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Newsletter December 10, 2020

Sanctuary: what about eco-volunteering and animal welfare

Today is animal rights day. What about animal welfare in animal shelters that welcome ecovolunteers?

Day for animal rights, and eco-volunteering?

Celebrated every year by animal rights activists, this symbolic day aims to promote equal rights for all living beings, human or not.
The opportunity to ask ourselves questions about the potential impact of eco-volunteering on animals living in sanctuaries. Indeed, although most of the animal volunteer missions offered are very beneficial to the species, the drifts exist.
We are therefore taking advantage of this day to call on you to be vigilant in choosing your eco-volunteering mission.

Learn more about animal care in sanctuaries

Ethics charter: a good basis for thinking about choosing your eco-volunteering organization

Ethical and participatory project launched by Cybelle Planète, la ethical charter of eco-volunteering allows people wishing to register for an animal volunteer mission to have concrete benchmarks to be sure to choose a truly ethical and useful project for animals.
When registering, check that the organization or NGO you have selected respects the values ​​carried by this charter, in particular commitment 8 on the consideration of animal welfare and the use of species. :
"The organizer undertakes to refuse any ancillary activity relating to the use of wild animals for recreational purposes. In the case of animal shelters, the organizer undertakes to propose only projects whose priority is to reintroduce animals into their natural environment and which only keep these animals in refuge when their reintroduction proves impossible ".

At Cybelle Planète, animal welfare is a priority

  • Commitment to animal welfare

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At Cybelle Planète we consider, among other things, the size of enclosures in sanctuaries as well as the rules of conduct imposed on eco-volunteers and visitors for approaching animals.

  • Non-use of animals for recreational purposes

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Elephant rides, lion farms,  swimming with dolphins ... Cybelle Planète is against these activities and regularly disseminates information on this subject on its website and Facebook page .

  • Priority given to the reintroduction of collected animals

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Reintroduction into nature follows strict rules. When this proves to be impossible, projects must be able to provide the best possible living conditions for animals in captivity.

  • Ethical commitments

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Cybelle Planète is committed point by point, and in full transparency, to the ethical charter of eco-volunteering. The association is particularly attentive to the respect and well-being of wild animals living in animal shelters.

Discover our ethical commitments.

Choosing the right eco-volunteering mission

Check that the project is committed to animal welfare.

Every year, many ecovolunteers wishing to protect wild animals unknowingly support not very laudable practices such as these sanctuaries supposed to take care of baby lions but which actually feed trophy hunting networks, or these shelters which claim to offer a good retirement. deserved to elephants rescued from mass tourism but who, in reality, continue to exploit them.
That you you go directly to a local NGO or call on a specialized platform like Cybelle Planète to choose your eco-volunteering mission, several points must be taken into account. To help you see more clearly, Cybelle Planète initiated the ethical charter for eco-volunteering in 2014.
Be vigilant and make sure the project is fully committed to animal welfare