Testimony of MARION for the ecological monitoring and surveillance mission in the Bouche du Roy community reserve in Benin

Mission 29 days performed in January 2020

My participation

The mission consists in ecological monitoring of the community reserve. the missions are very varied and exciting. I took care of the 3 hatcheries, fed the baby turtles, released them into the sea. Lots of bird inventories on different sites, monitoring crabs, continental fisheries, monitoring the pressures within the mangrove, raising awareness among residents and primary school children, I also participated in meetings within the community.
The hours are rather light, generally from 8 or 9 a.m. to 12 or 13 p.m. and then in the afternoon from 15 p.m. to 18 or 19 p.m. Depending on the mission of the day, the schedules are very variable with evening missions for night patrols of turtles or very early in the morning for certain inventories of seabirds. I had a few half days without a mission and the Weekends are free.

My expectations

It is the first time that I participated in this kind of mission so I did not really know what to expect but I have an incredible memory of it. The team is great, they have a lot to teach us. Life in the village is timeless and the site absolutely magnificent. As for the project, it is an NGO full of envy and future. They actually work for an ecological concern but also enormously in collaboration with the local populations to enrich and help them.

My advice

I can give you advice not to hesitate before booking this mission. They need us.
Benin is a reassuring country, I traveled alone in several cities without any fear.
You have to know how to be independent and not seek luxury. On the other hand, contrary to what he said in the description, the accommodation at the lodge is supplied with electricity thanks to a solar panel and there is drinking water. A personal bathroom in the room and classic toilets outside. The lodge is very clean and well maintained. They really care about welcoming us and that we are comfortable in space as well as in each mission.

What I retain

This mission brought me a lot, both intellectually and emotionally. I learned about the local flora and fauna, about its importance in the reserve. On the importance of allying populations with each mission.
On community life, because honestly this word does not mean anything with us. And on the simplicity of life and the importance of our impact.
In addition to your missions you will have the chance to see impressive sunsets and breathtaking landscapes.

My assets

Everything I have learned will serve me in France and in my daily life. As far as our ecological impact is concerned, which I want to reduce more than ever and on my relationships with people.
It made me realize that we are getting away from the basics every day

The ecological monitoring mission, South Benin

Ecological monitoring, South Benin
Ecological monitoring in a community reserve in South Benin During this mission, you will contribute to ecological monitoring and surveillance at ...
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