Testimony of Valérie for the mission Sanctuaire of the Vervets monkeys in South Africa

21 days of mission in April 2018

My participation

The work I did consisted mainly of monitoring (monitor the young vervet monkeys being rehabilitated on the interactions with other adult and young monkeys, their diet .... and note their behavior), go around the " sections "sheltering monkeys rehabilitated to provide water and" forage ", prepare / cut fruit for monkeys' food and clean containers, help cooking for the whole small community .... The work is actually varied and everyone can find their place and contribute to the proper functioning of the foundation that needs much reinforcement.

My expectations

I really appreciated the diversity of ecovolunteers' origins and their motivations for this experience (but having in common a certain taste for the preservation of the environment), the contact with the monkeys (endearing but also mischievous!) And to live during 3 weeks in this corner of nature, returning to the essential (but quite sufficient) regarding the living conditions.

My advice

Have a good level in English even if Francophones can help you on the spot (thanks again to them .....), have a good sense of the adaptation to the life in community, well to like the walk (the ground of the foundation is extended).
The site is isolated, transport programming, ancillary activities and menu-shopping is not always easy.
No worries if you are not vegan or vegetarian in advance, the food is excellent!

What I retain

Contribute, at my small level, to the rehabilitation of a species unfairly considered as "vermin" but suffering in fact from the disappearance of the forests constituting its natural habitat and the development of road infrastructures (collisions).

My assets

Want to go on an eco-volunteering mission.
Long-time vegetarian, (try to) switch to a vegan diet.

The mission Sanctuary vervet monkeys, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa
This eco-volunteering mission consists in helping a program of safeguarding the ...
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