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= Tourism eco-volunteering?

Definition of tourism:

Tourism includes activities that people undertake while traveling and staying in places outside of their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes ". Source:
« Action to travel, to visit a site for pleasure - All activities, techniques used for travel and leisure stays ". Source

Definition of eco-volunteering

There is no official definition of eco-volunteering. Cybelle Planet has carried out project to achieve a definition of eco-volunteering in 2014. The latter was developed in a participatory way by nearly 400 participants.

« Ecovolunteerism is a solidarity and participative action that consists in helping, in his spare time, a project related to the preservation and enhancement of animal, plant, environmental and cultural diversity. The ecovolunteer is a committed citizen and volunteer and can not, as such, receive financial compensation for his actionot. "

Registration requirement

The tourism code (law 2009-888 of 24 July 2009) imposes the registration in the Register of the Operators of Travels and Stay. This also applies to associations (Atout France)1 . The registration of a natural or legal person established in France2 is compulsory to carry on the activity of operator of trips and stays. The same applies to any natural or legal person who is a national of a Member State of the European Union and settles in France to carry out this activity.

What does the use of the term tourism mean?

The sales activities of trips and stays present physical and pecuniary risks. Registration in the register of travel and holiday operators aims to control as much as possible these risks by subjecting the operators to obligations of financial guarantee, professional liability insurance and professional aptitude.

Clearly, the fact that the ecovolunteer organization has a registration in the Register of Travel Operators and Stay is the guarantee for eco-volunteers that the organizer of their mission has financial guarantees, the necessary professional aptitude the organization of travel, and that the mission can be guaranteed by travel insurance / cancellation.

French associations and NGOs are subject to the obligation to have a registration in the register of operators of trips and stays as soon as they organize trips that do not fit into one of these frameworks: travel on the occasion of General Assembly, exceptional trip or related to operation3. This registration must be clearly displayed by the structures that have them.

1 Reminder of the new rules of the profession of travel and holiday operators - 05 / 07 / 2012

2Extracts from the French Tourism Code

Article L211-1 of the Tourism Code - Modified by 2009 LAW 888-22 July 2009 - art. 1

I.- This chapter applies to natural or legal persons who engage or assist, whatever the modalities of their remuneration, the operations consisting of the organization or sale:

a) individual or group trips or stays;

(b) Services that may be provided on the occasion of travel or stays, including the issue of tickets, the booking of rooms in hotel establishments or tourist accommodation and the issue of accommodation vouchers or restoration; ...

IV.-Associations and non-profit organizations may carry out all or part of the operations mentioned in I in favor of their members. ....

3 Tourism Code - article L211-18