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November 4, 2020 Newsletter

In November, I make my commitment to biodiversity a reality!

It is the month of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS). Employees and employers, what if together you participate in the preservation of wildlife? The eco-solidarity leave allows you to take concrete action in favor of the protection of nature.

Companies and employees, participate together in the conservation of wild fauna thanks to eco-solidarity leave

November is the month of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS). The Cybelle Planète association offers employers to support their employees in concrete actions towards wildlife.

The eco-solidarity leave is an ideal device to bring together employees and their company around a common concern thanks to international eco-volunteering.
Employees who wish to join one of our 18 biodiversity protection programs during their holidays. These missions are funded through sponsorship *, which allows companies to stand out in their sustainable development or CSR policy and to get involved. Together employers and employees find meaning by sharing a unique human experience and an important cause for our beautiful planet!

* The donation paid allows companies to benefit from a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amounts paid, within the limit of 0.5% of turnover (article 238 bis of the General Tax Code).
Better understand eco-solidarity leave.

Employers and employees, discover the actions and commitments of Cybelle Planète

Cancellation of our event dedicated to the protection of biodiversity.

The health situation unfortunately does not allow us to maintain the half-day open house that we had planned for the month of SSE.
However, we remain at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with information. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about eco-solidarity leave, corporate sponsorship or our international volunteering missions.
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November 2020, thirteenth edition of the month of ESS

Together let's build a better world.

The social and solidarity economy brings together companies that seek to reconcile solidarity, social utility and economic performance. From November 1 to 30, we are all called to discover real and positive solutions to overturn the standards of our current economy.
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