thank you for being here

At the end of the year, we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Whether it is through your involvement in the field or through your donations, your help is invaluable for Cybelle Planète. Thank you for your loyalty and for your commitment to preserving biodiversity, without you, nothing would be possible.
The pandemic, with the suspension of registrations, is having a heavy impact on us. We depend heavily on donations from ecovolunteers participating in our missions. Like the projects we support, we need the means to carry out our actions for wildlife.

Cybelle Planète receives donations * and redistributes part of them to its partner projects which welcome eco-volunteers. These projects have also been hit hard by the pandemic and need your help. By donating to us, you can choose to have part of it donated to the program of your choice.


* Each donation made to Cybelle Planète opens the right to a tax deduction (for companies or persons subject to corporate or income tax in France).

2020, a dark year for eco-volunteering

Due to the health risks associated with Covid-19, all of our missions are still suspended today.
Fortunately, we were able to enjoy two breaths of air:

Cetacean expeditions in France

New Cetacean expeditions in the Pelagos sanctuary in France could be maintained this summer. 53 ecovolunteers were able to participate in the best possible health safety rules. The crews, made up of an eco-guide and 7 eco-volunteers, have identified many species: cetaceans, marine turtles, rays, sharks, pelagic fish, sea birds… Their observations are banked and freely shared with the scientific community. These data are invaluable and are used for the implementation of measures for the preservation of marine fauna and the protection of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea.

Vault Iberian wolf in Portugal

La mission to protect Iberian wolves in Portugal was able to welcome 3 ecovolunteers in enhanced accommodation conditions. This wilderness sanctuary is dedicated to saving these wolves considered to be in danger of extinction. It covers an 18 hectare site in a wooded and isolated valley. Wolves are housed in living conditions as close to those of wild life. In addition to daily care, the observation of animals is used to continue research on the social behavior of the Iberian wolf.

What about eco-volunteering in 2021

We hope that the coming year will allow us to reopen our missions. The pandemic reminds us how dependent we are on biodiversity. Like us, our partners suffer from the absence of volunteers and are in a hurry to be able to welcome ecovolunteers again. Wildlife needs help more than ever!

What will change

Shoshana, our faithful eco-volunteering coordinator, is leaving us to fly to other horizons. While waiting for the reopening of the missions, the service will operate with reduced hours. For any questions relating to missions, you should ideally contact us by email: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The new time slots for the eco-volunteering service will be displayed on the page Contact us at the beginning of the year.

Ready to go in 2021?

We invite you to apply now. You will be informed and have priority as soon as the missions open.

Lovers of the open sea and marine fauna?

Dedicated to biodiversity in the Mediterranean, Cetacean expeditions carried out off the Var, the Côte d'Azur and Corsica in the Pelagos sanctuary should be able to welcome ecovolunteers from mid-June to mid-September 2021. We will communicate the opening dates for registration very soon.

Get away from it all by rediscovering the Cetacean mission diaries

A BIG thank you for your commitment, your support and your sharing.

See you soon in 2021 :)

The entire Cybelle Planète team

A huge thank you also to our 2020 financial support

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