a break in CAVALAIRE where we are repaired and resume our journey around 9:30 am
All at the cleat of good morning, we scan the horizon. To our great despair the hours and the quarters pass slowly without any manifestation of cetaceans or others. We sit down to eat quietly when Cathy exclaims "a jump", we all turn around and see a swordfish doing a few jumps.
The afternoon shifts are done with as much enthusiasm as the morning ones, but suddenly patience leaves us and we decide to take a swim. When suddenly Romane is spelled “Souffle” Our first whale is in sight, swimming is quickly forgotten and everyone is on the deck !!
Result of observations: 3 whales: dad, mom, baby, 1 fourth in the distance, a few minutes later we see dolphins, pelagies.
Very enthusiastic about our observations we finally take our swim in the late afternoon. The day does not end there, about fifty dolphins come to tease us.
Finally after a well-deserved aperitif, we eat accompanied by a magnificent sunset.
This evening we spend the night in the open sea.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 6

Monday 14 June

After a night shift between the Milky Way, a school of phosphorescent jellyfish and the boat's pitching in the open sea, we start a first observation of cetaceans at 7:30 am, Whales, dolphins, rays and moon fish are waiting for you. At 9:30 am, second observation or we see some species again: whale, a dolphin playing in the bow. The sun is still bright and the sea is fairly calm. Lunch for the troops around a rice salad prepared by Pierre our skipper. In the afternoon we continue the road to Corsica. We only meet a dolphin in the early afternoon, and still too much plastic. But what a joy to see the west coast of Corsica on the horizon. During the 2nd observation we follow very closely 3 whales which stay beside the boat for a few minutes: an unforgettable encounter rich in emotions!
Last meeting of the day is a Caretta turtle, who seems indifferent to our presence and who is happy to be observed. Finally we arrive in Calvi by sailing along the citadel: magical, romantic, bucolic, magical, fantastic ... the whole crew is won over by the superb setting. We end the day by jumping into the water from the anchor set in front of Calvi and the paradisiacal sunset. Dinner in the last light of the sun, lantern dishes and lots of fun are on the evening menu! Calvi shines with a thousand lights!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 4

Tuesday June 15

This morning departure from Calvi under magnificent weather. At the end of the morning we meet four whales, we approach them and they let themselves be observed for ten minutes, another moment rich in emotions. Then swimming break, where we can still see the whales in the distance thanks to their breath. In the afternoon, we go on shifts under a blazing sun and a sea of ​​oil. We observe several turtles and a school of dolphins, some of which come to swim at the bow, the others put on the show and go on jumps while moving away.
The end of the day is calm, and the overwhelming sun, we end it with an aperitif at sunset, a meal in the general good atmosphere and surprise we have the visit of three Mobula rays parading next to the boat.
Some are going to bed and others are starting night shifts because we are off.
During the first shift, we jump, a whale passed very close to the boat waking part of the crew by the sound of its breath, we hear it several minutes before it disappears in the distance. A little later a ray comes to do a pirouette in the light of the stern light of our sailboat before disappearing into the darkness of the night.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 2

Wednesday June 16

From breakfast, 3 dolphins come to join us and play in the bow. We start the observations. 3 rays are seen and we approach, they describe circles to feed and do not take into account our presence at all, after a few minutes we decide to let them go about their business,
At 12 noon we improvise a swim in the open sea, by 2500 km of depth, we play the mermaids!
This afternoon we see a dolphin accompanied by an Mola mola (moon Fish)
A little further the breath of a whale. Unfortunately we are passing through a military test area, and the ship has started shooting and the whale is missing.
At the end of the afternoon we pass the Golden Islands (Porquerolles, Port Cros and the Levant) and we anchor in front of a beach not far from Fort Brégançon. We will spend the night here. Swimming, joy, good humor, mojito, sunset and discussions on the deck until the end of the night.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 1

Thursday June 17

An instructive day, on this day when the weather is not there, we sleep in, then Céline our eco-guide takes the opportunity to show us the underwater flora and fauna. We exchange the photographs and videos that everyone took during our expedition, the count of our observations is made so we saw 23 fin whales, 75 blue and white dolphins, 5 loggerhead turtles, 7 Mobula rays, 1 swordfish, 1 mola mola, a tuna hunt.
Then moment of relaxation, some go for a swim, others play scrabble and yam's. At the end of the afternoon we set sail and return to the port of Hyères.
We then share our last meal together, in a convivial atmosphere (as always!) Exchange our contact details to stay in touch.
All we have to do is do the housework tomorrow morning and have a little meal together on the terrace before leaving.

Thanks to Romane for her magnificent drawings!

romance decressonniere1

romance decressonniere2


Expedition from June 19 to June 25, 2021 from Hyères

Saturday June 19 2021

Although choosing the right words for the first page of our week in Pelagos may worry me, I feel fully reassured by the friendliness, good humor and sympathy of all my comrades who I am convinced will be fully satisfied!

The wind has been blowing too hard since this morning so we couldn't go out to sea but we had plenty of time to discover each other and we will remember a lot of laughs and laughs, sometimes schoolboys but so funny that we want more from the infinite !

Lucie and Pierre took turns doing their briefing and topo with brio. Then we ate well, not drank too much (well I think) and took possession of our respective cabins.

From Hyères until tomorrow, we should set sail for Porquerolles, everyone is eager to leave our home port of misfortune, the scene of these new meetings so promising for the week to come.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 13

Sunday June 20 2021

First night at tuning fork, the sick person in the boat because of antibiotics: our eco-guide. Courageously and despite severe pain, she teaches us the method of taking data. Well done to her !!!

Pierre for his part teaches us the basics of navigation: What an experience!

We anchor on the shore of Porquerolles and we practice snorquelling. The food is excellent, the good humor is there, we look forward to tomorrow to start the observations.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 9

Monday June 21 2021

Up 5:08 am for immediate departure in the "deafening silence" of the engine and the howls of the chain of the windlass.

Sea of ​​oil for an hour suddenly the drama: a significant swell makes us all nauseous but have clings and it ends up passing as usual after a small passage through the blue seal.

Fortunately, observation allows us to overcome seasickness, and to become informed sailors and extraordinary Cybelleteux: ashy shearwaters and the Mediterranean. Loggerhead turtles. Direction of the wind, direction of the swell. Weather point ...

Suddenly Thomas screams: a breath! Jean-Michel confirms. Everyone sees it too, we are heading towards three fin whales that are eating. We follow them as they dive and take the ID photos. We all have a big smile on our face.

A little later, we observe a tuna hunt and some dolphins in the open sea.

We anchor in the Lerins Islands to recover from our emotions.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 8

Tuesday June 22, 2021

6:30 am always ready, always early in the morning! We weigh anchor from Lerins Island, heading out to sea at the usual speed of 5 knots. Suddenly a breath! No, a splash of something and then nothing ... Was it a hallucination? Some time later, the splash reappears, dolphins come towards the boat. Combat action: bearing, situation, direction, heading. Close to the boat, one of them breaks away from the group to greet us at the bow. Nice moment of exchange between the cetacean and the man!

The weather is changing, we decide to go sailing. It listens fully, some who were napping cling to their bed as best they can but end up joining us on the deck. Sailing lessons by the skipper who traces a long tack towards St Trop. Anchorage in Pampelone, the mythical beach of billionaires who exibit their gigantic yachts.

