Jessica's Testimony for the Vervets Monkey Sanctuary Mission in South Africa

Mission of 30 days done in May 2018

My participation

The work was quite varied and was divided between the following tasks:
-preparation of the meal for some monkeys in the morning
- turn sections to check the water, give them fresh food (herbs, leaves ...) and make sure that the monkeys are going well
- monitoring / surveillance observation of monkeys, either for a particular problem or for integration into a troop (baby in particular)
- monitor baby monkeys and monitor their integration
- milk preparation and distribution for babies
- various specific care tasks for sick monkeys
- occasionally preparing the meal for the team

The working day starts at 7h and ends between 16h30 and 18h with a pause of 30 minutes in the morning, an 1h lunch break usually

My expectations

I thoroughly enjoyed this stay.
I got to know more about the behavior and life of these monkeys who are all survivors.
The goal is to release those who can but unfortunately the injuries of some are sometimes too important to treat and release them.
The sanctuary has a beautiful space for them and the goal is to create a forest for them, to buy 1000 hectares of forest to release the troops built up over time.
I invite you to watch the movie Vervet forest.

Being vegan, this sanctuary was perfect for me considering the values ​​it carries.
Being a senior manager, the tasks that were incumbent on me changed a lot from what I used to do, but it was only enriching.

The proximity of Kruger Park is a real plus, if only for a weekend.

My advice

The accommodation is very basic and at night it can be cold. Good down is required depending on the time of year.

Do not be dismissive of vegean meals and vegan lifestyle. Some ecovolunteers had a very negative attitude in this regard. Admittedly, it is difficult to open your eyes and change your behavior but it is necessary for the future of all.

What I retain

A new essential field experience to better understand the various issues facing a sanctuary.

My assets

Acquired more transposable in a work related to animals

Need for defense and protect our environment

The mission Sanctuary vervet monkeys, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa
This eco-volunteering mission consists in helping a program of safeguarding the ...
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