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Eco-volunteering vs other words?

Many people still have confusion between different terms: eco-volunteering, nature volunteering, nature projects, participatory sciences, international volunteering, etc.

Volunteering / Volunteering

Voluntary work

« The volunteer is the one who freely engages to carry out a self-employed action, not subject to the obligation of the law, outside his professional and family time". Volunteering is therefore a freely given and free gift of self.

Volunteering differs from other legal situations such as:
• Salaried
• Associative volunteering

Statutory voluntary service, governed by a specific law

  • The volunteer commits himself formally (by contract), for a limited period, full-time, for a mission of general interest;
  • The volunteer, in return for this commitment, receives an indemnity that is not comparable to a salary;
  • Volunteering is derogatory to the labor code;
  • The voluntary contract does not imply a relationship of subordination.

This concerns:
> International Solidarity Volunteering (ISV)
> Civil Volunteers (Civic Service Contract)
> Associative Volunteering

Construction Nature / Volunteer Nature

It groups 5 with 20 people, at a given date and place, for a specific mission, related to biodiversity. It is carried by a local structure and concerns a local and punctual commitment. The financial contribution of the volunteer is limited in this case to the cost of stay (meals and accommodation) - less than 20 € per day - in addition to transport to the meeting place.
Ex: restoration of banks, creation of ponds, laying of fences or bridges, clearing of brush, collection of seeds, plantations, mowing, improvement of the landscape, restoration of chestnut groves.

participatory sites

It's about volunteering on farms in organic farming, sheepfolds, shared gardens ... The volunteer joins an existing project (site) for a given time to learn and help daily. The financial contribution of the volunteer is limited in this case to the expenses of stay (meals and lodging), in addition to the transport to the place of rendezvous.

Participatory Science / citizen science

Participatory sciences are programs involving citizen participation as part of a scientific approach: networks of observers, collection of information on fauna / flora ... The contribution of volunteers / observers is generally free and free.
Ex: Vigie-Nature, Cybelle Mediterranean, Observatory of the Seasons ....

Sources used:

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