It's happy hour...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 10

Wednesday June 23

Departure 5:30 am. After a good breakfast, we took off. The sea is calm, almost oily. We see a few shearwaters and blue dolphins quite quickly, rather far away.

The sea is rough around 11:00 a.m. Complicated cuisine: pasta with feta cheese and Jérémy's tomatoes. Excellent as usual. We resume observations on rough seas. Cetaceans are not there. Head east towards Porquerolles. Suddenly near the coast when we least expected it, 6 bottlenose dolphins, 3 on each side passed very close to the boat, a great reward for the day.

Arrived at the anchorage, a little snorquelling session, sea bream, sea bream, sole, wrasse, oblades, starfish, there were lots of people!

Small aperitif and good meal to celebrate the birthday of our national Jean-Michel! Happy Annif Jean-Mi !!!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 12

Thursday June 24 2021

Wake up gently because the wind was predicted to be too strong to go out. Small shower, the young people take a walk on the island. Visit the fort, the beaches, a short tour of the city and return to the boat around noon. A short stop at the gas station required dexterity, concentration and teamwork. With the reservoir well filled, we head north to reach the coast. On the road, the spray is heavy and the valiant on the bridge are soaked by the elements.

We anchor in front of Badine beach. It is 13:00 p.m., the stomachs are asking to be filled. We cook in unison good large portions of mixed salads, pan-fried spicy vegetables and fresh fish from the market with spicy apples.

The afternoon is quiet. The team members are resting and there is always a good mood. As usual the jokes fuse one after the other, the repartee is of quality. We remember all the good times we spent together, we would have liked it to continue longer. Last night on deck for the young people who may come home to find the warmth of their cabin! Good night all !

cybelle 2021 notebooks 11


Expedition from June 26 to July 02, 2021 from Hyères

Saturday June 26

We leave Hyères a little before 14 p.m., the groceries have been delivered, we prepared a meal together after having put everything away. On the boat, the new eco-volunteers are Luisa, Marine, Raphaël, Julie, Antoine, Romeo and Isabelle and Pierre and Lucie of course. We stay in the afternoon at the anchorages at La Badine where Pierre gives us safety advice as well as some rules of life on the boat which are so different than on land, proximity and sharing of tasks are not common. Lucie shows us the ObsenMer application, that's a lot of information but already we can feel mutual aid in the group. At the end of the day Pierre decides to anchor in Porquerolles where we will spend the night. It's quieter, no jets-skis etc ...
First evening friendly and in a good mood

cybelle 2021 notebooks 16

Sunday June 27

After a restful night, we started the first day of observation. Everyone was at TAQUET! Lucie explained to us all the manipulations to do first and be careful, it's not kidding. We therefore spent the morning on the bridge observing the horizon then suddenly appeared a fish which seemed a little confused (especially drunk) ... The Mola mola, we were able to observe it for a few seconds then he disappeared. A little later in the morning thanks to our good vibes, to Romeo's flair but also with a lot of luck, a group of dolphins passed 500 meters from the boat, it was magnificent ...
After a long meal cooked by the famous chef Pierre. We spent a rather quiet afternoon with some sunburns for sure…
Then we headed for Cassis where we showed off a little even a lot on the bridge in the port just before being put back because there was no more room. After an hour and a nice walk in the creeks we anchored in a superb cove next to an island with lots of birds. Then ate and slept, sorry I'm a little seasick now until tomorrow for new adventures.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 14

Monday 28 June

This day started very early with the awakening at 5:30 am for the first observation shift because in view of the weather it might have been the last good day of observation. After a rather calm morning just before eating ... SURPRISE a group of dolphins came to swim in the bow. We really felt lucky.
Then the meal that we all enjoyed thanks to the state of the sea which was super calm. The sick people were finally able to breathe for a little while. Then the lifeguard Pierre allowed us to go swimming, we were in the open sea at a depth of 1500 meters and it was just WOW.
At 13 p.m. the shifts resumed and with a lot of luck we saw two groups of dolphins (blue and white for the first and undetermined for the second).
Another magical show, Lucie was finally able to take her photos, including one worthy of a poster. We were a little burnt, we laughed and we enjoy this wonderful day. However nothing would have been possible without the Hawaiian shirts.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 15

Tuesday June 29

After spending a rather pleasant evening in the port of Frioul where we were able to do a lot of activities such as a short walk but also a midnight swim. We got up at 8 am for a departure towards the Calanques. We made a stopover around 10:30 am, followed an icy swim but in a magnificent setting. Around 15 p.m. we set off again to explore the Calanques towards Cassis. Then direction mooring in a sailing boat. Some of us have been a bit hectic. Now a little aperitif and rest before the day tomorrow.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 18

Wednesday June 30

After a very pleasant awakening in a small cove, we left for the island of Monsieur Ricard. There we had to do a little maneuver in the port and honestly no one was very calm. The maneuver over, we wanted to visit the island and find a nice little spot to swim with our unicorn collected a few days earlier off. The island was beautiful and we enjoyed a great view. The ride over and the swollen unicorn (we lost 2 people for that) we finally went for a swim. Riding a 4 on an inflatable unicorn is more complicated than you might think. After a little "shower" we went to prepare some food, little pesto pesto 'MASHALUX'

cybelle 2021 notebooks 17

Thursday July 1

We woke up to the island of Embiez then we left and arrived at 12 noon in Porquerolles where we anchored and ate. After a nap and tanning on the deck, we did a survey on underwater species. It was super interesting. At the end of the afternoon we left towards our anchorage for the night, at the badine.

 Shipping of the 03 09 2021 July from Hyères

with Clémence and Clément; Aurore and Valentin; Muriel and Alain; Vanessa and Lucie; Pierre

Saturday July 3

After learning about our new home for the next few days, we quickly cast off. Direction the almost island of Giens for a first lunch all together. Between two chicken thighs, each introduced himself.
In the lot, engineers (many), especially marine enthusiasts.
After receiving a flood of exciting information, we hoist the mainsail in a new direction. Lucie introduced us to each species of cetacean that is, or could be, in our path. Everyone is already secretly hoping to meet a whale.
Fingers crossed !!!
After a crossing and an end of the day between sun and mist, we had the joy of celebrating Alain's birthday. A little rosé champagne later, dinner was quickly swallowed up.
Wet at Cape "Benat" in Bormes les mimosas, we will spend the night there.
We will take to the open sea at 5 am, 'Pierre tells us, for a first series of observations.
In the meantime, it is to the sounds of the wind, waves and gulls that we make our way to bed. Provided that tomorrow offers us beautiful memories ...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 19

