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February 18, 2021 Newsletter

Register for an eco-volunteering mission during a pandemic

Are you looking forward to going on an eco-volunteering mission? Yes, but how to apply in times of health crisis and under what conditions?

Let's go for a useful 2021 vacation!

Many of us are waiting to be able to travel again, but not under any conditions!
Cybelle Planète reopens its eco-volunteering missions from July, with the exception of cetacean expeditions, in France, which will begin on June 12.
Many of you are asking us how to register and under what conditions during this pandemic period. We take the opportunity to provide an update on the way forward.
Application, registration, insurance, cancellation conditions ... we tell you everything !.

Discover all our 2021 missions

Reopening of eco-volunteering missions from July 2021

Despite the uncertainties that still hover over our heads, and after nearly a year of inactivity, Cybelle Planète has decided to reopen its eco-volunteering missions in the summer of 2021.
You can now apply for one of our international missions or in France. But beware, the conditions for participation have changed.

How to register for an eco-volunteering mission in times of health crisis

Where is Cybelle Planète?

Due to the health crisis, Cybelle Planète operates with a reduced workforce. From now on, more than two employees work for the association against 5 previously. Both are partially active and teleworking. 

- -> The consequences for us and for you

Although remaining attentive to your needs, our team is less available to advise you step by step in your efforts. We are sincerely sorry about this and believe that we are doing our best to continue to provide you with the best possible support. As long as this situation continues, and given the news, we thank you for helping us through this difficult period, for this:

  • Take the time to read all the information on our website, especially on the pages dedicated to the missions. They are very comprehensive and answer the many questions you might have. 
  • Carefully read the emails we send you, we will explain your steps to take, step by step.
  • And of course you can always contact us, for that, privilege the emails (This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and only call us when necessary.

Our advice to properly prepare your project 

  1. Take the time to consult our missions by going to our site, tab ECOVOLONTARIAT / MISSIONS. You can choose between: List of assignmentsProjects by CountryMissions by themesMissions by species.
    Do not hesitate to use our advanced search engine to target your selection: with internship, minor accepted, long term, ... 
  2. Carefully read the description of the missions that hold your attention by consulting each tab as well as the detailed documentation. All information relating to the mission, financing, its progress ... are indicated.

Before applying

  • Think about the specific registration conditions during a pandemic (see above). Please note, even if we do everything we can to allow you to leave in the best conditions, and you have travel-cancellation insurance, registering during a pandemic period involves a risk! *
  • Read the terms and conditions. This key document includes all the information you need to know before committing. Memberships, mission fees, registrations, data confidentiality, liability, insurance, last minute changes, cancellation ... Everything is summarized in this PDF. 

How to register?

The registration process is clearly detailed in our dedicated page.

When to register for a mission?

Many of you ask us this question. Unfortunately we cannot give you a precise answer.

Registering early guarantees you have a reserved seat, and allows you to plan your trip in advance. The risk that your mission will be canceled is not zero with the pandemic, which is why we have published specific conditions of participation (see below).

In all cases, consult regularly the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will allow you to better keep up with any travel conditions and restrictions.

* The Cancellation guarantee that we offer you does not cover the impossibility of leaving due to the closure of the borders, but covers many other risks of cancellation linked to the pandemic.

Apply for a mission

Reminder of the specific registration conditions during the pandemic. 

Cybelle adapts to the health crisis.

In 2020, insurances not having played their role, Cybelle Planète systematically offered assets to eco-volunteers who had to cancel. This operation is not viable in the long term and that is why we have put in place new conditions during a pandemic, in order to better protect eco-volunteers and Cybelle Planète.


To offer you the maximum flexibility in this uncertain period, we suggest that you pay the balance of your mission 15 days before your departure (instead of 3 months previously). The payment of the deposit (30% of the amount) remains to be made at the time of registration and is mandatory so that we can reserve your place.


  • In the event of cancellation up to 15 days before your departure, your deposit will be transformed into a tax deductible donation.
    (For example, if you paid us a deposit of 500 euros when you registered, and for reasons outside Cybelle Planète you had to cancel, this credit will turn into a deductible donation at 66%, which will only cost you 170 €).
  • In the event of cancellation less than 15 days before your departure, the credit note and the balance will be transformed into a tax deductible donation.
    (For example, if you have paid us 1500 euros, and for reasons external to Cybelle Planète you have to cancel, this amount will turn into a deductible donation at 66%, which will only cost you 510 €).

Attention, Cybelle Planète no longer carries out any credit or postponement of date.


Travel insurance is compulsory. You can opt for your own insurance when paying by credit card. Cybelle Planète offers travel insurance including risks related to COVID-19 which provides cancellation guarantees in the event of:

  • Illness following the epidemic in the 30 days preceding departure.
  • Refusal of boarding by the insured following a temperature measurement by the authorities.
  • Failure to present the results of the PCR test within the required time limits (provided that the insured has completed the procedures on time).
  • Case-contact in the 7 days preceding the departure (subject to presenting a writing from the ARS or the CPAM and the result of the test).

Please note that this travel insurance does not work if the borders are closed. To our knowledge, no insurance currently offers this option.