Audrey's Testimony for the Vervets Monkey Sanctuary Mission in South Africa

13 days of mission in December 2017

My participation

Maintenance and repair of cages, preparation of food, observations and care of juveniles, observations and distribution of food in the troops.

My expectations

I will go back to this center. This trip (too short), ideally provide 1 months; brought me a lot on a personal level and allowed me to express all my love for wild animals in a very respectful and informative setting. I refocused on my little place to be human and in the eyes of the Vervets I saw the expression of the soul of the living. I was very touched and moved by this meeting! The management team will take care of you with as much attention as for the monkeys. The schedule is very well done. The pace of the day is well balanced.

My advice

Remember to equip yourself and READ the clear and complete instructions of cybelle planet.
Plan saline (we work in an outdoor environment, and the air is very dry). It can be very hot and cold, so plan shoes suitable for work in the rain. The vegan food is fantastic, have no apprehension with it, and on your rest days you can go to town ... Speaking of the city respect the instructions given, South Africa is a country with a lot of inequalities and therefore very poor people who live in the middle of the rich (do not behave as a wallet!).

My assets

Each of these missions opens a little more my consciousness and gives meaning to my life in this civilization where I do not understand everything ... and do not recognize me.

The mission Sanctuary vervet monkeys, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa
This eco-volunteering mission consists in helping a program of safeguarding the ...
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