Sunday July 4

After a peaceful night, the sound of the anchor pulling back on the boat woke us all up at 5:40 am.
They all got up to have lunch in the wet room in the misty morning air.
7:30 am station for observation: direction a canyon off St Tropez.
1h30 later, Vanessa observed a small ridge and we discovered a small Moonfish eating.
Shearwater and Gulls flew around the boat.
In the distance, we saw a hunting Tuna, jumping out of the water, Impressive!
At mealtime, bustle in the distance and Bingo! A group of blue and white dolphins appears next to a freighter, the boat has approached and gift: a small group of 3 has come to the bow of the stationary boat. Magnificent !!! The other group, remained in the distance, offers us the sight of their fins and their beautiful colors. We even seem to have seen a small one!
The meal finished, a swim for the more courageous while waiting for the resumption of observations. First shift for Vanessa, Clémence and Muriel, observation of a breath in the distance: A RORQUAL! After a stroke of the engine and searches, the "species tracking" mode is activated! The backbone is spotted and Lucie was able to take many photos for identification, within 20m!
It was really impressive, zen, an unprecedented meeting for the whole team of ecovolunteers. The other quarters followed one another before returning to sail in the cove of Pampelone to anchor for the night.
Musical atmosphere on the neighboring boat.
We take advantage of the return of the sun after a cloudy day and some take the opportunity for a new swim.
Today Aurore's birthday who is celebrating her 24th birthday and who will remember it !!
Tchin tchin, a little punch for the evening aperitif.
A hearty dish of spaghetti with vegetables delighted everyone's stomachs, dishwashing for 2 6 8.
Dancing evening on the boat next door.
Discussion as the light dims and everyone in bed at 22:15 pm: Good night!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 22

Monday July 5

Restful and windy night, start of hostilities around 5:30 am. Unlike the day before, it's big blue. Very nice weather to start our working week!
It's a nice Monday, muscular navigation, we decide to go along the coast, we find ourselves in front of the rock of "Rochebrune".
A little "laugh" (Any word relating to any nausea being prohibited), but everyone is in order for the first shift of observation. Fingers crossed ...
Well, we will have to resign ourselves, the mornings are fanny ... Along the Italian coasts, our chefs make pizzas. Re-motivated for the afternoon, except for a jet of water in the distance, it's re-fanny ...
Night in front of Monaco, swimming and very pleasant cove.
See you tomorrow !

cybelle 2021 notebooks 21

Tuesday July 6

After yesterday's unsuccessful day, swimming and aperitif aside, we slept until 6am! The weather forecast having improved, we leave for 30 days at sea motivated like never before!
7 am, the observation has not even started yet, we already see a group of dolphins leaving in the distance ... A good omen!
An hour later, a dozen dolphins rush right at us and swim at the bow of the boat!
Magical moment ! To finish this first quarter of observation, we see a small jet in the distance… bingo! A whale that we follow for 20 minutes and that we can see very closely.
Meanwhile, the meal is preparing ... a polenta with Gruyere that we had planned to make in the oven ... but the tenguage of the boat and a big wave of a cargo ship passed in the distance, forced us to cook it in a pan. A real treat with the cheese that spins thanks to Valentin who stirred throughout the cooking !!
After a very quiet start to the afternoon, we were not prepared for the cetacean nap release! A first breath finally spotted! We attack a follow-up, it is not 1 nor 2 but 3 whales that put on a show. The tone is set: no one will go to bed anymore! The next night shift will be less rested. While waiting to see a breath reappear, we cross the path of a turtle but not the time to identify it that the whales reappear in the distance. A real spectacle ensues during which blue and white dolphins accompany us to see the whales while swimming in the bow. We didn't know where to turn. Forgiveness Lucie again for the dumplings on the shelf :). In total, around thirty dolphins and whales observed on this memorable and productive day. The icing on the cake, a little evening swim in the open sea where we had the privilege of seeing a small group of dolphins approaching the boat. They came to echograph, thanks to their sonar, our future young mother, what a privilege !!
Tasting of a good and hearty rice salad accompanied by the briefing of our skipper for the organization of the night shifts.
Lulled by the breath of whales and dolphins, couples link under the stars to watch over everyone's sleep.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 20

Wednesday July 7

After a restless night on call, waking up is just as much. But let's go back to the night first. In order to avoid collision with other boats, each takes turns for 2 hours. The lucky ones were able to hear many breaths of whales. And even a dolphin who came to say hello. Result: some did not manage to go back to bed. A magical night under the galaxy. Not to mention a few shooting stars throughout the night.
Then when you wake up, the dream continues with your eyes wide open. A dolphin sticks its head out to say hello. A whale follows that we see just 15 meters from the boat. It doesn't stop! Aware of our luck, the atmosphere is relaxed and Pierre does not stop singing.
Then we hear explosive noises at sea several times. We believe that these detonations are seismic surveys carried out by a military boat seen on our way back to Hyères.
Before the meal, a long-awaited swimming break given the heat of this morning and ... Clément seems to have heard a whale song! Lucie takes out the hydrophone to listen underwater and surprised, we hear the possible sound of a submarine. Astonishing!
A hearty homemade tabbouleh revives our taste buds with a taste of mint, raisins, chickpeas, lemon ...
The observations are resumed at 13:30 p.m. with Vanesse, Valentin and Aurore while the others find their bed for an expected nap ...
Waking up with a start to admire a pretty little loggerhead turtle which was afraid of us but which we were able to observe very closely. We let him resume his journey.
A period of calm follows, then a new agitation on the bridge, another loggerhead turtle! Bigger this time around but it dives pretty quickly. We resume our journey, without any cetaceans on the horizon, surely frightened by the seismic tests. The rest of the day was calm, a few velleles, pelagies and more and more Gulls as they approached the coast.
Tonight, we sleep in the port of Port Cros, which marks our return to dry land after 4 days at sea. It's pitching! We take the opportunity to stroll on this magnificent island. The day ends with a nice little dish of pasta and eggplant. Tomorrow, they predict a lot of wind, conditions impossible to be able to observe correctly. We will be able to take advantage of the wind to take out the sail!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 23

Thursday July 8

This morning, we get up early! On the program, snorkelling at the underwater trail of Port Cros where we were able to admire the underwater beauty of this place protected since the 60s!
then, departure for Porquerolles by sail. The wind gradually picks up, which would have made it very difficult to observe cetaceans.
Our cooks of the day simmered a delicious lian for us: a dish of vegetables (eggplant, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes and peppers) in the oven, a delight!
At the beginning of the afternoon, everyone goes for a nap except Vanessa who simmered her famous apple cake so much awaited. Lucie, for her part, shared the photos of the stay with the ecovolunteers and prepared a little summary of our morning observations with many “fun facts” as she likes them.
This evening, we anchor at the Badine for our last evening.
See you next time !!!

Ode to Cetaceans, by Muriel and Vanessa

The course of the day given

That our programmed route
Crosses those of large cetaceans
In the middle of the vastness
Dear Mediterranean Sea

We all hoped for it so much
In the distance a breath to spot ...
The boat must come closer
Waiting in vain for its ascent
Its tail to be photographed
Among all, to identify it
In the middle of the vastness
Beautiful Mediterranean Sea

Under our amazed gazes
Majestic it appears
The favorite fin whale!
The adored blue white dolphins
At the bow, had fun
Jumping before walking away
In the blue of the immensity
Pretty Mediterranean Sea

July 6 will have marked
Our memories forever
Tonight, for sure, we will dream
That these magnificent cetaceans
Still cross our beautiful destiny
This particular night
In the middle of the vastness
Dear Mediterranean Sea

It was in the starry night
That we have hoped for so much
Hear a little distant breath
Then suddenly, very surprised
They heard him breathe
Attentive, they counted them
In the blue of the immensity
Beautiful Mediterranean Sea

The many scattered breaths
Striped whales and dolphins
Port, starboard, they were there !!
No longer knowing where to look
The inconspicuous dolphin jumped
The breaths repeated
In the middle of the vastness
Pretty Mediterranean Sea

Other quarters followed
They continued to watch
A birthday to celebrate
7.7.12 in particular!
The crescent moon is ascending
His reflection showed them to us
In the blue of the immensity
So Beautiful Mediterranean

A huge thank you to Lucie
Pierre and the ecovolunteers:
Clem's & Co, Aurore, Valentin,
Vanessa, Muriel & Alain
And Cybelle Méditerranée
For this nice week of mission
In the middle of the vastness
From the Pelagos Sanctuary.


