2021 02 Iberian wolf thematic dossier Cybelle Planete

The Iberian wolf, a subspecies to protect

The Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus), also known as the Spanish wolf, is a subspecies of the gray wolf. Once very present on the Iberian Peninsula (its only location), it is now threatened with extinction.

2020 volunteerism volunteering animal cybelle planete

Abuse of voluntourism: beware of amalgamations

What is voluntourism? Why is reform needed? Explanations.

ecovolontariat amazon forest in peru, cybelle planet

10 points to better understand eco-volunteering

What is eco-volunteering exactly? Keys to see more clearly.

2020 Register by yourself or go through a platform

Ecovolunteering: should you register by yourself or go through a specialized platform?

Do eco-volunteering, yes, but how do you find a mission? And how can you be sure to choose a project that really matches your values?

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The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea represents an important part of the world's marine biodiversity (7,5% of fauna and 18% of flora) with only 0,8% of the ocean surface.

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How to give effectively for wild animals?

Do you want to participate in the preservation of the wildlife essential to our ecosystem? Eco-volunteering allows you to really take action.

citizen science

Participatory Science

What is participatory science? What are they for ? Learn more about the implications of Cybelle Planète in participatory sciences.

threatened species

What is an endangered species?

How do you define a species as threatened? What are the IUCN Red List of Species categories and criteria? What are the other lists? 

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Eco-volunteering vs other words?

eco-volunteering, nature volunteering, nature workcamp, participatory science, international volunteering, what are the differences?

Amazonian volunteering

Volunteering for the Amazonian Forest

Why and how to protect the Amazon rainforest? Focus on eco-volunteering missions in Peru dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.

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= Tourism eco-volunteering?

What is the definition of eco-volunteering and that of tourism? What does the use of the term tourism imply? Better understand the nuances that differentiate these two terms.

photo identification

Photo-identification of cetaceans

What is the photo-identification of cetaceans used for? How to use the clichés? Which species are studied and what are the results? Big plan.

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Green and responsible transportation solutions

What is the ecological footprint? Why should we prefer eco-responsible transport? What are the most ecological means of transport? 

mangrove swamp

What is a wetland?

Why do we need to protect wetlands? What are they for? Zoom on an eco-volunteering mission dedicated to the protection of these CO2 sinks and the planting of mangroves in Benin.

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carbon and air transport compensation

What is the impact of air travel on climate change? How does carbon offsetting work and what to think about it?

elephants thailand

Animal tourism in Thailand, a plague for elephants

Light on the illegal elephant trade, the decline of populations and the truth about their living conditions in captivity. 

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Tourism and Biodiversity

What is the impact of tourism on biodiversity? What are the different forms of tourism that are the most respectful of the environment?

Tourism impact

swimming dolphins

Swimming with dolphins, what impact?

Swimming with dolphins, respecting nature? What are the health and relationship risks and the risks for the survival of populations? 

Mongolia horses MarianeLacote

Biodiversity: definition and challenges

What exactly is biodiversity? What are the issues? How to preserve it? Measure it? 

responsible travel cybelle planet

10 tips for a responsible travel mode

How to travel sustainable? Discover our tips!