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Alain's testimony for the Wildlife Monitoring mission, South Africa

15 days of mission in December 2019

My participation

The working sessions consisted of monitoring animals at risk with the monitors. During the period when I intervened, we followed wild dogs, cheetahs and lions. We used a scanner to locate the animals by their collar. The volunteers were installed at the back of the 4x4, outside to regularly carry out measurements then to note the state and the situation of spotted animals. We started at 4 am with a break from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. then stop at 19 p.m.

My expectations

The mission was what I expected except the weather. It rained for the vast majority of the time which seems normal for the rainy season, but what I had underestimated was that it was relatively cold (14 degrees). It is therefore necessary to plan the clothes accordingly. I was very pleasantly surprised by the richness of the park, especially by the black and white rhinos.

My advice

Plan to work on your English before leaving, the monitors spoke quickly with an accent close to English but without paying much attention to our level, otherwise they were rather attentive to us.

What I retain

She reassured me about the rhino situation which seems to me to be under control in South Africa.
I appreciated the isolation in the park and the relationship with the animals. They do not fear the presence of man and we were able to approach them closely

My assets

The tranquility and serenity shown by the animals which allows us to put into perspective our permanent activity and our daily race after time.


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