Expedition of 10 to 16 July from Hyères

Saturday 10 July

16:15 p.m .: rescue of a young girl on a paddle board (during the presentation of the fin whale). Her cousins ​​had left her there to go back to the beach? Picked up by a passing boat that brought her back to the beach.

Jane and Carole emerged unscathed from an epic nocturnal dish set against a background of stormy Dalida (lexical song of the sea). Cé ta cée (sorry) for a first day.

PS / We sailed and we almost all almost laughed ...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 24

Sunday, July 11

Ode to the ray
Ray-awake early and in a good mood, we had breakfast at the rising sun after our first night ...
Ray-cums at the prospect of this day of observation, we ray-vons ...
Ray-compensated by the 180 ° jump, circus, spectacular of the devil of the seas, we ray-yonnons ...
Streaked by the double swell in cross chasing which almost made us laugh, we streak-land ...
Raie-solus, we have hono-ray in turn and with joy, passion, hope and R (ien) V (u), our beautiful quarters ...
Stingrayed by a cool bath serving as a palmate shower, we are clean rays ...
Ray-galés of a great meal prepared with love on a background of ray-ggaie ...
We're going to sleep ! We are in Cannes!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 30

Monday July 12

Grandiose day!
False start at 5 a.m. Big gusts of wind holding us back until 7am.
At the end of the first observation shift, a group of blue and white dolphins comes to visit us, curious, happy and jumping.
It was just a taste of the show that would follow in the second quarter of the morning. The most beautiful concentration of seasonal dolphins, says Lucie! At least forty and babies ...
Fortunately the quiche was ready! The dishes barely finished we leave on the hats of wheel towards two breaths, maybe three, seen off.
Great moment of wonder and happiness with our three fin whale friends sliding slowly beside the sailboat.
Out of respect we let our three blowers continue on their way and resumed our course. Our wonder was far from over.
Dolphins, rays, turtles, dolphins ... have followed one another for our greatest happiness.
Return to sail by force 4 to 5 Beaufort.
The rescue of a fender shortly before entering the port of Saint Raphaël will be the highlight of our day before mooring in the old port.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 26

Tuesday July 13

In Saint Raphaël we are stuck,
We got up,
Croissants, sweet brioches,
We had lunch,
In the old Saint Raphaël we walked,
The square tower we climbed,
The bell rang,
Carole's eardrums, exploded!
At the market we spent,
Another savory pie we tasted,
The mustard in the nose came up to us,
About cetaceans Lucie explained everything to us,
The knowledge we have absorbed,
Several teams were then created,
One in the nap has wallowed,
The other half went to explore,
Along the path she explored the orange coastline,
Under the water they photographed themselves,
Under the 36 knot wind blowing,
They returned,
Pierre's tian we savored,
The evening is not over,
Véronique Samson's concert, some wanted to try,
And finally gave up,
Herbal tea and tarot closed the day.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 27

Wednesday, July 14

In fact, we didn't do much except sail and a nice swim.
Well, we still squeezed our buttocks by "coiling" on the cockpit during navigation.
After a subliminal sheathing, we landed exhausted in a magnificent bay (of Taillat?).
I intervene for a major oversight, during the lodging, our delicious wet cake with orange and chocolate chips escaped from the oven to spread insidiously and violently on the bathroom door ... result = us all the same tasted it by removing the hair as you go….
The stingray festival continued after a failed attempt to imitate the sea elephant due to insufficient backswing for beaching on the rocks.
We (not all) pretended to appreciate the temperature of the water, until the offering of a saving watermelon.
Quenched thirst, we then attended a live course on the sailing paces and a non-indirect order on the choice of the meal menu: or how to become a kitchen attendant involuntarily! Thank you Pierre. See diagram
At the same time, we are happy to eat a nice pizza.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 29

Thursday July 15

Sketch of the Fabulous epic of Eco-glandeurs.
Got up at 5:30 am to be there at sunrise.
All on deck, numb, asleep, awakened by a heavy swell which stirred up everyone's sleep.
Small coffee in the end of the night, rosy sky, but too much rolling.
Pierre says: "We're breaking up! "
Head for the more sheltered Pamplona bay. Small navigation in the almost night, alone.
Here it is the sunrise then back in the cabins to resume the night ...
The day is stretched out, idle, between sleep, meals, sleep and rest.
Navigation, course of knots, pretty bay, frozen water, meals, idleness, sprawled on the deck ... We call ourselves the Eco-slackers without our knowing it.
Back to square one, last meal, last tarot, last report, last sleep!
Happy birthday Lucie!

It's your turn...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 25

Expedition from July 17 to 23 from Hyères

Saturday, July 17

Arrival in Hyères under a radiant sun ... Finally heat !!
10 hours and a few dust, the DIAPASON awaits us ... meeting, presentation of eco-volunteers, installation ... that's it, we are in the bath!
We start by mooring… sailing!
Very good...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 31

Monday July 19

Departure from Antibes around 6 a.m. and heading out to sea!
We had the chance to observe many white and blue dolphins as well as 3 turtles.
One of them was accompanied by its batch of small silver fish and a black horse mackerel enjoying its shade.

We have discovered the véllèles! After the 3 fin whales of the day before, our three turtles were splendid with their colors: red, brown, blue, or green according to the reflections in the water ... Only one was identified loggerhead. The other two have kept their secrets.
What more can we ask for? Sperm whale? We will see ! See you tomorrow !

cybelle 2021 notebooks 32

Tuesday July 20

After sunrise, leaving the bay of Villefranche sur Mer, a few dolphins came to greet us at the bow. After 4 hours of vain observations, the festival begins: whales, two sperm whales and playing dolphins galore. And a stealthy turtle ...
Anchorage in the bay of St Jean Cap Ferrat which we will have finally made the tour ... We are surrounded by giant yachts!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 33

Wednesday, July 21

Fireworks and domestic tunas. We leave Beaulieu Bay under the clouds with our sights set on the first night at sea this evening. Around noon, the show begins: dolphins, whales, turtle, swordfish jump: it's a fireworks display. At the same time, we notice two tunas, which turn around the boat, they will not leave us until the end of the afternoon. Pierre baptizes them: Mario and Luigi. Maybe they died of exhaustion trying to follow us, peace to their souls. Dinner off the coast at sunset, with the whales and dolphins. A whale comes to see us and turns around the boat at 20 meters: unforgettable. Finally, fireworks, real, this time, we hear them and we see them 27 nautical miles away. Let's go for the night shifts under the shooting stars.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 36

Thursday July 22

After the previous day, this day was under the sign of quiet navigation, a few birds, vélelles and a few dolphins waking up: “that's all”, too surprising. But it allowed us to recover 2 hour night services. Arrival on the magnificent Levantine Islands.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 35

