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September 29, 2020 Newsletter

Our measures for a more sustainable eco-volunteering: 3 resolutions to travel in accordance with our values

The pandemic had a strong impact on Cybelle Planète and our partner projects. Let's stay positive, and take advantage of this forced break to revise our values ​​upwards and even better promote ethical travel and in favor of biodiversity.
Compensation fund, carbon and territorial compensation, preservation of biodiversity, support for long-term missions ... Here are the new resolutions from the Cybelle Planète team.

Animal volunteering and travel sobriety

The health crisis, closely linked to the loss of biodiversity, has reminded us of the urgency of changing our behavior. We need to consume less and more thoughtfully. This also implies reviewing our relationship to travel.
The forced break, imposed by the confinement and closing of the borders, was an opportunity to engage in in-depth reflection. What solutions can be provided to continue supporting missions to protect biodiversity abroad while offering a more sober participatory mode of travel?
Because if the ecovolunteer, through its action in the field and its financial support, is a central pillar for the sustainability of many local projects, its travel and in particular the CO2 emissions generated by long-haul flights have an impact on the environment that we cannot deny.
Remember that eco-volunteering with Cybelle planet is a volunteer mission within a biodiversity protection program. Thus the involvement of ecovolunteers has a positive effect on wildlife, while concretely helping local projects involved in the protection of the environment. It would be a shame not to continue ...

Our measures for more sustainable eco-volunteering missions

Reduce the impact of long-haul flights on the environment

To offset Greenhouse Gas emissions from medium and long-haul flights, we no longer accept contributions of less than two weeks for eco-volunteering missions outside Europe.

Promote sobriety of travel

Because slow travel must be the new model of tomorrow, we favor missions lasting at least three weeks, the minimum duration for positive action in the territory. For this, Cybelle Planète reduces the amount of biodiversity gift missions of 3 weeks and more.

Establishment of a carbon and territorial compensation fund ©

For missions of less than three weeks, a lump sum donation of 100 € is added to the mission costs. This amount goes to a compensation fund dedicated to carbon compensation and territorial compensation ©.

The notion of territorial compensation© was created in 2010 by 3 committed tour operators including JP Lamic, Founding President of Eco-Responsible Travelers and Tour Operators (VVE). It is related to the territories and their real needs (including local biodiversity). The idea is to compensate the territories impacted by the traveler by a substantial support for local programs of environmental preservation or local sustainable eco-development. By virtue of its main vocation, eco-volunteering is a territorial compensation solution.

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WHAT ABOUT eco-volunteering in 2021?

The current conditions do not allow us to schedule new missions for the moment without making you take the risk of canceling at the last moment. But we remain in constant contact with our partners who are impatiently awaiting the return of the volunteers. Protecting wildlife always needs help! Thus, for each country, each mission, and depending on the evolution of the Pandemic, we will gradually reopen the registrations. We will keep you informed every step of the way!
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