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Green and responsible transportation solutions

Ecological footprint :

The ecological footprint is a way to measure the pressure exerted on Human Nature.

Eco-friendly transportation:

Even going to the other side of the world we can reduce our ecological footprint:

  • Limiting flights and / or optimizing these trips, preferring the train as soon as possible;
  • By increasing the time spent on the spot, and by choosing the least energy-intensive transport for non-renewable energy to move around the place of the mission;

To maximize your time on site you can also do several ecovolunteer missions on a single trip. We offer several missions in some countries such as Benin, or Thailand.

We will help you make reservations that take into account the transfer time between missions.

Take stock by comparing the different means of transport


Taking the train contributes on average to emit 6 times less CO2 than by taking the plane *. It is the most ecological and economical means of transport, to use as soon as this option is offered to you.

For example, if you want to cross Europe or go to Mongolia, you can borrow the Trans-Siberian!


 Calculate your GHG emissions before planning your trip. Cybelle Planète realizes that the plane remains the least ecological means of transport. 

Ferries / Boats

The Slow Travel movement, an idea derived from the Slow Food movement, promotes the idea of ​​taking your time, of promoting slow methods of transport. It's a way of discovering the landscapes, of meeting the local populations who travel aboard ferries, a way of coming to terms with the real distance that separates us between here and there! As soon as the option presents itself, favor the boat or ferry over the plane, and enjoy the adventure.


According to Ademe's figures, taking the bus consumes roughly 140 kilograms of CO2 and 30 kilos less energy than the car. To go to work, to get around in your own city or abroad, this mode of transport is more economical and ecological, especially when you are alone in your car. While traveling, driving in a country with a traffic code different from ours can reveal some apprehensions. Especially if you are tired of jet lag or the like. We therefore advise you to take the local buses, and especially not to hesitate to get in touch with the locals!


Obviously few of us can get to the mission location by bike! However, once there, you can rent a bike to get around the mission. Much less polluting than the bus or the car for example, this represents a real additional autonomy, at low cost! More Information

This is your 1ère ecovolunteer experience?

In case you want to test eco-volunteering with a short-term mission, we recommend, if possible, to start with a Travel in Europe or while serving a mission as part of your trip on another continent.

* See the article Voyage voyage (But possibly not by plane!)