Shipping of the 24 30 2021 July from Hyères

Saturday July 24, 2021: day 1


Arrival 10am at the boat
Unpacking the races, we are reassured, conviviality will be essential, good meals and aperitifs in anticipation. The presentation of the crew allows the fine team to get to know each other. A good first aperitif and meal allows us to break the ice.
Very quickly, a little nickname or a comparison popped up. Example, Agent 007 resemblance to Valérie Lemercier, Charlotte vividly reminds us of the super character that is Mimie Geignarde without the voice of course, Antoine the handsome kid, Laura looks like Chantal Goya, everyone goes there ... what to mount a troop !! Notice to amateurs

Safety point with the skipper Pierre dit Pitou and explanations of the mission with Céline (Director of Cybelle Planète). Lots of information to remember!
Leaving the port of Hyères with strong winds and heading for a cove on the outskirts of Porquerolles.
First incident (MDR), the bathroom door is stuck, Harry Potter gave us the solution and our super skipper Pitou with a magic wand opened the door from the outside! Inventiveness, a major asset for a skipper. "Skipper in high demand"
Places are scarce but thanks to the dexterity of maneuver, our super Diapason finds its place for the night.
First swim in refreshing water, much appreciated by all.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 37

Sunday, July 25 2021

Full moon night, swell and wind decrease. Early wake up around 6:30 am. Before setting off, our agent 007 took a good morning bath. This will be our mermaid on board.
The call from the open sea is too strong, with a good "step", we decide to weigh anchor and begin our first observations. Céline briefs us on the use of the OBS AT SEA application and it is good luck that we apply ourselves to the task. The team is on top of things but Mr. Mal de Mer is having an effect on some of us ... the survivors are doing the best they can.
The morning goes by and we identify macrewaste, velelles (macroplanton), etc ...
Meal break, everyone is busy around the table but before lunch, a little swim in a blue sea where the abyss amazes us, attracts us. Nice surprise, our turtle friend "caretta" accompanied by her horse mackerel made a brief appearance. Oh, oh, how beautiful!
After this delicious moment of swimming lunch break, we resume our respective positions: dishes, observations, nap, ... to each his task.
It's enough, no cetacean, no matter the contemplation of this blue is enough for us today.

The day ends with an excellent meal: Moroccan carrots, Basque omelette and finally, a chocolate fondant (Specialty of our agent 007)
Life is though!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 41

Monday 26 July 2021

Waking up in a light swell. Diapason sets sail and we head east. Morning observations bring us its share of blue and white dolphins, gray shearwaters, ...
Time flies and the lunch break consists of a potato salad, a salad made with cabbage and apples.

Shy dolphin visits and when they hide in the water (Sperm whales), the whales come out! Wonderful meeting with a young whale of about 18 meters (pretty baby!), Curious to see our strange sailboat ... The afternoon goes by with the wind, the day ends with an excellent vegetable curry prepared by Celine. Of course, there is always a meat preparation for those who are not too vegetable, nor vegetarian!
The night will be spent in the open sea, our Diapason will be adrift for a few hours.
Night shifts are organized with all the necessary safety instructions. Some go to bed and others get impatient to start these nocturnal sightings. We will find ourselves the next day with all the emotions experienced in the night.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 42

Tuesday July 27, 2021.

The breakfast was very animated by the discussions on this so special night. For some, it was a moonrise, for others it was the visit of a beautiful whale that circled around the boat; the brief appearance of the dolphins in the moonlight, fullness under a starry sky interrupted regularly by the clicking of the ropes on the mast, and for others it was a beautiful sunrise ... our day will be even more extraordinary .

5 - 7 - 20 whales can be more without counting the one who approached us during lunch. About fifty blue and white dolphins also made their appearance for a few minutes to allow us to count them, a huge turtle, a modula, velelles, birds, etc ... EXTRAORDINARY day

Back to the civilization, anchorage in the Lériens Islands where the evening was divine with a lot of laughter, new group of "groupies", the "Vélelles en mer" who almost succeeded in being offered a Coconut Punch from the Pizza at sea delivery man , You can not stop progress.

Spaghetti evening with both Vegetarian and Carnivorous flavors ... everyone has the choice! Dessert: apple pie with spices (cumin, cinnamon, ...)
Before that, let's not forget:
That the "fellow is not afraid of anything. And that he is ready to face sharks,
That "if the kiff brigade had passed this evening, we would all have taken perpet '" ...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 39

Wednesday, July 28

Departure before sunrise 5:00 am and start of a new day under a beautiful sun.
Pierre at the controls, almost the entire crew is asleep. The first shift is at 7:30 a.m.
The days go by and are not alike. Today some macro-debris, velelles then, later in the late morning, two turtles, a manta ray and the breath of a whale, so large. Later, on analyzing the photos, we will learn that it was certainly largely scarred by a motor propeller ...
Lunch in the blue, the decision is made, we will sleep towards Cape Bénar, behind Saint Trop.
Indeed, the wind is picking up we will only be able to make one observation (beautiful blue, wavelets but no splash or rain).
Disappointed? Not at all! This is the opportunity to take out the headsail and sail without an engine in ideal conditions. Change of atmosphere: our dinner will be surrounded by Yachts and a very inhabited guarrigue. The menu is as tempting as ever: baked potatoes with herbs and vegetable flan, enough to regain energy before our last day, already. Ouch, it's hard!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 38

Thursday July 29

Departure at dawn, more astonishing
Red sunrise, still amazing, magical
We take the course towards the infallible faults in sperm whales. The quarters follow one another. We probe, zyeute, look, open up, marvel. The eyes go into the blue.
A few exocetes, vélelles, jumps of swordfish, a turtle and at the time of the lunch break ... waves to the soul ... We are soon reaching the end of our journey. A good swim and a good meal perk us up and off we go again. The rounds only count our laughs while the sperm whales remain hidden. Only our favorite vélelles will be visible. A mola mola very quickly gave us a hello with his fin. Some birds will be the witnesses of our arrival at Badine for our last night. No more translucent water as far as the eye can see, no more horizon to watch for a breath. Back to reality. The last evening on the water promises to be famous: aperitif, pizza, good humor and everything ...

Friday July 30

Wake up early, we are broken at this rate!
Another magnificent sunrise, enough to give us enthusiasm to return to port and wash our house for the week.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 43

Shipping of 31 06 July to August 2021 from Hyères

Saturday July 31 Arrival aboard the Diapason

After receiving the races and storing supplies, the crew's first lunch then sailed across to the island of Port Cros and Bagaud. Buoy 54 was waiting for us as the forecast forecast is very windy .;
Swimming between the 2 islands, in the middle of fish: (oblades, bugs, sarrans) and incredible seabed. Under the song of the cigaels, masks, snorkels and fins are out to approach the edges of Bagaud. After swimming, we take the opportunity to wash with sea water, everyone is clean!
The hour of the aperitif approaches, while Céline prepares us her famous couscous with the help of Béa, we celebrate our first evening on board, well sheltered behind Bagaud.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 47

Sunday August 1: windy!

