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Testimony of Isabelle for the mission Protection and study of primates in Benin

day mission in August 2013

My participation

My job was to observe the monkeys monos present in the sacred forest to establish a actogram (distribution of monkeys in the forest, type of observed behavior, census, type of power etc ... Beyond this aspect, the work awareness among residents is also important to protect the environment and the economy related to eco-tourism that results. the working hours are flexible. It is voluntary to organize his work. in the morning appears to favor the comments ...

My expectations

I enjoyed this unique experience. The reception of persons working in the Eco Benin was warm and I received special attention during the entire stay. It is accompanied from beginning to end! This trip allowed me to discover a culture, another way of living and thinking. We have the privilege of being immersed with locals who are always ready to discuss, pass on their culture. The discovery of ethological observations was also rewarding for me, that does not know anything about this area. That said, I think one of 15 days stay is not enough to really advance our knowledge of the monos Apes Kpétou.Ce stay was beyond my expectations for these reasons.

My advice

The clothes worn should be rather the colors of the forest to be the most discreet possible (brown, green, black ... and so no light colors). Beware of mosquitoes in the forest, consider taking a light jacket with long sleeves for early morning and soir.Pensez binoculars, a camera high zoom is also a plus because the monkeys never approach too ready .. .Chaussures closed in the forest, open shoes in the village. Also think of a flashlight! In August / September the boots were not helpful ...

What I retain

Personal enrichment, head full of memories and the desire to leave for new adventures!

My assets

I can not see the water as before. I understand the wealth it could have in our lives. So I try to waste less ... This experience mainly in perspective! With little you can live happy! I hope to have more responsible consumption before ... I also believe that eco-tourism is really a nice way to travel. If you want to go sightseeing in Benin, you will not be disappointed by the quality of services.

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