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OBSenMER, An unprecedented network of data collectors on marine wildlife.

All together and whatever the level of knowledge of each of the marine species, we can easily act to protect and preserve our marine heritage!

In the program :

  • OBSenMER, in short,
  • OBSenMER and participatory sciences,
  • The tools,
  • The values ​​of the program,
  • You too!
  • Calls for Volunteers,
  • The shop.

OBSenMER in brief


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A collaborative project dedicated to the study of marine fauna.


OBSenMER is a collaborative project dedicated to the study of marine fauna, and which is aimed at everyone: boaters, users of the sea, associations, managers and researchers.
Tools are freely available, including a mobile application, OBSenMER, to report observations of animals at sea, and an internet platform,, To manage the data and download it.

A collective project:
OBSenMER is the result of a partnership between two expert associations in the collection of data at sea, Cybelle Planète and the GECC (Study Group of Cetaceans of Cotentin).

Shared management:
OBSenMER is a network at the national level, whose management is shared according to different zones: Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Antilles, Guyana. In the Mediterranean Sea, the Cybelle Planète association is responsible for administering the OBSenMER network.




OBSenMER: A network of enthusiasts.

OBSenMER is particularly adapted to participatory science programs at sea, bringing together in a unique participative network all the marine wildlife enthusiasts, whether they are simply boaters, marine professionals or scientists.
The OBSenMER network is open to all, citizens, associations, amateur or professional naturalists, researchers, scientists, environmental managers ... If you want to participate in the gathering of information at sea or to enhance the data

1 protocol suitable for 3 observation levels:
  • Two levels of open access observation:

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=> LEVEL 1 - Point observation: To point out an observed animal at sea.

=> LEVEL 2 - Observation with effort: A careful watch of 15 minutes minimum during navigation during which observed species (or not) are reported.

  • An expert level in restricted access:

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=> LEVEL 3 - Expert level protocol: This level of participation is only available on request for those with a sufficient level of education (researchers, managers, specialized associations, Ecovolunteers ...).


Cybelle Planète : A total commitment to OBSenMER

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At the origin of the project, and co-designer of the latter with the GECC, Cybelle Planète is totally committed to this collective project which should allow a great advance in the protection of marine fauna.

  • Cybelle Planète administers OBSenMER for the Mediterranean area.
  • In the Mediterranean Sea, the participatory science program Cybelle Méditerranée (Program of the Cybelle Planète association) is dedicated mainly to the OBSenMER network. All data collected is fully shared in the OBSenMER database.




OBSenMER: Free tools!

OBSenMER offers a wide range of tools for collecting, viewing, managing, archiving and sharing information on marine fauna. All are free and free.

 NL 48 homepage sitewebOBSenMER

A common space for all OBSenMER users, with private access for everyone. In order to manage, view and download the data, it allows online observation of its observations and those of the entire community. A public map gathers the observations of the network. Each structure can manage its own network of collectors and observations.

  • A free mobile app, OBSenMER

NL 48 visual Application obsenmer

Thanks to this app, you just have to let yourself be guided to signal the animals that you met! In just a few clicks, even offshore, you can provide your feedback to the community. It is a free, fast, simple and fun way that offers the opportunity to take a citizen action to preserve our environment!

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You can consult what has been observed elsewhere or around you thanks to the maps available online.
Do you need the database for your research? Log in with a “Data User” account and download the entire database.


And for the OBSenMER contributors for the Mediterranean area:

  • A user guide for the Mediterranean area:

NL 48 2017 livretcontributeur Level1et2 


A booklet freely downloadable to understand the Mediterranean context, the stakes, the 1 and 2 level protocols proposed by OBSenMER.
  • A species identification sheet:

NL 48 board species cybelle planet

A document to print and laminate to better recognize Mediterranean species at sea. To consult without moderation on board! It brings together quality naturalistic illustrations to recognize offshore animals at first glance.

  • An OBSenMER information brochure on the Mediterranean area:

 NL 48 OBSenMER cover sheet

This information brochure is very useful for quickly understanding the network's operation in the Mediterranean area. What is it used for? Who is he talking to ? What are the tools? How to participate ? etc ... Help us spread the word about the OBSenMER network by distributing this brochure in PDF format around you.




  • Free SHARE Knowledge and promotion of citizen involvement:

To centralize and To value the involvement of each participant, a freely shared database, in the field of "public goods" (under Creative Commons CC-by-NC) gathers the collected data. The OBSenMER database is constantly fed by observations at sea reported by contributors involved in the network. Each participant has his name associated with the data he transmitted, the objective is to serve as many people as possible while promoting the work of each contributor.

  • RESPECT Of the marine fauna above all:

The vast majority of marine species observed offshore are subject to protection measures (cetaceans, sea turtles, rays and sharks, etc.) because they are considered “endangered” or “sensitive”. OBSenMER has therefore been developed in accordance with the latter: Observe animals and respect them. Several measures have been taken, including the publication of cetacean approach rules and publication of the species observed 12h after their reporting.
=> The reminder of these rules are available on the app. OBSENSE.

  • Learning and TRANSMIT :

Participating in a participatory science program is also an opportunity to Learn a lot On the topic studied.
Within reach of everyone and even the youngest (Assisted by an adult), the mobile application has identification cards which make it possible to consult the species sheets of the animals studied.
Two quizzes available on the application and also on, allow you to better recognize and know the species. Is it a whale or a sperm whale? How does the jellyfish eat? So many playful questions that will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and will allow you to share with your children the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea!




Many have already joined the OBSenMER community. No less than 530 animal observations have already been transmitted since the online release of the network in April 2016.
Like them, be part of the adventure and participate! The Mediterranean Sea is full of magnificent animals to observe, each as fascinating as the next. They ask only to be protected!
Some of you generously accompanied their observations of pictures and videos. Thank you for sharing your observations at sea.

Here are some examples of great encounters:

NL 48 Requin PlerinGreg


NL 48 MoonfishHub


NL 48 Dauphin CommunSquiz



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Become a volunteer for OBSenMER!

You don't sail? At sea as on land, everyone can help preserve the sea and its inhabitants! If you want to do more to develop the network OBSenMER Mediterranean and talk about the cause, contact us. We need volunteers to distribute posters, leaflets, stickers as widely as possible and to publicize the project throughout the Mediterranean! 

Contact : This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Like Gaël, join the movement,
Display your commitment!

Get your high quality custom OBSenMER tees today and support our community of designers!

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Prices :
Tote Bag: 10 euros (* Excluding shipping)
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Simply send us your request to: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By specifying your contact information: Name, first name, postal address, mail, number of article and size of the tee-shirt.

NB: * The shipping costs will be communicated in the estimate that we will send you following your request.


About Cybelle Planet:

OBSenMER is a program administered by Cybelle Planète in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cybelle Planet is a participatory ecology association. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or biodiversity conservation (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The lines of action of the combination being:
• Eco-volunteering with Cybelle eco-volunteering,
• Participatory sciences with Cybelle Méditerranée,
• Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
• Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.   


Copyright © 2017 / Cybelle Planète, All rights reserved.

Contact : This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.