Stormy night, awakening to the sound of the breakfast wind rocked by the well-formed waves. On the horizon, the sea billows and whitens. At 9 o'clock, Céline's briefing on the flora, fauna, and relief of the Mediterranean, studious and instructive. The wind strengthens during the meal, but the sun remains with us. The day goes by in peace while waiting for the wind to drop. Reading, games, nap then fish survey.
Anne-Juliette introduces us to the basics of gypsy dance, which whets our appetites. We are all hungry: aperitif and pasta with pesto, garlic and tomatoes for all followed by an excellent apple pie, not appreciated by Jo because of the spices.
In the dishes, Jo and Louis. Another day to wait for the wind to drop.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 46

Monday August 2: still at anchor in Bagaud

The wind has dropped a little, but the swell is there. Wake up at 7:00 am for the early risers (Béa and Françoise), then little by little, the rest of the crew opens an eye. Breakfast, swimming for some, then at 9:00 am, topo for Céline's observations. How to use the iPad, make observations, etc ... Technical and rigorous topo for the Obs en Mer application at expert level. Meal and afternoon of rest.
Exercises to learn to use the parametric binoculars, to take bearings with the compass and to gauge the distance. We have time...
Evening ritual: aperitif and meal .; we are talking about the day of tomorrow with the possibility of making observations finally, hope is reborn! Are we finally going to be able to work ?! Too much rest is tiring.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 49

Tuesday August 3

Swimming and breakfast. The sea is beautiful and good. We leave around 8:00 to - finally - make obs
Direction Cap Sicié, full wide.
Well, we have to make it obvious, not much to see: shearwaters, in small groups, perched on the water and yaying, Stenella dolphins twice. Some will come in bow spotting, but today they have better things to do and are clearly snubbing us. The clouds are more present, it is not really hot for the beginning of August!
Arrival at anchor in La Ciotat for the night. Céline (yes, always her) cooked us revisited Spanish-style lentils, it's time to have a drink (yes, again, the missions are convivial). Evelyne takes the opportunity to beat up Françoise with white wine, Bea finds us a corner of the sky "tachiste", in short, we are all in good shape! Go, meals and dishes to end the day. Tomorrow, we set sail at 5:00 am to take advantage of the last weather window.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 44

Wednesday August 4

Jo set his alarm clock: 5:00; sharp, we leave La Ciotat, heading due south. Around 6:00 the sea is oil, a little misty, we almost confuse the sky and the sea, barely a horizon line. Little by little, the crew gets up, this is the last opportunity to see cetaceans today! Around 9:30 am, dolphins in sight. A small group passes quietly nearby, there are juveniles, Tursiops! Too beautiful ... After 30 minutes of observation, we head back to Porquerolles because the weather is changing quickly and unfavorably. On the way, dolphins again, just before the change of watch shift, then suddenly Françoise sees a breath! We are diverted towards the animal, we all see - finally - the breaths: it is a sperm whale! He does not give us the opportunity to come towards him, he is preparing to probe, allowing us to see his tail well. We are pleased.
The rain is coming, it was expected, damn, a little too early for our liking. Porquerolles approaches, on the road we cross a Mola-Mola, very close to the boat but stealthy. Arrival at the port to fill up with diesel, but all places are taken, so we leave to anchor at Badine, under a downpour. Jo teaches us that facing the wind, the squall always falls to the right! Thanks Coriolis.
Small bath for the non-chilly in the anchorage bay. Preparation of the meal for Claire and Jo; Bea is in Mojitos. There you have it, last meal on board before returning to port, earlier than expected because of the weather. The wind is rising, it's cold. Everyone to bed at 22:15 pm.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 50

Thursday August 5

Wake up around 07 a.m. Breakfast. Around 00 a.m. we leave for the port of Hyeres. Arrival, we shower, do laundry and we start tidying up little by little and lunch. The sound environment: songs from Jo ... laughs from Louis who watches you tube videos, Céline and the noise of the kitchen .....

cybelle 2021 notebooks 48

07 expedition to 13 August from Hyères

Saturday 07 August 2021

We meet around 10 am in Hyeres after having all met, we head for Cap Brégançon where we anchor all afternoon. We bathe, we take advantage, we are given topos. Jo tells us that we will not be able to start observing until Monday. We for the night at La Favière. We do it the right way. Everyone participates and divides the tasks.

Participants: Lucie (eco-guide), Jo (Skipper), Marion, Dominique, Wumfran, Tiphaine, Camille, Eleonore, Laurianne.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 51

Sunday August 8

We take advantage of our place in the morning, then we anchor at Capcamarat where we also spend the night. The day goes by quickly, we eat and go to bed early because the next day, Jo gets up at 5 am to go offshore for observation. Tiphaine and Domi are seasick and Marion and Lucie have a sort of flu.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 52

Monday 9 August 

1st day of observation. We do the shifts all together in the morning. We see a sleeping fin whale, which we observed for some time. We also saw a juvenile loggerhead turtle, recognizable by the picques on its back. As well as 2 jellyfish, exocets and dolphins, including a baby.
And of course, unfortunately, we saw garbage.

We are all very happy with the observations and quickly take control of the tablet. We anchor Juan les Pins where we all bathe together. A good rest and a well-deserved aperitif We witness a very beautiful sunset, followed by beautiful stars.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 53

Tuesday August 10

Morning at anchor because there is too much wind. Around 13 p.m., we set off again, despite the ripples. The cetaceans were not out. We had considered going to sleep offshore but it fell into the water. (lol). We spent the night in the Lerens Islands, more precisely in the north of the Ile Ste Marguerite. We could hear the crickets and a few beaufs with music in the distance.
It was a great anchorage with the water at a nice temperature, unlike other anchorages where we thought we were in the Atlantic. In the evening, we ate mozzarella tomato salad + goat cheese zucchini quiche, it was very good.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 54

Wednesday 11 August 

Full day of exploration from 7:30 am, we start our shift. The sea is peaceful. We are full of optimism. The hours go by when suddenly a breath appears: a fin whale is on the hunt. He keeps probing and that makes photography difficult for Lucie. Our navigation continues. We adapt to the movements of the sea. To its changes which never cease to surprise us. The wind, the swell, the waves, everything is in perpetual transformation. The day by 2 distant breaths that we will not see again, by twenty passing jellyfish, which color our observations and our expectations. Towards the last quarter fatigue is felt, we lose hope, the sun begins to descend which makes observations difficult.
But suddenly, an oblique breeze appears in the distance: we first think of a whale because the wind is strong and this may have diverted its breath. After all this suspense, we are happy to observe our first sperm whale. Alas, when we approach, he probes. We can then observe its dorsal and its caudal. He is majestic.
After this day, rich in twists and turns, we find Cape Camarat. We splash around while our dear Lucie prepares us her polenta. Friendly and joyful meal like every evening under the sign of sharing laughter and guacamole, prepared with love by the crew.
We are fortunate to have a wonderful starry sky and the return of distant humidity and mist.
The cicadas rock us, the swell is weak.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 55

Thursday August 12 

We leave from Cap Camarat around 7:30 am; We meet a group of dolphins from Risso that we follow for about thirty minutes. We see blue and white dolphins later in the day. Last evening all together anchoring in the bay of Capte. Swimming, dinner with a delicious Dahl, tableware with a headlamp and good humor.

