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Ecovolunteering: should you register by yourself or go through a specialized platform?

Do eco-volunteering, yes, but how do you find a mission? And how can you be sure to choose a project that really matches your values?

Register directly for an eco-volunteering mission

Nothing prevents you from finding on your own a local NGO that welcomes volunteers. You will easily find addresses on the internet. All you need to do is contact the structure that interests you and organize your trip yourself.

Before you decide, and so that your mission does not turn into a nightmare, pay attention. As everywhere the drifts exist. Some organizations are unscrupulous and many Western ecovolunteers unknowingly support not very commendable practices and / or pay the price for their credulity.

Whether in Africa or Asia, several scandals have come to light. Like these fake missions offering to take care of baby lions destined in reality for breeding farms feeding trophy hunting networks (a shameful practice also known as closed hunting or canned hunting). Or these so-called sanctuaries which claim to offer a well-deserved retirement to elephants rescued from mass tourism or forced labor but which, in reality, continue to exploit them.

It is also difficult to control for yourself the scientific seriousness of a project and the real effectiveness of eco-volunteers in the field.. Still too many international volunteer missions are in fact simple ecotourism trips in disguise where the help of ecovolunteers does not participate in real conservation biology programs. Counting animals, yes, but find out the purpose! 

Go through an eco-volunteering platform

The eco-volunteering platforms are specialized structures. Associations or companies, they reference voluntary organizations or select missions themselves. In addition to offering a considerable saving of time, they are, for future ecovolunteers, an additional guarantee as to the quality and the seriousness of the proposed projects. True experts in the sector, they bring the assurance of truly useful and responsible volunteering.

Several eco-volunteering platforms exist each offering their own specificities and advantages:

  • Personalized advice : when the platforms are in direct relation with the projects, they can advise you effectively, taking into account your expectations and the conditions of participation specific to each mission.
  • tax deduction : some structures are recognized as being of general interest because they work for the protection of the environment. As such, they can allow you to benefit from a tax deduction of 66% maximum of the sums paid for your participation.
  • Tourism accreditation: more than a simple administrative certification, this accreditation allows platforms that have it to offer you specific travel insurance which will allow you to be reimbursed in the event of cancellation for example. In addition, its platforms are subject to legal obligations protecting travelers.

10 good reasons to choose Cybelle Planète

Since 2005, the participatory ecology association Cybelle Planète has been supporting people wishing to take concrete action for the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of biodiversity.

True specialist in eco-volunteering, Cybelle Planète selects and evaluates all missions that it offers according to strict criteria. Each project is subject to a rigorous and in-depth selection which takes into account many elements (scientific references, relevance of the program on local biodiversity, respect for animals, supervision and safety conditions of ecovolunteers, impact of the project on the local economy, respect for socio-economic and environmental balances, prices reasonable, ecological operation…). She is also in direct and permanent contact with the projects.

By registering for an eco-volunteering mission with Cybelle Planète, you are helping a conservation project in the field led by environmental specialists (researchers, managers of natural areas, etc.). You also demonstrate your commitment to the environment by financially supporting the project you are joining through the payment ofa biodiversity donation. This donation, included in mission expenses and tax deductible, allows the program to pursue its actions over the long term. .

Going through Cybelle Planète means:

  1. Projects selected and evaluated regularly
  2. Ethical commitments with the charters of eco-volunteering and eco-volunteers
  3. Un more sustainable mode of travel
  4. Un transparent and committed project
  5. Rigorous scientific expertise
  6. Professional support (tourism approval)
  7. Personalized advice
  8. Eligible missions to eco-solidarity leave for companies and their employees
  9. A fair and equitable biodiversity donation
  10. The possibility of benefiting from a tax deduction

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