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November 2017 - News and News

In summary :

  • No holidays for wildlife
  • Testimonies of ecovolunteers
  • It's a dream: a communication and multimedia internship in the heart of the Amazon forest!
  • Mission Peru: reduction of participation fees for registrations in November and December 2017
  • Benin: the Mono Delta Mission is waiting for you!

During the so-called "slack" periods, registrations of ecovolunteers are rarer.

Yet projects can not afford to reduce activity, because wildlife does not take a vacation. Whether for field or sanctuary monitoring, the preservation of animals is all year long and tireless. We can not remember it enough, the survival of the eco-volunteering projects of Cybelle Planète depends mainly on the support of ecovolunteerss.

This month, we have a lot of lights on missions that need your support all year long! An additional argument for taking time off during school holidays.

The wildlife sanctuary in Indonesia victim of its success.

NL 50 photo mission indonesia

This sanctuary mission offers you the opportunity to support a project that actively combats poaching. This sanctuary is located in the Indonesian archipelago of Sulawesi, a geographical area that has long been considered a central hub for illegal animal trafficking ... The species collected at the sanctuary have most often been the victims of poachers. When possible, they are reintroduced into the wild after receiving the necessary care. But most of them have no alternative but to stay at the shrinein the best possible conditions. Illegal trafficking is a scourge in this region... The number of animals confiscated by the authorities continues to increase and complicates the task of the sanctuary which is found to have to accommodate more and more animals. This multiplies the number of daily care provided to animals while the number of ecovolunteers does not increase. In order to ensure that the living conditions at the refuge are adapted to the well-being of the animals collected, the project needs ecovolunteers to lend him strong hands without his daily struggle!

Beyond its involvement in the safeguarding of biodiversity, this mission opens to a very rich culture, and invites to change of scenery. It's an amazing experience that will enrich you at all levels!


NL 50 Testimony Victoria

"The days start at 6h (we wake up to 5h30 with the sunrise, it's great), we start by collecting leaves of all kinds in the jungle to feed the animals and if we find insects and snails, we also take them :) we take care of preparing the "meal" of the monkeys and we distribute all this before 8h00.

From 8h to 9h, well-deserved breakfast break, then the morning continues to 11h30 where we prepare the "games" for monkeys, birds and bears, which we distribute, then we return feeds some animals (most eat 3 times a day, like us). Break already from 11h30 to 13h00. In the afternoon it is the turn of the bears (clean the enclosure, hide the "games" etc. and if we have time, we can observe them back in their enclosure and we watch them eat and have fun They are so smart and endearing, then we take care of slow-loris last because they are nocturnal animals, so we leave them in peace as long as possible.After the "work", we can go to the beach, on the other hand we bathe dressed, after this is not a big beach so in it we go especially to cool off ... Otherwise, in the evening, there may be proposed activities (film, documentaries, campfire on the beach etc ...) and there are also shopping sessions in supermarkets in town.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to participate in festivities organized within the Indonesian Independence Day Sanctuary with the employees and their families, it was great!

In addition, 2 days a week we have our day off and there are a lot of activities proposed, as well relaxation, as discoveries on the island which is really beautiful (volcanoes, waterfalls, nature reserves etc ...) really, we do not get bored! "

Thanks to Victoria for her testimony

Internship: Environmental and multimedia communication in the Amazon rainforest

NL 50 Prou ​​multimedia course

Study at the end of the world that tempts you ??? That's what the mission "Amazonian Forest in Peru". This mission offers internship sessions of 3 months dedicated to environmental journalism. These internships are a unique chance for participants to develop their multimedia skills in the field, with a combined approach of conservation biology, research, and sustainable and social development. More details are given to you on the document to download online. Only 3 internship sessions in 2018, do not wait any longer to discover an exciting job!
Discover this mission

Lower participation fees!

Take advantage of a reduced participation fee mission "Amazonian Forest in Peru" for departures taking place in December 2017, € 170 reduction, regardless of the duration of the mission.


NL 50 testimonial Pierre

"I participated in the various activities proposed for the mission. The schedules varied according to the activities. Sometimes we get up very early in the morning for example for bird watching and counting. Sometimes we end late at night for night observation studies. But the sequence of days is well thought out. Sunday is the day of rest, well deserved.
I just loved it. It was beyond my expectations.
2 weeks is enough if you want to change air but a little short if you really want to invest. 4 weeks is good. More, it's even better. Do not hesitate to take some photo material with you. Need additional advice? Do not hesitate to write to me.
What do I retain? Many images and sounds will remain in memory. I also met really great people with whom I keep contact. That it is among the other volunteers that people of the staff. I felt close to nature. This wealth impressed me. It makes you want to preserve it. I can not wait to return to.
It is a very enriching experience both from a scientific and a human point of view. I felt useful for the conservation of biodiversity, even at my small level. "

Thank you to Pierre for his testimony.

Protection of the environment and wildlife of the Mono Delta.

NL 50 Bnin DeltaduMono

At the beginning of the 2017 year, we announced our new partnership with the project to set up a community reserve in the Mono Delta in Benin. This mission is a real journey to the heart of authentic Africa and contributing to the establishment of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. On the spot ecovolunteers participate in the census of animal and plant species and habitats, and in sensitizing the population of the region.

Wetlands, such as the Mono Delta, are spaces at the interface between terrestrial and aquatic environments, conducive to a faunistic diversity of mammals ranging from hippopotamus to African manatees ...

Throughout the year ecovolunteers can take part in a real eco-development project involving both the study of the natural environment and taking into account the community. Participation of 2 mini week. Do not hesitate and participate, it's exciting!

More info on the mission.


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