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It's official, the 2018 cetacean missions are launched!

For the 12th year, Cybelle Planète organizes expeditions of ecovolontariat in sailboat for the protection of the offshore fauna in the Mediterranean sea.
These missions of 7 days are for everyone! Whether you are retired, a company employee, a student, a sabbatical year, etc. how about jostling your habits by spending a vacation on board a sailboat? Do not wait, throw yourself in the water!

Cetacean Missions in the Pelagos Sanctuary

Cybelle Planète organizes expeditions for the study of cetaceans and biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea since now 12 years ; near 900 ecovolunteers have already participated! The Mission "Cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary" offers ecovolunteers to sail 7 sailing days in the Pelagos sanctuary looking for animals living off the coast. The crew records and notes the observations of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, sharks ...

Ecovolunteers, led by an eco-guide, collect as much scientific information as possible from sunrise to sunset. These missions are organized as part of the Cybelle Mediterranean participatory science program. All of this data is directly added to a common database which promotes free sharing, OBSenMER.

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For who ? From 16 years (accompanied by an adult), employer or employee, students, alone or accompanied ... eco-volunteering is accessible to all! No special skills are required to leave.
The crew: Consisting of 6 7 ecovolunteers, a leader and a trained eco-guide.
dates: Mid June to mid September 2018.
Duration: 7 days.
Or ? From Hyères, the boat will sail off the Var and the French Riviera, in the Pelagos Sanctuary.

Our engagement :

Shipments in the Mediterranean Sea carried by Cybelle Planète guarantee commitment the association and its ecovolunteers towards the sea and its inhabitants. Cybelle Planète to care about adhere to certain observational rules for cetaceans and marine animals in order to minimize the risk of impact of human-wildlife interactions. Cybelle Planète also wants to limit its ecological footprint by choosing to sail aboard a sailboat, using daily biodegradable products, by limiting the consumption of fresh water etc ...
More than a trend, it's a state of mind!
To go on an expedition at sea with Cybelle Planète is to take a concrete action for the protection of the marine fauna. Thanks to the participation of the ecovolunteers we contribute positively to the advance of knowledge on the offshore species.

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Cybelle Planète is committed to the Ethical Charter of Ecovolunteerism.

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Stay tuned!

You will soon find all news and preparations for cetacean missions on the Facebook group that we have created especially for you.

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The big Mediterranean Tower: Soon the balance sheet

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Expedition The Mediterranean Grand Tour

A very beautiful adventure ended last October. We thank all the ecovolunteers for their participation. Without them, this expedition could not have existed.
We are currently taking stock of this mission and we will not fail to publish it as soon as it is ready. It will be an opportunity to return to these long months of navigation.

Cybelle Méditerranée, so that everyone can act for marine species in the Mediterranean Sea:

Cybelle Méditerranée is a program of Participatory Sciences supported by the association Cybelle Planète, since 2009. This program gathers observations of animals in the Mediterranean Sea, collected according to specific protocols, by the boaters, the professionals of the sea, or the ecovolunteers during the expeditions that we organize each year.
Cybelle Méditerranée work for the free sharing observations and the study and the protection of the offshore fauna.

All the information collected is then put to the provision of the scientific community and help to better understand the species and especially to better protect them.

Cybelle Mediterranean in brief:

  • 8 years of existence,
  • 1 mobile application, OBSenMER,
  • 1 database freely shared with the scientific community,
  • Near 1200 contributors,
  • An 100ain of ecovolunteers who participate each year in our sailboat expeditions,
  • More 6000 animal observations from 2009,
  • Many partners,
  • Contribution to more than 12 scientific publications.

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The eco-volunteers share their experience

Cybelle Planet warmly thanks the eco-volunteers for their testimony!

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"The work of the ecovolunteers 7 was to observe and record cetaceans, fish and birds, their behavior and the environment at the time of observation. The sighting was done for 2 hours at the front of the sailboat twice a day. The duration may seem long but the time passed in fact, very quickly.
This experience was exceptional for me, beyond my expectations. Of course there is the feeling of participating in a useful program: In addition the meeting with cetaceans is moving and provides a wonder which I will keep the memory. The change of scenery at sea is total and contributes to that this mission is also a real adventure at sea. The shrine of PELAGOS will not disappoint you. Try the experience.
It is best to have a small experience at sea before embarking on a 1 week. But for the novices be reassured the skipper will not embark you in the big time.
What I retain from this mission: It has allowed me to acquire a thorough knowledge of cetaceans, and to sympathize with the dangers that threaten them. The wonder of their approach transports us and makes us forget our daily life. Other aspects that I found particularly interesting, navigation and safety at sea, life and teamwork.
I acquired :
Patience when you want to observe animals.
Tolerance with regard to people who have not been chosen in a team.
The use of products with limited effects on the environment ... "

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About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planet is a participatory ecology association. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or biodiversity conservation (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The lines of action of the combination being:
• Eco-volunteering with Cybelle eco-volunteering,
• Participatory sciences with Cybelle Méditerranée,
• Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
• Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.   

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