Small song written after meeting the Cachalot (to be sung to the tune of Le lion est mort ce soir)
where is the sperm whale
he hid in the water
in the sea, the great sea
I could see his breath
- owiiiiihihihiobambowé -
He probed in the deep water,
showing us his tail
and nothing, not even a click
we are still looking for him
- chorus -
but we made a meeting
most miraculous
beautiful dolphins of Risso
they were at least thirty
- refain -
thank you the sea, our great sea
for all these animals
whales and jellyfish
and even a small torute

Ameridian song sung on the bridge during an observation (song transmitted to westerners)
Oh great mother, I hear your call
Oh grade mother, I hear your song
Oh grandmother, I hear your laughter
Oh grandmother, I saw your tears

Ancient Mother, I hear your calling
Ancient Mother, I hear your song
Ancient Mother, I hear your laugther
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears

Ola mamma, wa ha su kola
Ola mamma, wa ha su wam
Ola mamma, wa ha su ha ha ha
Ola mamma, ta te kaye

Thank you !!! <3

cybelle 2021 notebooks 57

14 expedition to 20 August from Hyères

Saturday August 14, 2021

Port of Hyères> La Badine
Meet at 10am at the port of Hyères where the boat sets sail. We take delivery of the groceries then we leave for Badine. The volunteers take their bearings on the boat. Jo does the "Safety" briefing. Everyone introduces himself. Then, Lucie makes the topo of the observations.
Anchorage at Badine.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 58

Sunday 15 August 2021

La Badine> Cap Camarat
Jo our skipper starts the boat at 5 a.m. When we wake up, we are in the middle of the sea. A little coffee and hop on deck! 8:30 am and already a group of dolphins appears in the distance. Jo changes course towards them. The dolphins brush the boat. We see them very well (15), young and old. Too handsome ! In total, we saw about sixty dolphins, shearwaters, etc.
The sea is too rough. There are too many sheep to be able to continue the observations. Seasickness for some. We headed to Cap Camarat to spend the night. We were able to admire the fireworks of Saint-Tropez and Pompelonne.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 59

Monday 16 August 2021

Cap Camarat> La Garoupe
Up 7:30 am for a departure under the sun. Observations start at 8 a.m.
RAS wildlife level unfortunately. The swell and the wind picked up at the start of the afternoon (Beaufort 3). We finally came back to the coast for anchorage.
We aimed at Ile Sainte Marguerite but ultimately too popular with luxury yachts and many party boaters.
We moved towards Antibes Bay, but again the swell picked up, knocking out a lot of people. Finally Jo found us a refuge at La Garoupe, a great anchorage spot for the night with a view of Nice in the distance. And relatively diverse underwater fauna.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 63

Tuesday 17 August 2021

La Garoupe> Cap Camara
Departure around 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Time for a swim and a breakfast before departure.
Full day of observation but unfortunately few species unfortunately. All the same a sperm whale seen by Jo, the time to get closer we observe its beautiful dorsal. Also a beautiful drifting Loggerhead turtle.
We therefore only returned at 18:45 p.m. to Cap Camarat, under the clouds of smoke from the fires of the Var, leaving a very orange sun, sadly beautiful, from 19 p.m.
We will also wake up with a slight smell of burning.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 60

Wednesday August 18 2021

Cap Camarat> Anse Cavalaire
Departure around 7:30 am for a half-day observation. Climatic conditions remain difficult offshore (wind and swell). Few animals observed.
We stay at anchor in the afternoon.
- snorkeling;
- explanations from Lucie before and after the underwater hike on what we are going to observe;
- training on cetaceans.
- The funds are clear and near the rocks we can see:
- castagnoles, sars, peacock wreaths, saupes, 1 newt, 2 starfish, 1 tomato anemone, padine, sponge, posidonia and lots of sea urchins !!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 62

Thursday 19 August 2021

Cavalaire Bay> La Capte
Departure around 8 am for a new day of observation: several sperm whales observed, two turtles, shearwaters. The swell was still present but the climatic conditions improved compared to the previous days.
Stop at the Porquerolles service station to refuel and then head to the La Capte anchorage.
Friday August 20, 2021
La Capte> Port of Hyères
Wake up around 7am to return to the port of Hyères. The mission ends

cybelle 2021 notebooks 61

21 expedition to 27 August from Hyères

Saturday August 21, 2021

We had an appointment at 10 am at the port of Hyères. Last arrival: Célia, and not the most banal of arrivals (comrade in the galley!). After his incredible story and the delivery of the groceries, we left the port. We sailed until 14 p.m. to reach the Giens peninsula where we anchored. After the safety / mission / seasickness management aprem topos of Maëlys / topos how to rebel, we discovered that Guillaume was a stomach on (UP) legs. Then we looked at the stars and then slept.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 64

Sunday 22 August 2021

We weighed anchor at 7am, direction Saint Trop '!! From 7 a.m. to 14 p.m., Maëlys happily endured the swell ... For a quarter of an hour, we watched the horizon to warm up. Apart from shearwaters, macrodehets and vessels, nothing in sight. Our observations ended following a force 4 wind. To keep busy, Guillaume and Guy worked their knots in the sea, while Maëlys courageously and artistically cleaned the cockpit, trying not to go overboard. We arrived at Canoubiers Bay where we enjoyed our first swim. Roselyne took the opportunity to cook us a VERY good chocolate cake. After a good meal, we observed the full moon (red).

cybelle 2021 notebooks 65

Monday 23 August 2021 

Departure at dawn (5 hours), direction the open sea to look for the whales of the canyons. Stormy morning which incapacitated 80% of the crew but during lunch, Antoine spots a whale! And all of a sudden, everyone is doing better! We spent half an hour watching it blow before probing and then ascending. Moment out of time. During the afternoon, the sea calmed down (Beaufort 4 to 0), which allowed us to observe two turtles then several blue and white dolphins. For the night, anchor at the Lérins Islands. Evening swim in translucent water, which allowed us to recover the soap that had gone to train the big dive.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 66

Tuesday 24 August 2021

We left at 7 o'clock in the direction of the open sea, to see the sperm whales that were not there ... But, however, we were lucky to see dolphins twice: the first time, there were five and they came play bow! What a nice surprise ! Then, a few minutes later, these blues and whites returned, two in number this time. Stopping the engine for the lunch break, which made it possible to bathe in cyan blue water 1300 meters deep. Gorgeous! Afternoon to observe the sperm whales but in vain, it is the storm that we found (thanks to Elen, you will stop singing). We still got to see dolphins. After the storm, we took the direction of Brégançon where we observed a magnificent sunset and eat pizzas.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 67

Wednesday August 25 2021

Last day of navigation and observation: departure at 5 am. We sailed west in search of the last cetaceans of our week. Not very fruitful morning, it must be said that with a submarine in the area, there was little chance of seeing anything ... But that was without counting our afternoon of madness! Dolphins, sperm whales and whales were present. We were lucky enough to see blue and white dolphins six times. Around 17:30 p.m., a sperm whale surprised us jumping not far from the horizon. We decided to go to his territory to see it more closely, but he had decided otherwise and sent us his buddy the whale not far from us, who then probed to disappear in this deep blue. We continued the observations until nightfall and luckily another sperm whale appeared for a few seconds, the time to breathe and probe. A magnificent sunset in full navigation accompanied by a few dolphins. We then sailed at night, under a starry sky (incredible) to reach the port of Hyères because the wind was picking up and Antoine, our skipper, decided to bring us back safe and sound despite his hard week in our very musical company (laughs) ). Arrival at 1 am in Hyères with four sailors still awake to take advantage of the last hours of navigation.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 68

