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threatened species

What is an endangered species?

Amazonian volunteering

Volunteering for the Amazonian Forest

photo identification

Photo-identification of cetaceans

thailand elephants CybellePlanete 1

Eco-volunteering vs other words?

Many people still have confusion between different terms: eco-volunteering, nature volunteering, nature projects, participatory sciences, international volunteering, etc.

elephants thailand

Animal tourism in Thailand, a plague for elephants

Peru drill CybellePlanete3

Green and responsible transportation solutions

swimming dolphins

Swimming with dolphins, what impact?

aircraft, copyright Pamela Reyes

Carbon Compensation & air transport

responsible travel cybelle planet

10 tips for a responsible travel mode

AF Vervet CybellePlanete 3

Tourism and Biodiversity

Tourism impact

ecovolontariat amazon forest in peru, cybelle planet

10 points to better understand eco-volunteering

Mongolia horses MarianeLacote

Biodiversity: definition and challenges