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The citizen science are at the heart of the actions of Cybelle Planète ! Always with the desire to give all citizens the opportunity to actively participate in the protection of biodiversity, the association promotes participatory developing innovative and accessible common tools.

In the program :


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OBSenMER: A network for observers and offshore data collectors.

This major project was initiated in 2015 by Cybelle PlanèteIn partnership with GECC, the aim to establish an extensive network of amateur observers and professionals on the wide biodiversity. The OBSenMER network covers a large part of French waters: Mediterranean, Channel-Atlantic, West Indies, Guyana ... and all data is freely shared with the user community.
Cybelle Planète administers OBsenMER Mediterranean Sea. It thus provides the greatest number its observer experience at sea and widely tested and approved protocols. Data collection comes in three levels of opportunist observation (beginner) level to expert observation.
Cybelle Mediterranean contributes to OBSenMER network and all data collected by the contributors of our program are freely shared.

This innovative project allows an entire community (boaters, expert naturalists, data users, associations, managers, ...) to come together and work together towards a common goal, namely the knowledge and protection of marine species.

If you want to join the OBSenMER network, do not hesitate to register online

NB: We will present in more detail in our next OBSenMER network dedicated to this newsletter.

Winter #Bilan your observations

Return on your unwavering commitment in Winter, a very interesting time of year for usBecause this period remains largely unknown : Indeed there less output in winter, so less data collected. The data are very useful to the different work of researchers! The participation of boaters is paramountEspecially in winter when data are missing and where they are the only ones to significantly move things by being on the ground!
You have forwarded us fifty reporting this winter, Including: 25 dolphins, whales and sperm whales 14, 5 jellyfish, 1 mobula skate, 1 leatherback turtle, penguin torda 1, 17 pelagic fish ...

The success of this app is only due to your involvement. Feel free to talk about OBSenMER around!

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The implementation OBSenMER

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Interview Gael Evans:

How did you hear about the program Cybelle Mediterranean? What gave you the desire to contribute?

"If I remember correctly I ran an advertisement for Cybelle Mediterranean in a magazine. Having completed studies in Zoology and Environmental Biology in Britain I was always ambitious to work in the middle of the conservation or protection animal. I found myself working on private yachts in the Riviera by default. This is an industry that does not always have the best environmental values ​​but has potential in the middle of the census that is not negligible. J 'always tries to introduce the concepts of environmental with my coworkers hoping a good example can limit the environmental damage caused by this industry. I have long sought a way to contribute is in medium ideal for cetacean sightings so I was delighted to find the Mediterranean Cybelle operation there are now a few years.

You are an experienced user of the OBSenMER application. What do you particularly like this tool?

The new application has greatly facilitated the transmission of information. Being on a boat where wireless access may be limited application made my task more enjoyable by its ergonomics. Can enter the data during the transition and download it all to my arrival in port. The ability to create continuous observations is a real asset because at last I sent anything if I had not seen what happens more often than one would imagine. Without this information the data would be false if it only saves the data 'positive' information.

Do you feel actively involved in the protection of biodiversity when using OBSenMER application? And why ?

By working in the environment, volunteer services like this allow to deepen our natural knowledge and actively participate in our biodiversity. Furthermore I took the opportunity to educate the rest of my crew to likewise transmit my observations helped by the OBSenMER identification cards. I noticed a greater interest in wildlife that one crosses from it, either to whales or myths that are based on our windows ...

And your most beautiful marine observation? (Or the most significant?)

Since working on boats, memories of striking observations are numerous. Of the many pods of dolphins that are active in our bow, the Pilot whales attempting the same stunt with less success, turtles sleeping with seagulls resting on their shells or asleep sunfish. However my two favorite memories should be observing whales jumping in the east of Sardinia or the passage of two whales near the middle of a quiet night and hear their breaths ... "

We warmly thank Gael Evans for his testimony.

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#OBSenMER contest games

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The 25 first observers and users of the app were offered the latest tee Cybelle Mediterranean bearing the image of the campaign: "A finger an eye enough."

Thank you to you all for your participation and congratulations to the lucky 25:

Hub Mjbaronnodin Gilles Lanoé, Titouan, Maya.732, Neb Rene Quiqueran Gael Evans Yanaime, Cathou Marc landlubber, Julie Seguineau, Ziarafalou, Bricolly, Youille K-Dy, Francoisbenard, Pierre Jean Pareti , Cantalesa, Webtostart Anne Carlier, Pierre Jean Perrin, Gillouk, Drakkars and BbeI.


If you too would like to have in your wardrobe this nice shirt limited edition et support the Cybelle Mediterranean participatory science program, Know that it is now possible to order it. (See details below in our shop).


#New: The Tote Bag

NL 47 Photo Tee Shirt

It's time to do something useful for the planet:

Boycott plastic bags!

Use cloth bags for shopping, going to the beach etc ... In this dynamic, we have created a tote bag* (Limited edition) on the theme of the campaign "finger an eye enough."

Convenient, trendy and cute frankly, this bag will follow you everywhere, at sea and on land!

* 100% cotton
Navy blue (dark)

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Shipping in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Grand Tour Mediterranean:

This year, Cybelle Planet organizes an exceptional expedition in the Mediterranean, a Grand Tour that will take the boat Avocet of Ryme until Greece !! From Hyères through Sicily and Malta, the eco-volunteers who embark with Cybelle team will go into the South islands of Greece to admire emblematic species of the Mediterranean : The monk seal in the Greek islands, loggerhead turtles gather in waters near the nesting sites, ...

In Brief: WHY, FOR WHOM?

  • You are already a contributor Cybelle MéditerranéeThrough our website or mobile app OBSenMER ? And you want to go further collecting expert level information ?
  • You would like contribute to the monitoring of offshore wildlife and you do not have a boat ?
  • Want to discover emblematic species of the Mediterranean with a trained and passionate ecoguide? This is a unique opportunity to practice an expert level of research effort andlearn about Mediterranean marine fauna.

Embark with us to discover the wealth of wildlife Mediterranean to 10 or 15 days of sailing!

=> More shipping: Grand Tour Mediterranean
Et to track all information in real time of the Grand Tour Mediterranean, find us on the Facebook group that we created:

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Mission Cetaceans Pelagos Sanctuary:

And for those who do not have the opportunity to go more than a week, also discover the Whales Pelagos Mission, A boarding 7 days this summer in the Marine Sanctuary dedicated to marine mammals in the Western Mediterranean.
An exceptionally rich fauna is waiting off the French coast. Embark with us to explore!

=> More: Mission Pelagos Sanctuary

Questionnaire - Looking for You!

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Questionnaire citizen science:

Boaters and marine users, help us understand the place of the preservation of biodiversity in the world of yachting and water sports!

By responding to our questionnaire, we will know your motives and will reconcile them with our needs to involve as many people in the protection of the Mediterranean marine biodiversity.

You are already over 150 who responded, which is very encouraging! If you have not yet had time, please answer it, and spread it around to better improve our program and match your expectations!
This will only take 7 short minutesAnd we will be a great help!
To participate in the survey is here: SURVEY

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planet is a participatory ecology association. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or biodiversity conservation (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The lines of action of the combination being:
• The eco-volunteering with Cybelle eco-volunteering,
• Participatory science with Cybelle Méditerranée,
• Raising awareness and educating citizens to the environment and its protection,
• Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.

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