Thursday 26 August 2021 

Sleeping in after our late arrival the day before and no navigation because it was impossible to navigate with the wind announced. Roselyne, first up and mother of this group, went to get us some fresh bread for breakfast. Everyone got up and prepared at their own pace, then we wrote our logbook on the computer, played PERUDO (board game) and quietly cooked. The wind picked up little by little during the morning which gave us pretty boat hooks (discovery of the use of "zodiacs-rams") in the port, it must be said that the battlements and rear steps are not are not so easy with the wind. Topos evolutions of cetaceans and underwater life planned for the afternoon as well as sale of t-shirts to bring back nice memories. Then, some were able to enjoy a last swim at the beach of Hyères while others took advantage of a good shower, so much desired, at the harbor master's office. Antoine prepared us a meal worthy of a chef (especially with the final touch: basil) while the beach attendants are FINALLY going to take a shower, it was time ... Return to the boat for a drink: MOJITO with the carefully prepared program by Roselyne then couscous revisited by Antoine. Last evening on board, in joy and good humor, exchange of photos (10 gigabytes of video, thank you Maëlys), Kem's, Perudo, carp jump ...

To end this lovely stay, he owes us to thank Lucie, our eco-guide, sparkling and invested, as well as Antoine, our skipper for his investment and his humor.

Roselyne, Christophe, Guillaume, Guy, Célia, Maëlys, Colombe and Elen.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 69

August 28 expedition to 03 September from Hyères

Saturday, August 28

Arrival at the boat for everyone: meeting the crew, eco-guide, skipper. A good atmosphere to prepare for departure. The crew of Antoine (skipper), Lucie (eco-guide, Marcn Orianne, Juliette, Marina, Christine, Samy and Cyril promise to be exceptional, even legendary. We were able to leave the port early in the afternoon. Noon, after an accident in the port (explosion and fire of a motor boat) which delayed us slightly but fortunately did not reach "Diapason" (name of our boat). Direction mooring in Porquerolles by sail! at the end of the day: relaxation, swimming, topos and above all good humor!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 70

Sunday, August 29

Departure of the boat at 5 am (thank you Antoine) to start the observation all together at 7:30 am. No sooner had the time to take control of the tablet and the “obs at sea” application than white and blue dolphins came to swim on the bow! Superb start to the week! Barely a little more waiting for other dolphins to cross our path. Later in the morning, we had the chance to meet around fifteen Risso dolphins! Young dolphins and older ones almost all banks of scars ... They swam quietly at the front of the boat, all in style! One of them greeted us by striking his tail fin: "Paf Paf Splash". And we on our side: “Wow !! ". Apart from that we saw a school of tunas pass by in the morning. After the lunch break, we admired a quite majestic skate jump. Then, we approached a sperm whale which was on our whole and which sounded as we approached. Apart from a few breaths, we just saw the tail, already incredible! Knowing the big beast in the area, we stopped our engine and then listened to the clicks on the hydrophone of 2 sperm whales, more or less fast depending on their activity (hunting, capture ...). Some songs of dolphins were mixed with this listening. What a beautiful concert! Right after this episode, we passed a dead squid on the surface, about 40 cm. A remnant of the sperm whale hunt?
The rest of the day was quieter (birds, a few dolphin ridges in the distance) even though we still passed a loggerhead turtle. At the end of the day, swimming in the open sea, delicious meals and setting up night watch towers. And yes, this evening we are spending the night in the open sea! Direction Calvi!
A rich first day of observation with lots of great encounters!

cybelle 2021 notebooks 73

Monday August 30

The moral of the day: don't be late for work.
Apart from Marc, who met a frightening beast in the middle of his night (while sleeping!), No incident to report.
The first observation shift begins at 7 a.m. facing a sunrise over the silhouette of Corsica. 7:01 am, first sperm whale breath, we turn away from our road. It was in fact a group of 1 sperm whales: 5 adults and a young. The adults were trying to teach the youngster to sound, so they made us a ballet of their caudals all around the boat. The youngster called by hitting his tail at each departure of the adults. After 4h1 to "watch the sperm whale" and more than 20 photos, we finally had all the necessary photos. We resumed our journey, leaving the young sperm whale to his laborious apprenticeship. Second and 300rd observation shift: 3 bird and 1 waste to report ...
The sea passes at Beaufort 4 and saves us from these sterile observations. On the way sailing to the Revelata anchorage near Calvi. Quick lunch and topo on what we could find next in a snorkeling hike before leaving to discover it with our own eyes following Lucie. Perfect illustration of the topo underwater with the little extra of the abalone cemetery!
The port of Calvi does not want us, we return to anchor for the night, but it will only be better given its idyllic setting.

cybelle 2021 notebooks 74

Tuesday August 31

Relaxing day in the Calvi cove (<3). Observations will resume in the Calvi canyon the next day thanks to good weather on Wednesday and "the hope of seeing whales" according to Lucie. The weather report is therefore fixed, everyone goes about their business: swimming, sunbathing, cleaning, sorting photos ...
After a great lunch ending with a magnificent marbled air, soft, exquisite signed Christine, we move on to the topo "evolution of cetaceans". Sirenians, pinnipeds, cetaceans, mysticetes, odontocetes ... A whole wonderful family!
We continue the afternoon on an underwater hike: "voles" (castagnoles), "chanterelles" (girelles) bathe by the hundreds!
After a good dinner in front of the sunset, the crazy people of Perudo resume the game despite a navigation that will resume at 2am and sports observation quarters throughout the night ...

cybelle 2021 notebooks 75

Wednesday September 1

Day 5 for “the exceptional or even legendary crew”, or the day they become legendary.
Early departure at 2 a.m. for the last day of obs.
Objective of the day: approach the whales!

Small appetizer from 7am to 9am with dolphins and a Mediterranean shearwater. Then it's the big parade, a real festival: in summary, 2 turtles, 3 tuna hunts, acrobatic dolphins, an inflatable giraffe (Gisèle, immediately adopted by the crew), jumping rays, 30 velelles , but especially 16 approaches of whales (and I certainly forget some!). Juliette is on the verge of burnout! That makes a ton of whales per hour! What luck !
In the 16th whale, a slight wind of "blasitude" is felt:
- the whale: "pschhhiiit" (whale breath)
- Christine (sipping her ti-punch): "pfffff ..." (sigh of weariness).
And it's only fair if Marc doesn't offer us a Perudo!

To end with a flourish, a little swim against a backdrop of whales for the more "reckless". Then it's dinner and, of course, the Perudo!

PS: Thank you Christine for the good yogurt and apple cake!

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Thursday September 2

After a night at sea under sail, we arrive at Queen Jeanne's anchorage next to Fort Brégançon around 10am. No observations on the program due to a strong wind, but a new beautiful cove to discover. We have lunch and set off to explore by swimming and in annex for some, under the eyes of the soldiers of the fort. Quiet afternoon, followed by a conference by Lucie on orcas which gives ideas for new eco-volunteering missions to the whole group to protect these cetaceans. We have our last dinner at sunset then game night in sight.