Testimony of Lola for the Mission Sanctuary of the Vervets Monkeys in South Africa

Mission of 30 days in October 2018

My participation

Business hours:
- Beginning of the day at 7h
- End of the day according to the mission, about 16h / 16h30, later for the baby shifts and integration of the monkeys (18h)
- Possibility of night shifts with babies

Job :
- Give water and enrichment to monkeys
- Give the milk via the cages to the babies adopted by troops and thus having no contact with the man
- Prepare food in the morning
- Help the workers (cut fruits, wash plates, prepare bowls, distribute food
- Monitor the integration of monkeys from one cage to another or in a troop
- Participate in the overall maintenance throughout the refuge
- Cook for volunteers
- Take care of babies and their integration

My expectations

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, it matched my expectations perfectly.

My advice

The toilets and showers are outside, not in the rooms, and the toilets are dry with a lot of midges / smells, you have to have it in mind.

The mission Sanctuary vervet monkeys, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa
This eco-volunteering mission consists in helping a program of safeguarding the ...
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