Testimony of Stéphanie for the Mission Sanctuaire des mones Vervets in South Africa

Mission of 28 days performed in February 2019

My participation

My name is Stephanie. I am 29 years old and I am currently in 3ème and last year of a Baccalaureat in Agronomy with Animal Technology. As part of my internship, I spent a month (February 2019) at the Vervet Monkey Foundation ... What an incredible adventure!
Fascinated for a long time by the African continent and fascinated by primatology and great apes through the work of people like Jane Goodall, it was a very exciting and especially exciting experience to discover the vervets in their natural environment.

My expectations

The energy of South Africa, the splendid setting of the sanctuary, the seriousness of the project, the kindness and generosity of the people I met, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the vegan lifestyle and more that all the meeting with this species of primates highly social and intelligent, all I really liked! I immediately felt comfortable and in tune with the management and philosophy of the rehabilitation and conservation program. Always well supervised by the members of the team on site, I learned a lot while feeling fully involved in this project. As Dave Du Toit, founder and director of the VMF, said, I could see the difference I made in the everyday life of these animals just by looking in their eyes every day.

What I retain

I am very grateful and proud to have been part of this eco-volunteering project! I also hope to have the chance to return one day ... Take care of baby vervets, work hard for their integration with the troops, live among the Bandits (a wild population of vervets that evolve around the pens) and I wish it with all my heart to see these primates integrate the "Vervet Forest".

The mission Sanctuary vervet monkeys, South Africa

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa
This eco-volunteering mission consists in helping a program of safeguarding the ...
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