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Spring-Summer 2018

The good resolutions 2018

At the beginning of this year, we all took good resolutions  : stop smoking, do more sports, spend more time with family etc ... and many of us, hopefully, have decided to strengthen or adopt a lifestyle green ": Waste management, organic eating, eating less meat and season ... To sum up, live more environmentally friendly !
To go even further in your "responsible commitment" to the planet, we have a idea of ​​good resolution for you :

How about trading your classic vacation for USEFUL holidays for the planet ?!

How to do it ? It's simple :
commit to one of 17 eco-volunteering missions * that Cybelle Planète you.

Get started!

Whether you are at the retreat, corporate employee, student. At sabbatical year ETC. the eco-volunteering can meet your aspirations at any point in your life.

"... it is never too late to live an unforgettable adventure of which you will feel proud! ..."

To guide you in your choice of missions, we have selected  ecovolunteer highlights for the 2018 spring / summer season.
And bonusFew useful tips of Cybelle Planet.

*What is eco-volunteering?

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Links to ecovolunteer missions:

Useful tips from Cybelle Planète

  • Choose your mission according to preferences : are you more adventurous and want to be on the ground in the middle of nature? Or do you prefer to help animals in a shelter?
  • Do not wait until the last moment to register. The seats are limited.
  • Take the time to read the descriptions of each mission proposed on our site It's important to have a realistic idea of ​​what awaits you before you leave!
  • Check the work language used for each mission.
  • Use the "advanced search" tool (available on the website of Cybelle Planète) to refine your mission research (date, place, type of mission, trainees, minors accepted, etc.).

=> Discover all our eco-volunteering missions

About Cybelle Planet:

Cybelle Planet is a participatory ecology association. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in research programs or biodiversity conservation (animal, plant, cultural, human ...). The lines of action of the combination being:
• Eco-volunteering with Cybelle eco-volunteering,
• Participatory sciences with Cybelle Méditerranée,
• Sensitization and education of citizens to the environment and its protection,
• Advice and expertise in the field of participatory ecology.   

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