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November 27, 2020 Newsletter

# GreenFriday2020: how to travel differently?

Responding to BlackFriday and the frantic consumer race, GreenFriday is a movement that aims to promote more responsible and reasoned forms of consumption.

What if we take this opportunity to review our relationship to travel and give meaning to our travels?

For a more sustainable planet, let's be sober in our travels

  • Choose when possible solutions of eco-responsible transport in order to reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Limit air travel as much as possible whose the impact in terms of CO2 emissions is important.
  • Let's say stop to all-out travel. Let's go less often but longer.
  • Let's adopt slow travel. Let's take the time to prepare each trip as a gift, and once there, let's savor every moment.

Let's give meaning to our travels by opting for solidarity and participatory holidays

Going to defend an environmental cause also helps support another, more responsible form of economy.

By joining a wildlife conservation program, theecovolunteer supports a local NGO through its field assistance and financial support. Thus, by doing eco-volunteering, travel lovers can combine their passion for adventure and their commitment to biodiversity!

Prefer as much as possible trips of at least three weeks when the destination is distant in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

Cybelle Planète measures for more sustainable trips

Perfectly aware of the impact of international travel on the environment, Cybelle Planète strives to make its animal volunteer missions as responsible as possible. The association adopted measures for more sustainable travel :

  • refusal of participation of less than two weeks for missions outside Europe,
  • reduction in the amount of biodiversity gift missions of three weeks or more to promote long trips,
  • participation in a carbon and territorial compensation fund © for trips of less than 3 weeks, to offset the negative impact of long-haul trips.

100% responsible holidays in 2021 with Cetacean expeditions

The international missions being canceled until further notice due to the health crisis, the cetacean expeditions 2021 are a good alternative for those who dream despite everything of solidarity and participatory holidays!

Spending your holidays on a sailboat, in France, while taking action for Mediterranean marine species, is possible!

Organized each summer by Cybelle Planète as part of the scientific program Cybelle Méditerranée, Cetacean missions allow you to live useful and responsible vacations. The ecovolunteers go to sea for a week to study marine biodiversity in the Pelagos sanctuary, off the Var, the Côte d'Azur and Corsica. On board a sailboat, they identify whales, dolphins, sharks, marine turtles, rays and other marine animals and record their observations in a database shared freely with the scientific community. The information collected feeds research and studies on cetaceans and pelagic ecosystems in the Mediterranean. Supervised by an eco-guide trained in oceanology, eco-volunteers also learn useful gestures and behaviors to preserve marine fauna.

Interested? Apply now and be the first to be notified when registration opens in 2021.

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