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2020 Register by yourself or go through a platform

Ecovolunteering: should you register by yourself or go through a specialized platform?

Do eco-volunteering, yes, but how do you find a mission? And how can you be sure to choose a project that really matches your values?

2020 donate animals cybelle planet

How to give effectively for wild animals?

Do you want to participate in the preservation of the wildlife essential to our ecosystem? Eco-volunteering allows you to really take action.

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The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea represents an important part of the world's marine biodiversity (7,5% of fauna and 18% of flora) with only 0,8% of the ocean surface.

threatened species

What is an endangered species?

Amazonian volunteering

Volunteering for the Amazonian Forest

thailand elephants CybellePlanete 1

Eco-volunteering vs other words?

photo identification

Photo-identification of cetaceans

French Polynesia Cetaceans PamelaCarzon 3

= Tourism eco-volunteering?

Peru drill CybellePlanete3

Green and responsible transportation solutions

elephants thailand

Animal tourism in Thailand, a plague for elephants

aircraft, copyright Pamela Reyes

Carbon offsetting & air transport

swimming dolphins

Swimming with dolphins, what impact?

AF Vervet CybellePlanete 3

Tourism and Biodiversity

Tourism impact

responsible travel cybelle planet

10 tips for a responsible travel mode

Mongolia horses MarianeLacote

Biodiversity: definition and challenges

ecovolontariat amazon forest in peru, cybelle planet

10 points to better understand eco-volunteering