Eco-volunteering in South Africa

Eco-volunteering in South Africa

L'South Africa enjoys incredible biodiversity, While being very urbanized, especially for a country in Africa. South Africa is one of the African countries where wildlife is best observed. This is where you will most likely see the Big Five: the Black Rhinoceros, the Cape Buffalo, the Elephant, the Leopard and the Lion.

Featuring a splendid coastline swept by the winds, which unfolds over 2 500 km. Inland, one passes from the savanna in the east to the tropical forests and the peaks constantly plunged in the fog to the north-west, crossing the hilly hills of the center of the country.

It is possible to observe wildlife all year round, But winter (June-September) is probably the best period. The weather becomes soft and dry, the foliage clears and the animals gather around the water points. In summer (late November-March), warmth and humidity offer greener landscapes, but animals disperse. If the birds are visible in all seasons, the spring (September-November) and the summer remain more favorable to their observation.

South Africa ranks third in the world in terms of biodiversity. It is also one of the most urbanized countries in the continent, with cities accounting for over 50% of the population. Managing the urban explosion and population growth while protecting the environment is a critical challenge for the government.

On some 600 national parks and reserves of the country, the most famous protect wild animals, while others are mainly natural sanctuaries or hiking places. South Africa has long been at the forefront of wildlife protection on the continent. However, funds are limited and will remain so until many people have access to basic facilities. Rhinoceros poaching throughout the country, particularly in Kruger National Park, is compounded by the lack of financial resources. The solution may lie in public / private partnerships and financial support from private donors and international organizations.

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