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Testimony of the horse for the mission Protection and study of primates in Benin

day mission in September 2012

My participation

Within the association Benin Ecotourism Concern (Eco-Benin), a nongovernmental organization founded in Benin 1999 working for the promotion of eco-tourism projects and local development through Benin, I:
- Participated in the observation of Monas (rating movements, behaviors) usually at 9 18 h poses every quarter of an hour and involved in improving their habitat by conducting a bamboo nursery replant outside the forest to enlarge considering increasing the number of Monas. It is also making them less fearful to support their observation by tourists;
- Participated in the production of compost in a village where women have created a vegetable to increase their vegetable production and sale in the markets, thus avoiding the use of fertilizers;
- Lively discussions about the information environment to the environment Club bringing together many young people aware of the protection of nature and taught introductory computer.

My expectations

I tried it because I wanted to be helpful to the animals while involving the discovery of a culture and a country. This goal was fully achieved by my presence in the forest and my participation in local life and meet the team of eco-Benin and guides are all very involved and sharing.

My advice

Read the minutes of eco-volunteers to understand the expectation of the "field" and better relay for there to be continuity in the actions already undertaken Providing environmentally related documentation information (the consequences of pollution, methods of pollution control) of all that little improve their lives through simple means.

What I retain

Meetings with highly motivated people with the desire to know their culture, concerned about their environment and the lives of people eager for knowledge.
I felt a real joy to watch them in their natural environment Monas are beautiful monkeys. The welcome was great. The desire to return with projects.

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