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Testimony of Valérie Houdain for the mission Study of the birds of the mangroves of the coastal lagoon in Benin

day mission in September 2016

My participation

The job was to, on behalf of Eco-Benin, the inventory of birds in the mangrove Togbin around the village of Adounko and also the other side of the lake and in the flooded lowlands of around (accompanied by two guides Eco Benin and a local guide). This was also the occasion for villagers from several awareness campaigns related to agriculture and the environment (with the help of a translator). The population is very concerned about the preservation of its environment and to reconcile this with his practice of market gardening and fishing and thus receptive to any information in these domaines.Les schedules to fit with the best times birding (early morning or late afternoon), availability for advocacy and transcription of data on a table, make the workday can be long but with an important break for lunch.

My expectations

I enjoyed the discovery of a rich natural environment bird level, the warm welcome Eco-Benin and supervision in the field, to have shared a little activities of BTA (instead of hosting ecovolunteers Calavi in ​​a training center). This was also an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and improve amateur ornithology.

My advice

2 weeks pass quickly and do not hesitate before the mission to correspond by email to best prepare for what can be done in advocacy. On site, live in African rhythm.

What I retain

Complete change of scenery, share another culture.

The mission Birds mangroves, South Benin

Birds mangroves, South Benin
This mission is for those who like to observe birds! You participate in the development of an eco-development program in Benin focused on the bird fauna of wetlands. You...
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