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Testimony of stephanie for the mission Protection and study of primates in Benin

day mission in August 2012

My participation

During my time job was to observe a population of Monas living in a small forest, to note their behavior, educate residents of a village near the forest and has planted mangrove lake Ahémé. A day of work began in General 9h and finished to 18h.

My expectations

I enjoyed my stay, eco-guides are very nice, interesting, very caring with ecovolunteers and involved in their work. By cons I found that it is not active enough in restoring the habitat of these monkeys, though this is the title of this mission and I find it very unfortunate. It is also unfortunate that the ideas, which for some of the reports of eco-volunteers were regularly submitted, is not exploited because of the limited resources given to eco-guides.

My advice

For future ecovolunteers, do not hesitate to ask to change activities and to take the lead if you think you have a good idea.

What I retain

This mission allowed me to discover a culture I did not know and appreciate the simplicity, authenticity and its hard but reality. She mostly confirmed my desire to get involved in the protection of nature It was a rewarding experience that I do it again without hesitation.

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