Testimony of Mauritius for the mission Ecological monitoring and surveillance in the Bouche du Roy community reserve in Benin

15 days of mission in November 2018

My participation

Ecological monitoring - recording information on threatened flora and fauna - remains very varied: monitoring the mangrove / red mangrove, birds / 5 varieties, search for animal traces and pose of camera, night patrol for the recovery of the eggs of turtles, followed by sea and continental fishing, sensitization of villagers to restrict wood consumption.
Generally I participated in 2 different activities per day 1 from 8 to 13h then 16 to 18 or 22 at midnight. But it is the land that commands, some survey points are 1h30 canoe or the village head is absent and we can not always circulate freely for our mission.
The contribution is not really obvious, the monitoring is still in its infancy and our questioning brings a methodological reflection to a young Beninese team that relies a lot on trainees. But this should evolve by delegating a little more to eco-volunteers in the future.

My expectations

An immersion in a fishing village Eco-Lodge to be very close to the people during 15j and multiplying the unlikely encounters facilitated by the reception and smile of Beninese.
Every day had its share of surprises, discoveries.
As a bonus, an exceptional site among coconut trees in Avlo.

My advice

At the equipment level, the day held summer, light shirts with long sleeves and pants in the evening.
Think about rain business especially to protect backpack and camera.
Do not fear the pirogue and the movements behind the motorcycle
Possibility to swim in hotel pool or in the river.
Do not hesitate to go to the site of Eco-Benin very rich. A detailed program - although changes are inevitable - will be communicated a few days before departure.
The smart little Benin

What I retain

15j. awareness of our environment and a lot of exchange with trainees of different nationality

My assets

Reinforcing anti wasting behavior


You can contact me at the following address if you have questions: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ecological monitoring mission, South Benin

Ecological monitoring, South Benin
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